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  1. Perterz

    [MOC] Training Grounds

    Thank you very much! I like the door myself aswell, I chose the color as it pops up but also blends in perfectly with the terrain. Thank you!
  2. Perterz

    [MOC] Training Grounds

    Thank you very much, highly appreciated! Many thanks, glad you like the look and techniques used as much as I do! Thank you, I’ve seen it done before and liked it so much myself I had to try it out. This build was the perfect opportunity to do it.
  3. Perterz

    [MOC] Training Grounds

    Thank you very much! Thanks! Many thanks, the house is all built sideways, ideal for the narrow wooden beams through the walls. For me, most ideas start with a random image/atmosphere in my head. From there I try to visualize and fill in the details. Sometimes I draw a topview layout but mostly it’s just free building and the MIC evolves along the way. But anything can be a source of inspiration, random shapes & colors, other art work,.. Thank you very much! Thank you very much! If there are any gaps, they are hidden. That’s one my goals when building in angles.
  4. Training Grounds ‘This house located at the inner city walls, once occupied by a hard working farmer, became available as the poor man came to die. The army took over the property but instead of demolishing the house they transformed it into a recreational area, a place for soldiers to relax and have a drink after training. The surrounding area became the main training grounds for young soldiers, a place to discover their skill and choose their speciality in the army forces before going to specialized army training facilities. A compact but well equipped military structure was constructed next to the old house. The barracks contains a stable aswell, where knights and archers can use the horses for training.’ I was actually about to dismantle the WIP but since it wasn’t far from completion, I decided to finish it anyway. It also exists in digital form so I might release instructions for this build within a few days. Flickr Instagram
  5. Perterz

    [MOC] Olive Mansion & Pub

    I can see that, tho that level and the top level are the same height apart from the Dark Red roof bit. Thanks for your input!
  6. Perterz

    [MOC] Olive Mansion & Pub

    Thank you very much! A simple piece but adds a lot to the general look! Thank you very much! Small and cozy! Thank you ?
  7. Perterz

    [MOC] Olive Mansion & Pub

    Olive Mansion & Pub is my second Modular Buildings MOC. This time also the interior is modular based, it can be removed fast and easy. This option gives you the opportunity to change the interior to your own likings aswell! The building consists of 5 major modules + interior modules. At groundlevel you'll find a classic pub. The other building has a kitchen, small office, seating area and features a spiral staircase. On the first floor of the pub you'll find a play area with snooker table. The mansion has a bathroom, living room and another spiral staircase. The top floor of the pub is a space the pubowner puts available for a local band. They installed a drum kit, synthesizer and sofa there. In the mansion you'll find a bedroom and balcony. Instructions are available via Rebrickable. There’s a version with and one without interior available! More on Flickr
  8. Perterz

    [MOC] WatchinOut

    Thank you very much, the vine actually was added last minute while building the base landscape. Thank you very much! Glad you like it!
  9. Perterz

    [MOC] WatchinOut

    Thank you very much! Thank you! I see your point with the Tan in the flag.. Especially since the textures are both pretty much the same aswell.. I’ll keep this in mind and maybe design a new flag. About the Guilds, I do am interested in that. I’ve look through it several times but I’m affraid I don’t have enough time to participate. But when I do, I would be happy to join! Thank you very much! it’s really lots of trial and error, also trying different parts and connections to achieve the angles you need. Take a look at my Instagram (@peeterskevin_belug), I’ve a post up where I show some WIP pictures of this. It shows how I made it. Thank you! I really love working with color, it’s always great to hear people appreciate that! Thank you very much! Thanks so much! It took some time to get the reductions in diameter a good fit with the 3 different stone tower modules, glad it shows! Thank you!
  10. Perterz

    Watchtower on the road

    Amazing build! Love all the detail and the composition!
  11. Perterz

    [MOC] WatchinOut

    I’ve created this watchtower as a symbol of looking out for eachother in these uncertain times. I made the choice of adding a white flag on top as a symbol of peace and hope. Stay safe! Flickr
  12. Perterz

    [MOC] Trespassing The Old Wizard House

    Thank you very much! While building there were fragile parts in the walls but they became stable while building the roof. The flextubes across tje roof added a lot to the stability of the build. I moved the finished MOC from my building area downstairs to my closet upstairs and it was the tree that was the least stable part of the MOC, the house stood strong.
  13. Perterz

    [MOC] Trespassing The Old Wizard House

    No problem! Thank you very much!
  14. Perterz

    [MOC] Gypsy Wagons

    These are fantastic! Unusual but lovely color choices, well done!
  15. Perterz

    [MOC] Trespassing The Old Wizard House

    Thank you very much for your kind words, much appreciated! You should try it out ? But be carefull, it’s trial and error and frustrating sometimes as some parts could be fragile while constructing it.