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Found 36 results

  1. Ahoy! Previously: Part 1 - by the up and coming Sea Rat of the Year (the title is still contested as the trials are soon discussed by the most honorable Sea Rat of the Year committee) Part 2 - & Part 3 - by the most interesting doctor ever to sail the Brick Seas Sea Rats do love a dress up party! George from part 1 of this series knew it, but the redcoats we are about to encounter now, did not! We are on the island of Cocovia, in the old part of Quinsville, a safe haven for Corries. On that island, the war was far away; the Terraversa troubles concluded to a rather successful ending and fresh settlers were arriving for the goldrush. All was well! Although, the garrison was growing thin and the remaining forces where sleepy. Little has happened over the course of the last weeks. This feeling of quiet joy and peace made the leadership of the settlement organize a party; after all; they needed to keep the spirits up, show some style and have fun. They hired a creative bunch of musicians on the docks asking for a chance to prove their worth as artists. The words went out and that Saturday evening some rich aristocrats came to the gathering, as well as the foreman of the gold mine! Fortunately for our Sea Rat heroes, the Fraunces Brothers, the rum was all drank at the moment they happened to arrive in their loaned partysuits with some premium FTA quality bottles: Redcoat foreman: Who are these gentlemen? Did you invite them? Redcoat officer: I most certainly did not, although they seem to be carrying the one thing we are short of! It will come in handy in my avances to Lady Dundleby in the red dress! She is surely not likely to find an interest in me if she finds out we did not even manage to invest in some extra bottles.. Next to our prospects of new wealth from the mine, she will think we are parsimonious! Lothario Fraunces: My good sirs! What a lovely ambiance! You imperia… uh.. important Gentlemen do have style! We represent the new Royal Society of Hospitality and Celebrations Instituted by Her Royal Highness for all subjects east of Terraversa with a message of good favors, as you are on the right track here in Quinsville! Redcoat officer: Ahhh most welcome you are! Finally, a token of appreciations of our hard labor. Lothario Fraunces: And what is more, my most honorable friend, tomorrow we will have the honor of awarding Quisville a special title, I cannot say must tonight, as it is meant to be a surprise, but you Quinsvillians are the first to ever be awarded by such a glorious token of affection! Her Majesty herself approved and scripted the whole ceremony! Redcoat Foreman: Unbelievable… Redcoat officer: What do you mean unbelievable my dear colleague? We were waiting for some sign of the Crown for weeks! Come, let’s fill up our glasses with this splendid and timely gift of the new most honorable Society! Let’s just hope Lady Dundleby likes rum as much as we do! Everyone, except the keykeeper of the mine storages, drank the rum eagerly, as if they never tasted real rum. We have to keep the well-known fact in mind that the Corries build big factories and plantages but never seem to manage to reach the Sea Rat standards of Rum [and most certainly not in the game of Grogbrewing]. But back to the garden party at hand; as most of the imperials grew very weary and fell asleep instantly, the keykeeper quickly noticed the rum had been tampered with. The three newly arrived members of the Society he had never heard from before must be imposters! He managed to get his blade the same time Lothario Fraunces did. He was prepared to die before surrendering the key! He knew this key was worth a ton of doubloons. The Foreman new he was outnumbered. What was he to do? From the corner of his eye, he saw that the band which was hired for the party also seemed to be hiding all kinds of guns and swords! How could they have been so careless! At the moment he was about to accept his fate, a bottle rushed through the air; hitting his head. The courages man fell peacefully in the chest of flowers. Luckily, he will wake up soon. Unfortunately, the key to the warehouse, and the Royal Society of Hospitality and Celebrations will never be seen again!
