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Found 15 results

  1. To complement explosive boats and direct fire artillery, the foreigners, now identified as Royal Engineers, had brought with them plans and equipment for long range defences, and with the assistance local manpower an artillery platform for heavy siege mortars was quickly erected. Able to lop explosive bombs accurately over great distances, it would be a threat to any besieging fleet or moored vessel. The builders now gone, the Corlander engineers are drilling the local garrison in the use of the mortars. Being accustomed to direct fire artillery, the mathematics and fire control of indirect fire is taking some getting used to. One of the garrison has made the mistake of standing before the gun as it fires, disregarding the warning from the instructor. The nature of indirect fire means communication with nearby outposts is of the utmost importance, which means a semaphore has been set up in conjunction with the battery. Further, to aid in fire control a spotting tower with optical equipment allows correction of elevation and azimuth for the artillery.
  2. This is a continuation to captain Genaro's story, which depicts the encounter bringing the two friends together. Previously: Lavalette Inn An Offer Reaching King's Harbour Recruiting Sergeant Jonah took a turn at the street corner and disappeared, Genaro, on the other hand, remained motionless and speechless, a short moment later, - What a strange story, our men held hostages at Westface, he said to himself, without this recruiting event, I’d never have believed it. His good mood was somewhat affected by this small incident, he turned on his heel and headed for the Royal Armoury of Lavalette. Located on the vicinity of Lavalette harbor, the Armoury was an two-storey complex, although recently built, it showed already signs of erosion, a common fate to the buildings along the shoreline. - Bonjour, mon capitaine! At the sight of Genaro, the soldiers guarding the entrance of Armoury stood to attention and saluted. - At ease. Replied Genaro. He walked straight into the yard, where the guns were stored. - Hum, luckily we are well prepared, who knows, maybe we’ll be needing them soon... - Hello, Captain G! His thoughts were interrupted by a voice, Genaro took a look over his shoulder, he saw a strange figure approaching, a bearded man in a shabby uniform, his beard was so dense that one could barely see his face. - To whom do I have the honor of speaking? Genaro turned around and replied with a cold and confusing voice. - It’s me. The man answered by taking off his hair-beard piece. - Contre-amiral Lagaufre, but what happened to you, you look, hum, worn. Asked Anthony. In fact he was quite surprised by the sloppy appearance of Lagaufre, he was acquainted with him during the ball of King’s harbour and he was well shaved and wearing shiny uniform back then. - You mean my beard? Nothing surprising, we’re in the tropic, everything grows faster here, my friend. Oh, have you noticed the temperature? So hot! And we are still wearing the same uniform, I’ve already heard complaints from my men, they sure have the right to do so, the poor men are still wearing shako, wool jackets and leather boots. Do you think we should ask for new uniforms, adapted to tropical conditions? Lagaufre said, frowning. - Certainly, that would be nice. Genaro said, looking at his jacket, then he asked, have you heard the rumours from Fatu Hiva? - You mean the mysterious creature thingies hidden in the jungle, just superstitions, maybe it’s time to educate the true faith to the natives. Lagaufre said with a grin. - Certainly, my friend. But I guess you didn’t come here to discuss this with me? Asked Genaro. - Oh, I forgot, you know new warships are being built at Eltina Shipyards, and we need more guns, that’s why I’m here. I think you aren’t here to meet me neither. Lagaufre replied. - Westface! I just learned that our men are being held hostages there, I felt a sudden urge to come here to check the inventory, we should be prepared for any eventuality. Genaro said - Agreed. Would you give me a minute, I’ll fill the formalities for the guns then we could share a bottle of wine at the local tavern.
  3. DwalinF

