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Found 240 results

  1. SevenDeadlyStreamers

    [ENTRY][SMALL] Steve meets Cap’n Tongs!

    This entry is mostly for fun, and to let people know about the little game we play here at Classic Pirates called “Brethren of the Brick Seas” This is my sigfig from BotBS who goes by the name Cap’n Tongs. And he is serving up some delicious seafood to our friend Steve! This small diorama is built with 117pcs (not including the 2 minifigs). Cap’n Tongs is a member of the Sea Rats faction, so it’s no surprise he would be socializing with a nefarious character such as Steve!
  2. SevenDeadlyStreamers

    Capt’n Tongs - Origin Story

    Here is the link to the introduction of my sigfig Elwood W. Ulch - below that you can find his tragic backstory and why he has hooks for hands which gave him the nickname Capt’n Tongs. Where to begin?… it has been nearly 20 years since Elwood stumbled upon that secluded island as a member of the Eslandola Faction. Attempts at peaceful contact were not successful, although Elwood’s superior officer made a commendable effort. The island tribe feared the unusual weapons and appearance of the visitors in green coats. Things quickly escalated and Elwood found himself face to face with a powerful adversary wielding double hatchets. Elwood was a formidable opponent and was able to hold his own wielding dual cutlasses. In the end, Elwood just couldn’t fend off the enemy and it cost him both hands. Although he survived the ordeal, he was tossed in a cell and left for dead. At the brink of giving up all hope, Elwood was rescued by an island girl. They were able to escape the island and start a life for themselves. Elwood’s wife would change her name to Eve and bring two beautiful twin babies into the world. Their names are Emily and Edward. For a few years, this happy family enjoyed the best years of their lives together. Elwood earned the nickname Capt’n Tongs by the Sea Rats that he would provide fish for, since he would often scale, clean, and even cook the fish with his hook hands holding it over an open fire. Speaking of fire, this is where our tale takes another tragic turn. When returning with the children from another fishing expedition, Capt’n Tongs finds his home incinerated with no sign of his beloved Eve. Capt’n Tongs has never given up hope. While running the Sea Rat’s Scullery restaurant he will often seek out information of his wife’s whereabouts. He patiently waits for the day that he can finally get revenge for his fallen comrades and mother of his children! Thanks for reading!
  3. Something is amiss at Cap’n Tongs’ restaurant, the Sea Rat’s Scullery! Normally the fish that are caught are the freshest around, however that has not been the case lately. Fish are now floating dead on the surface and the ones that are caught go bad within hours. Even rats have been spotted onboard lured in by the smell of rotten fish. Maybe there are toxins in the water or perhaps a temperature change killing all the fish? Or could there be something more supernatural lurking beneath the waves in the New Haven seas?
  4. The Sea Rats Nickname: Pirates Colors: Black, Yellow, Medium Blue Quick Glance: The Sea Rats are a rag tag group of scoundrels and rogues, who have found true freedom on the open sea. United under the common cause of self-determination, and defiance of Imperial rule, these folk heed no laws but those of the Pirate Code. (Which is really more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules, rather loose-like, you know.) These men and women are pirates, smugglers, con-men, and any kind of lawless scallywag which you can conceive of, but there are also rebel leaders, defectors from decadence, dispossessed traders and explorers, members of conquered nations, and any who find themselves disenfranchised from their societies. There are those who take advantage of the lawlessness to conduct crimes with impunity. well, actually that later category would likely count for most people. Membership: Sea Rats is open for members. Any man, woman, child, or what-have-you can be a sea rat! You needn't make your den in the Nest of Thieves, nor need you affiliate with other sea rats at all! We're the scourge of these seas, and swear fealty to no nation! If you'd like to captain a pirate ship and pillage and plunder, and riffle and loot the trade routes of the Empires, then join the Sea Rats! If you wish to take your crew on a roaring rampage of revenge against those nations that betrayed you, or perhaps your Quartermaster who led a mutiny against you, then join the Sea Rats! If you wish to swindle and connive, and con your way up in the world, then join the Sea Rats! If you've tired of oppressive reign of Kings and Queens and wish to make your own way in the world, then join the Sea Rats! Have adventure in your heart, a sword in your hands, and the salt wind in your hair? Then you're a Sea Rat, me hearty! To join, just sign up in this thread with an introduction post that shows your sigfig. A little background goes a long way, so we appreciate any backstory you would like to present with the fig! Reasons to Join: Sea Rats have a number of unique rules that other factions don't, some which are centered specifically around player piracy (known as 'black flagging'): 1) Under the Table: Sea Rats only pay 70% of a ship license and 50% of land property costs (except mines and forts). 