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  1. Halhi 141

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Thanks for running this again! I had a larger build that I was working on for this, but it became obvious last night that I wouldn't be able to finish it in time, so here's a little snowman instead.
  2. Halhi 141

    The Frozen Beyond, Voting Time!

    A: soccerkid6 2, Gideon 1 B: soccerkid6 1, Gideon 1, Garmadon 1 C: LittleJohn 1, Simon_S 1, Jacob Nion 1
  3. Thanks, I'm glad you like the lantern hanging out, that was one of my favorite parts of the MOC Haha, I really want to get some of those someday, but for now all I have is the black falcon shields from the Durmstrang Ship set... Thanks for the advice; normally I make sure to do that (and I think I did that with part of the round wall) but I forgot to do it for the rest of the MOC...
  4. Thanks! I decided to go for a slightly larger scale than in most micro builds so that the details/overall look are more clear; I'm glad you think I succeeded! Thanks! That was one of my ideas for the roof, but unfortunately I don't have a black book (plus the book piece is slightly asymmetrical, which would have caused problems).
  5. Series 10 Librarian: Detail pics: Decided to do a town moc for once instead of a medieval thing like usual, but my A entry will be castle
  6. Halhi 141

    Contest! The Frozen Beyond, Results are in!

    Here's my Category C entry!
  7. My entry to Category C of the Frozen Beyond Contest Before the Algus arrived, Morkerna was a bright isle, warm and peaceful. But then the Algus came. Morkerna has been reduced to a frozen wasteland. And it is to this scene that I come, returning from my adventures in Mitgardia. The land is desolate, cold, destroyed. Anger brews within me as I turn and see a pair of Algus walking toward me. I look for anything I could use as a weapon, but there is nothing. Frustrated, I grab the first thing I find - a flower - and throw it at them. The two stop. A horrified expression comes to their face. Could it be? I grab another blossom and throw it. And, to my utter surprise, it happens again: the algus seem stunned. Grinning, I begin bombarding them with flowers, watching as they fall to the ground, moaning. It seems that the way to defeat death is through life. This was a fun pair of builds! Showing both how the Algus are changing the weather and how to stop them is a challenging task to combine together, so I decided that the former half would be most effectively captured with a before and after. I was originally going to try to do a minifigure scale version of the watermill for the "after" scene, but I couldn't come up with a waterwheel design that I liked (and it ended up that I wouldn't have had time for that idea anyway), so I decided to replicate part of the landscape in the back corner instead. The second build (snowy scene) was quite rushed, but I'm still quite pleased with how the snow and rocks turned out, and I learned from last time to use a blue background The snow and rocks are both surprisingly complex, with tons of SNOT and offsetting. At one point while building the rocks, half of it exploded, and the complexity was so great that I actually had to look at a WIP photo to see how it all went together (and even with the photo, it was still tough to figure out how to put it all back together) The other MOC was designed around that house design, which I came up with during the summer but never actually tested until last month. This build is much more complex than it looks, which is partially why it ended up taking almost 2 months to build... The micro watermill is based on the use of a bar as a corner beam. After that, the rest comes together with some SNOTted tiles and fiddly techniques. The roof, connected with a few clips, was one of the hardest parts. I also really like the look of the river next to it; the SNOT allows for some smooth shaping, and the slope looks pretty nice too. The windmill is a bit simpler, but it was still pretty hard to get a nice tapered shape with a variety of tiny round structure techniques. (this moc is also on Lego Ideas; support it here!) Overall I'm pretty pleased with how these mocs turned out. Hope you like them
  8. Halhi 141

    Contest! The Frozen Beyond, Results are in!

    Here's my entry for category A: Last Blossom of Hope
  9. Thanks! I see what you mean, but unfortunately I didn't have enough 1x1 square tiles (that wall technique is really piece-intensive).
  10. Here's my entry for Category A of the Frozen Beyond contest. Hoping to get over our argument, I reluctantly agreed to accompany Gremlon on a trip to Mitgardia. Our destination was Falcon Manor - a vital fortress that was untouched by the Algus. Until now... After my last few small builds, it was nice to build a slightly larger moc again. The main technical challenge in this MOC was the rounded wall - it's a technique I've used only once before (in Zelpunra's Tower), and the fact that I built that section in about 2 days (rather than 1-2 months) made it particularily difficult. The right wooden section also had some tricky half-stud offsets that required a bit of subtle upside-down building. I also haven't done many snowy builds (I think the last time I did one was early 2014) so that was fun, used most of my collection of curved slopes. On a side note, photography was tricky with white on white. I really need to get a good light blue/grey/black background... Enjoy! Thanks for viewing!
  11. Halhi 141

