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  1. name: colonial guard color: black About the name: colonial guard is the best name for this time, like the older names "imperial soldiers" (bluecoats), "imperial guards" (redcoats) and "imperial armada" (the armada), that worked just fine for the old sets About the color: the color depends mostly on the background history of the soldiers factions, for me, black is the best choice, because, for example, could work like the spanish armada as seen as in the "PoTC on stranger tides", opening the chance to use shackos, tricorns and the musketeer hat for the high ranks. Black could be a very "serious" color, but could be mixing with "clear" colors (green, orange, white, golden), but as I said, all depends of the background
  2. Brig. Brick

    Ambassador Project - Set Suggestions

    Set Name: Smuggler's Ox Cart Category: 1 Faction: Smugglers Description: This smuggler is passing his secret load without being noticed! Main Elements / Play Features: An ox cart with a secret compartmen (like the 6038 wolfpack renegades) Minifigures: One Smuggler, one haven guard, two cows. Accessories: the idea is to similar to the wolfpack cart, but with two "ox", in the upper part yellow-tan bricks like bundles of straw and a pitchfork to mislead the guard, beneath the straw is hidden the prohibited cargo
  3. Brig. Brick

    Ambassador Project - Defining the Factions

    you can bet that I read "heaven" instead of "Haven"... my bad!!! the Haven Guards: green coats, brown coats, orange coats... why not black coats? merchants common sailors, civil merchants, with common supplies, packages and edibles smugglers: I've thought about them, and of course is a band, but like space police III, they could be several important smugglers with proper names: "Rum Rick", "Wally Weapon", "False-documents Danny", like the heads of a "cartel", with henchmen and a "trusty second on board" guy or gal.
  4. Brig. Brick

    Ambassador Project - Defining the Factions

    - Merchants: About the name (West Brick Trading Company), I'll prefer something like "Oceanic Trade, Army & Navy", A.K.A. OCTAN... the same colors for octan but without the logo... just to keep some "history" inside the LEGO Universe. Nevertheless, West Brick Trading Company is ok -Merchants background history : a greedy company (or with an owner as a mix between "Mr. Burns" and "Ebenezer Scrooge") with an export/import products (coffee, bananas, rum) and enough rich and powerfull to had control of the troops, law and work on the population. -Color palette: green, red foe flags and brown for ships; sand green, tan, medium blue, brown and black for buildings; purple, dark green for bourgeois minifigs; sailors, dock workers and others could be open -Smugglers: Insterd of crackers, The Smugglers have to smuggling something more important, so, that's opens two chances to profit whit. "something expensive" because the taxes charged by the Greedy Merchant Lord(s) or the company (this could be coffee...expensive coffee like in The Lego Movie, or goods of any kind), and the second one, "something ilegal", I've been thinking of it, and TLG puts (rum) bottles in previous sets... so, TLG exposed the "alcoholism" to the kids, it could bring the Prohibition enforced by the troops. -Smugglers background history: They are smugglers... if there is something to commerce, they sell it in the black market cheaper, or can buy something that you... borrowed "for good"... forbbiden weapons, they have it... exotic animals, they sell them... forbbiden rum... chears! -Color palette: dark brown, brown and black for ships (secrets compartments, mandatory!); sand green, tan, medium blue, brown and black for buildings(in fact, the same colors as the merchants, to use as disguise, but with some shadowmark, as symbol of this "guild"... it could be some old shield like the wolfpack shield, like Mazin said) ; sailors, dock workers and others thiefs could be open -The Heaven Guard (I'm with people unhappy with the name ). This group sound more like a police force than a troop or paid army, the pirates are violent, and demand extreme force to stop them... the smugglers are pasive, so this force. -Guards background history: military by default, keeps the order in the "realm" (it could be a realm, nation, colonies?), preserves the law, specially the Prohibition (real) act -Color palette: dark brown, dark red, dark blue, dark green for the ships. The forts, garrisons and jails I'll let them open. for minigifs, orange coats, green coats or black coats could work what you think?
  5. Brig. Brick

    Brethren of the Brick Seas?

    my friend Yawgmoth told me about this topic, long time ago... and I've past the last two hours trying to read everything... is a long post the topic is more mature, and clearly, get back to the bottom to discuss past things is not needed but, the things I understand were: - not GOH... we pirates wants another thing! - factions.... imperials and pirates... islanders are NPC...... I think if pirates would be a faction, they need a pirate codex and a pirate king - fantasy or reality: mmm both or neither... I mean, anyone is familiar with the game "Arcanum of steamworks and magick obscura"?... in that game you can choose if you use magic or technology (and here, in the pirates forum, we can "split" between "realms" of reality and the underworld... those who worship the voodoo and those who won't)... so both parts can coexist without interfering in the same realm, having two dimensions in the same place - game interaction: mmm seems that in the secrets panels have the main idea if my "executive summary" is clearly enough, and seems that I understand the idea, give a " "... if not, slap me in the face and give me an explanation... anyhow, I'm putting my mark on the signature papers and once more, forward to be enlisted in the Bluecoats Army
  6. Brig. Brick

    Ambassador Project - Sub-Theme Suggestions - POLL RESULTS

    The West Brick Trading Company was my choice, because I always had been thought about the need for a "victim" ( ) for pirates and privateers, as the imperial troopers as their protectors, TLG gave to us soldiers and pirates, but never civilians!... well, a tiny merchant boat in the 6277 imperial trading post
  7. Brig. Brick

