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  1. Jack Sassy

    these figures are original?

    Possibly fake chinese figures, they love to make transparent ones.
  2. Jack Sassy

    Golden gate

    Always love the usage of those triangle tiles, but in gold they look even better.
  3. Jack Sassy

    [WIP] Chevelle '70

    Might I suggest some hinged plates on the lights, not sure if it will work but maybe that might help making the shape better. Other than that it's very good.
  4. Jack Sassy

    Build my own LEGO city

    Interesting what can be accomplished with limited space, don't think a Lego City can ever be in its final form. Nice to see the progression of it.
  5. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] The death of Harry Cane

    Another great rendition of one of the saddest moments in the whole Adventurers theme. Good job!
  6. I be finding meself in need of more information, could you provide a link to the submission? The Ideas site seems to have search options broken for me, because I can't find anything there.
  7. Ah yes, Captain Soto, remind me if I'm wrong, but he's the one who's ship was stolen by teenage ninjas (thankfully not mutants or turtles), good modification!
  8. Jack Sassy

    Pirates in winter?

    It's beautiful, also, I see that you're a new member, so, welcome to the forum! This scene with the snow fight is quite creative given the situation crew is in And Scrum feeding the peguins, who knew he had a good heart. Overall I love it and it's also what I've been looking for, good job!
  9. Jack Sassy

    Pirates in winter?

    Yes, this is most recent one on his Flickr, I believe: https://www.flickr.com/photos/barneymain/50754175422/in/dateposted/
  10. Jack Sassy

    Pirates in winter?

    He's still around, making MOCs. Most recent one is last years December.
  11. No, don't show the code for unlocking secret level in Lego City Undercover! But really it's an amazing model, well done.
  12. Jack Sassy

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I mean it as the building formula, I loved the simplicity of City vehicles with those funny looking tires.
  13. Jack Sassy

    Pirates in winter?

    This photo is what partly inspired me to look further into such topic, it's Armadarctic by Barney Main.