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Found 20 results

  1. Digger of Bricks

    Warner Brothers' MonsterVerse

    Discuss the past, present, and future of Warner Brothers' developing MonsterVerse, started off in 2014 with Godzilla, followed up by 2017's Kong: Skull Island, and to continue with 2019's Godzilla: King of the Monsters and 2020's Godzilla vs. Kong. Here's the synopsis and first teaser trailer for 2019's Godzilla: King of the Monsters:
  2. Hi folks! The past 2 months I have been building a team of 3 LEGO Jaegers to commemorate Pacific Rim 2 movie, and publish them separately, giving an impression they're just Jaegers and nothing more :) As a finale, here's a not-so-well-hidden feature that I kept till the very end..... they can combine into one huge bot! As you can see above, there are subtle hints of "more than meets the eyes" in my Jaegers :) I shall name the above as DeCha ... combined more from 2 Jaegers. The 3rd Jaeger , named "Merah Putih" that become the combiner legs is my favorite from the 3. He was built in about a week: Introducing MerDeCha! MerDeCha's name is not just inspired from the prefix of the 3 Jaegers that form him, but is a portmanteau of Merdeka* + Mecha *Merdeka means Independence / liberation in Malay language , national language of my home country Malaysia. Due to his huge bulk, his shoulder joint buckled a lil and finally gave way just as I wrapped up my photoshoot session! Thanks for viewing guys! As usual, visit my blog to view more photos.
  3. One of the more unusal exports from Isla del Diablo is the particularly potent venoms of the island's arachnid population. Of course, obtaining said venoms firstly requires finding the spiders, which means venturing out of Haven and into the dangerous wooded portions of the island. Quite a risk, but the hunter's patrons pay well... ...especially, of course, the House of Spiders.
  4. Settlement Name: Haven Owner: Sea Rats Location: Isla del Diablo (Challenge Island 11) Island Description: Located southeast of the Nest of Thieves, Isla del Diablo is named for the large bay and small peninsulas that, once a map way drawn, resembled nothing so much as the horns of a monster. The bay, however, provides an almost perfect natural harbor and a well defensible position. Unsurprisingly the island has already started to draw settlers, although some are scared away by talk of cannibals... Haven is one of the first new settlements. The inhabitants arrived in a small fleet to find clear beaches and dense jungle that provides plenty of material for building endeavors. Already the de facto leader, Roland Blaze, is drawing up plans for fortifications. After all, there are more than just Sea Rats out there. Mayor: Roland Blaze (kaiju) Size: Hamlet Who can own Property in Haven: Sea Rats Who can freebuild in Haven: Anyone Map: Here Fortifications: Fort Crimson - Small Fort Licensed Builds in Haven: Black Tower Lighthouse - Medium Commerce Haven Common House - Medium Residence The Shrines of Haven - Small Art & Cultural Tanith's House of Knowledge - Small Education Unlicensed/Other Builds: Hunting for Spiders About Haven
  5. Digger of Bricks

    Pacific Rim

    This is a discussion topic for Guillermo del Toro's 2013 film Pacific Rim, its 2018 sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising, and the franchise's potential future. Here is the official synopsis for the 2018 sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising: EW has released four exclusive stills from the film ahead of the trailer's release in this article: Exclusive: Pacific Rim: Uprising Photos Offer First Look at John Boyega Preparing to Stomp Monsters Edit: The trailer has premiered!
  6. A Conversation heard in Haven: "Did they have to build it like that?" "It's a lighthouse. It's s'pposed to be all tall and stuff." "Right." "But?" "Did they have to make it look so evil?" Looming over the Horns is the lonley Black Tower lighthouse, inhabited only by the mysterious woman who operates it. While all in Haven are happy to see the light of it's beacon, few like to visit the grimly foreboding structure. Whispers abound that the Lightkeeper worships some dark patron, and that the tower is truly more of a shrine that just happens to require a freshly kindled flame. Details behind the Spoiler.
