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Found 19 results

  1. Hey Folks, Havent seen anything in this regard till thus wanted to share with you. Recently the ADAC tested once again with the german IT magazine C'T and another company a crashtest with Lego Porsche and Bugatti. Background was that a company tried to predict the scope of damage but no one was expecting this result. "Have fun" watching it. Best regards Henry
  2. Crash Bandicoot has been a videogame icon for over two decades. The orange marsupial jumped, smashed, and spun his way onto the Playstation when I was a kid, and I have loved the character ever since. I remember spending hours playing through all three original games, as well as getting friends together to play Crash Bash and Crash Team Racing. Crash features 27 points of articulation, including a swiveling waist, adjustable ears, and tweakable eyebrows. While Crash is very flexible, he is also quite sturdy. This is thanks to a carefuly selected choice of joint elemenents ranging from socket click hinges to large and small ball joints. The part count for Crash rings up at exactly 800 elements! Thank you for taking the time to check out my model! If you would like to see more photos, I have them up on my Flickr page. If you would like to see this potentially become an official LEGO Set, please support my project on LEGO Ideas.
  3. Dear folks, Don't know if this forum is in need of 'yet another AWD front steering', but decided to post it anyway since it may have some interesting features to share: - Compact 5 stud high modular design - Strong, double suspension per arm - Embedded cross block, to prevent bending axles - Adjustable steering arms to enable toe-in and toe-out (and as a side effect, prevents damage when crashing) - Ready for (2.4 GHz RC) servo steering ;) I needed a flat front module to fit my chassis, but didn't want to use the 'old' 3 stud high Wheel Hub (50301). It simply has too much friction in the turns and breaks too easily. Furthermore I wanted to use the universal joint (61903) in stead of the cardan cup (92906). Since I'm putting significant torque on these joints, and it turns out the universal joint is much stronger. However, this does requires the wheel arms to pivot 1 stud wider than using the standard config. Using the 5 stud high 11949 front wheel bearing and bound to a maximum height, I needed a way to fit suspension within this height. Very happy with the result. Anyway, have a look if you're interested. Happy to hear if anything can be improved.
  4. Gunman

    MOC: Crash Bandicoot

    The Iconic video games character that marked my childhood :) This project is modular-style, based on creations that connect to each other forming a ''game level'' The current creations now are inspired from the 1st levels of Crash Bandicoot 1 and hopefully I will make more levels in the near future! I have also uploaded this project on LEGO Ideas, if you want you can support it here
  5. Patgeo

    [MOC] Honoring the Monolith

    Introduction; This MOC is my first attempt, specified in landscape, of this size. The Story; "... In a galaxy far far away, somewhere in one of its corners, there is an unknown and isolated planet. In the center of the area where life has been developed, lies its oldest structure. A stone column with unknown carvings. But this is not the only peculiar thing about it. Every year, it lights up on its own and an abrupt hum is emitted. The next moment, something magical is happening! It's like the whole planet is coming alive - a heady aroma is overflowing everywhere, the flowers bloom, animals wake up and everyone enjoys this magical moment. This day has arrived, and all three tribes of the planet have gathered to celebrate the day of life. Everything rolls pleasantly, until a clank and a thunder shakes the calm atmosphere that prevails ... " 1. Honoring the Monolith MOC by George Patelis, on Flickr 2. Crashing Site 3. Crash Crater 7. The Ceremony 8. The Stream I am looking forward for your comments! You can find more pictures of my creation on my FlickR
  6. I tried to clear out non-essentials in my closet this evening and stumbled across some beanie babies, which harbored only faint sentimental values, but then I wondered what happened to collectible minifigures from Lego. Did they crash like the beanie babies or are they still going strong in the Lego Community? I haven't bothered to check on the minifigures for eons (there's too many to keep track of for my taste).
  7. Bricklandia - Grid C4 José Jiménez is an experienced recon pilot. He is flying the Hispano Super Saeta, an extremely secret aircraft used for high-altitude recon. His mission for today is simple: take pictures of the northern coast of the Deland Republic. The mission is quiet but, suddenly, something starts going wrong. The master alarm indicator shows a power failure. The jet has 2 engines, but both of them stop. As the airplane flights at very high speed and the air is very thin at such high altitudes, a loss of speed implies a spin, which is very hard to control. Although José tries to restart the engine until the UPS is out of energy (another failure), there is no other option than ejecting from the aircraft… After a soft landing, he started walking towards a small mountain range he saw while parachuting, and entered a cave. He activated his beacon, knowing that the enemy forces would be also able to find him… Allied forces were parachuted a few hours after and could find him easily although the beacon emitted intermittently. José decided to leave the cave and go east, to the border with New Brickika. He is luck, because the rescue team finds him. The rescue team finds the pilot. by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr After being found, José was taken to the remnants of his aircraft, and he found a strange scene… -Hey, what the hell is that? -What, the lobsters? -Yes, what is that guy doing? -Ah, that´s our coverage. From now, we are farm lobsters if enemy forces intercept us. That´s why we are carrying two lobsters. -You are kidding… -No, this is not a joke. I will give you later the book “How to raise lobsters for dummies”. The most important part of the mission is to save the disk of the flight recorder. The lobsters are the second priority. Meanwhile, the flight recorder (”black box” in Spanish, although it is orange) was found, so the hard disk with the recordings could be saved. Crash site by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The flight recorder is found by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Chasing lobster on the snow by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr -Sir, the disk has been found. Move towards New Brickika right now with the disk. We will set explosive charges and destroy what we find of the plane. -Ok, heading east? -East by south. -Ok, see you later. Good luck. Time later, the full team has crossed the borders of New Brickika and are found by friendly troops. Crossing friendly lines by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr -Hey, who are you! -We are peaceful lobster farmers. You can see our specimens. (This is the password the recon team has to use when finding Erotema troops in New Brickika). -Ok, go ahead (that was the code to cross the border). The information was saved and the information would be interesting for further actions...
  8. Just saw this passing by while looking for something else. Thought I'd share it here!
  9. HI guys, isn't a moc, the video quality is low (we had only a smartphone), i knowut. But I wanted to share with you this little part of an evening with a crazy afol friends. P.s: now the millennium is under reconstruction
  10. Hi! I got some problems with Lpub [Again] at first it loads the instruction just fine with no errors, but when I try to print it into PDF or trying to load more than 1 pages at the time, it is showing this message, and then loading partlist and no steps/image on the page. And if I check the assembly file in LDview, it has no errors... but keep crashing in Lpub.... Anyone got an idea why this is happening? ... Complete assembly file with submodels: https://www.dropbox....z7uo88Wfaa?dl=0 I have no idea what causing this, so I asking you :D ...
  11. AlmightyArjen