    [Freebuild] Gremlon's Treehouse

    Thanks! The top and bottom are unfortunately separate builds (I didn't have enough pieces to build a whole tree of this size, but I might try again eventually). The levers actually aren't too hard to fit in - one lever fits perfectly in any half plate gap (like on a grill tile, or between a stud and a plate), and 2 can fit in between two studs (or any other 1-plate gap). I also agree about the whitewash - at the time I thought it looked good, but now looking back, I'd agree that it's pretty overtextured.
  12. Mystic Isle | Halhi 141 | Avalonia Strange Nightmares | Halhi 141 | Avalonia Gremlon's Treehouse | Halhi 141 | Avalonia
  13. The dream was back. A stone dragon, advancing on me, as I stand, unable to run away, cowering in fear. I've seen it so many times that I know it by heart. I'll wake up as soon as it closes in on me. I am about to look away, bored of having the same experience every day for weeks, when I realize that something is different this time. The dragon's eyes are closed. The eyes have always been open before. Bright red eyes, piercing into me, bringing me fear at first before I began to grow used to the dream. Is that why it's different? Do I only keep seeing this because I need to feel fear, because I cannot allow myself to grow comfortable? Is the dream merely a product of my subconscious trying to scare itself, or is it something else? As I try to figure out what the meaning of this new image could be, its eyes open. And that's when I realize why the dragon had felt so familiar before. The eyes belong to someone I know. * * * The misty air cools my skin as I walk briskly over the bridge at Hagron Swamp. The swamp is a place of mystery; I have never been here before, and my parents had never told me about it. Yet, ironically, it is the home of the person who everyone in Morkerna know about: Gremlon. For months, after our adventures in Nocturnus, he has been more reclusive. In the past, he had clung to me constantly, like a shadow, watching my every move like an overprotective parent. Now, this change is almost frightening. For months, I had wondered why he had drawn away from me; now, I believe, I know why. * * * The flimsy porch creaks loudly as I step onto it. Gremlon is not in the treehouse, yet he has claimed that this is where he goes when he is away from me. Lies. It is these lies that have aroused my suspicions of him, these lies that have brought me to loath him. As I begin to curse the lying wizard, I hear footsteps from behind me. It is Gremlon, strolling across the bridge, looking shocked to see me here. He starts to speak, but I cut him off, grabbing him and slamming him against the wall. "What the hell is going on, Gremlon!?" He stares at me, feigning perplexity, so I continue. "Why have you been leaving me? What aren't you telling me!?" He still maintains the same blank stare. Finally, I snap. "My parents weren't killed by supporters of the Desert King, were they? You killed them!" It is the only reasonable conclusion I could reach after seeing his eyes in the nightmare. It must be true, it must be because I need it to be true, because I need to have someone who I can punish for my parents' deaths, and I want to hate Gremlon, and so I tell myself that he is guilty. He must be. "Come on, Elisa, you know I didn't kill them!" And I do know, and what he says is true, but I cannot allow myself to believe him; I must hang onto my illusion of his guilt in order to satisfy myself; I must attack Gremlon, hurt him. Or I can do what is right. Because even as I want to blame Gremlon for my parents' death, I also want him to be innocent, for our old relationship to be restored. I let go of him and walk away, mumbling an apology. Another pair of builds from last summer that I had intended to post here earlier but neglected to. Hagron Swamp (the base of the tree) was a fun experiment in mood and colors. My favorite part might be the lever plants (or perhaps the colors), and overall I think it turned out pretty well for a one-day build. The treehouse was definitely the more difficult of the two, but I'm also really satisfied with this scene. The hardest part was probably the trunk texturing, but I think that it looks a bit better here than in the swamp. Also, I quite like the architecture of the whitewash section on the left, with the arches on the bottom and the angled beams on top. Thanks for viewing!
  14. Halhi 141

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VI - Voting

    6 6 30 30 30 Great entries everyone! It was hard to choose just five votes