  7. After a successful voyage, and some quite lucrative trading, Captain Roderick Graves of the Lenore makes good on a promise to buy his officers a round of drinks in the first tavern they find.
  8. Captained by Roderick Graves, the Lenore is recent arrival in the trading ports of the Sea Rats.
  9. In his younger days Lorenzio Gascoigne was quite the entrepreneur but the only thing that ever paid off was mercenary work. Making his fortune serving all nations, Gascoigne considered none of them to be home. Few who knew him were surprised when he invested heavily in Bastion and paid for the construction of his new home. As for the mercenary work, Lorenzio's son Laurence took over the small mercenary company. They can often be found sailing from one employer to the next aboard the Wight Spider. The attic of Gossamer House is set up as a practice room for the fine arts of swordmanship, a set-up Laurence appreciates greatly. The upper floor of the building hosts the entrance to Lorenzio's library, as well as his bedroom. Knowing the elder Gascoigne is expecting company, Klaus makes his way upstairs to join Talia on the balcony. Even now, Gascoigne continues to entertain visitors. Rumour has it, however, few are friends. There are those who claim that Gossamer House goes by another name, that of the assassin's guild The House of Spiders.
  10. The rapid expansion across the Terraversa Sea presented many an opportunity to the open minded merchants of the old world. Johan von Yastobaal was one such merchant. Establishing his headquarters and estate in King’s Port, the Mardier business man was making quite a fortune for himself. Unfortunately, his mercantile efforts were repeatedly frustrating, and frustrated by, Eslandolan trade ventures in the same ports. As von Yastobaal was about to discover, the Eslandolans had deep pockets and few were the difficulties more money could not solve in one way or another. So it was that Johan returned to his estate one evening. Immediately retreating to his private chambers overlooking the garden, he was quite surprised to find a woman hidden in his room. He was even more surprised when she struck him in the chest with some kind of modified caestus. Seconds later he was falling out of his window onto the stone path below. The assassin watched with an intellectual curiosity as von Yastobaal hit the ground. The fall was likely more than survivable, which is why the blades of her weapon had been coated with Widowmaker venom – a potent, and extremely swift, venom belonging to a species of spider recently discovered in the Terraversan isles. Making a discrete exit, she stopped to confirm von Yastobaal was dead. Satisfied, she fled the scene to return to her employers at the House of Spiders.
  11. Tanith Morgan - no relation to the infamous Captain Benjamin Morgan - is a curious soul. Supposedly rescued from men with most ungentleman-like intentions by Roland Blaze, she spent some time serving on the Crimson Marauder before Blaze found himself founding Haven and becoming it's de facto leader. As construction on more enduring buildings began Tanith had a very particular set of demands regarding her residence. Being the town's premier expert on medical matters - the town's only expert, unless one counts barber-surgeon Zebediah, and somehow few do - few were willing to risk her refusing to help them. And so Tanith Morgan got her tower. Or, at least, the tallest building in Haven currently. While the ground floor is furnished for comfort it often goes unused. Tanith Morgan has never encountered a field of study she did not immediately become obsessed with, at least for a time. Equally driven to record her findings, much of the building is taken up by her experiments and research libraries, be it chemistry... ...biology... ...or her current interest, astronomy. And being the asocial type that she is, Tanith uses the attic as her personal living space. Well away from the townsfolk, and their distracting requests.
  12. Preamble: After finishing this build several months ago I had been growing increasingly frustrated with my inability to take 'ideal' shots with my limited photography set up. Coupled with reduced opportunity to take pictures during the festive period the build had grown quite dusty, which is noticeable in the photos presented. For this I apologise, but I have decided I would rather have pictures to post than continuously waiting until I have 'perfect' shots. And with that said, I now present the finished ship. Previous: The Bleak Angel: Prelude Heroes, Villains and Legends A Journey Through the Discoveries of the Age of Exploration: the Ships; the Captains; the People Volume Four: The Self-Styled and So-Called Sea Rats By Quentin Connors Chapter Thirteen: The Bleak Angel, continued... The next evening, all other affairs in order, I went to board the Bleak Angel. Upon sight of her I immediately knew how so many tales had sprung up around the ship. Tales of an immortal captain, an unsinkable ship dredged up by a dark force, of witches and heretics and all manner of things my Corrington upbringing left little room in the world for. My first introduction was to the bleak angel itself, the ship's figurehead and the two skulls that flanked it. I was informed the skulls were named Larry and Barry. Several crewmen offered explanations for the names and their presence. My favourite was that the skulls were the remains of two headstrong crew members who had once pledged to man the ship until it no longer sailed; following their untimely deaths in an ill-thought up venture Captain Dracken took them at their word and installed them as the ship's “spiritual advisers”. Mister Jakes greeted me as I boarded. I was swiftly introduced to Miss Abigail Kite, the ship's second officer and former gunnery master. Miss Kite now largely served as officer for the ship's marines. As with most Sea Rat vessels the marines were less a dedicated group of soldiers and simply the most violent and reliable actors in previous boarding actions. Perhaps they were best exemplified by Eleanor and Elizabeth, commonly known by the rest of the crew as “the Murder Twins” - though I should note only from a suitably safe distance. The twins had positioned themselves as Kite's left and right hands, when not hurting people. The last officer on the ship was Bartholomew Drake, the ship's quartermaster. A man surprisingly keen on bare knuckles pugilism, Drake often bore bruises from 'friendly' matches with other crew members. Somehow this did little to dull his mind, which remained consistently sharp despite the repeated head injuries he surely must have received on account of his hobby. “Old Man” O'malley was the Angel's cabin boy and errand runner. Whatever his given first name is, I never heard it used during my time on the vessel. After a few days of laborious sailing I was invited to meet with Captain Dracken himself in his cabin. Dracken revealed he had heard my tavern discussion with Mr. Jakes and was intrigued by my efforts to document the age of sail as it was happening. Dracken's cabin was, unsurprisingly, the largest, though it did also have to function as his private office and briefing room for his officers. My eyes were drawn to the numerous idols decorating the cabin. Here was quite a curious thing: that a man claiming to be an Oleonder officer, and therefore minor priest of Poseidon, on a ship named after the Angelic Heresy and living in a room filled with heathen idols. The antique but well maintained admiral's uniform Dracken had lying on his bed certainly failed to clarify anything. One of the more popular tales regarding Leon Dracken is the story of him being granted an extended lifespan by a witch for saving her life. I bring this up again for the unique interactions between Dracken and one of his crew make sense only with this context. Two young women serve on his ship. Liliana Vespwood, missing daughter of Lord Vespwood, is the ship's helmswoman and navigator. Her frequent – almost constant – companion went by the name Althea Holtzstein-Dracken and claimed to be the Captain's grand-daughter. If this was a charade it was one the two Drackens managed to perform and maintain for several years. If it was not, truly, the world is much stranger than I and my countrymen would ever admit. In any case I seldom witnessed the two young women far apart and heard some talk their relationship was closer than friendly. During the early stage of the voyage I caught frequent glimpses of the ship's most reclusive crew member, the one known as the witch: Iosefka. Several other tavern patrons in Bastion claimed the ship employed a witch to control the weather and turn it to the ships favour and I began to wonder which came first, the stories or Iosefka's presence on the ship. My only significant interaction with Iosefka came when accompanying another crew member, Boris, to seek medical assistance from her. She made her home in a large cabin at the back of the gun deck. Iosefka's appearance was striking; taller than most of the crew, skin nearly corpse-like white and almost unnaturally slender build. She bore all the characteristics associated with the victims of the Blackwater Massacre. Discovering this 'witch' served as a the crew's surgeon was a surprise and her book collection included several volumes I recognised as medical textbooks banned in several nations on account of how subjects for study were obtained. Like many pirate vessels, the Angel's gun deck was a cramped and noisy place, overloaded with larger cannons and leaving little space for cargo. I was told the ship traded, when the Captain was so inclined, in smaller high value items and so needed little space for trade goods. And as on most ships, the Sea Rats were joined by actual rats. That the crew kept a number of animals for the purpose of hunting those rats was unsurprising. Little did I realise at the time that I had joined the ship as the captain pursued the so called "Heretic's Hoard", a long rumoured treasure trove located on an unknown island. As fate would have it, my first journey on the Bleak Angel would by far be the least unusual. End of Chapter. Some more behind the spoiler button.