  2. Reports of Black hulled ship embellished with gold bearing Grey sails and the Jolly Rodger have been confirmed. Merchants beware you have been warned. Her speed is like no other you will not outrun her. Comments welcome
  3. Somewhere in the midst of the Brick Seas... One will find a place where parrots, monkeys, sea rats and traders all live together in harmony under the protection of the code [more of a guideline really] ; Captain K; Hey! How come we never find any hidden treasures anymore and never take anyone's ship! I thought we were signing up to the pirate faction? We had more fun taking bluecoat-booty during the Terraversan war. Lothario Fraunces; We are sea rats; and you lot signed up to the Fraunces command. Therefore, take notice: we are more than mere unintelligent sea-robbers, we gather & build, we store & we trade; it is called capitalism! Pure and simple. See it as upgraded stealing! Did none of ye read Smith? Lefeau; 'Who?' Lothario Fraunces; Silence you unwashed baboon! Now gather round and hear us out; I believe New Nassau to be the perfect place to enhance our operations around these waters. The seas are bubbling with war and the supply steams grow greater everyday. If we can't overprice our goods to needy colonist, another warring faction will bid even more for our mostly fair-begotten booty. With all the employed Sea Rats gathered, Fraunces enlightened his henchmen on how to proceed. The meeting was held deep under the fortress, in his personal wine cellar. This is also the place where the most valuable goods are stored safe behind bars.. The fortress on top serves as a fortified Sea Rat trading hub and black market exchange site, strategically build between the Sereen Cay and the secret rovers hideout in the new seas, Black Rock. On top of the old rudder of the sunken Octopus I, plans are drafted to take advantage of the seas while the other factions wage war against more uninteresting factions. Suddenly; a crackling sound disturbs the marketing-pitch; Pirate Lefeau; 'Why is that wall moving? Who's there?' Lothario Fraunces; That's a small trick of ours. This fortress is via a secret cave network connected to all our mayor hubs in this town. In case of an attack you know, or if we need to move peculiar items around.. So don't hang it on the high clock! Captain K, I believe this is one of your crewmates just arriving now from the docks bringing my long-awaited invitation to join the Sea Rat of the Year Award in 623! This fortress is of commercial interest to the Fraunces Family; it is a long awaited house for serious trade for the free merchants who are passing through. The builders where compensated for their troubles with double rations of grog. The result is most impressive: The El Barro Fortress: rum barrels from all winds being brought in, musicians come and play in the central square, high-dining on top of the entrance tower, the Sea Rat flag waiving smoothly in the wind, all a buccaneer can ask for. More pictures here matey; And yes, ofcourse heavily influenced by a childhood favorite: the famous bluecoat Eldorado Fortress. Hope you like my pirate-adaptation.
  4. In an effort to speed the printing of the news from across the Brick Seas an entrepreneur has imported a press from the old world with his inheritance money and began production of Printing in High Town. He has hired an excellent team and a highly qualified typesetter so once the reports are in hand news can be put to print immediately. OoC: Just a fun build coming from the frustrations of waiting to see the MCRA Trade results. I'm aware that this will not actually speed up the process and the KPA team does do its best to get the news printed as quick as possible.
  5. Argh me Maties! Bring ye self down to Calico Jack's where we specialize in all things Pirate. Jack's is your one stop shop for all your Pirate and Pirate Accessory needs! Matter of Fact if Jack's don't have it or can't get it then your never really needed it! Be it fitting your newly acquired merchant ship will all the proper supplies ... Or charting your way across the Brick Seas we have all the latest maps, and even some rarely charted ones ... Ole Jack has all the latest Captain fashions and even some classics to identify you from one of the crew ... Our hatter is sure to have a hat to cover your ugly mug. Don't worry our feathers are all sourced from renewable feathered sources ... Ain't havin' much luck at pillagin' or simply want to deck out your cabin? Ole Jack has found wonders and trinkets from around the world to impress your enchained guests. Jack's also carries the finest chests crafted exclusively by our skilled carpenters out of exotic wood. The best ye find this side of the Brick seas So Come on Down to Calico Jacks ye won't be disappointed as we'll have you looking like a proper Pirate when ye leave. Complimentary Parrot with any purchase over 1000Db. OoC: This will be licensed as a large Commerce on the main Isle of Shipwreck Cove of Black Rock