2) Looters: Sea Rats are always managing to scrounge up valuable bits to sell for a coin or two. Upon capture, Sea Rats receive 20 DBs per cargo point of the captured ship as loot. Players from other factions do not gain any value for a capture beyond the ship itself. This replaces previous looting rules. 3) Results Driven: The black flag pirate crews of the Sea Rats often find provisions and supplies by... alternative means. Sea Rats pay no upkeep for black-flagged ships.  4) Underground Economy: All un-MOC'd ships captured by NPC Pirates and Black Flag players can now be condemned (i.e. sold) to the Prize Court for a value of 50%-75% of their regular license value. The rules for non-black flag players selling to the prize court remains unchanged. 5) Sea Rats earn an extra 30% yield on Artisan businesses. <- under review 6) No taxes! For those still uncertain of what faction to chose or how to sign up in a minute, we have some simple instructions here, which pretty much sum up everything Index A Detailed Look at the Sea Rats (this post) Settlements (second post) Membership (second post) A DETAILED LOOK at the SEA RATS 1. Leadership Susieh Cheng (@dr_spock, Co-Leader) Susieh Cheng loves sharp pointy objects. She doesn't like talking about her past like that incident with her eye. Rumours have it that she was kidnapped as a child by pirates. Having been raised by pirates, she developed a taste for gold and booty. Whatever you do, do not cross her. Those who do end up as shark bait after seasoned with 14 spices and stuffed with stale bread. Doctor Thaum - (@Professor Thaum, Co-Leader) The Pirate Council The Pirate Council is a group of influential captains and business folk, and here they hold their kangaroo courts. There is a certain honor among the thieves, and the most prominent business owners and pirates meet to discuss how best to conduct business and keep the people happy. Whenever there are enough issues the Council reconvenes to discuss them, but apart from that everyone does their own thing, and the most notorious pirate amongst them (currently Captain Reynard le Roublard) collects tithes for the greater good of them all... incase Corrington or Oleon comes knocking at their ports and they need a show of force to defend their freedom. These are the free folk, bound to no master but those they chose, and they do as they please, when they please to whomever or with whomever they please. Kind of anarchic-like. 2. Landscape The Port of Bastion MOC by Commander Red Hat Bastion is a town on the rocky shores of the Nest of Thieves populated by vagabonds and rogues, as well as the staunchly independent and dispossessed, the chaotic town is where the pirates have free port and may sell their ill begotten loot. There is not much of an organized structure to things on The Nest of Thieves, so Bastion grew without ordinance, leading to shoddy construction in some parts, and a lot of crime in the streets - but the people are tough, so they don’t really mind all that much. MOC by Darkdragon 3. Military Army: Sea Rats have no uniforms, so they wear whatever they see fit in the morning or nothing. It is recommended that you sail under a black flag, but if that is somehow not possible any other color will do the job! Navy: The Sea Rats have many ships in their fleet, which they rent out to their members for dastardly activities on the high seas. Apply for permission to use them in the Sea Rat group PM. Active Faction Ships Are: Corporal Milton - Class 5 warship Misfortune's Doom - Class 5 warship Hades' Tuba - Class 5 warship HMS Pendragon - Class 5 warship Godfreed Faulk - Class 2 trader MOC by Captain Braunsfeld 4. History and Culture Brief: The Sea Rats are a mixed bunch, but for the most part they consist of pirates, rogues, and thieves. Discovering the island soon afterwards to be known as The Nest of Thieves, the Sea Rats settled down and made its rocky shores their home, building the stronghold of Bastion on its nearly impregnable rocky eminences. Since then the Sea Rats have thrived in their new home, and piratical and other business is at its finest! Detailed: Unlike the Kings and Queens of the old world, Pirate leadership is dynamic, and mercurial – it is anarchistic, not dynastic. The top pirate or individual with the most personal influence gets to boss the others around until they themselves are deposed. The Sea Rats are comprised of a true hodge-podge of peoples from a variety of Nations, all of whom have forsworn their prior allegiances in favor of a free life of self-determination and self-reliance. Many of the original Sea Rats were those dispossessed by their nations during the first great rush for the new world. These betrayed sailors, clinging to the promise of wealth and glory, turned south from the closed gates of Nelissa, and, along with many old rogues who had earned their salt in the old world by piratical activities and such-like, settled the rocky shores of the island that would become "The Nest of Thieves." The city of Bastion was founded here on the skeleton of a former Eslandolan fishing village. With the great diversity of newcomers, no one nation could hold dominance here, and instead, a council was formed of the most prominent captains amongst them, many former Privateers and pirates of the Old World. This was the first Pirate High Council, where they determined that Bastion would remain forever free of the influence of the tyrannical empires, and that no one person could be their