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  1. Jack Sassy

    Teaser of the new LEGO Creator Pirates GWP 40597

    Aye, but that seems to be the case with quite a few of the new pirate sets.
  2. Jack Sassy

    Teaser of the new LEGO Creator Pirates GWP 40597

    Why do they always have to be GWPs? This set looks rather good, hope to see official pictures soon. Thank ye for sharing!
  3. Jack Sassy

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    So I see (I do hope I be understanding this spreadsheet correctly. I took the liberty of counting votes for me entry and I got to 16 votes (not that my entry has any chance of earning the spoils, but it would be lovely to see that vote number ).
  4. Jack Sassy

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    Aye, me votes are all in place, however, I believe the first spreadsheet (or be this the same one? ) that I checked included few more votes for me entry.
  5. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] Kraków

    I saw those teaser pictures of this build on Flickr. Now, I must say, it has become a beautiful MOC of a beautiful city (I meself have been there only once ). An outstanding model!
  6. Jack Sassy

    90 Years LEGO Exhibition - Pirates

    These displays are impressive. Worthy of 90 Years of LEGO exhibition. Thank ye for sharing!
  7. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] Very compact cannons!

    Lovely designs for cannons! I have been lately looking for more designs of small cannons for upper decks and such. This is one the best designs.
  8. Jack Sassy

    police station 10278

    I suppose ye mean instructions? If so, they can be purchased on Rebrickable : https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-93582/Versteinert/10278-the-daily-press-modular-newspaper-print-shop/#details
  9. Jack Sassy

    [ENTRY] 6232 Skeleton Crew Remake (Mini set)

    Thank ye! I appreciate yer support.
  10. Jack Sassy

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Ah, that would work. It would be perfect if we had a Redcoat torso with few orange details.
  11. Goodness, it be a massive build! I suppose that parts-wise this one might be close to the Liebherr set? Anyways, an astounding job!
  12. Jack Sassy

    Help picking a cool set?

    I second this. Buy the Eldorado Fortress, ye shan't regret it.
  13. Jack Sassy

    25 Years of Adventure Contest Winners

    Congratulations to the victors! This contest had truly beautiful entries, good job everyone!
  14. Jack Sassy

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    Ah, didn't notice that, will fix it. Thank ye!