  6. -The Lost City on the Island that Can't be Found, Unless You Know Where to Look.- Lead Man: Captain Mason Wardell of Odin's Scorn( @Roadmonkeytj ) Other Key Members: Captain Lothario Fraunces of the Octopus( @Fraunces ) Professor Thaum aboard the Andromeda ( @Professor Thaum ) Lt. Donley Harris <Isle 21 mission leader> ( @Roadmonkeytj ) (Others may be introduced as the story progresses, as this is a Faction Adventure so any Sea Rat can join in) Ships: Odin's Scorn Stormbull Octopus' Andromeda Jolly Roger Thunder Our mission: To find the Lost City on the island that can not be found, unless you know where to look. Secret side mission: To establish a outpost and work with the natives on Mud Island per The Phoenix's instructions. Funding: 150Dbs _______ Links: Main Story Episodes: Phoenix Takes Flight at Dawn Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum Side Story Episodes: A Mysterious Stranger Marooned with a Mission _______ Phoenix Takes Flight at Dawn: It was a dark damp night when Mason heard a knock at his rented flat in Fatu Hiva. He opened the door to a very strangely dressed man. Are you Captain Mason Wardell? In the flesh … can I help you? I've come long and far to deliver this missive for you Sir. After taking the letter from him, the strangely dressed man let himself out. Mason bolted the door and opened the letter. After reading it he knew exactly who it was from even though it was not signed by sir name. Mason - I hope this letter finds you well my boy. I have a mission should you choose to accept. Included in this letter are a list of names, each of these are holding an item you will need to complete this mission. I want you to contact each of them with a letter stating the Phoenix Takes Flight at Dawn, this is the key phrase they will know to bring the item to you. Once you have all the items together you will need to use the legend I have also included to decipher the items. Once you have cracked it you will know how to reach the Island that no one can find unless they know where to look. The Map that no man can read is also with this letter. One of the names is holding the text to read the map. Make Haste me boy time is of the upmost importance. Signed - Your Long Lost Friend the Phoenix Mason set out at once and began gathering the items from each of the names on the list. It took several months but the visitors were mostly unnoticed due the all the excitement on the island. Once the items were stowed on board Odin's Scorn, Mason set sail and rendezvoused with the Stormbull and the Octopus (zone 35 just off Isle 21) The other ship Captains were all shown the course at which to sail and the convoy set out. ___ OoC: looking forward to the adventure with my fellow Sea Rats
  7. Fort Maartens has until now been funded by the Sea Rats, but due to recent rises of the costs of forts, the Sea Rats have difficulty to keep paying for the powder and shot. The mayor of Poppy Port, Rodsh Derr, finds it important his settlement stays protected from unwanted visitors. and therefore decided to take over the costs. Because of the succesfull mining industry of Poppy Port the settlement has enough gold in the bank to pay the costs of the fort, even the preferred drink of the commander of the fort has been taking into the budget Rodsh Derr has dragged a chest of gold pieces to the gate of Fort Maartens, where the commander is eager to accept it. I hope I did @Kwatchi his creation honour with this little build.
  8. In a remote but fairly accessible area of the island, well off the beaten path. Bill Thompson gets ready to run a batch of a new berry mash. He hopes its sweeter flavor will be popular with the ladies. Just to be sure the men buy it though Bill has given it a catchy name. Yes sir "Pink Bloomer Dropper" is sure to be a hit! ... But you gotta keep the worm cold or she steams an makes for bad flavor so Bill has to stop prepping the mash to haul cold water out of the cool stream. ___________ OoC: so @Mesabi's build inspired me to make my own "small factory" So a simple blue mountain pot still came about then the scene surrounding it Comments and Criticism are welcome!
  9. Index Part I, Receiving the Letter Part II, Fleeing Nova Terelli --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Participant players: Bart Vessels: DMDR 6 Starting point: King’s Harbour just hours after the Great Ball. Main and recurring characters (as of chapter 1): Rodsh Derr, former Lieutenant of the Eslandonian Imperial Navy, captain of the Narwal. Cathy Derr, wife of Rodsh Derr, First mate / acting-captain of the Narwal. Jonathan Splicer, Skipper of the DMDR 6 (Derr Merchant Dispatch Runner no. 6) Crew of the DMDR 6 Gold: What Rodsh had in his pocket when he boarded the DMDR 6, about 50 db. Troops: None. Disclaimer: All my builds will be done in LDD (for the time being). < I intended for the next bit to be in a next post, but they got automatically marched > Part I, Receiving the Letter Rodsh and Cathy where on their way back to the Narwal1 after a very much enjoyed Ball, when they came across a disturbance on the jetty. I know that vessel Rodsh thought to him self while they just came within earshot. 1 recieving the letter. by Bart, on Flickr Soldier 1: .. I really hate horsemeat sausage too!…. Sailor: They are a pinnacle of evil, who would even think of eating a noble horse. King’s Harbour harbour master assistant (HMa): WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING! You can’t run past our inspection vessel! And just dock where ever you please! Eslandonian captain (EC): Yes I can. I’m carrying mail, can’t you see I’m flying a gold pennant.