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Found 2 results

  1. Deep in the Akhenaten delta, some tribes live almost entirely separated from the rest of Historica. One of those tribes are the Jakw-ar. Not much is known about them as few have encountered them and lived to tell about it. They are believed to be fierce warriors that use the swamps as their hunting ground.
  2. Ferro Azure, 616 AE, March Colonel Asiago Cesaro and two of his men, Marco and Juevo, were on patrol-duty in the dense rainforests of Ferro Azure, not far off the island's coastline. Securing the newly claimed island was not always an easy task. And who were they doing it for anyways? The MCTC, that paid their loan? The king? The viceroy? Their families, their children at home? For justice or honour? He didn't know. The heat was sweltering in the moist forests. As usual vapor rised from the ground. But... was that really usual? "Is this smoke ahead of us?", Marco asked. "Naw, stop joking, there is no smoke but evaporating water here. Come, take a sip of that water", Juevo replied. "No really, look, it's grey, that... really is not normal", Marco insisted. "So, you are the jungle expert now?", Juevo retorted. "No, I mean, I didn't say that... now come on...", Marco stammered. "Quiet!", Asiago hissed. He waved his hand, ordering his men to follow him. His men silently followed him, and after fifty to hundred metres the dense rainforest abruptly ended. Before them lay a barren wasteland of ashe and dust. Burnt treestumps and the last relics of majestic trunks littered the ground. They stood in shock, looking at the scene presenting itself ahead of them. At a field of 100 metres in length and twice that in width the forest had just been burnt to the ground. At the far end a group of six men in wild and colourful clothes lingered at a small campfire, having some food and drinks. At a burnt tree a man in blue and white had been bound, looking around in awe. A pirate flag was stuck in the ground next to the group. "Do not fear. Follow me", Asiago told his men, stepping out of the density of the forst onto the field of ashes within the forest. "Hey there", Asiago shouted, "what has happened here?!" "Oh look ye what we got 'ere, ya visitors?", a man clad in dark red with a wooden leg replied, standing up from the ground. "What has happened here?", Asiago insisted, stepping closer. "Ye wanna know, will ye? We've made us space here, see?", the man replied, dressing his pirate hat. "Space? You burnt the forest!!!", Asiago shouted. "Nice, ehr buddy, ain't it?", another pirate with a white head rag added, smirking. "Are you Sea Rats?!", Asiago asked. "Sea rats? Haha, ye hear that?", the man with the white head rag burst out laughing. "We ain't no stupid noble Sea Rats, pieces of crap, we are yer real pirates, not some whining crying babies, hear yer?!" "But why did you burn the forest?!", Asiago asked once more. The man with the pirate hat, clearly the leader of the group, gave him a deep loke before he replied. "Because we can", he said, not a sign of remorse in his icecold voice. Chills ran down Asiagos neck. But now he knew again why he was here. It was not for the king, nor for the MCTC, nor the viceroy, nor his glory, his mother or his wife or his kids. "FOR ESLANDOLA", Asiago shouted, engaging the battle against the pirates! Few minutes later the battle was won. While the heroic Eslandolan bravery of Asiago, Marco and the now dead Juevo had started the assault, the tides of the battle only turned when a group of natives joined the fight, assaulting the pirates with bow and arrow from the cover of the jungle first, but then entering melee with javelin, knife and axes, quickly felling all pirates. The men were dressed in light leather, some with feathers in their hair. There were five of them, all with long black hair and black beards (if any). None of them spoke the common tongue, but it was evident that they had witnessed the brave attempt of the Eslandolans to revenge the destruction of the forest and bring justice to the country. While Eslandola had lost a brave soldier named Juevo, they had surely won an ally in the natives that day. Additionally the man at the fire turned out to be a high Oleander officer who was shipwrecked shortly after leaving the Île de Zeus and had barely made it to the island in a small boat, before he had quite immediately been captured by the pirates. He expressed his gratitude, promising Asiago that he was in his and Eslandolas debt. More pictures of the whole scene: The Eslandolans: The pirates: The Natives hiding in the jungle: