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Found 6 results

  1. Zotharith: The outskirts Zotharith lies on the borderline of a mountainous river valley and a vast swampland. Its foundation was laid on the more solid, rocky banks, where the core business activities take place. As more newcomers settle, the city's residential area expands into the marshes. Some of the newcomers develop into powerful mages, gaining wealth and status so they can find themselves a home on the banks. Others remain in the swamps, becoming farmers, fishermen or craftsmen. To prevent demographic segregation from getting out of hand, a proportion of mages is assigned to live among these commoners. Aside from supervising and peacekeeping in these communities, they offer protection to the outer domains of Zotharith, which are under constant threat of the surrounding Darklands. When the time came for Exetrius to move out of the house, he was free to pick whichever place in the city he desired, on the condition that his father would arrange the house. Instead of living in the middle of the - slightly posh - hustle and bustle of the city, Exetrius chose to take up guardian duties in the relatively relaxed suburbs. However, he had thought he was the only protector of the neighborhood, until one fateful day... ... when the real warden returned! Exetrius had been tricked! Damn father, always pulling jokes and messing with him from the shadows! Or was he playing the over-protective parent? Alternatively, he might even be questioning Exetrius' capability to handle these guardian responsibilities, because what responsibility is there left to take when the real warden is the second mage in the Order of Zotharith, of all people? It would probably be the last neighborhood bandits would dare lay a finger on... One day, his father would pay for this... But that was months ago. In time, it became clear that his fellow warden was always on the move for quests, thus giving meaning to Exetrius' duties. Ultimately, he served a purpose and his new home was rather comfortable, so overall he could live with the situation. Hello guys! Though this is not a real Saga episode, I wanted to provide some sigfig-related context. It's my largest GoH creation to date, and another one expanding Zotharith. Hopefully, you enjoyed! More pics can be found here on my Flickr seen below. C&C always appreciated! Edit: Additional pics:
  2. Beneath the Zotharian city hall lays a secret, safeguarded chamber with thick, reinforced walls. The chamber is said to contain Zotharith's most prestigious projects. Ten days or so ago, Onicius locked himself in this place, only to be disturbed by those delivering either food or materials, twice a day. He has been tinkering on an immensely complicated magical device. The process from idea, to working out the design, and building took months, but now, it is nearing completion... Onicius calls it the Arcane Regulation Core (ARC), which will eventually enable him to control arcane magic flows on a whole different level. The wheels of fate are slowly starting to turn! Hello guys! I had this build in mind for the Exetrius Saga for half a year or so, but I thought it would be a fitting entry to the Challenge as well, so built it earlier then I originally planned to. Turned out fine in my opinion, even though I had to rush the base. Hope you enjoyed, C&C always appreciated!
  3. Exetrius Saga 1: Fallen leaf 2: Message in Kyrrath 3: Equipment upgrade 4: Subjection of a legend 5: Family Dinner 6: Attack of the Hunters 7: Taking the Runestone 8: Supplies Arrive! 9: Festival of the Ranks (part 1) 10: Festival of the Ranks (part 2) 11: Festival of the Ranks (part 3) 12: The ranks are out! Episode 13: Taking a stand, for Nocturnus! Three weeks ago, a messenger from the west brought the word of the new heir of Cedrica to Zotharith. The prevailing mood was positive, but some warrior folk and a couple of small bounty hunters groups were clearly displeased with the unfaithfulness to the rightful ruler of the land, Lord Raavage. His influence in Zotharith had been minor up to this point, since its existence had been little known by the non-magical society. That is bound to change, for a city that is continuously growing in size, prosperity and strength... In the heart of the city hall, also known as Zotharith Headquarters, Onicius was leading a periodic council gathering. Onicius Minister of the Department of Magic, please fill me in on the latest developments of the crystal reserves. Have the stocks