    Triptych. God Of War

    Its an artwork for LUG contest. Before I started the building and during the process, I've read a lot of literature about artillery in Middle Ages. It was a weapon that realy inspired fear. Its not the picture of historical war, but conditional battle, showing only an instant of a siege. For presentation I chose triptych style, because its very typical form of art in Middle Ages. I think due to this fact this MOC has more medieval spirit.
  4. Grid E5 Lieutenant Commander Mike and Master Sergeant Josh "Speedy" González are in an observation post very close to the border between Erotema and Briolui on Grid E5. His orders are simple...transmit the coordinates of a Briolui defensive outpost in the border and correct (if necessary) the fire for 2 Self Propelled Howitzers of the 1st Armoured Division of the Erotema Army. OBSPOST1 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr -------------------------- While LtCdr observes and passes the coordinates, MSgt "Speedy" González secures the position. OBSPOST3 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr ----------------------- "Tweety to Silvester, do you copy?" "Silvester to Tweety, roger" "Silvester, heading from Oscar Papa 1 is 67º, range 4560 metres, do you copy?" "Tweety, roger. I say again, 67 delta, 4560 mikes" "Silvester, roger" "Tweety, fireworks to begin soon, out" OBSPOST4 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile, a few kilometres from that place, in the edge of a palm tree forest, 2 SPH commence the attack... "Golf 1 to Golf 2, 4-shot burst in 10 seconds and leave position, next fire position will be Sierra 2. Offset will be 1 second." "Golf 2, wilco" "Ready to open fire...FIRE" ATPS3 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr ATPS2 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr ATPS1 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Enjoy the MOC! -------------------------------------------------- Extra info. The SPH share a common hull with other vehicles I will unveil in the following weeks. According to my scale 1 stud=34 cms (a minifig thus will be 1,75 m), the vehicle is about 3,8 metres wide (very similar to a standard SPH), with 11 studs wide. The tracks are 2-stud wide (68 cms), similar to the tracks of a standard MBT (with which my SPH shares the hull). It is about 23 studs long (about 7,8 metres approx). Any additional data, just ask.
  5. World Map F7, Studica Map F3. Comments and Criticism are Welcome. Leaning against a guard rail along the edge of the highway, Ryan took one last puff on his cigarette before crushing it beneath his heel. It was hard enough being stationed towards the front, at least fifty miles from the nearest town, but what really got to him and most of the other soldiers was being away from their friends and families. Phones were strictly prohibited and there was no internet connection in the middle of nowhere, so mail day was the one day of the week anxiously awaited by all. And the men of the 109th Artillery were especially eager to receive letters from home since constant artillery barrages from Briolui prevented the mail from getting through the last two weeks. This time would be different, Ryan and his comrades hoped. Troop movements in other sectors seemed to occupy the Brioluian artillery which left the artillery positions free to receive their mail. "You know, those things will kill you," the newly minted Corporal Rodgers noted as he walked over to his friend. Just three days ago, it had been Private Rodgers until an enemy attack resulted in some unfilled leadership spots. "Geeze, thanks, Mom" Private Ryan retorted with a friendly punch. "But if you're so worried about my health, perhaps you should get me assigned to the General Staff." "Nah, not that concerned," replied Rodgers. There was a brief pause before he continued. "You think it's gonna come through today?" "It better, I'm pretty sure O'Hara will explode if he doesn't get something from his girl today." "Yeah, poor guy. Drafted just a week before his wedding." Mail Call by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Before Ryan could continue, they heard the distant rumble of an approaching MRAP, and without waiting for another second, they both began sprinting back to their position. Unless it was