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  1. Eoin Wallace

    CHALLENGE IV: Category B: Autumn Garden

    Great build, and the plant descriptions are a nice touch too
  2. Eoin Wallace

    Book III - Challenge IV: The Turning Point

    An entry for category B
  3. previously After the battle at Fort Cander, Eoin and his soldiers had set out for Cedrica. They had not left any survivors so they did not have to travel under cover, and they had all decided to stop at an inn before going to the palace for more information and a good night's sleep. Eoin had decided that he also need a drink, so he approached the bar and got in a conversation with the bartender. He also noticed the crown and guild colours which he had seen a lot in Cedrica. "Rumors?" said the bartender "Those aren't true! The queen would never do such things, where did you hear that!" "A friend told me" said Eoin. "I thought it seemed to fit,didn't she just get back from a trip to Nocturnus?" "Eye that she did, but it is still preposterous even with the Undead rebellions in Nocturnus!" replied the angry bartender. Eoin then took his drink back to his table, not wanting to start a fight or draw attention. Below are some more pics. C&C welcome!
  4. Eoin Wallace

    Fort Cander

    Thank you! The build was set in the temperate rainforests of northern mitgardia. Yes Fort Cander is by the sea, above I will add a map to show you where Fort Cander is. And you are correct Erdan did swear revenge on Eoin but Eoin didn't know that, so he took pity on his (once) friend when he was in danger, thinking they had worked it all out. stay tuned for my challenge builds where you may find that not all is as it seems. Thanks!
  5. Eoin Wallace

    Prenmôr Forge

    I love the builds, especially the roof on the smithy and nice story too!
  6. woodland ambush-Eoin Wallace-mitgardia Orc Outpost-Eoin Wallace-mitgardia Nordhiem at Night-Eoin Wallace-mitgardia A Stroll By The Sea-Eoin Wallace-mitgardia Bad News At Olav's Hall-Eoin Wallace-mitgardia Fort Cander-Eoin Wallace-mitgardia
  7. Eoin Wallace

    Fort Cander

    previously Eoin had been living at Fort Cander for three weeks now, and had an escaped thief, an orcish sorcerer, a blind archer and some wolf thing called a Gnoll who had shown up on the second week he was there. It was a huge step down from having dozens of soldiers and a massive castle under his command. He was also very far away from any civilization but he was excited because he had just gotten last week's issue of the Weekly Mitgardian! Eoin had enjoyed all of his saturday morning reading the paper when, he heard a commotion coming from the woods! And he recognised Erdan running across the rickety bridge from the woods being chased by mitgrdian soldiers! "Help!" screamed Erdan, as he hopped gracefully off the falling bridge. Against what most would probably say was his better judgement, Eoin attacked the soldiers who were chasing his old friend. So after a chaotic battle, Eoin questioned Erdan about the whole event. Erdan told Eoin of how Queen Ylspeth had recently been to Nocturnus to practice necromancy. "I saw it all with my own eyes!" he said. "She was trying to summon her dead brother back from the grave, but the power corrupted her and I am on a mission to stop her from destroying Historica from within!" And Eoin agreed to help him. Here is som additional pics: Hope you like it,C&C welcome!
  8. Eoin Wallace

    Desert oasis

    That build is great!
  9. Eoin Wallace

    A mercenary's story: Part VI

    The ruins look good, and the story is well written too!
  10. Eoin Wallace

    AoM Tower Phase III-Escaping Mitgardia

    Thanks! I'm glad you like the rockwork, that's my favorite part
  11. Eoin Wallace

    Ambassador Gisela

    @GroverOk the rolling stones was my second guess. So many great bands!
  12. Eoin Wallace

    Book III - Challenge IV: The Turning Point

    looks like a great challenge. Down with the queen! (Insert evil laugh)
  13. Eoin Wallace

    Ambassador Gisela

    All those builds were great, the story was very well done! And am I correct that the name of the concert was inspired by the album "Roll The Bones" by Rush? Just curious
  14. Eoin Wallace

    Bad News At Olav's Hall

    Thank you very much!
  15. Eoin Wallace

    Dawn at the Cathedral

    Nice atmosphere, very creepy!