    Video: 15 Lego train crash

    So "crashtober" has arrived once more! This time 15 trains crashing into each other and a stop motion intro. Enjoy :)
  12. [begin Transmission] [Type - Alliance Report] [security - Low] [Report from: Vedauwoo (Pilot) {HV-37}] [Location: Unknown swamp, Nar Eubrikka] While the crew is negotiating the deal for the hangar, I decided to give the HV-37 an In-flight systems check.....needless to say, things did not go well....clearly we have more work to do integrating the various's hell trying to get various computers and control circuits to agree.... On the bright side, It gives me a chance to check out the Escape Systems... Like other ships of her class, the HV-37 has a fully maneuverable cockpit sub-pod. Sadly, though the Fusal Trust Engine had ample Fuel, we had failed to power up the Ion Ring Engines, so, tumbling into some backwater swamp I went... As a result of impact, or the murky water, the comm systems were out....and even the personal comm was useless, as it was normally charged by the Ion power cells....I really need to have a talk with the fuel crew..... There is some hope, however, as there is some sort of mineral extraction station nearby... Now if I can just remember how to slice this type of interface....never a droid around when you need one.... "What do you mean 'Please clear area before unlocking interface.'?? How can I unlock the interface if I clear the area??" "Something is not right........I have a bad feeling about this......." Thanks for visiting!
  13. Hey all, It was time again for a big train crash! This time 13 trains (why? because "13") that crash into a big station all at once. Rebuilding of the station wasn't necessary: I've used it over a year now and it's time for something else. (I don't know what yet). I had to use all of my straight sections of rails (a little over 400). The rails were all interconnected at the station and as power source I've used a modified ATX computer power supply. Mainly because I don't have enough regulators to power all the tracks seperately and the trains run a bit faster at 12V. A train motor can handle that: it's only for a few seconds :) This is also the first crash video with a "story". Enjoy!
  14. goatman461