some officer making a surprise inspection, the only reason an MRAP would be traveling along the highway was for the mail. Of course, as fast as they were, they were no match for the Centaur and it quickly zoomed passed them and turned off the highway by their position. "I think we're in luck" a Rodgers shouted between breaths as they continued to sprint. Mail Call by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr It only took Ryan and Rodgers a few minutes to reach the MRAP, but by that time the mailman, a reservist based on his uniform, was already surrounded by soldiers anxious for something from home. "3rd Platoon, C Company" the men repeated with increasing enthusiasm, as if saying it enough times would reduce the time it took for the mailman to find the stack of letters and packages for 3rd Platoon, C Company. "Just a minute, just a minute" the mailman muttered as he searched the sack. Mail Call by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr But before the mailman could find the stack, a shrill siren pierced the air. All the men froze where they were, and after a brief moment of disappointment, they ran to man their stations. By now, after weeks of training and combat, the motions came secondhand to most of the men; you hear the radio go off, you run to your station. "Oh well," Ryan thought as he manned his station at the electronic aiming and targeting system (EATS). "I've waited 19 days for letters, I guess a few more hours." Besides, it was rather funny to see the mailman dive for cover behind, of all places, a crate of mortar shells. Mail Call by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Alpha-Hotel sector... range 8.53 miles... cluster shells" the Sargent called, only pausing as he to confirm the instructions with the commander on the other end of the radio. "5.2 points West by South-West... FIRE!" Mail Call by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Overview shots: Mail Call by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Mail Call by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  6. GRID D4. An Advanced Command Post of the Erotema Army in the middle of a forest area. Mushrooms, trees and grass cover a dark gray land. 1 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The crew of a new Rocket Launcher Tank has been called to the HQ tent. 2 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr As a polite crew they are, asking permission is the first thing they do. 3 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr And the Officer in charge lets them in. 4 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Another view of the Command Post. 5 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Inside the tent... 6 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr And the orders are given soon... 7 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Other views of the rocket launcher. 8 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 9 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The real thing is that I have been inspired on the US MLRS, because I refused to reuse -again- the SPH hull for another build in the same campaign, but it would have worked too. This design lacks the aft drive sprocket and there is a stud separating the 3rd and 4th wheels. This is a classical Christie drivetrain without support rollers. A remotely-operated .50 HMG on the roof provides light defense against infantry. The launcher has 12 cells, each of them capable of storing any missile or rocket up to 600 mm (approx, 2 studs are 68 cms) in diameter and 4 meters in length (approx). There is another version with 48 rockets. You´ll see it soon... Enjoy!
  7. My entry for the Colossal Castle Contest 14, in siege warfare category: For the siege of Constantinople, Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II(later remembered as the Conqueror) commissioned a Hungarian siege engineer to cast him a giant bombard, along with smaller other cannons. These cannons were instrumental in bringing down the Byzantine walls. Great Turkish Bombard by the Artizan, on Flickr Great Turkish Bombard by the Artizan, on Flickr Great Turkish Bombard by the Artizan, on Flickr Great Turkish Bombard by the Artizan, on Flickr Great Turkish Bombard by the Artizan, on Flickr
  8. Mark of Falworth

