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  1. MaasEffekt

    Laesonar's Saga Ep. 8 - Laelariel City Hall

    Very nice building, and beautiful colors, and shapes! Congrats!
  2. MaasEffekt

    Challenge I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa

    Whoa! This is why i love Lego, and EB, and GoH.
  3. MaasEffekt

    GoH Book III

    Thanks for the tips guys! First i wanted to join Kaliphlin- even built a sigfig that i liked, and made some BL orders. But then suddenly i had a new idea, so i went with it and joined Varlyrio, with a completely different fig.
  4. MaasEffekt

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hello! I was a proud nocturnian during Book II. My nocty character will live there happily ever after, and i would like to join Varlyrio with a new character, if it is possible. You can call him Ein for now. I let him tell the introduction.: - Many- many tides ago, there was Erda. The dust dwellers call it Varlyrio, or was it Valrylio, or Varilyo? Well, it doesn't really matter! Erda it is named in our ancient tongue. Two lands, one with an inland sea, what was known as Kalypsō. That is where our ancestors were born, in the beautiful city of Tethys. The water was crystal clean, and warm. Full of life in it, and in its vicinity. The drylanders didn't bother us much. Our neighbours, and distant relatives the Kolgari lived close by. Sometimes dwarves came to trade goods, and news in return for the fruits and rare treasures of the deep. Other than that no two legged people dared to walk those lands, and swim or sail those waters. Life was good, because the water was good! Then out of the blue, cataclysm hit! Erda quaked, cracked, and shattered, deadly gases leaked from the deepest parts of the underworld into the waters, and up in the air. Soon, Tethys was destroyed. As the ground opened, most of Kalypsō drained. Ran down into a cavern that might wasn't even there before. Many of our volk swam for the last time that day, crashed on the rocks by deadly currents, or swallowed by hazardous maelstroms, engulfed by the abyss. But others survived and just let the flow to take care of them. The water takes, but it always brings. So, they found themselves in this huge new cave, in a subterranean lake fed by underground rivers, and hot springs regularly. Other survivors of the catastrophe arrived too! Even the Kolgari couldn't continue their lives on the surface. They moved into this great cavern, we call Horthol. Those were hard times on them, and on our volk. On everybody, who found refuge there. Magic was used on a daily basis to help establish a new life. The Kolgari built an amazing place, what is known in the legends as Sunken City. We built our new home, the magnificent city of Thalassa, on the bottom of the lake we know as Lorelei Loch. We were lucky. Very lucky to survive. Water is vital for all of the beings. With the new place, came new discoveries. Ones that changed the fate of our volk forever. Found waterways which connected our new home with the vast water Ōkeanós, so some of our brave ancestors departed. Ōkeanós... The final frontier. Those were the longest voyages of our volk. Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life, and new civilizations, to boldly swim, where none one has swam before. To find new adventures, to meet never seen distant relatives. We also met new creatures, for example the Children of Ceto emerged from the depths of Lorelei Loch. Some of them were friendly, others are not so much. Water can be wild. Recent times, the surface strollers constantly grew in numbers. Not just in Erda. Don't have much respect towards the land, towards anything! They spill, and drink the waters, even fighting over it! Kill, murder for it! Sometimes they contaminate the wells, springs, rivers, and oceans! Litter the whole world! All that matters to them, is what can they take, what can they destroy! Almost always at war, those dryskins! Want power more, and more. Want everything! It is never enough! They know nothing! Nothing yet... Our volk are everywhere. We are watching. Where water is, there are we. Water is life, so we are! You cannot crush water, so you cannot crush us. We were here before you, and will be after you. We are the Elves of the Blewe! I hope it is okay.
  5. MaasEffekt

    GoH Book III

    Hello! Do we know which active guild is the least populous these days? I was a proud nocturnian during Book II., but now i might create a new character and join a different guild.
  6. MaasEffekt

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 4: Mophet - stable

    Lovely moc! My sigfig really needs to visit Kaliphlin one day!
  7. MaasEffekt

    [MOC]Patrol on the old roads

    Very nice! Congratulations!
  8. MaasEffekt

    Of Dragons and Druids: Ch. 1

    Nice stuff as always! Congratulations! Suspicious! Be wary people of Historica! This guy is shady! Let's sum it up! He came from a galaxy far, far away... Some kind of magic user. Impersonating a druid, tricks an elvish princess to fall in love with him. Immediately befriends the young and probably impressionable queen of Historica. Now, basically tells the Avalonian lords what to do, and when. Came with nothing, now he has big estate in the Mystic Isles, elvish wife, children, power, dwarves to do his bidding, and DRAGONS! Did i mention dragons, magic, elves? Plans to corrupt Varlyrio in the near future, and most importantly the Sunken City too! Probably wants the elvish stuff from there! Already been in the huge library of Hesperia! Who knows what he "borrowed" from there. It is a conspiracy! He wants to rule Historica, i bet! Not to mention this.: The Grand Griffon Tavern by Henjin_Quilones, on Flickr "Our queen" and her trusty friends! No yellow people there! Suspicious... Nocturnus is watching YOU!
  9. MaasEffekt

    What did you buy today?

    I didn't buy a Lego set for about a year, but today i bought this.: 72002_altpic_1 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr
  10. MaasEffekt

    The Kinslaying At Aqualonde

    Wonderful moc! Congratulations! I love The Silmarillion!
  11. MaasEffekt

    [Moc] Black Smith

    Love it three!
  12. MaasEffekt


    Beautiful! I like it very much! Congrats! Nice color variations! I like those white- blue flags hanging from the wall!
  13. MaasEffekt

    [MOC] King's Reinforced Mountain Fortress

    Hello! I love this! Amazing classic feel! If it was an Ideas set, i would buy it immediately!
  14. Thanks @Basiliscus! The Sunken City residents are looking good! My nocty character even looks something similar to some of those kolgari elves. Maybe i can continue his story in that direction, and visit Varlyrio someday.