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Found 12 results

  1. Witch's Tower!

    Today I present to you the Witch's Tower It is home to a witch as one would guess.It is a model of 917 bricks ( but most of those are quite small ones) ans has a footprint of around 16 studs by 24 but the majority of that is the landscaped surrounds with the tower it self having a footprint of around 12 studs by 10 studs and the whole model reaches a height of 22 and a third bricks tall (a height of near 25 studs tall) This model is on Lego ideas (ha you probably saw that coming from a mile off) and could become a unique new castle set with your support. Whilst it is gear more to display over play it does still offer both and features a selection of removable furnishings to allow the tower to be used as you see fit. I feel that the project fills a need of medium sized castle sets (and goats) that the Lego company are currently lacking.Whilst my focus was on the exterior I was adamant to give the set a decent interior which is absent in most Lego sets in the medium range. This is my first Lego ideas project thanks for viewing. :) please share and support the project if you'd like to see it as an official Lego set. More images are available on flickr and the lego ideas page. Have a great day~AgentKallus of Hydra Sorry for most of the text turnig into flickr links that was not my intent any way here is the link to the project.
  2. I decided The Nexo Knights Volcano Lair playset needed a little something extra... I added a Skull tower with a throne and a platform for adding ingredients into a cauldron for mixing up magical mischief... Work in progress image... Best picture I could get of the throne
  3. The Elf-Witch Cottage

    The Elf-Witch Cottage In the depths of the enchanted woods, where reality and fantasy meet, an elf-witch has lived since forever. Nobody knows her name or her exact age, maybe 100, maybe 1000 years, but it doesn't matter, she's part of the woods she lives in now. She's always busy with her magic potions and her studies… fascinated by nature's incredible colors and shapes, she keeps on living in her house, away from the rest of the world. I've always been fascinated by nature, by its colors, and by the fantasy universe. In this project I tried to put it all together, using unusual parts and colors that I'd underestimated before. I'm very satisfied with the result. You can look at more pictures here: Or You can support on LEGO Ideas here: Thank You
  4. Witches Shack

    In the Mystic Isles, a shack in long need of repairs provides a local witch with shelter. How it still stands? Magic. Er, don't like this alot :p , the roof kinda ruins it and it looks way better in real life (without the roof). The angles were lots of fun to achieve, although made this Moc very flimsy. I think the landscape is ok, although you definitely cannot see the tree in its full glory. The tree, by the way is inspired by TheBrickAvenger. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy and C&C needed :D
  5. Preamble: After finishing this build several months ago I had been growing increasingly frustrated with my inability to take 'ideal' shots with my limited photography set up. Coupled with reduced opportunity to take pictures during the festive period the build had grown quite dusty, which is noticeable in the photos presented. For this I apologise, but I have decided I would rather have pictures to post than continuously waiting until I have 'perfect' shots. And with that said, I now present the finished ship. Previous: The Bleak Angel: Prelude Heroes, Villains and Legends A Journey Through the Discoveries of the Age of Exploration: the Ships; the Captains; the People Volume Four: The Self-Styled and So-Called Sea Rats By Quentin Connors Chapter Thirteen: The Bleak Angel, continued... The next evening, all other affairs in order, I went to board the Bleak Angel. Upon sight of her I immediately knew how so many tales had sprung up around the ship. Tales of an immortal captain, an unsinkable ship dredged up by a dark force, of witches and heretics and all manner of things my Corrington upbringing left little room in the world for. My first introduction was to the bleak angel itself, the ship's figurehead and the two skulls that flanked it. I was informed the skulls were named Larry and Barry. Several crewmen offered explanations for the names and their presence. My favourite was that the skulls were the remains of two headstrong crew members who had once pledged to man the ship until it no longer sailed; following their untimely deaths in an ill-thought up venture