    CCC 14 - Elephant Artillery

    (CCC14) Elephant Artillery by Mark E., on Flickr Built as an entry to the LoR GC and the CCC. More pictures in this album.
  9. Imperial Autonomous Turbolaser Turret by Veynom, on Flickr Imperial Autonomous Turbolaser Turrets (IATT) are pre-assembled heavily armoured turrets that were quickly mounted nearby important fortifications. The twin-barrelled turbolasers served as heavy anti-capital ship weapons and could also annihilate any ground vehicle at very long range. There were however too slow to reliably target fast starfighters. They could punch through both deflector shields and armour on spaceships with the heaviest defensive layers. Imperial Autonomous Turbolaser Turret by Veynom, on Flickr The IATT did not need to be physically connected to any infrastructure as it contained a small power generator to operate. It also contains inside its basement a small hangar bay with a speeder that an operator could use. Imperial Autonomous Turbolaser Turret by Veynom, on Flickr Imperial Autonomous Turbolaser Turret by Veynom, on Flickr Imperial Autonomous Turbolaser Turret by Veynom, on Flickr Comments welcome on this small variation of my original Imperial Turbolaser Turret from 2013. My son did not want me to completely destroy it and he plays a lot with the new one.
  10. Early morning in a mist covered field on the edges of the High Counsellor's estate - South of Middleton. "So, Master Dwarf... Is this "thing" as good as you claim? Or is it just a lot of noise and smoke..." "Noise and smoke?" The dwarf looked somewhere between shocked and upset. "Noise and smoke?! Now I know you're not long in your position but High Counsellor, have you never even heard of the Battle of Blacksmoke pass? Why do you think your merchants have had free passage through the Whitepeake mountains these last 20 years..." "The military history of your peoples is something that does not concern me in the slightest... What does concern me however is the horde of greenskin amassing across our eastern borders... Can this contraption help or not?" "Hahaha!" The dwarf's furrowed face broke into a beaming smile as he gave a long deep belly laugh. "You'll soon see." He turns to the two dwarves swarming around the mass of pipes and levers. "Are we ready yet boys?" <<Yes Chief! Very nearly Chief! Just dampening the outlets as requested Chief! Then just awaiting your command Chief!>> they call out as they carry out their work. "Then let her rip boys as soon as you're ready" <<Aye sir!>> "Erm you may want to take a step back..." the dwarf says as he turns back to the High Counsellor. <<Loaded... Primed... Ready... READY... Clear... CLEAR...>> "...and cover your ears..." <<Fire... FIRE!>> BADABADABADABADABADABADABADABADABOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Through the acrid smoke the High Counsellor could just make out the dwarf mouthing some words down at him... But he couldn't hear the dwarf... In fact he couldn't hear anything... Other than a high pitched whistle... And then he realised that he was on the floor... And the dwarf was like a giant beaming down at him... Obviously pleased with himself... And his metallic monster! "I... SAID... are you OKAY down there High Counsellor?" the dwarf asked. "Mother of the Ancients... but that was LOUD!" exclaimed the High Counsellor as he is helped by the dwarf to his feet. "Hahaha!" Another belly laugh from the dwarf before continuing. "You humans... Big legs and even bigger ears... We tried to make her quieter for your delicate ears... Obviously not quiet enough... It looks like she's attracted the attention of your friends..." The High Counsellor turns to reassure the detachment of council guards appearing to investigate the noise, before turning back to the dwarf. "Well well Master Dwarf... It seems like you have excelled yourself... This masterpiece will certainly scare those foul smelling orcs and goblins back to the badlands!" "Aye - that it will... That it will... And it will make minced meat out of those little nasties... Minced Orc... Minced Porc!" Another hearty laugh... Although the dwarf's face turns from happiness to concern as he sees the look on the human's face. "You look puzzled High Counsellor... Are your ears still ringing... It wears off after a while." "No no Master Dwarf... I was just wondering how quickly we could commission some more of these...erm...Multi-cannons?" "She's called an Organ Gun... And rest assured... We took the liberty of building four more in addition to the four you originally ordered... Everyone always wants twice the amount they originally ordered once they've finally seen the first in action! We will leave her with you now," he says pointing at the still smoking field weapon, "and as long as you can can send us off with our gold by midday... We should have seven more back here on this field by this coming full moon." For the first time the High Counsellor's furrowed brow lightens to a smile, almost as broad as the dwarf's. "Master Dwarf you really have excelled yourself. Our territory owes you a debt of thanks... As do I... So... Whilst your gun crew clean themselves up could i trouble you to join me for a spot of breakfast before you head for home? I'd love to know more about this Battle of Blacksmoke pass" "Well well High Counsellor... Breakfast... NOW, you're talking!" -------------- ---------------- Introducing the Dwarf Organ Gun... A 10 barrel, dual rear loading, anti personnel field piece with iron-reinforced wooden pavise and front spike melee protection (for when the shot has run out - useful for rolling the gun down a hill at enemy lines!) "Built by dwarves, built for dwarves, bought by everyone..."
  11. Tommy Styrvoky

    GW Tiger tank 1/15 (RC)

    Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr I present my largest vehicle yet, the GW Tiger. Built off a lengthened Tiger II chassis, it mounts the 21 cm mrs 18 Morser. The vehicle was prototyped and only one vehicle was partially finished when the allies captured it. It features opening hatches (driver's hatch is for lights, MG side is for the battery box), there is a 5:1 ratio between the XL motors and the drive sprockets, gun depression and elevation is powered by 2 linear actuators, gun recoil, working earth spade, lights, track tensioning with the rear idler wheel, and fully independent suspension made up of a combination of springs and a couple torsion bars. Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger 1/15 (RC) by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr
  12. The Geschützwagen Tiger or GW Tiger was a prototype artillery piece designed by Germany durning WWII, It was never finished. IT was based off of a Tiger II with a lengthened hull to support a 17cm or 21cm field guns. Here are some possible plans for my model of it Functions -transmission -lowering of rear stabilizing "foot" (will probably use a cam action to lower it then have further rotation will lower it vertically and put resistance on the ground -breech recoiling along with some horizontal movement of the gun carriage backwards (when "fired" the gun carriage will move back 8 studs? then the breech will recoil back 2 studs.) It's not the round thing("gong" as WOT players would call it) on the back, I won't have that on the model because thats for removing the gun rails back. -engine bay like in my tiger I so here are the blueprints of the vehicle after they have been scaled by Sariel's scaler. Lego GW Tiger by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr Lego GW Tiger by Tommy Styrvoky, on Flickr For some reason I have fascinations with some of the crazy superheavy vehicles that were created during WWII...
  13. Hey Some new troops are incoming! Check out the "Artillery Heerbann of the northern Realm". In front you see some palisade to make distance of close combat. In middle you find the troops at work ... fire! And in the back stand Colonel Gaunt with his staff to give orders. So get ready to crush them... Check also the FlickR gallery of THE BRICK TIME to see some more action. Best regards BoB
  14. The_Wormy

    Prussian Border Crossing

    This is one of the first MOC Historical Buildings I made, so please comment on what could be done better (also my first post) Lego Reich is a small state which lies on a peninsula at the north of Germany. Its ethnicity is a mixture of Scandinavians (including Danes especially) and Germans. During the Middle Ages, Lego Reich fought with a skillfull, though small army, defending it from attackers both from Viking Norway and Germany. The unification of various Germanic states excluded Lego Reich, and the growing threat of Prussia was becoming a crucial danger to Lego Reich. Skillfully, the monarchs of Lego Reich held their status in Europe by negotiating with the Kaisers and Leaders of Germany. During World War One, Lego Reich kept itself out of the bloody conflict once again by means of diplomacy, but continuing disputes over trade lead to Germany declaring war on Lego Reich, invading it in the end of 1917. The war lasted for 5 months, but excellently deployed Lego Reich soldiers held off against a technologically superior enemy. A ceasefire was signed in May 1918, but there was no official peace agreement. Germany surrendered in November 1918, and Lego Reich soldiers began attacking Germany, moving 2km South of the Pre-war borderline, occupying what used to be a series of fortifications built by Prussia against Lego Reich. (Lego History continues) Prussian Border Crossing Here is part of a wall which was not demolished after World War One. It was abandoned to the forces of nature. Here are seen a platoon of Lego Reich Soldiers by the Prussian Border Crossing. The former border crossing between Prussia and Lego Reich The Weapons store for the soldiers, now just a home for plants and bikes German: Kingdom of Prussia. The signpost which once marked the limits of the German Empire. Something behind the gates!! It turns out to be an artillery emplacement. :D What I enjoy about these small dioramas is trying to make it show detail, because it is the small things which count as well. It would have been nice if I could have more pieces XD. (That is my grey lego gone :( ) Thanks for watching
  15. MikroMan

    [MOC] Mobile Artillery Platform

    This is somewhat a spinoff of my Railgun Vehicle, but I reused just the base P.S.: Sorry for some bad pics, my DSLR has to be repaired and I only has some small point-and-click camera. ANyway, this is Mobile Artillery Platform, a long-range artillery setup with armored tracks and two mounted turrets, anti infantry and a rocket launcher. On the side of the barrel you can see the exhaust tubes. Back of the vehicle. Main engine exhaust. Hope you like it