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  1. MaasEffekt

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hello! How are you all doing fellow varlyrians? Sorry about my inactivity, but i am not at home, so i do not have Lego with me. Just in my heart. If everything goes well, i will be at home late June, and will start building and storytelling...
  2. MaasEffekt

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Don't know it yet. If i can come up with a good idea, i might. Thinking...
  3. MaasEffekt

    Prelude: Northern Conversation

    I love this interior, and colors! Congrats! Very nice!
  4. Thank you! I love that "blazing orange".
  5. MaasEffekt

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hello! My new moc for the Guild Challenge 2E Varlyrio Scenery - Sunken City. Hope you like it!
  6. Hi there! Would like to present my third (already?) moc for the Varlyrio Guild Challenge. It is for 2E: Varlyrio Scenery - Sunken City. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ah, it's you again! How do you blewe? You are becoming kind of a regular in these waters. Float a little bit closer, and i am going to share a secret with you! Can you keep a secret? Of course you cannot! However, it is imperative that i fin you in. Sooner or later, you would notice it anyway. Are you ready? Once upon a tide, long after mer folk moved into Lorelei Loch, they discovered something that completely changed our fate. They found a mersterious pond, filled with magic. In all likelihood, it is a consequence of centuries of magic used to make Horthol, the Sunken City liveable. All the preternatural powers the kolgari and others casted into the environs, somehow cumulated and made this supernatural pool. We named it "Brunnen der Veränderung" in our tongue- the "Well of Transformation" or something like that is the direct translation, but you mer friend can just simply call it the "Spring of Styx" on your common drylander language. Styx was the name of the mergygur who swam across it first. I mean a female finvolk. A nixe. A male is called a nix by the way. WoT01 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr Okay, okay, i won't swim around the kelp anymore! The place can transmute mervolk into surface strollers, and back. All hail Pontus! Now, what do you say about that?! I might add, mer folk weren't very enthusiastic to go dry, but it was too great of an opportunity to just ignore it. It was a small step for mer, one giant leap for merkind. The kolgari helped us a lot to acclimate, and we had the chance to meet a lot of other dust dwellers, who lived in- and around the Sunken City. I mean, we knew these people before, but now it was from a totally different perspective. Mer folk, the mervolk stood on two legs. It wasn't easy at first, but we learned a lot, and gained not less. We looking at the drylanders differently. I know, i know, we still don't fancy them. But it was worse in the past. Let mer hear your questions! I can see it in your eyes, you have some. No, it seems it won't work on other beings. Some kolgari, and non- elves jumped into the well before, but nothing happened, except they became wet. Don't have the slightest idea, why it is only working on us. I can tell you fish don't grow legs neither, if we carry them through. Who? Children of Ceto? They didn't try it yet, as far as i know. Wanted to persuade Octavia to give it a shot, but she wasn't so eager, so i let it go. Where is the well? Well, it can be found in an extraordinary place called Eventide Forest by the Kolgari. Huge dread ash, and midnight maple trees. Dread ashes with their dark red leafs, and orangish flowers. It has also a yellow fruit, the curvy finger. I like it very much, but the webbed winged filcher- which is a smaller flying animal- usually steals most of them. Oh, i saw some different dryland animals too! Well, partially dryland. There was the sun anuran- a very rare frog, and the mavros ophidian. Be careful with that sneaky serpent! Oh, and the drop skorp! That is especially a nasty one, when jumps from the tree into your hair! Lunacy! There were other animals too, like bugs! Big, ugly bugs! When i first saw them, i almost went back underwater immediately... WoT04 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr But we intend to stay above ground with this conversation for a bit more! Be nice now, because i would like you to meet a friend of mine. She is mer "link". Traditionally, when a marmennill, or margygur enters the surface world for the first time, the kolgari assign an aid/ guide to the new fin on the block. We call this person "link". A connection with the surface world. Her name is Coventina, and she is a kolgari circe- a sorceress, so do not offend her because you might find yourself in the shape of any aforemertioned creepy- crawly... May the water flow with you! WoTWP by Erhard Maas, on Flickr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More pictures can be found in my Flickr album.
  7. MaasEffekt

