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  1. CommanderJonny1

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    Yeah, I can get why they might want the flag(s) in this set to be the way that they are, considering the whole 'remaking the old set', but I will agree that the 2015 ones just look way more... refined? ...or at the very least improved over the original ones. I had two big and one small of the 2015 ones (though sadly the clips on one of the big ones broke in an accident and I can't find the small one), and when I first heard that they were releasing this set, I was hoping they'd be using the [at least essentially] same flags, given that the large 2015 flag is $11+ at the cheapest on BL, and the small one is ~$2+. I've relegated my one remaining 2015 flag as the "Royal Standard", and I'' just have to wait and see if Lego releases them (or something like it) down the line. Lego has had problems printing lighter colors (and white in particular), especially over darker colors, for years. I remember I got a couple of the Aristocrat CMFs and while the torsos were decent, the white face paint looked half applied. In fact, the only reason I got the second one was to try and get a better print quality, but the turned out to be the same. Printing standards seems to be slipping ever so slowly, and there really shouldn't be a reason why, besides Lego becoming lazy with their quality control. I think I replied to someone else about those bricks. Don't get me wrong, I love the masonry bricks, but I feel that the rounded plates do a better job in this instance.
  2. CommanderJonny1

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    I think I get it now; do you mean that the same word is used for both puttees and foot-wraps? Also, to get back on topic, I don't know the breakdown for the cost of pieces for Lego, but of the three kinds of dual-molded legs with black bottoms I can find on PAB in the US, they are $0.66 apiece for the relatively common Dark Bluish Gray ones (has been in 11 sets), $2.12 each for the Red ones (3 sets), and $3.16 each for the Dark Red ones (1 set). Each time a dual-molded legs with black bottoms has appeared, there's only been one in the set or CMF or whatever, so having anywhere between one and six in a single set means a varying amount of cost. Would Lego consider the cost of producing those worth it? CMFs I feel are profitable for them because there's relatively little there (resource wise), and almost every other time one of these things pop up, it's either in a big set like a UCS set, or in a GWP. Both of which aren't really monetary risks for Lego, so they can afford to put in something extra. While I would put this set (along with PoBB and LKC) up there in the same (or similar) tier as a UCS set, Lego might not consider it the same way, given the price disparity between them. I mean, the pictures make it seem pretty easy to reconfigure it with the modularity aspect, especially if you had two copies. Plus, you could combine the two ships into a bigger merchantman That's the thing, though. Technically they didn't throw in the towel, which in any case was more like "Oh no! A bunch of money! Whatever shall we do?". Both Pirates of Barracuda Bay (30th-ish) and Lion Knights' Castle (90th) are anniversary sets of something, and PoBB was based off an Ideas submission. I'm not trying to dash your hopes, but while I can see them releasing more sets within those themes, they'll probably use some excuse or another when rolling them out, and I doubt they'll release them as actual themes again. The best I can see is nostalgia bait and GWPs. Although who knows? Mayhaps you've got the right idea, and they will bow down to the myriad voices (and wallets) and start releasing the classics themes again. If so, I'll be right there with ya
  3. CommanderJonny1

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    They're called gaiters, though to be fair, they serve pretty much the exact same purpose and can look similar. I agree that plain legs are not essential, both from a historical perspective (vis a vis boots, gaiters, etc.) and from a toy perspective, and I'm indifferent to whether they're used or not (though I still like getting dual-molded ones of course). Which palm tree mold are you referring to, the one they used, or 30239/10884? Because while I can use the older style of palm leaves in different ways, the newer style is, I think, better at making an actual palm tree. I can still accept its use in the set, as a callback, but I'm not sure even that holds up, since 10884 was used in PoBB. I don't know if using masonry bricks would of necessarily have saved enough parts to be worth it. Also, in the set the round plates are used to mimic the old printed panels that show exposed red bricks; they tried doing the same thing with masonry bricks in the 2015 sets, and while it wasn't a terrible idea, the use of rounded plates here makes it where the exposed 'bricks' aren't just a blocky splotch of color. I supposed they used rounded plates instead of regular ones so that there's texture, but plates also allows a more 'fluid' or 'natural' look to the thing that wouldn't be achieved as well with bricks. Puttees are long pieces of cloth that are wrapped around the lower leg, reaching from ankle to calf (or sometimes to the knee); they've also been used for thousands of years in some form or another, though the term and expanded use of them started in the latter half of the 1800s- so yes, they'd wouldn't be as prevalent as gaiters for the time period that Pirates is "set in". Perhaps it's a difference in use of the word, but I don't know where your view of puttees comes from.
  4. CommanderJonny1