² HMa: I don’t care what flag you are flying, but every ship should allow the inspection vessel along side for an inspection! EC: but.. 1 recieving the letter 2 by Bart, on Flickr HMa: And WHY are you opening your hold! You aren’t cleared by customs yet, you aren’t allowed to load or unload anything, and your crew is to remain ONBOARD! EC: Just for ventilation sir. EC: First Mate fetch the cargo papers will you! Eslandonian First Mate (FM): Right away sir. 1 recieving the letter 3 by Bart, on Flickr EC: So, mister Harbour Master how do you propose to resolve this issue? HMa: You slip those moorings and sail out in to the bay! There you anchor and await inspection tomorrow morning! EC: I can’t do that sir, the tide is rising I’ll never get out of the bay. And I have rights, I’m carrying mail. 1 recieving the letter 4 by Bart, on Flickr Rodsh couldn’t help himself, he had to join this argument. His curiosity about the vessel had got the better of him. Rodsh: Mister harbour master, the fair captain is right. If he indeed is a mail carrier he has the right to dock instantly. The custom is to fly a gold pennant from the mast top to show this. And as you can see, she is flying such a pennant. FM: Here are the papers sir. EC: Check for yourself mister Harbour master, our cargo is mail. HMa; This is outrages, I’ve never heard of this! Rodsh: What is the docking rate for small ships this evening? The harbourmaster fell silent, as his mind jumped to conclusions. HMa: 10 quarter-doubloons sir! All there knew it was just 2. EC: First mate, pay the harbour master please. As the harbour master marched his marines off the jetty to waste the cash in the pub, the captain of the ship asked Rodsh: Sir, do you know if the Great Ball has already ended? I’m looking for someone whom may be among the guests. Rodsh: Yes we just came from the Ball ourselves. EC: Do you perhaps know if a lieutenant Derr was there? Rodsh: Yes he was there, he is standing on your deck now. EC: You are Lieutenant Rodsh Derr? Rodsh: It’s former lieutenant, to be honest. I’m captaining my own ship, the Narwal, now, she is moored at the end of this jetty. 1 recieving the letter 5 by Bart, on Flickr EC: I’ve got a letter for you. Rodsh handed the letter to Cathy, and after she read it he told her: Take the Narwal for the necessary careening and replace those leaky planks in her hull. Then take her to cousin Jacob in Nova Terrelli, await any news from me there. I’m going with skipper Splicer. Cathy: Why not take the Narwal? Rodsh: Because the DMDR 6 is much much faster than the Narwal, and she desperately needs the maintenance. You take her, you’ll captain her in my stead. Skipper can we take the next tide? EC (skipper Jonathan Splicer): I believe we can sir, I still have a man ashore but he should return before sunrise. Cathy: I thought no one was aloud off your ship? Splicer: He left before that rule was spoken. (Spoken on such a tone that Cathy knew not to ask more) Rodsh: Straight to Eslandonia? Splicer: I first have to dock in Nova Terelli. I picked up some messages along my search for you that need delivered. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ note 1 The Narwal is the ship I’m building for Captain Rodsh, story wise that is the ship he’s been off to all those time. (You’ve already seen the cabin interior.) I just never build her. She is in progress though, you can see a sneak peek on flickr. So story wise I send her off careening for now, maybe she gets added to this story, or maybe not. note 2 The gold pennant is an invention of mine, I’ve no real world base for it. (Although there may be, but I didn’t look into it) I hope this answers the questions on why the DMDR 6 was racing across the sea’s the way I presented her :D Questions: How do I license or report this or do I not for an amrca? Does this work for the game masters or do they require something else to make a game from? Do the stat’s of the ships chosen when licensing come into play at an amrca btw? Is it even possible to add the Narwal later? I like to build her proper and not rush her, just to get this amrca started.
  10. After building Rahab's Gambit I rather liked the style and basic structure of the ship so I built a second this one is longer but still retains many similar features to each other. It would take a skilled watchman to tell the difference on the Horizon. But none thee less I've redesigned the cannon slides for the lower deck and if you open the hatches you can access the lower decks (they are functional). I struggled with how to paint and a figurehead on this until a few days ago. I wish I would have taken a WIP shot as it was a rainbow for a while. I've worked in some interesting features as well like the slopped doors off the weather deck and the posable sails. None the less here is the ship: I added some crew and the cannons and a couple other details I had forgotten after initial renders. Comments and Criticism welcomed!
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] LaPetunia

    A fast and maneuverable little skiff she is ain't she? The Captain swigged another swallow of Bru-Haha seemingly talking to himself. Meanwhile the crew was busy running drills on the new guns they just acquired at rock bottom prices from a friendly pair of smugglers in a rowboat. She even got a lovely stern doesn't she boys? Again it seemed the Captain was talking to anyone who would listen. Captain seemingly drunk: Oh she's a lovely little Petunia with a pirate crew... With a Pirate Crew... With a Pirate Crew... Oh she's a lovely little Petunia ... With a Pirate Crew ... Oh won't yee come and sail with Meeeee! OoC: this ship will be featured in a later build comments and criticism welcomed!