master! This pact laid the groundwork for Bastion to become the wretched hive of scum and villainy it has become, and united the Sea Rats as a people. In the absence of law and order, the streets of Bastion are in a constant state of chaos, with infamous pirate lords freely roaming the street, and pickpockets on every corner... but the people are a tough, resolute bunch, and despite the anarchy, business booms from the riches brought in by the pirates, and a healthy – if you like that kind of healthiness – economy of pirate raids, and smugglers has formed. Diplomacy: The Sea Rats are pretty indifferent when it comes to other factions. Of course, this type of indifference means something more like, "They see a ship and attack, without bothering to check whose flag waves from the mast head," rather than an indifferent kind of indifference. Neither do the Sea Rats particularly relish the idea of hanging by their necks until they be dead, so they naturally study to avoid any such unappetizing contingencies resulting from getting caught by a different faction which they had been preying on. (Note: Relationships are judged on a 1 to 5 scale; Very Friendly, Friendly, Indifferent, Unfriendly, Hostile) Sea Rat's relationship with: Corrington: Indifferent Eslandola: Indifferent Oleon: Indifferent Other nations relationship with Sea Rats: Corrington: Indifferent Eslandola: Indifferent Oleon: Indifferent 5. Membership To sign up, post a post a picture of your signature figure. You are welcome to include a bit of a description or backstory. Your signature figure, or sigfig, will represent your character throughout your MOCs within Brethren of the Brick Seas. (That does not mean that your sigfig has to be in every MOC you make). Within BoBS there are many possibilities. Build your own story, and since you're a Sea Rat, feel free to plunder and search the seas for treasure!
  5. Oilskin Johnny was nervous. More than usual. Apparently he was Captain of the Ship. He was pretty sure captains shouldn't be afraid of their crew. The casual violence, greed, and maybe the worst case of scurvy he'd ever encountered. The Captain's quarters were cozy. Johnny was sure the crew would make themselves at home. He planned on sleeping in the dinghy. La Rongeuse was a pretty ship with an impressive broadside. The chains were an early attempt at a simple beakhead. Stern shot. I really like how the rat detailing turned out. As the time for his cruise approaches, Oilskin Johnny is wondering if he can somehow avoid the whole business. I have not licensed the ship yet; I'm interested in trading the ship license for a large property. Let me know! You can check out more pictures (including guns out/in shots) here IRL Build discussion.
  6. Name: Hilto Ownership: Sea Rats Location: Sabre Island Mayor: Omni Al-Hash , ibn Ohnihash Who can own property in Hilto: Anyone. If you wanna build in modular system let me know to gather up-to date MOCs of surrounding builds. Who can freebuild in Hilto: Anyone. Description: The second settlement of Sabre-Island archipelago. Located in northern part of the Hade's bay on stripe of land between beach and mountains on slope of caldera of ancient submerged volcano. Settled by Molokei exiles in 621 AE. So far just a small harbour with couple buildings around it but as soon as new exiles arrive the city will shine high! *my attempt to create modular city with arabic feeling. Map: Cityscape: History: 1.) Island purchase Properties: 1.) Uncle's Pawnbroker's - small artisan 2.) Harbormaster home - small house 3.) Harbor -large commerc 4.) Forgers quarters - small artisan 5.) Pasha's house of the red petals - large artisan Outside the town: a.) Kahuna's swamp village -large residence b.) al-Obeidi village medium plantation - tabbaco, medium plantation - fruit orchand Vessels stationed here: Vengeance of the desert - attacked and captured by Queensville - Cannon fire in the fog Other related builds:
  7. Name: Poppy Port Ownership: Sea Rats Location: Sabre Island Mayor: Rodsh Derr @Bart Settlement status: Hamlet founded 4 April 618 Town since 21 July 618 Who can own property in Poppy Port: Anyone. Who can freebuild in Poppy Port: Anyone. Description: The first settlement of Sabre-Island, the harbour may be tricky to reach due to rocky formations and reefs near and under the water surface, but a recent hydrographic survey has charted them carefully and has placed two markers to guide ships trough a save passage to the harbour. The harbour has ample supply of fresh water and is capable of receiving deep drafted vessels. Rumours have it that there are fortunes to be made on Sabre Island, and Poppy Port is it's open front door. Maps: Poppy Port, Sabre Island Approach to Poppy Port map Click for a bigger picture Island 2 Sabre Island by -Mike S-, on Flickr Builds: Licensed: Large Education - Hydrographic Exploring on Sabre island - owned by Poppy Port (Bart) Medium Art & Culture - Mayor Office - owned by Poppy Port (Bart) Large plantation - Black Poppies - Professor Thaum Medium Artisan - Mill - owned by FTA Gold mine - owned by Poppy Port (Bart) Small Fort Maartens - Kwatchi Medium Art & Culture - Rocky Reef's Light - owned by Poppy Port (Bart) Medium Factory - Gold Smelting - owned by Poppy Port (Bart) Medium Commerce - Golden Poppy Bank - owned by Poppy Port (Bart) Unlicensed: Prospect - prospecting - Bart Poppy Port Defence Fleet - Bart Troops Garrisoned in town 1 battalion (90 minifigs) 1st