  13. A stolen ship made escaping the Eslandolan forces quite a simple matter, but where were two highly unusual pirates to go after that? Who would welcome one woman steeped in death, and another who may not be all together alive? Where would no one notice such a pair of monsters? Charlatan Bay it was… In Charlatan Bay there was a tavern known as Flotsam’s Rest. Squeezed between other buildings in Low Town it was a dark, dingy place with no windows. No one was ever sure if the name referred to the clientèle, or the various oddities used to decorate the bar. It was an otherwise usual night until Yharnam and Harrow stalked in, scaring the other patrons out of their way. Secluded in a corner they considered their next objective believing their presence had gone without drawing undue attention. They were wrong, of course, and their discussions were quite rudely interrupted by the approach of two men. “Yes?” Harrow hissed at the men. “Would one of you two rather lovely women by Jack Yharnam, former captain of the… um, unfunny joke?” asked the first interloper. Jacqueline Yharnam looked unimpressed. Snikt. The man noted three things. Firstly, that he had never thought it humanly possible to move as quickly as Harrow did in that moment. Secondly, he had no idea where Harrow had retrieved that knife from. And thirdly, that he was loosing all sensation... As his body hit the floor his companion, more than a little rattled, tried to speak. “We meant no harm, cap’n,” he began, “we was sent by his Holiness the Bishop. His Holiness says he requests your audience, and ’as an offer of trade for you.” Yharnam approached him, slinking forward from her seat. Harrow still lurked nearby, licking the blood from her blade. It rather felt to him like being surrounded by predators. “What is he offering?” Yharnam asked. “Something about yer ship, cap’n,” the messenger said, “his Holiness says some ‘fortuitous circumstances’ have happened, and he can return ’er to you, but he needs sumthin’ from you.” Yharnam smiled a mirthless smile. “Lucky you,” she said, “you get to live through today. I will meet with your priest.” As they left the surviving messenger could only think one thing: That smile terrified him. Continued here. And some clean shots of the scenes: Flotsam's Rest is licensed as a Small Artisan property in Charlatan Bay.
  14. Previously Escaping from an Oleon Jail, Captain Dracken escaped from LeBellan and returned to his ship. Revealing he had acquired a map to the lost vault of Oedon Black and the fabled Heretic's Hoard, Dracken set course on his ship, the Bleak Angel. The Heretic's Hoard, part I: The Fate of Oedon Black After some delays the Bleak Angel had finally found her target: a small island unmarked on maps and seemingly abandoned. From the wheel of the Angel Captain Dracken surveyed the isle. The only visible landing point was a small beach flanked by large outcroppings of rocks. “Ready the boats,” he said, “and make some room below decks.” Not trusting the quiet island Dracken assembled a heavily armed party. Second Mate Kite would oversee the crew, Bartholomew Drake would appraise the loot. They landed on the beach with no problem and were barely finished unloading weapons when everyone heard Drake ask the question. “What is that?” Suspended on a large pole above the beach was a skeleton, or most of it at any rate, wrapped in tattered cloth and chained in place. “Sky burial,” Dracken said, “pity the soul.” “Sounds like crazy Oleon stuff.” Kite said. “Not wrong,” Dracken said, “though not exclusive to Oleon. The faith claims that souls of the dead pass through to Hades' realm beneath the earth and so inter their bodies in the ground to help the soul cross over.” “And this sorry son-of-a-” Drake began. “Was Oedon Black himself,” Dracken said, “judging from that placard. Sky burial was reserved for heretics and other treasonous souls. The body hoisted aloft and left to be picked clean by carrion and insects. The idea is that burial in this fashion delays, or even prevents, a soul crossing over.” “That,” Kite said, “is messed up.” To Be Continued...
