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  1. Not particularly, though everyone seemed to think the spooky, foreboding and possibly evil look of the lighthouse I built a good fit for the town.
  2. Not that I want to sway your (or anyone else's) thinking but I am still offering to cover license fees for Sea Rat players building in Haven.
  3. That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die. Or I'm not sure I would count on a priest of Hades to stay dead.
  4. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I think the answer is technically yes, in that there have been limited release sets like the Team GB Olympics and German Soccer World Cup sets alongside or right after regular series, but it's almost certain the listing of two CMF series in April is a mistake.
  5. The problem there is that there's barely enough active Sea Rat players to organise the MRCA, never mind any kind of actual court if that's what you're suggesting. You possibly want to start drawing more of a distinction between the players and their sigfigs; that question just sounds wrong due to the lack of such distinction.
  6. Welcome aboard, @Roadmonkeytj
  7. Congratulations, Kwatchi, and good work.

    That looks like it will be a more than decent looking ship, but you might want to check the setting information in the Introductory thread. There's a slight lack of India, or real world history.
  9. I mean, it's not like creepy cults and occult practices haven't featured in my other builds. I'm quite happy with how it turned out (and today noticed the Star Wars Ahch-To set does the same thing). Thank you. Thanka for the kind words. I might expand on the darker side of Haven at a later date.
  10. Thanks. I'm glad the rock work is being well received after spending most of the day working on it. Seriously, building the tower? Half an hour, 45 minutes-ish. Rocks? All freakin' day. Yeah, I wanted to break up the grey given how much of it there was going to be. I was originally going to use white for it, but I don't know how to not make white super bright with my rendering software. I'm about to add some LDD screenshots showing some of the details to the original post.
  11. Sometimes I remember I have a settlement in this game and do something silly like build a lighthouse for it.
  12. A Conversation heard in Haven: "Did they have to build it like that?" "It's a lighthouse. It's s'pposed to be all tall and stuff." "Right." "But?" "Did they have to make it look so evil?" Looming over the Horns is the lonley Black Tower lighthouse, inhabited only by the mysterious woman who operates it. While all in Haven are happy to see the light of it's beacon, few like to visit the grimly foreboding structure. Whispers abound that the Lightkeeper worships some dark patron, and that the tower is truly more of a shrine that just happens to require a freshly kindled flame. Details behind the Spoiler.