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Found 4 results

  1. Page_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_2 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_3 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_4 by Meyerj, on Flickr Sorry for the non rendered but I just got back from a trip and I had work to catch up on. good news is I am almost able to unpack my real Lego... Comments always welcome.
  2. [begin Transmission] [Type - Alliance Report] [security - Low] [Report from: Vedauwoo (Pilot) {HV-37}] [Location: Unknown swamp, Nar Eubrikka] While the crew is negotiating the deal for the hangar, I decided to give the HV-37 an In-flight systems check.....needless to say, things did not go well....clearly we have more work to do integrating the various's hell trying to get various computers and control circuits to agree.... On the bright side, It gives me a chance to check out the Escape Systems... Like other ships of her class, the HV-37 has a fully maneuverable cockpit sub-pod. Sadly, though the Fusal Trust Engine had ample Fuel, we had failed to power up the Ion Ring Engines, so, tumbling into some backwater swamp I went... As a result of impact, or the murky water, the comm systems were out....and even the personal comm was useless, as it was normally charged by the Ion power cells....I really need to have a talk with the fuel crew..... There is some hope, however, as there is some sort of mineral extraction station nearby... Now if I can just remember how to slice this type of interface....never a droid around when you need one.... "What do you mean 'Please clear area before unlocking interface.'?? How can I unlock the interface if I clear the area??" "Something is not right........I have a bad feeling about this......." Thanks for visiting!
  3. [begin Transmission] [Type - Alliance Report] [security - High] [Report from: Vedauwoo (Pilot) {HV-37}] [Location: Spaceport 8 - "Bed for Spaceship," Nar Eubrikka] It cost us most of our credits and 3 astromech droids, but we've secured a small Home in the form of an abandoned Hangar deep in the swamps of Nar Eubrikka. It's actually not far from [REDACTED] which makes supply runs a breeze. It's called "bed for spaceship" in Huttese, but the official Designation was "Hangar 8." The swamps remind me of growing up on Gelgelar...but it's much warmer here... We spent the first few days checking out the surroundings, before bringing the ship down for repairs.... "The Ship" being the new HV-37 Prototype Heavy Starfighter..... We assembled her from the Remnants of an A/SF-01 "B-wing," a burned out half of a V-19 "Torrent" and an old H-60 "Tempest." The twin Slayn & Korpil JZ-5 Fusial Thrust Engine Clusters give her an incredible amount of both power and maneuverability. Needless to say, it's taken a great deal of follow up maintenance to fully integrate the systems of all the donor craft... Not to mention the repairs the Hangar itself needed.... Even with one bad circuit...we were able to get the fuel to flow.... [END TRANSMISSION] ========================================== Thanks for visiting!
  4. [begin Transmission] [Type - Alliance Report] [security - Low] [Report from: Vedauwoo (Pilot) {HV-37}] [Location: Nar Eubrikka] Having arrived too late to assist in the Black Sun Operation, we found an abandoned hangar...somewhat a secluded swamp on Nar Eubrikka and we have begun the final upgrades on the HV-37.....after organizing supplies in the Hangar, of course... Luckily, There was an old CLL-8h Binary Loadlifter and an EG-5v Power droid hidden in the debris... The CLL-8h is really a fantastic piece of equipment....just look at it! There is a bad weld on one leg that needs attention.....but other than that...she's a brute! We will transmit some images of the HV-37 once she's up and running.... [End Transmission]