  15. With both the Mirthless Jest and Maiden of the Deep captured, their captains - Jacqueline "Jack" Yharnam and Elspeth Harrow - were handed over to Eslandolan officials to face justice. However... Somewhere in an Eslandolan office... “Let me get this straight. We captured two notorious pirates, who were to be hung by the neck until dead this morning. And instead, when your best men went to retrieve said pirates from the gaol, they found their cells empty.” “Yes sir.” “And you have no explanation?” “No reasonable explanation, sir.” “Alright, what’s the unreasonable one?” “When we found Captain Yharnam’s cell empty, the prisoner in the cell adjacent was terrified. He told us of a story he had heard; that Jacqueline Yharnam had received the black spot and cut off her hand in order to escape the curse it supposedly comes with. This, according to the prisoner, left her trapped between the living and the dead.” “Superstitious nonsense.” “That’s what the prisoner believed, until last night. Apparently, shortly after sundown she underwent some kind of transformation that left her less than corporeal.” “Less than… what, she turned into a ghost and walked out?” “That is what the prisoner claims to have seen, sir.” “I take it there’s some equally preposterous excuse for the escape of the other one.” “Not as such, sir.” “No?” “Elspeth Harrow severely injured, mained or killed a dozen of our soldiers before being subdued sufficiently to incarcerate. She was manacled, chained by the ankle, masked to prevent biting and locked up in the deepest hole we could find for her. There are no available witnesses to her escape, but we believe Miss Yharnam helped her escape. We found the chain unfastened and discarded manacles, along with a trail of bodies leading to a missing ship.” “So not only did we fail to execute or even contain them, these pirates are now at large again?” “Yes, sir.”
  16. Heroes, Villains and Legends A Journey Through the Discoveries of the Age of the Exploration: the Ships; the Captains; the People Volume Four: The Self-Styled and So-Called Sea Rats By Quentin Connors Chapter Thirteen: The Bleak Angel So it was that after that particular escapade I found myself again in Bastion, de facto capital of the Sea Rats. Unfortunately, I was also distinctly lacking in funds for further voyages to the newer colonies. Indeed, I was worryingly close to longer being able to retain accommodation for myself and storage for my manuscripts. Forced, as I was, to relocate myself I began to frequent a small tavern near the outskirts of Bastion known as the Lonely Lantern. After a few nights an unusually quiet group entered the tavern. This was a ship's crew, and fortuitously for me they were looking for more recruits. My enthusiasm was dampened but my curiosity piqued when I heard the captain's name: Leon Dracken. This was the crew of the Bleak Angel, a ship surrounded by all manner of tall and sinister tales. But still, I needed money and transport. Here, now, was a chance for both. After a couple more drinks I introduced myself to the ship's first mate, Alastair Jakes, and we discussed the notion of my joining the crew for a short time. To my relief, I was accepted. Little did I realise that Captain Dracken had been listening to the conversation. To Be Continued... And a "clean" look at the bar
  17. A conversation overheard in Bastion... "Let me get this right. They found a random rock sticking up..." "Yup." "And built a fort around it..." "Fort might be a strong word for it. It's a coastal battery. Barely more than a wall and a hut." "And someone volunteered to run this... wall?" "Which is why she gets the hut."