Battalion Derr's Expeditionary Light Infantry owned by @Bart Island information: Name: Sabre Island Nickname: The Hilt and the Blade Location: Just 60 nautical miles North West of Stéphanique (OL) the island being the border of the Cocovia Sea and the West Prio Sea. Geographical Features: Featuring blunt cliffs on several sides, the Hilt (the eastern-most Island in this chain) features a tall, dormant volcano. The Blade (The Westernmost Island) also features a more eroded dormant volcano on the east side, but gradually slides into the waves going west. The archipelago rests in the thick of a coral reef, whose unpredictable depth has already been the grounding of more than one large vessel. The Island itself is fertile and could grow sugar cane quite well. Rumours: A roguish band of ship scavengers has been operating out of "The Hilt", preying on the ships that wreck in the reef. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Precious little remains of those ships that did ground in the waters surrounding "The Hilt and the Blade"
  8. Colony Name: Tortuga Ownership: Sea Rats Location: Sea Turtle Island (Island #10, West Prio Sea ) Island Description: Much of the coast of this Island disappears completely below the waves at high tide, and the surrounding sea is very shallow, allowing only smaller ships to near the island, with exception to a small rocky portion to the northern side. The Island interior--that which stays above water at all times--is dominated by coconut palms and other salt-tollerant species. The small island is the hatching site for innumeral sea turtles, multiple times per year.
  9. Many years ago, a coastal cave was investigated and found to have heavy deposits of Salt. While the original intent was to find precious minerals the Cave was never further explored. All that changed when three brothers showed up and began asking questions about the old, abandoned prospecting rights. Governor Gustaf granted the rights to the brothers after learning the original deed holder had passed on leaving the rights to the Settlement of Charlatan Bay. while its been a year since that meeting the brothers finally hit the payload. Some say it looks like a great northern Christmas day down there with everything being white. OOC: The original prospect was built by Gulagurag back in 2016 Link to Post who was informed via pm that Salt was discovered. Also its not been a year more like several since first discussed building a mine - I had started one and never finished till tonight.
  10. Many have questioned the Sea Rats commitment to justice, especially after the ugly Sharkler 5000 affair. Well, question no more! A new courthouse has replaced Professor Thaum's basement as the seat of justice in Bastion! Come enjoy our pre-execution shows! Now with REAL JURIES! From the outside. Finally, justice is no longer at the mercy of a shark's appetite, a monkey's aim, a mob's whim, or Professor Thaum's experimental devices. Fast AND effective. Join us for our weekly quadruple header! Real juries. Real Judges. Real Justice. See how scalawags are tried by an unbiased jury of their peers.
  11. Colony Name: Bastion Ownership: Sea Rats Location: The Nest of Thieves (Sea of Storms) Island Description: tba Mayor: Faction NPC Who can own property in Bastion: All Sea Rats Who can freebuild in Bastion: Anyone. Military Presence: 2 Large Forts, 1 medium fort, 1 Company of Troops Map: Bastion is located in square E-3 on the map, at the entrance to The Lifeflow River. Licensed Properties: Art & Culture: Victory at 5 Fleets monument - small (Professor Thaum) Artisan: Moonraker Sail Company - small (by Vedauwoo) Tuinstra Glassworks - small (by Vedauwoo) Zubarev Distillery - small (by Vedauwoo) Dainty Sload Bar & Grill - medium (by Vedauwoo) Gun Shop - small (by dr_spock) Bleak Angel Bar - small (by Kaiju) Doctor Practice - small (Professor Thaum) Naval Academy Wargame Store - small (by Pombe) Rum Cart - small (by Tomskippy) Lids - small (by Tomskippy) Fast Fish - small (by Tomskippy) Tanner - small (by Tomskiyppy) Commerce: House of Pleasure - small (by Bart) Bastion Lighthouse - ??? (by Vedauwoo) Drave's Emporium of Curiosities - small (by Vedauwoo) Education: none Factory: The Bastion Otchet - small (by Vedauwoo) Far Horizons Salvage and Shipworks - large (by Vedauwoo) Shipwright Brothers - medium (by Bart) Brouhaha Factory - large (by RoadmonkeyTJ) Forts: 2 Large Forts - default (moc by Captain Greenhair) 3rd Large Fort - large Micro (by MkJoshA) Coast Guard - medium Fort (by Fraunces) Mine: none Plantation: Truffault Aviary - small (by Vedauwoo) Algae's Lair - small (by Professor Thaum) Residence: Shanty by the Sea/DeTaillefer Residence - small (by Vedauwoo) Gossamer House - medium (by Kaiju) Townhouse in Bastion - small (by Gulagurag) Ms. Muggins Rooming House - small (by Kwatchi) Other MOCs: Arrival at Bastion - (by Pombe) A New Arrival in Bastion - (by Vedauwoo) Revenge on Mardier - (by MiloNelsiano) How High is the Tab / Prio Conflict '618 - (by Bart)
  12. Just a regular day in the village of chief Kahuka It's just right temperature for the eel fishing under that big rock. Hopefully there will be some eel stew for today's supper. The double rope bridge is the main and only dry entrance to the village. Kahuka's daughter Kotuna is on the guard duty in the old tree fortress. Kahuka can properly take care of his chickens. After all two scrambled eggs for breakfast is the best start of the day!
