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  1. Jack Sassy

    Pirates Mafia IV - Day One

    Let us be civilised about this, friends. We shall cut their toes and hands, only then shall sharks will have a feast.
  2. Jack Sassy

    Pirates Mafia IV - Day One

    I might keep a sharp eye out for ye, Blakie. Anyone who dares to attack me shall feel what it be like to mess with a man and his firebombs.
  3. Jack Sassy

    Pirates Mafia IV - Day One

    Ah, back in the sea! If I had to count the days I have been on land, then it be a long time. Forgive me, mates, for yesterday, had a little too much to drink. Especially sorry for stirring up all this mess with Newporty. Anyway, back to cleaning cannons.
  4. Jack Sassy

    [MOC ] [ Digital ] Trinidad Pirate Ship

    ''Down to Trinidad to see Sally Brown...'' Amazing work on her, especially like the brick-built hull. Now we shall wait for Tobago pirate ship, eh? Amazing job!
  5. Ye make a fair point, captain wouldn't want a bloodshed on this deck, someone would have to clean it all up.
  6. Don't ye start to show off, Newport! We all know that I be the better shot, only I'm occupied with taking good care of me effects to accept yer standoff. In other words - don't spill the rum!
  7. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] Whale Rock Outpost...

    That's really a nice story and build ye got there! Can't wait to see what will happen in the future, when pirates and imperials will clash...
  8. It be hard maintaining me weapons in shape nowadays, serving aboard Barracuda and keeping track of me weapons be no easy thing, i tell ye. I'm ready for orders!
  9. Jack Sassy

    Pirates Mafia

    Since Hansa (Hanseatic League) doesn't exist anymore (apart from some companies here that call themselves Hansa) it's really bad luck attempting to send mayonnaise to me doorstep. Now, I know, you might argue that France was never part of it but ye can always send it via Netherlands. Then again, I can always make some myself (not that it's going to be as good as the one in France).
  10. Jack Sassy

    Pirates Mafia

    Just here to promote Pirates Mafia IV sign up. So far there are four players ready but at least seven are needed, are you game? If so, then sign up in this topic right here: Hopefully I won't have my head cut off by guillotine for promoting the game here. (although, guillotine sounds French, I love French, did you know they invented mayonnaise?) (That comment of getting my head cut off was simply because I'm still fairly new member here (only 2 years) and I'm yet to try all features, therefore I hope this is allowed. )
  11. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] Redwall: The Search Party

    Hmm, this origin story of Master Splinter is rather an interesting one, might I say. Good job on the build, always interested in seeing you make these interesting landscapes with different colours. Good job!
  12. Jack Sassy

    Old monkey vs new monkey

    They never did release him as a character, but if you are referring to the classic mould as Jack the Monkey, that would be 2016 Ninjago Skybound line (makes me think, why couldn't they release him for the 2015 Pirates wave), last time he showed up in reddish brown was in 2011 board game 3853 Banana Balance. While the new one was an update we needed for a long time, the original will forever live in our hearts.
  13. Jack Sassy

    Has anyone here tried a train simulator?

    I've never really played a train simulator, but since Red Dead Redemption 2 came out (me being a wild west fan, I had to try it), I really enjoyed riding the steamer that was available in that game. Good to know about this game though. Will check it out. Thanks!
  14. Jack Sassy

    [WIP] USS Constitution Moc Progress

    Fair enough. It's a good look also.
  15. Jack Sassy

    [WIP] USS Constitution Moc Progress

    Looks rather satisfying in the end. Those curves look advanced and truly do work on her. An amazing job!