    Sourcing flex tube

    Hi Cara I think I can't be more precisely than this: in my country only can be acquired in black color, on bycicle stores.
  8. Brig. Brick

    Macaw fortress

    thanks all for the comments the stairs are from lego set 7783: The Batcave: The Penguin and Mr. Freeze's Invasion, but they doesn´t come in only on that set (13 sets just to be precise) the formation are: base: Tile, Modified 2 x 2 with Pin center: Support 1 x 1 x 5 1/3 Spiral Staircase Axle this axel will support only 8 spiral steps, so, I used a technic pin: and a technic pin connector, to extend the stair: This allow me to use 10 spiral stair steps: for finish, and attach the stair to the roof/floor, I used another technic pin (3/4 this time), and a Technic Plate 2 x 8 with 7 Holes and that do the trick!
  9. Brig. Brick

    Macaw fortress

    [pid][/pid] 241D Hi mates! it's been awhile... again (my bad )! anyhow, I want to present my last MOC with no further delay: The Macaw Fortress front side: left side: right side: backwards: upper view: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the fortress is divided into "towers" o sections: a-) the white tower: command center of the bluecoat government of "ultra mer" b-) the yellow tower: barracks and deposit of the bluecoat army, also the entry and the dock of the fortress c-) the black jail: judicial section of the fortress the "under bridge": section of the fortress that has the practical objective to isolate the black jail and the white tower from the dock... it's necessary say that is well patrolled? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Commander 1 Admiral 1 General 3 Lieutenants 3 Sergeants 23 Corporals 2 Marines -------&--------- 12 cannons Questions and comments are always welcome Happy new brick!
  10. Brig. Brick

    Governor's house

    they are supposed to be trans-clear pots... really a nasty business no chance of light at all, with or without that window, it's just simulated. the roof is still as one big plate!
  11. Brig. Brick

    Governor's house

    thanks to all the comments!....nevertheless, very few names for the town! 1. where is Griswold? 2. the governor with the codex...? about the size of the book, It could be the "Codex Gigas".... so Diablo can be happy in Tristam! done!... I think technically possible, physically really hard to achieve, so I did simulated something: } it didn't add nothing of light to the room, so I'm in a debate if that window should stay or not... opinions about that, are always welcome 1. I like the "Nueva Brickia", sound very plausible with the phrase: "Eldorado fortress, located near the town Nueva Brickia..." 2. what kind of secrets demands such big book? about the palms, they are too big, and demand much space and, about the toilet.... you already have it... left for #1 and the right one for #2
  12. Brig. Brick

    Governor's house

    [pid][/pid]238D Hi everyone, it's been a while, have to say, I've been lurking eurobricks, but since a while I haven't, an now I found this new skin (well at least new for me), its great! congrats for the hard work, looks awesome!, more atractive, great design, a great place for a "ye olde" pirate hunter like me! without further delay: the governor's house of _________ (put a name of the city here*) gated entry, separate stables, three floors, and is not for sale -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Split ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entrance ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The garden.... a little fountain, flowers, bench... also a couple of frogs -------------------------------------------------------------------------- First floor ------------------------------------------------------------------------ dinner room: kitchen-cellar, turkey, cheese and wine... also works as a meeting room in "war times" The stable -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second floor --------------------------------------------------------------------- The office .... also the library and the terrace Science!!! our maps are based in the stars that we can see in the sky! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thirth floor --------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Room and the other room.... well, the "Book Room" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The place in the Town --------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- END ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- as usual, comments and critics are always welcome, BUT.... you can also be part of the "silly short contest of this post": 1-what could be the name of the town? (*) 2-what should be the name of that book?, the one that deserve a hole room! 3-what would be the best way to choose the winner of this silly contest? please, put your answers in order! happy bricking! [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  13. Brig. Brick

    New Pirates minifigure pack

    ahoy mateys! been a while! see this on the eurobricks first page makes me drag my lazy a** here! on many of the comments, had already many of my ideas and thoughts when I saw this set for a pirate fan like me, anything related with the skull and bones is always welcome (unless are some overpriced licenced sets), but sadly in this set, there is nothing new... even the minifig torsos of the sailors are the same, poor weapon choices, and...where are the soldiers? great thing: the red dark bandana... are dark red bandanas, rigth? (never came for pirates, only in Cad Bane's Speeder), also the crab... only one crab came into pirates might sound rude, but it seems that this set was made ​​with leftovers from the cellar of the collections of 2009-2011, adding the printed bottles that cannot being used in other sets anyhow, pirates, yey!... lack of soldiers!... buu.... any other speculation... mmm... we will see!
  14. Brig. Brick


    hi all and thanks for the comments! but,how about the ranks? are they right, wrong? which is better: the wig in the reds or for the blues? are the black pants nice for the redcoat navy? pikemen in the armada.. why or why not? I want to see comments like ..."hey you Brig.Brick, you are a moron !!!! why "colonel" over the "marshal"? where is the brigadier?, why not "this" torso instead of "that one"?
  15. Brig. Brick

    Single Pane LEGO Licensed Theme Funnies

    ♪...ridi Uomo Pipistrello e ognun t'applauudirà ♪♫ ------------ laug, bat-man -------------- ----- and everyone will applaud ------