  13. Right on the entry to the harbour alley new construction is srawling. /placeholder photo only better will be renderered this week :) The lime palace contains the biggest pearl and jewelry workshop in the whole Prio sea! Right behind the entry is a workshop where Gaffar prepares rare dyes from gemstones and exotic plants. Other half of the floor is dedicated for high-temperature work. And as such the furnace is its heart Through the stairs you can visit more workshops. Or hide you stuff under them as everyone else. First floor is focused on work with gems and pearls - stone-setting, enamelling, polishing etc. It's important to have good work-life balance and take a coffee break when your eyes are tired or hands shakey. Or occasionally flex some muscles and hammer operating skills to Karen from accountant's. Second floor accomodate bigger machines and workshop stations. Precise sheet roller for golden foils Gemcutter worshop ...and vase station. Rooftop is occupied by security service and the directors chambers. Do not disturb as he is just trying to strike a deal with local power couple!
  14. First of all: do NOT use this topic to bump old threads and do NOT ask any question here. All comments should be asked in the BoBS discussion thread. To all the mayors and responsibles of a settlement: please make one and only one post for each settlement, using the following format: I will then link all settlements in this first post. Index: Settlements of BoBS The world of BoBS is large, and contains many large and small settlements, ranging from hamlets to capitals. This thread is the place where they are all indexed! Corrington Arlinsport, Tiberia Black Beach, Gunpowder Island Brickford Landing, Annettaskrona Elizabethville, Lacryma Camp Isaac, Cascadia Hussar's Isle, Cocovia Jameston, Celestia King's Harbour, Cocovia Mesabi Landing, Argentia Mooreton Bay, Alicentia Myzectlan, Cascadia New Haven, Alicentia Port Raleigh, Annetta (aka Berelli or Blueton) Port Woodhouse, Garma's Key Queenston, Arlintina Quinnsville, Cocovia Spudkirk, Avestia Stormhaven, Serentia Wullham, Panarium Eslandola Bardo, An Toli Ceniza Bajo, Eileanne neh Luithhr (aka Luther Islands) (New Haven Sea island #9) Chiquita, Chiquara (New Haven Sea island #1) Damaborg, The Lowers Elysabethtown, Berelli (aka Annetta or Blueton) Fortaleza Victoria, Isla de Victoria Fuerte Unido, Isla de Victoria Hojaroja, Otoño Interlagos, Maldria Lakor, Isla de Victoria La Puebloto, Isla de Victoria Mehit, Isla de Victoria Montario, Nelissa Nova Malto, Isla de Victoria Nova Terreli, Nellisa Pontelli, Nellisa Port Wilks, Isla Phillipe Puerto Alijo, Torrach Bonn Puerto Desafio, Isla de Victoria Punto Sur, Maldria Salida Este, Ferro Azure Trador, La Sombra Weelond, An Holli Oleon Acropolis, Pharos Astrapi, Île de Zeus Breshaun, Le Bellan Cecropia, Île de Tyche Dragonstone (now Aurelia), Blueton (aka Annetta or Berelli) Eltina, Le Bellan Fatu Hiva, Île d'Or Fort Arltrees, El Oleonda Jiangkai, El Oleonda Kojima, Ile Sous Le Vent Lavalette, Stéphanique Nola Mar, Terraversa Nouveau Oleandia, île Dionysus Windfall Island, Stéphanique Sea Rats Bastion, The Nest of Thieves Charlatan Bay, Infero Pordejon Haven, Isla del Diablo Merged into Moray's Den * Hellion, Raider's Haven Hilto, Sabre Island Moray's Den, Isla del Diablo Poppy Port, Sabre Island Rassilon, The Nest of Thieves Destroyed Takashii, The Nest of Thieves Merged into Bastion ** Tortuga, Sea Turtle Island The Sereen Cay, The Rock New Nassau, Blond Beach/Mud Beach Island (island 21) * Properties in Haven are now considered to be in the hinterlands of Moray’s Den. ** Properties in Takashii are now considered to be in the hinterlands of Bastion. NPC Settlements Alexport, Ilse de Romantica, The Grand Duchy of Prio
  15. House: small Every proper settlement starts with a harbor and every proper harbor starts with harbormaster. Sanjeev was been our caravan clerk long before I was born and no-one is as fast as him when it comes to goods price evaluation or finding a place where to hide more expensive trinkets. As his knees aren't what they used to be (he took and arrow in one when he was on adventure) ha was more than happy to resettle and take care of harbor logs and bureaucracy in general. After years of travelling, he is enjoying the afternoons on his terrace checking the harbor traffic, his new pet kitten Sheitan and his wife soups with fresh herbs from their garden or just simply chilling on the bench.