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    I'm not sure how much I'd PAB the new torsos, but given that I have a fair number of the 2015 ones, I'd like to get a few more of them than are in this set. Was thinking of maybe turning some of the 2015 Bluecoats into light infantry with blue legs, while turning the new ones into Grenadiers or something, what with the red epaulettes and the new print containing a lanyard/cord that could pass for a match case 'chain'. Just something to mix it up a bit I'd like to see more knights to go with the newer shield prints that referenced the Yellow Castle or a new member of the Armada. More civilians like a fletcher or tanner, perhaps, or maybe a chandler or apothecary would be nice to see too. I'm not sure if Lego would do a whole CMF series like that (unfortunately); I mean they had a perfectly golden opportunity during their 90th anniversary, right? Still holding out hope for the Centennial though Got one of those; I agree that this one looks better than the one in the new set, but I don't think the new one looks bad. While I agree with the sentiment of just releasing the ship, as someone who didn't grow up with the original wave(s) of Pirates, I don't feel like the alt build was necessarily a bad idea. Sure, it could've been simpler (and cheaper) to just get the ship, but given that it was based off an Ideas submission, plus the fact that many (maybe even a majority) of the people who bought the set didn't have the nostalgia for the original BSB, I'd say the decision to add another dimension to the set was an overall good one. Could they have implemented certain facets of the design better? Probably, but I feel as if a lot of the argument boils down to "This doesn't fit my nostalgic view of what this set is supposed to be". I'm not saying you don't have valid complaints about the set, just that it doesn't seem like it deserves as much criticism as was given it. I think the above also applies to the new Eldorado Fortress. Again, I don't know much about the original, but I feel as if nostalgia for these classic sets is a double-edged sword: no matter what, there's going to be complaints about something. I like the old sets because of looking at old catalogues as a kid, and letting my imagination run, but I don't really have a connection beyond that. So when something like the anniversary castle comes out, I think it's a great set (for multiple reasons), but I don't have a mindset that's looking for things they should of done a certain way. I enjoy seeing easter eggs/references to older sets, but I don't 'connect' to them, if that makes any sense. Sorry for the bit of a rant
  5. CommanderJonny1

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    I think it's a throwback to the ship in the Imperial Trading Post set? I had to double check it wasn't the one they used in PoBB, but I'm pretty sure it is. I hadn't noticed the different torsos until you said something; they look like they're supposed to be somewhere in between the original and 2015 Bluecoats, so
  6. CommanderJonny1

    [M4-23 - Imperial Ship] Imperial Boarding Craft (RB)

    Thanks! Thank you! I'm not sure how I'd give you the file anyways, as no one's asked me before (BrickLink, maybe?). I feel I do a bit better on original builds for Star Wars (or Sci-Fi in general) than takes on actual craft because there's a little more freedom for design and build techniques (or the ones I know anyways), and therefore it's easier to just create something. It's usually more fun too! Also modified bricks/plates and slopes. Modified bricks/plates and slopes for days.
  7. CommanderJonny1

