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  1. Thanks. I'm glad the rock work is being well received after spending most of the day working on it. Seriously, building the tower? Half an hour, 45 minutes-ish. Rocks? All freakin' day. Yeah, I wanted to break up the grey given how much of it there was going to be. I was originally going to use white for it, but I don't know how to not make white super bright with my rendering software. I'm about to add some LDD screenshots showing some of the details to the original post.
  2. Sometimes I remember I have a settlement in this game and do something silly like build a lighthouse for it.
  3. A Conversation heard in Haven: "Did they have to build it like that?" "It's a lighthouse. It's s'pposed to be all tall and stuff." "Right." "But?" "Did they have to make it look so evil?" Looming over the Horns is the lonley Black Tower lighthouse, inhabited only by the mysterious woman who operates it. While all in Haven are happy to see the light of it's beacon, few like to visit the grimly foreboding structure. Whispers abound that the Lightkeeper worships some dark patron, and that the tower is truly more of a shrine that just happens to require a freshly kindled flame. Details behind the Spoiler.
  4. Take the ears off, I'd guess. Nothing inherently fantasy about the rest of the minifig.
  5. The tags on topic titles are to help other users understand what you're posting. Usually the include faction (OL=Oleon, SR=Sea Rats, and so on) the type of build (FB=Free Build, AMRCA-Adventure MRCA) and other useful info at a glance.
  6. After a successful voyage, and some quite lucrative trading, Captain Roderick Graves of the Lenore makes good on a promise to buy his officers a round of drinks in the first tavern they find.
  7. King Archibald is Cargo 3.
  8. That's something, at least.
  9. So what happened to the King Archibald? The rest of the convoy appears to be accounted for. And, of course, I came out at a loss overall given upkeep costs.
  10. BotBS and realism

    ...give me time... ...actually, it will likely be ghost pirates, but anyway... I've already got a nigh-immortal sigfig who'se youth was restored by a witch, an undead captain on another ship, a cursed dealer in rare items and I built a ghost ship (even if it is now in the hands of another player). I'm quite willing to get as close to PotC as I can get away with. If BotBS were just SimTrader then I probably wouldn't still be here.
  11. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    I would appreciate a PM with the stats of my currently licensed ships.
  12. Era I Tags Poll

    I will say that I prefer the faction icon designs to the era number designs.