recovered from Festival of the Ranks yet? Durkon (Minister) Your highness! The total volume of crystals is exceeding the last recorded level, before the Festival of the Ranks, by one fifth. However, two thirds of this total volume consists of mere red crystals. I estimate that the total mana capacity will be around 62.500 equivalent spells, which is a decrease of two fifths. On a more positive note, we once again created purple crystals, which means that it should be possible to reach the power level of... Onicius I assume the matter is urgent? Damascian (Messenger) Sir! My apologies for interrupting the Council. In the town of Carakath, a dark figure, who claimed to be an archmage of the Black Spire, gave me this letter. I heard they have been recruiting lately... Onicius Thank you for your duties, Damascian, take a seat. As for the rest of this council gathering, we will continue at a later time, you are dismissed! The councillors quietly left the room. Onicius took the letter and looked at the seal, it was genuine... He went into cold sweat, put the letter aside for a moment. He took a deep breath, opened it and started reading. "... By order of His Majesty, Lord Raavage, rightful Ruler of all Nocturnus, each settlement in the Darklands is obligated to send armed and trained troops on His call. ... Zotharith is requested to deliver an army of 500 worthy men, trained and equipped. ... Any resistance shall be obliterated under His own hands. Hail Nocturnus!" It was as he feared... Onicius Damascian, summon the Order of Zotharith, whoever is in the city right now! General Zeruko, Taskmaster, 1st and 2nd Division commanders, Lady Asagrim, Ryo, my son, wherever he is hanging out these days... Also, I want Durkon to be chronicler of this gathering. ... This is of utmost importance, be quick! Two hours later, everyone had assembled in the overcrowded conference room. Onicius recited the letter. After the tumult had subsided, he continued. Onicius My esteemed fellow wizards in the Order of Zotharith, gentlemen, ladies. Lend me your wisdom! Today's decisions will inevitably carve out our fates, even that of the city itself. Give me a piece of mind. Zeruko was the first to speak. Zeruko First of all, an army of 500 strong is ridiculous! Theoretically, we would have enough men, but what would that mean for the city? Farmers, tradesmen, fishermen; they would become soldiers, but soldiers don't feed themselves. Kira Derisquar How about the equipment: helmets, chestplates, swords... iron, barracks, everything! Our resources are gravely insufficient to support an army that large, am I wrong? Ryo Kokoro Can't you use magic for that or something? Zeruko Look kid, it's not that simple. You need... The discussion was getting out of hand and everyone was talking at the same time. Onicius SILENCE! ... Alright, continue. Exetrius Eh.. If I may say something? .. Let us start with our motives. Is there anything we can gain from having Lord Raavage as our ally? Zeruko Our motives? I suppose we want to save our pride, Zotharith, from complete devastation.. We built this city with our own hands, a place where we can all research the ways of magic to our hearts content and become powerful wizards! This is our home, is it not? We may not be rich, but we have powerful knowledge, which we must protect from falling into the wrong hands. Exetrius Then, is it right to entrust Raavage with this knowledge? Sooner or later he will certainly find out that the true power of Zotharith is magic, if he doesn't know already. Deliora Asagrim Lord Raavage already holds a vast amount of power, but he craves for more. In his vanity, he would slay anything and everything that stands up to his ultimate dominance. Mark my words: Raavage will take down his strongest allies, one by one. It happened to Covenant Lord Anfauglir, and the same fate will befall the others; the Algus, the Drow and eventually the Archmage Senurhem... It would happen to us as well. Onicius But, even if Raavage himself will try to take our power for himself, perhaps we can at least retrieve knowledge and power of his allies for our own benefit. Imagine the incredible advancements we could make, if we were to lay our fingers on Drow magic, or Algus... Deliora Asagrim With all due respect, Sir, but do you really think, there will still be a 'we' after our submission to the Spire? He will shatter our unity! When we are all on our own, what would happen to our ambitions? Our powerlessness as isolated individuals would break our