  12. Sources from an unknown Rat amongst Rats disclosed to the KPA that Captain Larvey and The Drunken Monkey were diverting to Tortuga due to "taking on water". It's confirmed that Captain Larvey is indeed in Tortuga as that same Rat spotted him at a local Rathskeller where tonight's special is red tuna. He wasn't the only infamous Captain there though. It seems that Bluebeard's recruiting more lads already after the capture of some of his crews recently. Another lowlife enters the room the lesser known Captain of LaPetunia and his trained Falcon. Brandi is a great barmaid and she's often told what a good wife she would be ... Suzette is Brandi's daughter... She's easy on the eyes just like her mama Apparently too easy and this young sailor seems to have lost his sea legs when she winked at him from across the room. But back to our story at hand. It seems as though Captain Larvey being the cunning sailor he is .... ... And apparently a braggard! He was heard saying "Me goal was to bring er keel up to get the tar patch above the water line to fix er good an proper" As he told it, he began to take on water and ordered the men to unload ballast, tossing it to the sea to lighten her. He apparently forgot he had locked a man below as punishment, but ordered any dead weight thrown over just as well. He now claims that The Drunken Monkey handles better and as proof he sailed twice the distance to Tortuga just to prove it. He claims he intends to add a couple more guns to her as well now that she handles so well. OoC: These builds settle two purposes for me it explains the stats change for The Drunken Monkey and explains how she wound up in Tortuga. Comments and criticism welcomed
  13. Dr. Anderson and James are visiting the new light house on Rocky Reef, just offshore of Poppy Port. James: So do this horses have to walk around all night? dr. Anderson: No no, they just lift the weight, and then the weight will drop slowly over night to rotate the glass and mirror. James: ah nice, and what is that red flag about? dr. Anderson: Could be a storm warning, but as you can see by the clear skies, I think this is a warning that Pirates hunters have been spotted. If I designed it well, the mirror and glass will rotate when the horses do, at the same time lifting the weight. and when the horses 'rest' the weight drops to rotate the mirror some more. If the speed regulator inside the house works as I thinks it does, I cannot tell from LDD, but immagine it does :D Bart PS: I'm back from sea :P
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Vengeful Arrow

    A new ship has been commissioned for trade … why so many guns you ask? well the seas are full of pirates these days and you can never protect your cargo too much. Thanks for viewing Comments and Criticisms welcome
  15. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Rahab's Gambit

    Before you begin the basic design of the hull is not mine. I watched a time lapse video on MOC Bricks youtube channel and decided I wanted a ship of this fashion. I tried to stay true to the basic design but I had to make major changes both to account for 1) LDD does not like the placement of certain bricks and 2) My ship is considerably shorter and 3)The shrouds are not string rigged as they had done in the video. Also a special Thanks to @kaiju for not only the name of the ship but the push to finish three ships before next turn. The figure head kept rendering improperly so here's a snapshot: This render was done before it was named and I felt the figurehead was not befitting the name so I changed it to the above snapshot instead I do plan to build this in actual brick although it will be several months before I order the brick as I have three trains I need to get build before December lol. I'm not sure yet if I will be able to keep the Teal but I'm hoping! Comments and Criticism welcomed!
  16. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Triton's Pithy

    Another Fine Trade ship commissioned to set sail. OoC: Sadly Blue Render keeps flaking out on this one so I only got two pictures rendered. I built this a while ago and but never posted it. I feel the hull has good shape, but the more I look at it the less I like the masts. This was a trial in new technique for me. Comments and Criticism welcomed.
  17. The latest and greatest engineering has come to Turtle Island. This Forts long guns are hefty enough to slice any ship to ribbons. OoC: I built this off memory of the civil war fortifications in New England from when I toured as a kid. It was originally built with a barracks in the center but I decided to make it a tower at last minute. After I posted a preview in the faction pm, I was sent this link to the fort that stood in Tortuga. Ironically it is very fitting hence the naming. Comments and Criticism welcome!
  18. The Charlatan Bay Infernos' had practiced all year since last years cup in Trador. They little squad was quite good as well. On the day the team gathered for their team photo just happened to be the day disaster struck on the island. This is the last known photo of the team. We are currently unaware of their whereabouts but the town has paid the registration fees just in case they wash ashore in Bastion. . . . . . . . This just in! Somehow against all odds the team made it to Bastion and poses for a team photo. Ooc: my original plan was to have the team gathered on the five fleets monument but I ran into a delay in replicating the build so I had to improvise with what I had to make the deadline. So instead they are in front of it (never got all the ships built lol)
  19. Of all the islands in the wild Sea of Thieves, the Nest of Thieves was the wildest. Scum from across nations came with their loot to the free port of Bastion and they often spended it the same nights in the taverns and houses of pleasure. Due to this, children born in Bastion did not have a father nor solid family and ended up on the street. Moredechai Fraunces the IVth was an old Sea Rat who never had time to settle down. Only now at the age of 77 his hands became to weak to climb the rigging and he choose to spend his last years in the port which came closest to a home for him. He now spends most of his days training the offspring of pirates, traders and rebels who left Bastion long ago. They trained hard for the BTSC. The black bandana's is the trademark of this young and energetic team! On this photo we are the team after a training on one of the hidden beaches east of the town.