    [O - E02] Crash Landing

    Location: E02 - Jurin II Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Exploration [O - E02] 1c by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr [Wake up John Hannibal. Wake up... The tide will be up soon and we cannot stay here... Wake up John Hannibal. Wake up... Wake up John Hannibal. Wake up...] "Dora? Where are we? Last thing I remember was coordinating a pick up for one of our pilots... on E02?" [Yes, John. I believe Mr. Wynd's escort was arranged, but we crashed soon after that... You sustained a concussion and have been out for two days.] "Two days? Why am I still on a beach? Where is Octan Rescue and Recovery?" [Communications and tracking equipment was damaged or lost in the crash. Our debris field encompasses several islands and the ocean in between. I have been unable to account for the replacement equipment we need to contact H06.] [O - E02] 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "Alright, I guess we've got some searching to do." [Yes. John, but please go slowly. I've prepared your ground transportation, but it has been having trouble moving about the vegetation so far.] "How far is base camp?" [i'm sorry John but there is no base camp. Every site I clear is too quickly consumed by the plant life. This is why we're having to move, I was afraid your cockpit would be overgrown by nightfall.] "We'll I'm glad my droid is afraid for me. Let's start with a projection of debris field and see what we can find."
  15. Lord Tyrus had been assigned a medium priority mission from Officer Brickdoctor along with fellow ISB officer Goatm An and Imperial pilot ace, BEAVeR, to investigate reports of Rebel activity, originating from the ice-ball world of Barab II. They had been assigned a Valor-Pattern Assault Gunboat, an experimental craft combining the air-to-ground supremacy of the LAAT gunships along with the durability of the STC003 Starcrashers and the transport ability of Lambda Class Shuttles, in order to transport the squad of Stormtroopers that was accompanying them. "We're coming in too fast! Officer VeR, what are you doing! Officer Brickdoctor said you were the best type of pilot that could be assigned to this mission." Lord Tyrus exclaimed. "Relax, I've worked with BEAVeR before, Tyrus. He's a great pilot," Goatm said, "Although maybe not the best type for a soldier," he muttered. His previous missions with BEAVeR had made it evident to him that he was unable to take a life, thus making him a poor candidate for a high-ranking Imperial pilot. He even felt sympathetic feelings towards the Rebels that he would be willing to testify against him if he was to fail him on this mission. He could sense that he was gaining the attention of the very important and influential people in the Emperor's fleet. He didn't want anyone messing up his almost certain promotion, especially this disloyal pilot. He was good at everything in his job, except the essential power to shoot someone. Simple as that. "It's not my fault! We've been hit!" BEAVeR replied. The thick, white clouds of Barab II's atmosphere wizzed by revealing a clean white blanket that was Barab II's surface. However, they were approaching at too steep an angle. Suddenly they were pulled into a tight spiral with the center a small spire poking through the surface. " Hold on, although I don't think the crash would be too bad, we've flown past the mountain, worry over, snow's fairly soft compared with rock." "Well done Sherlock..." A Stormtrooper muttered. "Silence!" Goatm yelled, "You don't want to see me when I'm angry!" Lord Tyrus turned off the live feed from the troop bay. Thud. Screech. Bang. Silence. The cockpit's viewscreen went blank. "Rear hatch it is then," Said Tyrus. As the crew in the front; Tyrus, Goatm, the Stormtrooper sergeant and VeR, opened the door to the troop bay. They were in for a shock. Only two of the nine Stormtroopers in the troop bay were still alive, one of them unconscious. The remainder were smashed up a bit. The crates and boxes had dislodged in the troop bay by the shot and were smashed into the the troops. The straps that held them into their seats were unable to be opened until the craft had landed, for safety. However, this proved a major downfall as the troopers were unable to escape as they were crushed by crates weighing nearly a ton. This was feedback that Goatm could file back to the design team. Lord Tyrus and BEAVeR helped the two remaining troops out and quickly looked away. Following that, Tyrus grabbed a rope, opened the rear hatch and, dropping the reel of rope, clambered down, closely followed by the other five. Tyrus got out his Macrobinoculars and surveyed the area. There was a spire, near to where they had been brought down. There were mountains in the distance with buildings on top in the same style as the spire He thought he could see figures on the horizon. Suddenly they were greeted as a wave of blaster bolts hit them. "Take cover!" Yelled Goatm, activating a distress beacon from his pocket, "Head to that gorge!" But they didn't know what was in for them... Oh I forgot, can I have this judged please!
  16. Hi I have Lego Digital Designer 4.3, (latest version, latest brickset - However when I am In there and try to save a model it then crashes after I type the filename and hit enter. It does save it but when I click on it, LDD says it cannot open the file. If I cick on an pre existingLXF file, LDD opnes for a second then crashes. I recently "upgraded" to mac OSX 10.10.1 so maybe this has something to do with it? I tried installing LDD again but it does not help. Please help!
  17. Delta62

    MOCpages down?

    Hey there, I don't know if this is the right place to put this topic in. But if it isn't, feel free to move it. You have to bare with me for a moment. I'm quite new here lol. As much as I love this forum, It seems to me that Mocpages is down. Or atleast I'm having problems getting onto the site. All of the other websites in my favorites work fine and I'm connected to the internet. Everytime I try to get to mocpages i keep getting Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. I tried refeshing it several times and I still get the same message. I even used google to find the link to mocpages and when I click the link, I still get the same message. Its just weird because mocpages was working fine this afternoon. Its starting to frustrate me because I have some new mocs to post there so I can show them here. If you go to mocpages, does anyone else experiencing the same problem? Is mocpages gone or being updated? Heres the link to try for yourself.
  18. While building/soldering/programming on my latest train automation project some trains crahsed into each other. So I came up with the idea to make 6 train frontal crash. Doing so, I needed to isolate some parts of the crossing, otherwise the trains cannot drive into each other. See below the result ;)
  19. I've been using the font size option on the rich-text editor (mostly to indicate whispering in Heroica), but many times clicking on the drop-down arrow will crash the tab I'm using. It's rather annoying, not to mention the amount of re-typing I have to do each time it happens. Is there anything that can be done to remedy this? (I'm using IE--yes, I know--on Windows 7, if that helps.)