    [M4-23 - Nature Is After You!] - Swamp Surprise

    Thanks! I started out with the base idea of the build and the number and types of figures I wanted, but every monster I came up with seemed to be a bit big for the scale I was going for. I actually had to lengthen the depth of the build to accommodate everything I wanted, and in the beginning I only had the stump of the front tree and its rock work plus the shoreline laid out. The finishing of the front tree and the placement of the two trees in the back and the figures were actually the last thing I did, because I wasn't sure if I needed to adjust the dimensions of the base again. At the very least, the original build idea was flexible enough to contain all the changes
  8. CommanderJonny1

    [M4-23 - Nature Is After You!] - Swamp Surprise

    Thank you! Although I must confess that I'm not that clever; I saw a picture of a Murloc Tidehunter made by AdNorrel on Flickr, and thought it was neat. Couldn't quite figure how he did the connections, but I knew I wanted to use that in a monster design, and just went from there.
  9. CommanderJonny1

    [M4-23 - Minifigure Habitat] - ILM model makers

    Fun take on the build prompt. The vehicle models are nice, but I really like the part storage cabinets.
  10. Great build, makes me want to build some Legacy stuff (like the X-83). The wing mechanism(s) must of been a bit tricky, but nicely done.
  11. CommanderJonny1

    [M4-23 - Imperial Ship] The F-DX Courier shuttle

    Nice build! I really like the shaping of the hull in general, and the upper hull in particular. For some reason, the ship kind of makes me think of a cross between a Nu or Rho and a Sheathipede, which is an interesting concept.
  12. CommanderJonny1

    [M4-23 - Minifigure Habitat] Mouse Droid Marathon

    Thanks! Thanks; I considered an angled one, but I think the rounded door and entry way fits with the Rebel aesthetic more. You got to have something to do while on a break, right?
  13. CommanderJonny1

    May the 4th Contest - 2023

    After a long hiatus, I thought joining my first contest would be a good way to get back into Eurobricks. doesn't have everything, but it's still pretty good to have since I can't do physical build at the moment. So, one month and some design hiccups later, here's my entries for this year's May 4th Contest:
  14. The Hunter has become the Hunted. The Rebels created a base within the swamps of Caligo, but the Empire has followed a team back to the planet and are looking for them. The rebels have been dealing with some subterranean nuisances, but unbeknownst to both sides, their presence has also disturbed one of Caligo's more territorial creatures, and Nature has decided to strike back. Only together can they survive. I was originally going to use the Rebel Pathfinders from Endor, but since didn't have the parts, I created my own Rebel Jungle Troopers, with a similar situation with the Rebel jet trooper. I also wanted to include a reference to the E.T. easter egg, but I didn't know if that was allowed or not, so replaced it with the underground scene shown. Wasn't sure about the trees, but I wanted to include some appropriate foliage to accompany the scene.
  15. Rapid deployment, rapid success. The Imperial Boarding Craft (Rapid Boarding) is, despite its bulk, a fairly maneuverable craft capable of delivering troops and heavy infantry equipment to almost any target. Outfitted as a small armory, it can be used to breach an enemy position, and then facilitate further troop landings with support from the weapons within. Armed with two laser cannon turrets and equipped with magnetic clamps, boarding charges, and laser cutters, along with its decent troop capacity, this vehicle can pack a punch like the warhead it resembles. Originally a way to get into the craft, the cockpit section can come off. I decided to make it able to turn into a small repulsorlift scout flyer. It's unarmed, but could be modified to carry light weapons on the side, and I was able to put some cargo on the back, although I wasn't able to put a proper 'truck bed' in the back like I wanted to because of structure necessities. Although the model only has nine Stormtroopers, you could almost double that number, and maybe even squeeze in a few more (although I couldn't in because posing a figure isn't as fine-tuned as IRL). There's an E-Web, a small power generator, a rocket launcher, a pair each of DLT-19 and T-21 blasters, thermal detonators, mortar shells, and an ion weapon; along with a couple cargo boxes. Everything can be removed, and other items placed in those spots. Unfortunately, I don't think a figure will fit along the sides, even sitting down. The landing gear work, though you have to remove some small plates from the underside to fully extend them.