  16. Every city on the sea shore needs to have harbor and every harbor needs to have a place where sailors can ease their tensions after weeks crampend in the boats. Hilto is no exception. Right behing the harbor tower is inconspicuous house with big garden filled with sounds of girl laughs and glass clinks. The local speciality is an podium right above the cliffs. When tide is high there is a big chance that the working girl will get splashed by sea mist from top to shoes. This sight allready induced quite a big crowd of lonely sailors to pay extra for private session in upper floors and mere reminiscence couple weeks later to drink themself to oblivion or go to all night stroll on the board in the chilling winds. [ Just dont try the shrimps after midnight or you will end up like this sad pirateer. Pasha's have lot of benefits and pleasant surpires for their visitors but a good cook and fresh seafood are not on the list.
  17. November 24, 620AE Corwin Ragnarrson had just received an urgent dispatch from his homeland of Vikendia in the far north. His worst fears had been confirmed; his uncle, the ruler of their tribe, had been killed by an ambitious nobleman seeking to rule himself. Now, Corwin's cousin Ivar, was engaged in a civil war with the usurper, fighting for his life and to keep the tribe unified. Upon receiving this devastating news, Ragnarrson recalled all of the Black Wolf Company military assets that could be reached quickly, and immediately set sail for Vikendia to aid his cousin. The remaining army, along with all of the BWC trade assets, were left in the hands of his most trusted Lieutenant, Freya. He had complete faith in her management skills, he only worried about the Terraversan war spilling into other territories, and the decreased numbers of soldiers in New Nassau left it vulnerable to attack. But it was a risk he was willing to take, as his only remaining family was in danger. _____________________________________________________________________________________ February 6, 622AE It had been almost 15 months since the fateful day that Corwin Ragnarrson had departed New Nassau in support of his cousin. Now, many months and battles later, the war was finally over. The enemy was vanquished, and the tribe reunited. On the shores of Vikendia, Corwin and Ivar say their goodbye's as the BWC soldiers load the boats with supplies for the long journey back to New Nassau. As they said their farewells, Ivar motioned to a small group of men standing a few feet off. "Take these men with you back south. They are some of my finest intelligence agents. They have no direct connection to you or the BWC, so use them as you see fit" he said with a wry smirk. "I owe you my life, and I hope these men plus that blasted traitor's gold can only start to even us up. Send us a ship once a year with any news or requests you need to help you in your ventures south. Goodbye cousin." Many of the Black Wolf Company soldiers were new recruits when they sailed north, but now with many battles under their belt in the past year, they moved and acted as a veteran unit, loading the boats with speed and precision. _____________________________________________________________________________________ June 4, 622AE New Nassau After a long but uneventful journey, Ragnarrson and his men were back safely in New Nassau. Corwin immediately made his way to his private office where Freya could meet him and fill him in on the Company business in his absence. "Freya, come in." said Corwin, as there was a knock on the door. "I'll keep it brief, as I am exhausted from the journey. Here are letters to all the leadership in the BWC, please distribute them for me. I've set a meeting for next month to discuss what the future holds for us. Is that the master ledger you have? You can leave it with me, I'll take a look at it tomorrow, but I'm sure all is in order. Anything special to report?" Freya thought a moment, then replied "as of late, it has been pretty quiet and non-eventful. Our businesses and properties have continued to rake in steady profits. The soldiers that remained here have continued to train and stay ready should they be needed. Our ships the Akela and Nymeria had some great trade runs at the height of the Terraversan War, delivering some much needed goods at a HEALTHY markup, as the situation provided", she finished, with a twinkle in her eye. "The rest, I've included in the ledger, which you can read at your convenience. I'll drop these letters off right away. Its good to have you back, Commander." _____________________________________________________________________________________ Just a little free build, to say "I'm back!" after a year and half away. Can't wait to get rolling again Some bonus shots of the two scenes I built for this post.