Captain Dracken took them at their word and installed them as the ship's “spiritual advisers”. Mister Jakes greeted me as I boarded. I was swiftly introduced to Miss Abigail Kite, the ship's second officer and former gunnery master. Miss Kite now largely served as officer for the ship's marines. As with most Sea Rat vessels the marines were less a dedicated group of soldiers and simply the most violent and reliable actors in previous boarding actions. Perhaps they were best exemplified by Eleanor and Elizabeth, commonly known by the rest of the crew as “the Murder Twins” - though I should note only from a suitably safe distance. The twins had positioned themselves as Kite's left and right hands, when not hurting people. The last officer on the ship was Bartholomew Drake, the ship's quartermaster. A man surprisingly keen on bare knuckles pugilism, Drake often bore bruises from 'friendly' matches with other crew members. Somehow this did little to dull his mind, which remained consistently sharp despite the repeated head injuries he surely must have received on account of his hobby. “Old Man” O'malley was the Angel's cabin boy and errand runner. Whatever his given first name is, I never heard it used during my time on the vessel. After a few days of laborious sailing I was invited to meet with Captain Dracken himself in his cabin. Dracken revealed he had heard my tavern discussion with Mr. Jakes and was intrigued by my efforts to document the age of sail as it was happening. Dracken's cabin was, unsurprisingly, the largest, though it did also have to function as his private office and briefing room for his officers. My eyes were drawn to the numerous idols decorating the cabin. Here was quite a curious thing: that a man claiming to be an Oleonder officer, and therefore minor priest of Poseidon, on a ship named after the Angelic Heresy and living in a room filled with heathen idols. The antique but well maintained admiral's uniform Dracken had lying on his bed certainly failed to clarify anything. One of the more popular tales regarding Leon Dracken is the story of him being granted an extended lifespan by a witch for saving her life. I bring this up again for the unique interactions between Dracken and one of his crew make sense only with this context. Two young women serve on his ship. Liliana Vespwood, missing daughter of Lord Vespwood, is the ship's helmswoman and navigator. Her frequent – almost constant – companion went by the name Althea Holtzstein-Dracken and claimed to be the Captain's grand-daughter. If this was a charade it was one the two Drackens managed to perform and maintain for several years. If it was not, truly, the world is much stranger than I and my countrymen would ever admit. In any case I seldom witnessed the two young women far apart and heard some talk their relationship was closer than friendly. During the early stage of the voyage I caught frequent glimpses of the ship's most reclusive crew member, the one known as the witch: Iosefka. Several other tavern patrons in Bastion claimed the ship employed a witch to control the weather and turn it to the ships favour and I began to wonder which came first, the stories or Iosefka's presence on the ship. My only significant interaction with Iosefka came when accompanying another crew member, Boris, to seek medical assistance from her. She made her home in a large cabin at the back of the gun deck. Iosefka's appearance was striking; taller than most of the crew, skin nearly corpse-like white and almost unnaturally slender build. She bore all the characteristics associated with the victims of the Blackwater Massacre. Discovering this 'witch' served as a the crew's surgeon was a surprise and her book collection included several volumes I recognised as medical textbooks banned in several nations on account of how subjects for study were obtained. Like many pirate vessels, the Angel's gun deck was a cramped and noisy place, overloaded with larger cannons and leaving little space for cargo. I was told the ship traded, when the Captain was so inclined, in smaller high value items and so needed little space for trade goods. And as on most ships, the Sea Rats were joined by actual rats. That the crew kept a number of animals for the purpose of hunting those rats was unsurprising. Little did I realise at the time that I had joined the ship as the captain pursued the so called "Heretic's Hoard", a long rumoured treasure trove located on an unknown island. As fate would have it, my first journey on the Bleak Angel would by far be the least unusual. End of Chapter. Some more behind the spoiler button.
