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Found 3 results

  1. This is my reimagining of the Classic Pirates set 6265 Sabre Island. 6265 Sabre Island Reimagined by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr 6265 Sabre Island Reimagined by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  2. Ahoy Mates!!! This is the account of how I turned from this: 06 by Mengish, on Flickr into this: Captain Mengish (Prologue) by Mengish, on Flickr When I joined this gang of pirates sailing in the Sea of Thieves, I knew this was the kind of life I’d like to enjoy, though I also knew that it had entailed the perils I tried to avoid in the previous chapter of my not so noble life, back in Oleon. But, after all, once you are a pirate, everything you have done in your life is erased in the common memory of humanity. And you have one single title that arrives before you in every place. And this time, it arrived at a tavern built recently on a newly discovered island called La Sabre. The tavern was called The Blind Parrot, run by a couple emigrated from Quinsville, a colony established on Cocovia by the Corlanders. Although it was a newly built tavern, it had already attracted many from all corners of the BoBS. And our gang arrived on an afternoon in December, 616 AE. Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr I had been in the gang for over 6 months by then and one thing I noticed was that we hadn’t embarked on any illegal business within this period. All we had done was undertaking some escorting commissioned by the Oleanders or Corlanders. We were pirates enjoying the privileges of piracy without doing anything pirate. I enquired several guys in the gang about this but they didn’t have any answer, nor did they have any interest in it as long as the Captain provided them with money. So after 5 shots of rum, or 8, I had the courage to ask our Captain about this. He was renowned for his discretion and I wasn’t hopeful for an answer, to tell the truth. But he, surprisingly, began to talk very cheerfully upon my question as if he had been waiting for this question for ages. “What I’ll tell you, son, is something no one in the gang knows. And it will not be long before you become the only one on this earth knowing about it. I can’t tell you a reason for our legal ways. But I can show you” said he, which only exacerbated my curiosity. He suddenly half-opened his shirt and showed me the reason to our recent legal ways. He had a large scar, stretching from his abdomen to his breast. “Is this a wound?” I asked. “No. This is the curse of God. I don’t have the any idea what it is. I went to this doctor in King’s Harbour. Even that bastard hasn’t seen anything like this. Can you belive? I have something unique in this world. And it is killing me.” That moment I understood all about the sedentary life we had been leading. But, what I didn’t understand was why he told me about it. He gave the answer himself, after another rum: “Look! I have one last command to give you as your Captain and, yes, belive me it will be my last command.” I was intrigued. “ I shall obey, Captain” I murmured. “If I die at this very moment, these bastards will disband the very next day and the name of my gang will all be forgotten. I knew, the day I captured you that you are the one to save this gang. You owe me a favour, you know. In fact, two. I want you to do two things before I perish. Now come closer!” He whispered two sentences and a question into my ear, which struck me like lightning. “I want you to kill me so these bastards will respect and take you as their leader. I am already dying, you see. Understood?” And before I took a breath and open my mouth for an answer, he stood up, kicking the stool I was sitting on. He began shouting, swearing and insulting me in ways I had never heard before. I was schocked and terrified. I was lying there in terrror when I heard him inviting me for a duel. And there were were, aiming pistols at each other. I had been a crook and had engaged in fights and stuff but I had never been part of a duel in my life. There was the audience as witnesses to this noble act and the owner of the tavern to manage this duel. Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr It all happened in the blink of an eye and all that remained was the bitter smell of the gunpowder hanging in the air. I already knew about the result but the crowd was amazed on my victory as they knew about our skillful Captain, whom they expected to win this deadly match. I woke up from my thoughts after a while and headed to the fallen. I was pretending to be harsh but inside I was crushed. I kneeled to pick up the very symbols of my leadership, the hat and pistol of the late Captain. Then I turned to my gang, who were staring at me with confirming looks, and shouted out loud: “Now, get this sunken wreck away from here. And bring me a bottle of rum, boys!” Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr Ballad of the Mighty I by Mengish, on Flickr I’d like to license this tavern, The Blind Parrot, as a medium business (artisan) in my settlement, Oydem, on the island of Sabre.
  3. pcvando

    REVIEW: 6265 Sabre Island

    [pid][/pid] Here is my Review of the System Pirates set; Sabre Island. (6265) This set was released in 1989 and features 3 Minifigures; two imperial soldiers and one officer (Lt. de Martinet as stated by Lego) This set has 92pcs. It comes with the island and a rowboat. I have even more awesome System sets on the way! Let me know what you think of it, and leave your comments below!