  18. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Unknown Past

    There were hints all over the swamp of Mermaid Tears that the pirates that now inhabit this place we not the first souls to inhabit Black Rock. Despite these hints all over the Island, there was no known history of any prior inhabitants. Where did they come from? Where did they go? Why is there no record of their existence? Even the Brethren Court of the Black Flag pirates had no record of these inhabitants. However, none of these questions bothered this band of smugglers. The abandon church provided great cover and plenty of wood to burn in the firebox. They claimed to have the secret recipe of Bru Ha-Ha but called their swill Bru Arr-Arr. As they were lowly smugglers, they couldn't always get the right ingredients so local sources were substituted. Despite these setbacks production was in full swing. The brother and sister Duo had recruited some hired help in the form of a fancy musket man, and a flintlock slinger. OoC this will be licensed as a large property on the settlement of Black Rock. comments and criticism welcomed.
  19. Every flourishing town needs its backyard providing the food and other necessities. Couple miles upstream by the Green creek lies a the one feeding the Hilto. Small hill provides a good enough location for defence and as a bonus great view to the lake. Food itself is not a big concern for the town yet, as the island waters are rich on fish shoals and crabs but the growing industry needs some raw materials to work with. After couple mishaps with the varieties from Mokolei villagers gave up for a while and purchased the seedlings of the most popular strains in Prio sea and they finally started to spur. Fruit orchards are almost ready to ripe too. The fruit will add nice touch to available food palette and when fully grown they can be added to shisha tobacco for flavours. The future is bright on Sabre island! The town itself consist of couple cottages and sheds around small square dominated by the mosque of Eternal Flame and the home of mayor / local headquarters of the tobacco company. Couple levies and little more digging created a moat around the village to ease villagers ease with irrigation of ever hungry tobacco crops.
  20. "Julio, please give me back my quill!" "Sanjeev is paying me handsomely and I need to finish these letters of authenticity before we can go for a walk." "What if I trade you for this banana?" ----------------- OOC: Submitted as a Sea Rats entry in the Faction Flavours Mini Challenge. This was a fun one to build. Not sure I love the regular brown barrels mixed in with the reddish brown, but so be it! Try saying "Forger's Quarters" three times fast. Licensed as a small artisan building in Hilto
  21. Artisan: small Well, it’s funny, isn't it? As soon as Sanjeev and his melody boys started to work on harbor construction Uncle appeared. Nobody invited him nobody knew him he just simply appeared one day and started to barter tobacco for pickaxes and silver for lamp oil. In mere two weeks he already started to build his emporium and harbor workers tried to beat all silver from him twice. Placed on strategic corner right behind harbor warehouse and on the way to tavern Uncle was been able to exchange almost everything with booze-driven passersby. Sanjeev had to talk some sense to him and explained that for greater good of community it will be vise to leave sailors with at least enough coins to get some rum and sishkebabs for couple days. And here with surrounding builds:
  22. Black Rock "Black Rock, the Black Flag capitol, a den of debauchery, violence and sin, away from all, reachless, was established by some scurvy outcast, about a year ago... but before them... He came, and made his den up on the hill. His true name was unknown, although he had many names, the most famous was L' Alchimiste, although what he actually got up to was unknown. What science he studied, alchemy or what else, was meaningless - what truly mattered were his plans. When he found the island he thought he that this was the perfect remote place for his plans. Plans that his former country rejected with him. L' Alchimiste dreamed of revenge.
  23. Welcome to the Punto Sur Biergarten, the location of choice for all your Oktoberfest celebrations. Drinks, food, music.....we have it all! Come in, sit down, grab a pint with your mates, and partake in all the mouthwatering morsels our kitchen prepares. Steak, brätwurst, turkey legs, laugenbrezeln, biscuits...all of our food is prepared by our owners (the Schroeder family). And to wet your whistle, we pour only the finest brews and beverages from throughout the New Haven Sea, highlighted by our home-brewed keg of Dastardly Dirk's Doppelbock. For entertainment, our very own band Das Tuba commands the stage, performing some of their hit songs "Punto Sur State of Mind", "Tubaback", and "Twilight of the Beer Gods". Set aside your worries, grievances, faction rivalries (unless someone insults your mother, then fisticuffs are appears to be the case between a few inebriated soldiers ). Enjoy the company of friends and strangers alike, stuff your bellies, drink 'til you can't see straight, plan your next move on Terraversa, and enjoy this glorious Oktoberfest season. Once you enter our gates, you'll never want to leave! Front gate: Overall View: The Kitchen: Stage Area & Tables The Bar Area A giddy Sea Rat looks on in glee as two drunken soldiers settle their dispute with some fisticuffs. Also, a hook makes for a great sausage utensil over the hot grill To be Licensed as a Large Artisan in Punto Sur. ____________________________________________________________ I did not plan on doing a digital build for the Oktoberfest challenge, but at the beginning of the month, I started a new job, and for my first two weeks I am training at a location a few hours from home, so I am away from my bricks. However, being away from home with nothing but work occupying my day, I have plenty of time to mess around on, so I decided to go all in for the contest. I did my best to capture the colors and style set by @Capt Wolf in his trading post build, while incorporating both classic and modern Pirates elements. I also threw in some Oktoberfest flair (at least what Google tells me its looks like, don't hang me if its wrong ), and a variety of characters seen in the BoBS universe. I spent waaaayyyy too much time on this, but it was a blast creating the scene, and a challenge to translate some techniques to digital building. Enjoy!