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    We could use this, if we want an animal. Some kind of bird. It is two sided like a coin. Like Varlyrio. Beautiful, but got a dark side too.
  8. MaasEffekt

    Murder at the Golden Flag Inn

    I like your builds. Nice! Congrats! More and more Varlyrio builds pop up these days. Cool! "Bribe the dwarves. Impress the goblin clans. Find the elusive Kolgari elves. It won't be easy, but it will be safer there until this dies down." It is safer there, i promise...
  9. MaasEffekt

    Varlyrio Guild Challenge 1B: Daughter of Ceto

    Hey! Thanks! Hello! Thanks! Glad you like it! I will try to build a 16x16 moc next time- for the Guild Challenge of course. Hi! Thank you! I am still adjusting to this underwater stuff, so i will try to find the balance for the surroundings. Greetings! Thanks very much! I am a fan of the bright colors, but also know that i have to be careful, and keep a healthy contrast with another darker one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you guys think about the plants are leant one way? I've tried to represent an underwater current with that.
  10. MaasEffekt

    Varlyrio Guild Challenge 1B: Daughter of Ceto

    Hello! Thanks! You are right! I do not know why i built it on the blue plate. Never did it before, never will again. I realized i screwed up with that move, when i took the photos. I redid the whole thing without the blue plate. I also retook the photos. Updated the original post. For my sins, and laziness i will kneel on Lego bricks for three days. Hi! Thank you!
  11. MaasEffekt

    Fishery and Shrine at Prenmôr

    Nice moc you got there! Congrats! All hail Neptune!
  12. MaasEffekt

    Varlyrio Guild Challenge 1B: Daughter of Ceto

    Hello! Thanks! The lime kraken legs part is from the Alien Conquest theme. The Alien Commander minifig used it. There is also a dark red version of it from the Atlantis theme. The Atlantis Squid Warrior. Mainly i collect minifigures, so i do not have a lot of bricks- nor a lot of money for bricks, but i don't want to make mocs with LDD, because i like the real world Lego more. Of course sometimes i am using the LDD to make plans for a build. As for the unusual colors, i have a lot of "Nocturnus colors", so i am trying to use those to create this Sunken city underwater atmosphere- habitat. So these are the reasons why i think i have to focus on creating vignettes, and other small builds. And as a beginner builder, i have to start small. I was thinking about some microbuilds too, for the future. No, i am not a native speaker. My native is hungarian, but i have a passion for English (started to learn about 20- 25 years ago maybe). Also one of my hobbies is writing- in hungarian. One of my English teachers- who liked my English writings too, told me that non- native speakers think differently, so their writing style can be very unusual in a good way.
  13. Hello! Thanks! Yeah, i was thinking the same about underwater builds. They are hard. I guess i've made my life complicated with the underwater stuff. Will do my best to create some nice mocs. I hope one day i will get the trans- blue dolphin too. Hi! Thank you! I love creating lore and stuff. Greetings! Thanks! I think so too. We can always use more diversity. There were water related species in Nocturnus too. The spoooky Drakarkan, and the Shkcklyk. But other than them, i could not find anything, so i went with the mervolk. But it is hard to build underwater stuff. I realized it after my decision. Hello! Thanks very much! I am glad you liked it! Hiya! Thank you! I am, and will try to use unusual stuff to represent the waters under the Sunken city and stuff. So it won't be just a normal underwater scene. Also have a plan on how to integrate the mervolk into Varlyrio's everyday life. Hi! Thanks! I will try! At the moment I am better at writing (i think), than building, so will give you people some lore, that is for sure. Yes, i intentionally used the same colors. Yeah, i need to work on my rock works and stuff.