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  1. Jack Sassy

    [MOD/MOC] Winter Village

    Hello everyone, Hope that all is well at this time of year as it can get quite cold. Anyway, let us cut to the chase. Back in October I obtained my favourite Lego train set of all time - Cargo Train Deluxe. Along with the Hogsmeade Village Visit set that I obtained in August, I thought that there is a good potential for a winter village. I got around to building in early November and now I am finally ready to share the result with ye which, I suppose could be labeled as a MOC/MOD - Winter Village: As you can see, I used multiple sets, along with some builds of my own (the lake/pond build would be a good example). I also created a little story for it - in 1952, Christmas is nearing as a local countryside village is getting ready for it. Rumours have spread that a Yeti might be living somewhere in this area, which worries locals even more. Around this time of the month, the local aristocrat comes for a visit in the town to have a good time. Bakery's owner is pleased with her business as the local children always visit for some sweets. Tavern's owner is third in row from his family to own it, they all are famous for their ginger moustache. Another local is popular due to being only one who owns a car in the village, he works in the city and heads to it early every day. Bearded Seller is building a new house in the village, therefore he is seen around more than before. A boy has just recently arrived back home after a long hospital visit in the city. There has also been a warning about a prisoner escaping from the city's prison and it's possible that he might be hiding in the village. Life is full of excitement in this winter village. Right, after that longer segment, it's time for some more pictures! A little train stop where grandma and local drunk are waiting for their train. Local man with the car heads to work in this cold weather. Aristocrat praises himself in front of the sweet shop as always. A couple is fishing for some fish. I was lucky to have collected those 1x2 trans tiles, they really helped me in this case. I modified the Three Broomsticks building to suit my purpose better - added a little more snow on the roof, especially this roof segment, it really needed such improvement. This wagon was inspired by the one that appeared in the Winter Village Bakery, I really liked the way it looked (I must confess, the Beared Seller is also inspired by the wagon's driver of the set. In the back he has two planks, hammer and skis. At last, photography of all the characters in one place. This build wasn't meant to be exactly a Christmas themed one but more winter themed instead, regardless, happy Advent to everyone, only 20 days left till Christmas! Jack Sassy
  2. Another amazing model ye present. I have to ask (because I do ), will this feature in the series? Anyway, amazing work on her, really like those windows on the stern side. Astonishing work!
  3. Jack Sassy

    Forbidden Oasis

    Oh my! Ye have done an incredible work on this MOC as always. Amount of detail that's here is amazing. Think I saw a picture or two on Flickr about a week ago but now that I see it all, it takes my breath away.
  4. @Kaanere now I feel bad for killing you, knowing that you protected me.
  5. Jack Sassy

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    That reminds me, we need more of the 18th century high society represented in Lego form.
  6. So, we own this town now. Alright, alright, I shall snap out of it. Everyone did a good job, just a lot of mistrust and misunderstanding in this one is what made town lose. This was my first time playing as scum so it was quite a bit hard to blend in (and I wasn't doing much of a good job anyway). Thank you, Bob, for hosting this game. Now I can truly know that every game by Bob is a game worth playing! Once again, forgive me for the comment. I truly didn't mean to pin Fred's death on you. I used my last game experience as basis for this one so paying respects to the dead went a bit off. You did have fair points and definitely were heading in the right direction. I have a strong feeling that in the last day you were trying to provoke me to kill you so the town would figure that I'm scum. I have to admit, I am a bit sad you didn't manage to accomplish voting me off. @Tariq j and I thought it would be best to make this game a bit longer.
  7. Jack Sassy

    Which Non modular sets fit?

    First one is from Hidden Side and the other two are from Creator 3in1. Anything from Creator mini modulars can work for it really but also some of the most recent City buildings: I would also like to believe that something from Harry Potter can help: Few additional sets: Mind you, these are only from this year so there's plenty more to explore. Perhaps browse through Brickset catalogue and there be a chance you may find something good.
  8. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] City Regional Airport

    Jolly good.
  9. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] City Regional Airport

    As a matter of fact, there is one in the rules section: I do feel like the rules could be more highlighted in general so everyone new can see them right away.
  10. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] City Regional Airport

    A lovely build indeed. Reminds of apartments I use to build back in the day with open roofs. Regarding pictures, Eurobricks isn't a hosting site so it's best to use something like Flickr (as stated before). Anyway, a good job you and your children have done!
  11. I don't much to go on with him and am more confident about you. I've read through some points as to why vote him and they are fair indeed, though my feeling about Joyce is strong enough to not vote Geoff because afterwards I would have to blame myself for getting him killed.
  12. You're my main suspect in this mess that has ensued on Main Street. Your actions have raised quite the attention and if I were to vote on Geoff now, we would have our lynch, though is it the right thing? For now I have to go with you, Joyce, as it seems to me as the right thing to do. Vote: Joyce (jimmynick) (It would be nice to have a lynch for once but I'm not too sure about Geoff, then again, I'm not too sure about anyone else besides Joyce.)
  13. Exactly what could be an act? Me trying to not make judgements too fast (you've confronted me about making rash judgements in the past)? Or me keeping suspicion towards you? I don't ever recall persuading someone to vote on you (especially Cheryl) and am not doing that now. I think that you're being way more suspicious than before, perhaps it's a trick of yours to speed things up?
  14. I didn't say I'm ready to lead a lynch on you. I'm just keeping my suspicion towards you while I can decide who to vote on. The way you've acted so far hasn't improved my views on you. Funnily enough, that's my point exactly. I have ''content-free posts'' (as you labeled them) because there's not much to say after everyone has made most logical points, yet it still is noted that I rarely talk.
  15. Not weird, just observing the facts. I wish I could contribute more to the conversations but on the other days Cheryl and Ron said all that was there to say. I'm honestly confused and have little to go on. Geoff seems like a mixed bag to me and Joyce is, well, suspicious to me. You yourself have been in the spotlight before so now I need to collect my thoughts before voting.