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  1. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] Fortress Confrontation

    Ahoy, once again I present a new MOC, this time it's something a bit more northern - Fortress Confrontation To summarize the title better - it's an old abandoned British fort north of Florida Keys, or what's left of the fort anyway. The year is 1756 and pirate hunter, James Westhouse has been told that a pirate mutinied by his crew is hiding in the ruins. Now it is up to Westhouse to confront this poor pirate captain. While the main attraction of the build are the fort ruins, the cliffs are the supports which cost most of the bricks in this MOC. Also an illusion of a secret cave underneath, possibly leading to a storage area beneath the fort. Remains of a wooden bridge, built by the natives before the fort was built. Supports underneath the build are just some casual pieces, but I tried to keep the original gray color. The two heroes of the MOC - pirate hunter James Westhouse and the marooned pirate captain with his effects. More pictures are available on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/188976586@N02/albums/72157714967616762 Thank ye for your time on reading this post and as always criticism is open to a certain point. Jack Sassy
  2. They will, probably when they'll see it profitable
  3. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] Treasure Cove

    Thank ye, I had that story in my head for a long time, so I decided to tell it with bricks I never gave that much of a thought, but I suppose from some perspectives it is, thanks. Aye, that's the idea of most MOCs i've made, thank you.
  4. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] Treasure Cove

    Ahoy, everyone, Today I present to you my newest MOC and also my first topic on this site - Treasure Cove. This is the overview of it all. The back of it. The two characters established here are Albert Van Der Graff, a noble Dutch pirate sailing in the West Indies during the early 18th century, and his comrade, helmsman - John Bones. Together they have sailed into this dark cove to find a lost treasure which could be worth a few dozen reales. While maybe there were some natives guarding the place before, nowadays it seems they all have dissapeared, the only evidence of their presence are the poor souls who tried getting the treasure for themselves. As you can see, after removing the rowboat, water baseplates are revealed and I did not connect these because otherwise there wouldn't be place for the boat. The treasure itself is a bit of a cheap trade seeing as it's only a red crystal but sold to the right person, one might be able to buy themselves a proper vessel. More pictures are available on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/188976586@N02/albums/72157714791198273 Thank you for your time to read this post and tell me what ye think about this build, criticism is always open to a certain point. Jack Sassy
  5. Jack Sassy

    Piratestuff form BillytheKid

    Did they become yellow because of dust or the sunlight? Anyway I think this modification is very nice and definitely the tile floor stands out the most, good job.
  6. Jack Sassy

    About the Islanders

    I always thought that they are just casual islanders like Aztecs and Mayans, also I don't recall seeing a set with them which refers to cannibalism...
  7. Jack Sassy

    [MOD] 31109 Pirate Ship Mod of Combining 2 Sets

    This brings the ship to a whole new level, well done.
  8. Queen Anne's Revenge from 2011 was also lacking some doors, but on this one maybe it's because they want to use as many small elements as possible.
  9. Jack Sassy

    Guide to the Pirate Mini-Figures - The Complete Series

    I've never seen them before so thank you for uploading them so that they're available for reading, they're great and very fun, I just dont understand what's up with the last part?
  10. Jack Sassy

    Captain Redbeard and the Pirates of the Black Seas Barracuda

    That's quite a fine crew upgrade, well done, lad.
  11. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] The Flying Dutchman

    I must say mate, you have done a very amazing job, this version of The Flying Dutchman and Jack the monkey is something different, especially the monkey, i've never owned a Lego monkey so this gives an idea how to build a proper one, as for the Dutchman, the little details you added are quite spectacular and the cabin looks amazing, well done. P.S. A little bit of rum would be nice, savvy?
  12. Jack Sassy

    lego ideas [LEGO IDEAS] Caribbean Pirate Galleon

    That's quite a fine ship, lad. It's definitely something a bit different from other ship MOCs i've seen lately, praise to Babyteeth.
  13. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] The Glacier Falls Lodge

    Wow, amazing, one of the best modular buildings i've ever seen, also it kinda looks like Arkham Asylum.
  14. Jack Sassy

    [MOC] Blue Coats LcA

    That's a nice looking MOC, love what ye did with the bluecoat legs by adding black boots, the tower itself reminds me a little bit of Whitecap Bay.
  15. Jack Sassy

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Nice how the palm trees are transformed into the roof, also the leaves on the roof look very amazing,