  6. A Build on behalf of the Resistance: The Spiderwitch Although some part of her history has already been related here, it behooves us in this post to delve a bit deeper into the past of the Spiderwitch using the lovely, and deliriously intoxicating, power of authorial omniscience. It is true that very little is known about her by the outside world, save the rumors that fly faster than her six spider legs and two human arms can pursue, and it is also true that no one has ever come out of her labyrinthine lairs yet living. But it is furthermore true that there are many undead and semidead and other post-death individuals roaming Nocturnus, and, given the number of deaths she has caused, it is no surprise that at least some of those individuals are her victims. However, their accounts are notoriously unreliable, and so I, the author, am going to give you, the reader, a behind-the-scenes look at the best pie baker in all the land. First, it should be noted that even some things are unknown by even the most learned authors, such as the identities of the Spiderwitch's mother and father. However, it does not take much learning to speculate that her mother was likely related to that ancient and noble line of giant female spiders, those of treelight-sucking and high pass-dwelling fame, and her father, well, since they are spiders, her father was likely her mother's first dinner-date. The Spiderwitch herself has a name, though she does not like it to be spoken out loud, as Maybelle is just not intimidating enough for the most powerful arachno-human magic user--and best pumpkin pie baker--this side of the Rakaths. She only tells that to a man on the second date, and, well, that has never happened. But how did she become such a powerful mage? And where did she get her baking skills? Well, let me tell you. Once, long ago, when Maybelle was very small, merely giant tarantula sized, she was crawling around an enchanted pumpkin patch at night, waiting for the spirit of the Great Pumpkin to come and bless her with many toys and other gifts (the Iron Maiden was very popular that year). The full moon was just rising over the dark treetops of the murky wood when a coven of witches came swooping down from the sky, cackling on their brooms. Maybelle hid herself behind the largest of the pumpkins and listened to the conversation of the old hags. They talked of many things, but what they spoke of most was the Great Pumpkin, the most potent deity of those parts. But they were not venerating him, as would be proper for a deity; but instead they were saying that he was such a pumpkin head, a useless old gourd, a puffed up, over-important squash, and other things unfit to repeat in even unpolite company. Maybelle could scarcely believe her ears. She rushed out from behind her pumpkin and told those witches off, explaining how the Great Pumpkin was the greatest of all the vegetable gods and the most loving, beneficent, orange colored-object ever to have existed. Now, did those witches start laughing at that! A small arachno-human telling them, full-grown witches, what to believe and how to act! The very idea of it all brought them to tears of mirth. Maybelle was embarrassed at their laughter, but adamant in her defense of the Great Pumpkin; and so the witches took out their willow wands and began a long and complex incantation, dancing and singing their way through the patch. But just before they were to say the final words of their spell, something unexpected and amazing happened. The large pumpkin, upon which Maybelle was sitting, suddenly began to float up into the air and grow many times larger, glowing so orange that orange no longer even applies, oranger than any fruit or vegetable could ever be, oranger even than the politicians and celebrities down in the big city. It was the Great Pumpkin! He had heard her prayers and was coming to bless her! What joy of joys, night of nights! The witches shrieked, as only witches can, and tried to hop on their brooms and fly off; but the Pumpkin of pumpkins caught them in one of his outstretched vines and reeled them back in. He was shaking with rage, as Maybelle could feel beneath her many feet, and in one powerful curse he caused the whole coven to disappear. Maybelle, however, began to grow larger herself, and could feel some new power coursing through her limbs that had never been there before. And the Great Pumpkin said to her: "My faithful servant, you shall be given the key to many new things, but none so great as the nature of pumpkin-ness, an insight into my very soul. You shall be a mighty sorceress, with the power of thirty witches inside your hairy abdomen, unmatched by any other of your kind. And you shall have my love, my sweet Maybelle." Maybelle heard and was overjoyed. She remained all that night and the next, and an entire week, in the tender embrace of the Great Pumpkin, and at the end of the week she cooked him into a pie and ate him. Now she has the power of thirty witches and the Great Pumpkin within her, and no one can ever create a pumpkin pie better than hers, who knows everything, and I mean everything, in every way, about pumpkins. _________________________________________________________________________ .................................................................................................................................................. Thanks for looking! C&C welcome.