  24. Isla de Barro stands apart from any other island of the New Haven seas, due it its unique soil composition. Just below the topsoil sits a foul-smelling yellow loam, which as it erodes, stains the beaches of the island yellow. The natives of Isla de Barro have developed used for the soil over the years, namely as a bug repellent, by mixing it into mud and smearing it over their bodies. Even the hungriest of mosquitoes wouldn't dare attempt to bite though the soil. In his travels though the islands, Neville Robertson, an avid Chemist and Alchemist, had long hoped to land on Isla de Barro, and study the unique makeup of its soil, and its potential uses. Now, after much experimentation, he had presented his findings to the Black Wolf Company, and received a grant to establish a refining factory. Why? For in his experiments, Neville had found the primary ingredient in the soil (and that which gave off the foul smell) was indeed the Devil's Gold, more commonly known as sulfur. Which, being one of the 3 primary ingredients in gunpowder, made it a precious and valuable commodity. The interior of the island was home to vast mudpits of the foil earth, which made harvesting it exceptionally easy. As these pits were on the claimed land of the natives, the BWC struck an agreement paying the natives to dig and transport the mud to the refining factory. The soil, when delivered to the factory, was first dumped into the holding pit, where any larger clumps were broken up into much smaller pieces. It was then shoveled into barrels. The barrels of soil were then carried up to the refining vat. They were dumped in the vat, and stirred until any impurities (dirt, sand, plants) were burned off, leaving pure refined sulfur. You can see Neville Robertson here with an oar, standing on the edge of the vat, mixing the soil thoroughly to avoid burning and ensure an even mixing. Once refined, the sulfur was poured into the cooling molds, where it was allowed to cool and dry completely. As it dried, the sulfur was smoothed and packed down into dense "cakes". Once cool, the cakes of sulfur were cut down to more manageable sizes, noted in the production log, and prepared to be sold off at the BWC Warehouse. To be licensed as a medium Factory in New Nassau. _______________________________________________________________ Here are a few more full shots for anyone interested Its been a minute since I've sat down and planned out a proper build. I've had this one in mind since I started settling New Nassau, (I took inspiration from the South American jungle drug labs you always see in movies lol), and adapted it to fit how I needed. Finding photos of period correct sulfur processing practices proved to be a challenge, so I kind of just made up my own version of the process based on some descriptions I found. Even though its fairly simple, I prototyped each component of the build a few times before I settled on the ones seen.
  25. (Note. This is based between part 4 and part 1, but must be read in numerological order. All references to the WTC have been removed due to a suggestion from someone higher up the chain in command, I support and endorse your desision.) Previously : Part 1: Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4: Betrayal Early 620, El Oleanda 'Dick?' asked Sean. I hated it when he called me that. Richard was my real name, and that stupid nickname was another thing that mother of his left to him. No inheritance, just a contamination of our family, the noble Fortescues, and we would no longer be considered as one of the other regal, powerful families, because of fathers drinking problem and that women he had picked up. 'This is something to do with you, right?' He asked. 'No,' I denied his accusation, but he heard the false tone in my voice and he knew I was lying. I pushed up the panel. It was quiet. I emerged. As I pulled my self up, I gripped my cutlass. A second later Sean pulled himself up, and he pulled out his flintlock. 'What have you done?' he said. I stepped on his hand, kicked his pistol away and bolted. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sean I pulled myself up, retrieved my pistol, and began to walk through the jungle, and then I realised. Dick had planned to kill me and Father's soldiers, take the treasure and then buy up the company. It was obvious that my Half-Brother had no faith in Father. It made perfect sense. Except - who killed Father's Soldiers? In the next clearing, there lay a man bleeding to death. In his chest was a huge machete of a muted iron tone. I ran over to him. Bending over him, I asked him what had happened. What I could hear came from underneath a hacking, violent cough, and he was obviously choking on his own blood. He had no hope. 'Beware... The red mask... The... Messenger of.. He....' And then he was dead. Sean walked further down, until he walked onto the beach. Out in the azure waters of the bay was the Brig that had brought them here. It was burning. This was no longer a fight between two brothers, it was a fight between right and wrong. Someone who will stop at nothing to get what he wanted, and the Man who was willing to put his life on the line to stop him. ____________ To be continued...... Edit: this is FB 2, not 1.