  20. Follow the Story: Out of the Ashes -Roadmonkeytj To hell (and back?) -Keymonus Meanwhile in Acropolis -Keymonus Devastation of Charlatan Bay -Roadmonkeytj Waiting in the wasteland -Keymonus Those Damned Cannons -Keymonus Restoring Order to Chaos -Roadmonkeytj ------------- The town had been in complete turmoil since the eruption. At first people fled. Then the remaining turned to looting and killing as the supplies in town dwindled. It seemed as though the town was slipping into utter chaos. The mayor was missing presumably killed or run oft Gustaf knew something had to be done. High town looked like a ghost town now days he hadn't been to the shipworks sink the eruption as he had been too busy protecting his home. Ash still clung to everything as the mountain belched smoke for the better part of a month. He had decided, while taking a stroll past one of the fountains, that something needed done. But what? With no formal leadership in the Town to address any concerns. That was it Gustaf would just have to take control. He would be the new major ... At least until he figured out what became of the old major. _________ As of now the Port of Charlatan Bay is to remain closed unless prior permission is obtained via pm to @Roadmonkeytj. As new major of the settlement Gustaf intends to reopen the port for trade, however in this transition period of re-establishing order special permission to make port will be decided on a case by case basis. Ships wishing to make port shall anchor in the Bay and wait to be boarded by a harbor official. (approval via pm) Any ship failing to follow this will be assumed hostile and fired upon. Those not lucky enough to be sunk shall be immediately detained @Capt Wolf this is an official decision. _____ OoC: After Kwatchi's story development of the volcano I wanted to build a grey scale build to simulate everything covered in ash. Also in the events that followed behind the scenes ... I want to thank @Kwatchi for the major position of such a fine port. It will take me a bit of time to get things sorted out but eventually she will return to trade. Edit: also my sig fig is unavailable in LDD as his parts are retired so I substituted lol C&C is welcomed
  21. Our adventure is over and Edwin Is now sitting in the back room of the Blue Tassel recounting his story. ... After she lit those "candles" everything began to happen so fast. We had made camp on the other side of the cave unknown at the time to everyone but Cleo. Sitting there in my tent she removed her cloak for the first time. She was so stunning I really don't know what she said the first 5 or 30 minutes. I was lost in her beauty I couldn't help myself. I was startled by a hand across the face and her demanding to know if I was paying attention. I admitted I was to avoid being abused about the head and ears again. She opened the book she had carried close by her side the entire journey. It had years old maps to the exact location of cave. Texts written in a language foreign to me on animal skin. There were several letters in latin from her superiors with explicit instructions. She explained the Myth of the Drakon was put in place to keep people out and to protect a great treasure. Cleo further explained that the Order had gone to great measures to protect the city of gold. One of those was to scatter the keys to the city across the known lands. She explained that Drakon was to guard one of these keys. Our mission was to catch Drakon unharmed as possible and restore the key that had been stolen. We started the day preparing a plan Cleo had it all drawn out everyone had a task to do. I need to take a moment to take you back 15 days or so ago .... The first day on this island several of the natives I had talked to made mention of fire breathing dragons ... I had foolishly brushed them of as folklore ... I was mistaken ... No no that would have been cute and easy to deal with no this particular beast was more like ... I was not ready in any way shape or form to do what needed to be done. In all honesty I think I would have much preferred we were dealing with this guy instead... I digress ... So there I am perched on top of a cliff holding onto one half of a net that we had spent the morning tying together. Im just waiting for this beast to appear from the cave, hoping the whole time I don't become the next mangled corpse someone finds. Alas the Drakon appeared as Cleo spoke a dram of latin from her book ... Although now that I think about it I can say with most certainty that she had it memorized. Yet somehow she stood there fearlessly reciting latin with flames shooting inches above her head. Once the Drakon was in position we lept off the cliff like crazed men possessed ... the net worked perfectly. Everyone rushed into position. The beast thrashed and spun and just when we thought we had lost ... Cleo began to sing ... I tell you it was like a Sirens song. It drew you in made the world stand still. The beast laid down placid like a trained pet. She sung while looking right into its eyes. After her song she ordered us to release the net, she assured us we would not be harmed. Reluctantly we released the beast. Cleo then asked us to clear away the damaged gate. After we did she calmly lead the beast back into the cave. While she was in with the Drakon our task was to repair the gate. It was built much like a castle gate would be ... Oddly it cranked from inside the cave and would latch open. Soon Cleo reappeared this time alone. I questioned her at what became of Drakon. She yanked the rope holding the release pin and the gate slammed shut. She just stared into the darkness tears rolling down her cheeks. The troops were too preoccupied to even notice but we had an emotional moment as she explained what had become of Drakon. The thing that strikes me as odd though is when I questioned her standing there, after she had told me all of these secrets ... Why did you need my services ... She simply replied with a Smile ... Why your confidentiality clause of course Mr. Fitzgerald. Then she whispered in my ear ... Plus I thought you were cute Edwin. So here I sit talking to you capitulating weather or not to board the next ship or to stick around and take Miss DuBouis to a proper dinner. __________ Thanks for reading C&C welcomed!
  22. Previously our adventure Edwin Fitzgerald had made it to Fatu Hiva. He had scoped out a local pub and heard a mess of stories mostly sounding like myth. He awoke to a letter by his bedside giving him instructions to collect his unit from the garrison and his escort from the order will meet him there. It was strange to Edwin that he never heard anyone enter or leave the room as the bolt was still thrown on the door. He made his way down to the garrison and handed the paperwork he was given to the gatekeeper. Soon his platoon of what must surely have been company rejects and unknowing privates. Beggers cant be choosers he said to himself. None the less Edwin drilled the men all the same as he had a great deal of dealings with regimented men. What is this the retro show? Is that really the uniforms your wearing now? Don't you think those are a little dated? And what is on your backs? Its a company issue ruff sack Sir. We are going into a jungle to carry supplies perhaps you should obtain a larger sack private! At that the men were sent to the quartermaster to supply properly. Upon their return they were fitted with proper uniforms and Sacks with ample space to store a saber. As Edwin was reviewing the troops a calamity came roaring up. What is the means of this! Edwin shouted. The quartermaster said we should have ample room for supplies with this. Edwin held his anger and spoke calmly and slowly. Private ... We are heading into the Jungle ... There are no roads nor paths where we are headed. Perhaps you could suggest to your quartermaster a pack horse instead! Edwin briefed the troops on their mission and soon the Private returned with a more suitable horse. Well done Mr. Fitzgerald ... You've done an excellent job getting these men into shape. The Womens' voice from under the hooded cape caught him off guard. Cleopatra Axelandria DuBouis... I will be your escort through the remainder of this mission. You will not leave my side Mr. Fitzgerald. I was unaware there were Females allowed in the Order Miss DuBouis, let alone ones so easy on the eyes. Edwin replied. Please call me Cleo and they do just not commonplace as most women don't have what it takes. I was chosen for the Order at a young age and been raised by my Superiors. My Loyalties lie with my faith do we understand Edwin? At that they set out for the jungle. Two days in they crossed paths of many destroyed idols, at one Cleo stopped and looked genuinely worried. This is the work of the Padre ... I hope we are not too late and my superiors have given him just enough info to lead him astray. Cleo said worriedly. Edwin tried to question her but there was little time and they pressed on. Towards the end of the night they reached an alter with food offerings. Cleo seemed to be relieved to see it. She explained that this alter was a place to bring offerings to Drakon. That we were close now and that it was good that it was still intact. She said that meant there was still hope that none of the expeditions had found her yet. Her?!? Edwin said abruptly ... Cleo I think you need to inform me just what exactly we are searching for. Also what it is that you needed my services for aswell. I will explain everything but first let me place a few candles Cleo said as she set the strangest looking candles Edwin had ever seen on the alter. Once lit she grabbed Edwin by the arm and began to run. Soon they were back a safe distance and the platoon was waiting. Just as Edwin was about to comment on the oddity of this troop a concussive blast ripped through the trees ... After picking himself up off the ground Edwin instead turned his question towards Cleo ... Just where did you get those "candles" from?!? Cleo calmly replied. From one of the Wayfair Trade Company ships ... They are a blast aren't they? I hate to destroy the alter but it needed to be done to ensure her safety. With that she said I will explain everything tonight when we make camp. I need you prepared Mr. Fitzgerald. We hiked through treacherous rocky cliff ridden jungle, there were bones scattered everywhere you looked. Until we came upon a small clearing backed up against a bluff. Finally they had made camp and even though Cleo showed him drawings and explained the whole "myth" of Drakon no amount of preparation could have prepared Edwin for what he would see the next day . . . . . . . To be continued _______ You will find out who Drakon is in my Cat C C&C welcomed
  23. After the prospecting report came the Major of Poppy Port send out a letter to a tribe of mountain dwelling men who live in the home country of his wife, the are rather short compared to the average minifig, but they are the best in the buisness. The digging of the mine started in the location the first finds where made. Gold mine 1 by Bart, on Flickr The outside of the mountain didn't do justice to the work the men on the inside had done, and the fastness of the gold resources found. Gold mine 2 by Bart, on Flickr Gold mine 3 by Bart, on Flickr Gold mine 4 by Bart, on Flickr Gold mine 5 by Bart, on Flickr C&C much appreciated.