  7. On behalf of the Resistance: The Proposal of the Spiderwitch After the events of the previous two builds (here and here), the Spiderwitch, intent on winning the pumpkin pie contest, at long last decided to emerge from her darkened lair to pay a visit to Lord Raavage, the contest judge. The Lord of Darkness, Raavage himself, had left the towering edifice of the Black Spire to go visiting some of his other fortresses, and in late October decided to stop by the halls of Ereknydd Castle, home of General Skellek, the great Drow warleader. A great feast was held in Raavage's honor, with many guests invited, including some Hand members, dark dwarves, witches, and the odd goat-wolf-man. The wine flowed as freely as the tears of the Avalonian elf kept in the cage by Raavage's spiky throne. Suddenly, a loud knock on the doors of the great hall echoed through the chamber. The massive portals swung open, revealing a quartet of low orcs bearing a giant, delicious-smelling pumpkin pie on a bier. After depositing their burden on the table the orcs left in a hurry, leaving the doors open in their haste. A silence hung through the hall as all of the guests smelling the savory scents began to salivate. Suddenly, out of the pie, burst the figure of a woman, all blue and scantily clad with seductive head tails dangling behind her. She emerged from the pie and began dancing her way towards the steps and the throne of Lord Raavage. Raavage, entranced by her beauty, stood to greet her, meeting her halfway. While everyone was enraptured by the woman, a mysterious form, the Spiderwitch herself, crept into the hall and began to descend from the high rafters. She plopped her hairy black body down beside the throne of the Lord of Nocturnus, who was startled by her sudden presence and leapt back into the seat he had vacated when the blue woman had approached him. The seductress was standing calmly on the steps, waiting for the business of the witch to finish. The guests all eagerly watched to see what might happen next. A stillness hung over the hall as the Spiderwitch and the Lord stared at each other, wits matched in a mental game of chess. Finally the Spiderwitch smiled broadly and gestured at the pie and the woman. "Eat your fill, My Lord, it is all yours," she said. "And when you are finished with both, I shall be waiting for you in your chambers. You see, it has been many years now since my husband died, and I have been so very, very lonely at night, needing the strong embrace of a powerful and virile man. Will you marry me, Lord Raavage?" "What if I say no?" asked Raavage, a hint of nerves appearing in his voice for the first time as he pulled back from the many hairy spider legs. "You have two choices, My Lord," replied the Spiderwitch. "Either award me victory for my pie, or be my husband. Of course, I would prefer both..." The End. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ........................................................................................................................................................................................ The build with no figures: Thanks for looking! C&C welcome!
  8. HALLOWEEN IS AROUND THE CORNER... AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? SPOOKY FUN FOR EVERYONE!!! Over the years I have taken my time to diligently archive many of the LEGO Halloween & Monster sets ever released. I have also made 2 videos: one outlining the history of Halloween sets released by TLC and another counting down the top 10 creepiest, spookiest, scariest, sets. Both videos come with bonus content. I understand the Halloween history one speeds too fast. If it gains traction I'll upload a slower version. You may access these cool videos and sites through the links found in my signature below. Please enjoy them and have a Happy Halloween!
  9. When I found my Fright Knights Witch and the body of a dragon through a garage-sale bag of pieces, I was very excited! I love witches, and to have the first one ever made by LEGO was very special. Once I gave the dragon some wings and a tail, I wanted to give the Witch (who has too many regional names) a vehicle. I deliberately made this build very simple, and I tried to use mostly pieces available when the Fright Knights theme was made. My inspiration came from the large inverted "bowl" piece used in the 6037 Witch's Windship set. I took the piece in a different direction, and saw it as the basis of a giant cauldron! I decided to chain her pet dragon to the front. The front of the carriage has an ornamental spider (the Witch's symbol) and a crystal ball. Creating the arched "handle" was a challenge, until I found the black rubber hose pipe! The interior of the carriage is slightly plush, and is lined with shelves of potions. Perhaps Willa has a delivery service, or just takes them wherever she goes. The wheels don't fit directly next to each other, so one pair had to be offset. I rather like the effect, though. There's a spooky surprise on the undercarriage! Although this is probably my most basic MOC ever, it's one of my favorites. I knew once I came up with the concept for a cauldron carriage, I had to make it, and I like the authentic look delivered by the simplicity and limited parts choices. Let me know what you think! (Just for fun, here's two generations of red-and-black mages. They go so well together!)
  10. Tree houses are fun to design, aren't they?
  11. Burning at the Stake!

    I thought I'd show you this little Moc I whipped up. I was reading a book, and it talked about this, and then the ideas clicked and became reality! Bunring at the Stake 008 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Bunring at the Stake 002 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Bunring at the Stake 004 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr
  12. !n the dark of Augmar

    The dark of Augmar is stuff out of childrens ghost stories, the places that kids get dared to go and are threatened with as punishments for wrongs. Liliandra has found it the best place to settle, very quiet and away from everything apart from the nature. different nature to what most would fancy. the old druid is about to get a visitor. Gladia, asking for her daughter, Brianas hand... well here I am, haven't been building much, haven't had the time and ive had my lego packed up anyway but heres something :) enjoy!