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  1. Gary The Procrastinator

    Adventurer's Autogiro

    Sweet! The idea and execution are wonderful. I particularly like the size and shape of the fuselage; I see so many aircraft built too small for realism. If I may make a suggestion, tile those rotors. Those studs may preserve the toyness, but remember the rotor blades are what provides primary lift and with studs they wouldn't lift a thing
  2. Gary The Procrastinator

    Troll Castle

    Wow, only just now saw this, superb! Obviously the rough wall techniques are top notch, but I am loving that terrain most of all. I would not have thought that sand blue would work out so well, but there it is, lovely!
  3. Gary The Procrastinator

    Tlachtli; The Aztec Game

    Great forced perspective here, and the various techniques and action are top notch! Unless I am mistaken, you definitely did not want to lose this game...the losing team usually got the chop!
  4. Gary The Procrastinator

    [MOC] Medieval Square

    Well done! I like the angled buildings to form a wider square, and the Shakespeare Twins entertaining the crowd
  5. Gary The Procrastinator

    Victorian Vampire Mansion

    Wonderfully done and appropriately spooky. Love that dark orange
  6. Gary The Procrastinator

    Johnny Thunder and the Lost Tomb of Ramesses VIII

    Thanks so much Brick Jagger, much appreciated! Thank you GM, terrain is a specialty of mine So kind of you Peppermint, very much appreciated and yes hopefully another one soon.... Thank you Robert, it is good to be building again. Now if I can get everything sorted out... Thank you BL & Zed, very kind of you to say. Thank you Robin. Those ones are from the brief Pharaohs Quest run featuring Jake Raines. I think it only ran one year. Thank you Duxx. For the pillars with gold plates of jewels, I ran out of gold plates, LOL! So that gold scorpion was a temp solution until I could get another after Brickfair. There are 4 now and this one has yellow jewels.
  7. Gary The Procrastinator

    1930 Rolls Royce Condor AV

    Very cool, original idea, and well-executed. I hear Lord Sam Sinister is planning on placing an order
  8. "Crikey, that old Ramesses VIII is a possessive undead kind of bloke...after all, he wasn't much a pharaoh anyway, only ruled a'd think he wouldn't miss a little thing, like his personal rude of him to sick his Guard Mummies on me! Let's hope Gail has the old ute cranked up or this could get a bit dicey..." Thus ends my darkest of Dark Ages, with the largest Adventurers build I have ever done. I have been dormant for over two years, having gone through some unpleasant RL issues, including an empty nest. I didn't grow up with LEGO, we couldn't afford it, but when my own kids were 6 and 3 years old, LEGO was an active way to play and connect with them. The LEGO series we enjoyed the most was Adventurers, which was having its last run at the time, the wonderful Orient Expedition. Both my boys are grown up now and moved out, but what better way to wake up from my LEGO lethargy than to return to the series with a Johnny Thunder build in Egypt. I used way too many tan masonry bricks...a total of 400, I think! That is what happens when you have not built in a while I guess... This was built for Brickfair Virginia to go along with WAMALUG's Pharaoh's Labyrinth. It is modular and allows for expansion on both levels. My favorite part of this build was using the Brick, Modified 1 x 1 with Scroll with Open Stud as paws for the lion heads. I haven't seen that before in other builds, so it might be new technique, not sure. Being a history buff, I couldn't help but insert it a little even into this build; Ramesses VIII was a real Pharaoh who only ruled for a year and is the only one of his dynasty who's tomb has not been found. Except by Johnny Thunder, of course! The back comes off for modularity. If I ever decide to build more here... That is a not-so-secret compartment that opens up... And of course you must have the hot girl in a sport utility vehicle (known as a Ute in Johnny's native Australia)... So that is my return to the AFOL world. I hope to build more later in the year, and for next year it is back to Historical builds Cheers everyone, happy building!
  9. Gary The Procrastinator

    (MOC) The Elvan Seaport of Elvadion

    Saw this in person at Brickfair, fantastic! A beautifully composed and built MOC. You perfectly captured the vibe of LEGO Elves. My congratulations!
  10. Gary The Procrastinator

    [MOC] Aztec Pyramid

    Well done all around. Good form and composition, accurate to the real Aztec pyramids too. The vegetation is superb.
  11. Gary The Procrastinator

    [MOC] Historic mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Eomers Hideout is your first MOC in 20 years?!?!? Holy buckets that is great for a first MOC with all the new parts and techniques! Congratulations, these are great works for a pro, let alone someone coming out of a 20 year Dark Age. (Now thats a Dark Dark Dark Age!!!)
  12. Gary The Procrastinator

    LEGO Pirates Display

    Just now saw this. Awesomeness!! Really love the above and below water level split, well done!
  13. Gary The Procrastinator

    6276 Eldorado Fortress Micro

    Welol done vitreolum, your usual awesomeness!
  14. Gary The Procrastinator

    [MOC] Rumrunner's Isle

    Well done. Excellent terrain and making the MOC appear to be the remnants of an old shipwreck.
  15. Gary The Procrastinator

    The Kinslaying At Aqualonde

    Took me a while to get around to seeing this, but it is superb. Composition, color and form all outstanding, congratulations!!