  24. Edwin Fitzgerald had arrived in Fatu Hiva with a letter in hand. The order had requested his help. He specialised in dealing with the abnormal, demonic, and otherwise unheard of. Months ago he had gotten word of some darkness causing trouble in the jungle. He had agreed to come as long as he was aided by a member of the order and a small platoon for safety (and to carry the supplies). The sea was fairly calm ... Unusually calm for the winds being so strong. Edwin had made port a day early because of this. He figured he would take advantage of the lack of an escort and interview some locals so their stories would not be swayed by the presence of a member of the order. As he made his way down the gangway he watched the shops for activity. One specifically caught his eye. It was tucked in to taller buildings but the storefront was very elegant. What made him eye this place was that it looked as if a place officers would go to drink but yet he had only seen tribesmen come and go. As he drew closer he made out the sign. The Blue Tassel Pub. Once inside he was shocked to find a fairly upscale establishment. Just in the door you stood on a balcony there were rooms lining the length of balcony to the left and stairs to lead down into the tavern to the right. He made his way downstairs. He noticed the fine selection of bottles the expected rums, oddly enough a bottle of Bru-Haha. The barman was a tattooed but was dressed more properly while maintaining his island roots. He ordered a glass of brandy and made small talk. He heard various stories: Fire breathing dragons which he quickly dismissed as everyone knows they were just mid-evil stories to keep children from wandering of and to obey their parents Foreign legions Angry islanders seeking to push out the Order There was even one about the undead The most interesting though was the tale he heard after watching a man slip through a bookcase. In the corner of the room was a built in bookcase, most of the books had a fine layer of dust but on the top shelf there were a couple that did not have fresh dust. Edwin reached up to inspect the title but as he pulled the book he heard a mechanism click behind the shelves. A gentle push and he too was walking through the book case. In this room there were several small tables it appeared to be a smoking room. The tales were quite twisted and dark in this room. The most memorable was the tale a old sailor wove about two brothers who went into the jungle to build a home. It told of a man there that captured them and held them in a cage made of bones. He said that when the brother watched his kin be cooked alive he made his escape and told the story. He was taken in his sleep though and no one had seen him again. After the day had passed Edwin sought a nights rest in one of the fine boarding houses ... He would seek out the order tomorrow. ..... To be continued in Cat B Ooc: I have very limited bricks currently so I will be building both in LDD and as much as I can in brick to weave the story. My characters parts are from an aftermarket source so I will not include him in the LDD build but instead paint the picture as if that is what he seen. Comments are more than welcome.
  25. After the rats opened the Single pot still in Fuerte Unido, the drink quickly gained a loyal following of shopkeepers and alesmen ... Although it gained a tiny group of naysayers that seem to rate their cheep rum rather ... I digress. Construction soon began to renovate an unused warehouse in bastion to the main hub for Bru-Haha. Here is the sight you see as you come up road from the docks. You'll know your in the right place because we've had this special sign created ... The artist calls it a BoBs board ... We still don't know why he calls it that considering his name is Bill. Looking for a job ... Or to become a Bru-haha distributor? Then you'll want to head down the steps to the main office. Just head on in no need to knock. The office is finely furnished with the latest in office fashion. Our plant is state of the art and is now fed by coal instead of cut wood. Here is the coal chute and delivery door. We have built our warehouse doors at standard wagon level to aid in loading and unloading. Here you can see some of our secret ingredients being unloaded fresh off the boat from one of our suppliers mills. Our shipping clerk is a very organised. Here you can see both bottles and large barrels awaiting pickup as well as raw goods being stocked. With our new larger pots we are able to fill two racks of large barrels a day. Here you can see the mash pot up on the high platform as well as worm box on the left. The stills were build to sit ground level while the fire boxes were built lower to aid efficiency of coal delivery. Here you can see all the action. A worker stokes the fire on pot one while a new batch of mash is mixed. On pot two a worker is draining the mash pot into the main still. Due to the science that went into its development we know the exact temp to maintain the pot at to give you a high quality product The clock tower can be seen throughout most of the settlement and since its construction has been allowing the settlement to set their watches by it. OOC: this wil be licenced as a large factory ... Although the brick counters will clearly tell you its much larger. Everything was built in LDD to eventually be built in bricks ... There are no liberties taken (ok maybe a couple colors on elements as I didn't check color avail.) and everything is connected. Brick count is pushing 14,000 bricks. I built this to be viewable 360 degrees when closed. Has several sections that hinge open to view the interior. Originally the office was hinged but I later changed it to be connected by pins. This took me about two months to complete. Unfortunately I had to screen shot from LDD as bluerender kept stalling out and failing. Comments are more than welcome. Additional photos: This is from before I finished the tower and roof ... But it shows off the stills better. This is also from before the roof and tower were finished, but shows better detail of the filling process and of shipping. Here you can see it all opened up