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  1. Eoin Wallace

    [MOC]Under the Guidance of the Ancients

    The colours here look good together and it makes Jingu Jingu look like he belongs in this type of landscape. Nice moc!
  2. Eoin Wallace

    [MOC] Dwarven Barber Shop

    Great moc! I like the arches and the curved roof looks nice too.
  3. Eoin Wallace

    Buğra Quarry

    Looks great! I like the rockwork, dwarves and construction equipment ties it all together nicely.
  4. Eoin Wallace

    The Lost Fleet Part 1: The Investigation

    @Grover Thanks, I'm glad you like it! I agree about the colour of the boat, I also wanted to have some variation in the colours from the boat and the crates but nothing seemed to work well so I made them the same. @socalbricks @Aurore Thanks you both! @(Luc)ky Luke Thank you, I was going for a scattered snow affect but in places I agree that it does look a little too random.
  5. Eoin Wallace

    Castle Palisade

    I like the micorscale moc, the landscaping looks great. I also like the palisaide technique used on the second moc and the plant and animal descriptions are a nice touch too. Both builds here look nice and I agree with @Kai NRG that the rubble looke awesome especially in the last photo.
  6. Hey everyone! This is the first in a series of builds I am going to be doing that are inspired by Challenge V but were a little late so I’m doing them anyways. I hope you like it! Recently, Eoin had been tasked by Jarl Olav, to find a fleet of Valyrian warships that were supposed to be sent to help during the wars with the Algus in Mitgardia. They were told by the Valyrians that the fleet was sent, but it had never landed, so now it was his job to find out what happened. Eoin had decided that it would be best to search the shoreline in case they had been blown off course and lost. If that didn't work he knew he would have to get on a boat and search the islands and ocean just off the coast, but that would take ages so he was trying to avoid it by scouring every beach along the coast. He had finally found it, after months of searching! Or at least one of the ships, but it looked like it had been looted by bandits and there was no sign of any of the other ships or soldiers... As he approached the bandits drew their weapons and threatened him: "Don't you come any closer!" "What do you know of the Valyrian fleets?" replied Eoin hopefully. The two looked at each other, and shrugged before readying their weapons and attacking! Eoin easily dispatched the two poorly trained bandits, then started to search for clues. After looking through the boxes, he found all the sort of valuables that would be expected in a warship including the bandits own weapons. It seemed after reading the bandit's journals that they had found the ship ruined on the beach, but were waiting untill the spring thaw to visit the more southern markets in Avalonia. However, still nothing about the soldiers. As he was turning to leave, Eoin stopped as something had caught his eye. There were tracks leading away into the mountains to the north. They were old, but there was a lot and the seemed to be going in the same direction. Eoin had heared legends of the mountains, known as the Frostpeak Mountains and they were mostly used to keep small children from exploreing them since no one had actully returned alive. This was not a good sign...
  7. Eoin Wallace

    Pizza to Go

    The colours look nice and vibrant here and I like the retro style too, but my one of my favourite parts is the cobble stone. Great moc!
  8. Eoin Wallace

    Qa'Yids residence in Mophet

    I like the colours and textures on this moc, and the water is nice too. It's always nice to see more of Mophet, keep it up!
  9. Eoin Wallace

    Challenge V. Cat A: The missing letter

    I like how used the expressions on the minifigures in this moc, it really helps tell the story which is very well written and hilairous! I also like the office room and that chandelier looks great too. Nice moc!
  10. Eoin Wallace

    Elon's Retreat.

    Great moc! I like the trees and the stonework looks great, especially the stairs!
  11. Eoin Wallace

    Outskirts of Mophet

    Nice build, amazing details and the dome adds a nice bit of colour!
  12. Nice MOC, I like the textures on the rockwork and the spiral stairs are great. The story is well written and I am enjoying this series of Mocs in Nocturnus, can't wait to see more!
  13. Eoin Wallace

    [MOC] Chateau Mokotoff

    I really like the mix of stone work and stone, it makes it seem very realistic and looks good with the landscape and roads. The colours in the stone walls look good too and very natural. The trees look nice and the roof on the hall is great! I can't wait to see more!
  14. Eoin Wallace

    [MOC] A Little Bit of Magic - Trade District of Albion

    Great moc, I love the textures on the walls and ground, the market stalls and minifigures are very well done and the view through the gate is a nice touch too! I also like all the vibrant colours used here and the vines on the walls look great too.
  15. Eoin Wallace

    [AoM Farm Phase I] Fir Tips Season

    Great moc, the tree is amazing and the path is very natural too. I also enjoy the photo from above and the little bird is a nice touch!