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  1. BotBS and realism

    ...give me time... ...actually, it will likely be ghost pirates, but anyway... I've already got a nigh-immortal sigfig who'se youth was restored by a witch, an undead captain on another ship, a cursed dealer in rare items and I built a ghost ship (even if it is now in the hands of another player). I'm quite willing to get as close to PotC as I can get away with. If BotBS were just SimTrader then I probably wouldn't still be here.
  2. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    I would appreciate a PM with the stats of my currently licensed ships.
  3. Era I Tags Poll

    I will say that I prefer the faction icon designs to the era number designs.
  4. Sure sounds like it from those names. Could be good, the villains have been my favourite parts of years 1 and 2.
  5. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    Ships MOCed and Licensed by myself: Wight Spider (was 1WR) Mirthless Jest (was 3A) Lenore (was 4T2) Ships Licensed by Myself, MOCed by others Dark Narwhal (was 2A) Purchased from MKjoshA King Archibald (was 2A) Purchased from MKjoshA MOCed by Myself, Unlicensed Bleak Angel
  6. [SR - FB4] Victory Celebration

    Gold was definitely the way to go.
  7. CMF Series 18 guessing game!

    Itaria had access to the full list for Series 17. So they're saying they know what is in Series 18.
  8. I'm going to need a few of those Highwaymen, I think. Plenty of useful parts for my pirates collection.
  9. Next MCRA - Infos, Dates and Maps

    The MRCA takes as long as it takes: it was supposed to be monthly but working out the results proved too difficult to do in a routinely timely fashion. Rewards from the MRCA are added to your account once the results are posted. DB earned from builds are added to your account (officially) at the end of the month they are submitted. In practice those DB are available as soon as you register the build. You can check your current available DBs in the spreadsheet provided in the Account Summary thread - make sure you check the most recent version.
  10. LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    So far it seems that Poland are a few weeks ahead of us, but it's certainly worth keeping an eye out for it.
  11. Less obvious, actually. Those bits are where the flames were attached for the Lost Soul's Tide, and I forgot to remove them. @Kai NRG Thank you. I've been practicing with hull designs and trying to make the cabins look a bit more integrated. @Brandon Stark Thanks. I find the technic panel sails easier to work with than standard plates, and don't like leaving the masts empty.
  12. Thank you. I'm not too big a fan of facades that do not have any kind of interior, and I wanted to make sure the building felt lived in.