  18. In the bars and taverns of Bastion all sorts of tales are told, especially once enough grog starts to flow. One such story is that of Captain Leon Dracken and the Witch Yolanda... ...a story that begins half a century ago, at the midst of the Forty-Nine Year War, when Admiral Leon Dracken of Oleon was charged with escorting a Priest of Hades to Oleon's early colonies to 'ensure their spiritual purity and discipline'. Not an unusual task, Dracken thought. And, as he would tell himself later, refusal could have meant death... ...but the company of soldiers the priest brought with him was unusual. While Admiral Dracken remained on the ship the priest and soldiers ventured inland to wipe out the followers of the Lord of Deep Waters. The results would be recorded by history as the Blackwater Massacre. The survivors were brought onboard Dracken's ship as prisoners to be taken back to Oleon. Dracken had no doubt any fate other than public execution awaited the prisoners... ...but a storm brought Dracken's voyage to a sudden stop as his ship was battered, broken and began to sink... ...the priest ordered the prisoners remain locked up for their heresies. Dracken disagreed, violently, and as the priest bled out on the deck Dracken tried to save those below... Oleon records that both Dracken and the priest went down with the ship ensuring as many of the crew made it to longboats as possible, and their story ends there. Elsewhere, the story sometimes takes a stranger turn... ...some tell that Leon Dracken and a Blackwater witch named Yolanda were the last to a boat, and that the storm separated them from the other survivors. That Dracken and Yolanda spent days aboard the longboat before the already scant supplies ran out. Dracken was the first to pass out from hunger and dehydration... ...only to awake on an unknown island where Yolanda lead him to a cavern. And within the cave lay a fountain of strangely glowing water... "For the lives you have saved," Yolanda said, "a reward. And for the lives you could not, the burden of your guilt. A life renewed." ...Yolanda bade Dracken drink... ...The effects were immediate, and quite painful... ...And so Dracken left that mysterious isle to begin his career as a pirate. Yolanda remained with him for a time, but eventually the two were parted. Of course, that is just a tall tale, the sort sailors like to tell, isn't it? To the east the real Leon Dracken and one of his crew, the witch Iosefka, have been following Father Tholeau's journal out beyond the known seas. "Hmm", Captain Dracken says to himself, "no one here." "You could hardly be expecting someone," Iosefka says, "from the wrecks on the beach it seems no soul has ventured in some time." "Expecting? No," Dracken says softly, "but hope is the curse of humanity." "I must ask," Iosefka adds, "have you been here before?" Dracken pauses to examine the fountain, filled with brackish green water. "Perhaps," He answers, quietly, "perhaps I have."
  19. Mask_of_Death

    [MOC] Firestar Streaker

    Fire Starstreaker Fire Starstreaker is a Mk-II Jaeger built in the year 2016. It uses two dual-wielded energy pistols with dual electrical exhibitor attachments for close-quarter combat. It is stationed at the Los Angeles Shatterdome. It is piloted by Rawst and Rory Oran, two twin brothers. Skewerclaw Skewerclaw is a Category 3 Kaiju. Smaller than Knifehead and Yamarashi, it is lightly armorered everywhere except for its thickly armored neck and forearm armor, which it uses to absorb attacks. It has 4 powerful claws ending sharp Jaeger stabbing spikes, similar to the one on Knifehead. It can also launch large amounts of Kaiju blue from it's mouth to terrorize populated areas. It has 4 powerful weapons, but is severely limited by its weak armor.
  20. Three new Beasts have come from the mineshaft to threaten Anthropolis... But they're not like anything the Hero Factory could even hope to expect... BRAWN BEAST A huge, hulking mass of techno-organic muscle, the Brawn Beast can lift the heaviest of structures, and squish the strongest of Heroes! MAGMA BEAST Short and stout, but still mighty, the Magma Beast's ability to superheat it's claws and body allow to melt through any Battle Machine! STEALTH BEAST An incredibly fast runner, the Stealth Beast has an unparalleled stamina... But sometimes it's speed can be it's shortcoming! More pics Battle pics