spirit. Fear, despair and the terror of war will bring us to our knees, enslave us to the iron will of Raavage, until all that's left of us are shells without soul. Are we going to accept this rotten destiny? NO! We must join the Resistance! Onicius Thank you, Lady Asagrim. .... I have made up my mind. We shall protect our city, not only for our own sake, but for the fate of Nocturnus! Henceforth, I, Onicius Centario, Leader of the Order of Zotharith, will ensure that Zotharith becomes the most powerful Resistance stronghold of Nocturnus! All Hail Zotharith! Hail the Resistance! Hail Nocturnus! To be continued.... in the next episode: Ride through Nocturnus Hello everyone, here's a pretty small MOC with a pretty big story! Altogether, it took me long enough, so I hope you enjoy! Anyway, now that the epic revelation is done, I can finally do my Cat. A: Rider build without spoiling the fun. Thank you for viewing/reading, C&C appreciated! Oh, I also took an overview shot, I know some of you can appreciate :
  4. Somewhere in the marshy outskirts of Zotharith... Ryo Kokoro leaves his home to attend an important meeting. ====================== Hi guys! I was visiting my friend, Jaapxaap, in the holidays. Of course, we wanted to build something, so we decided to do a collaborative build, to further expand the City of Zotharith. I was able to complete the house on the right just in time, except for a few smaller details. Credits to Jaap for the house on the left, the terrain and the photography! Building with Jaap's parts was great; currently, my own collection doesn't allow me to build even half of what you see here... Anyway, thanks for looking, C&C always appreciated!
  5. Exetrius Saga 1: Fallen leaf 2: Message in Kyrrath 3: Equipment upgrade 4: Subjection of a legend 5: Family Dinner 6: Attack of the Hunters 7: Taking the Runestone 8: Supplies Arrive! 9: Festival of the Ranks (part 1) 10: Festival of the Ranks (part 2) 11: Festival of the Ranks (part 3) Episode 12: The ranks are out! A month had past since the Festival of the Ranks took place. The celebration, which had fulfilled its purpose of answering the cravings for leisure of the city folk, was over. Revitalized, the people of Zotharith had slipped back into their usual, daily rhythms. The warriors and mages, on the other hand, had been less at ease, as the new rankings had not yet been established. Not all of them were able to participate in the festival's battles. Some were desperate to attract the attention of the Zotharian elite and prove their strength; recklessly accepting tasks beyond their capabilities and getting into unrequested duels with strong fighters. However, the occurrence of these events came to an end, as on this day, the new ranks were revealed. Following tradition, the 30 highest-ranked wizards and warriors were announced at the city square, by none other than Zeruko Urima. Exetrius attended the ceremony, like just about any other inhabitant of the city. Seeing the tables turn at the very top is always exciting! Afterwards, he went to the town hall, to check out the complete rankings. It turned out that he had climbed four places on the mage ranking, form 43rd to 39th, despite the fact that he hadn't won a magic combat match during the festival. He had also established a warrior rank: 121st place, which was a little underwhelming... Meanwhile, Yukino climbed an whopping 17 places, obtaining the 55th warrior rank. He went home, packed a bag, and set off for an afternoon training session in the forest, to get some piece of mind. On his way out of the city, Enzan Armafur, whom he had become friends with, caught up to him. Of course, there were important matters to discuss... Enzan Dude, have you seen Kira Derisquar today? She's hot! Exetrius Enzan, we've talked about this... But I'll tell you what's hot: the flames of my new spell, it's on fire! I'll show you in a moment. Enzan Hah, bring it on, I'll absorb them and fire them back at you and I will beat you! Exetrius Sure, I bet you can't! Afterall, I'm ranked more then ten places above you! Enzan You're pushing your luck... To be continued.... in the next episode: Taking a stand, for Nocturnus! Hi all, it's been a while since I've done a GoH build! I'm sorry that the build is unrelated to the story, but I've been wanting to physically expand the city of Zotharith, while I also really needed some story progression. This watchtower is found at the edge of the city, near the forest. More pictures can be found on my Flickr, thank you for viewing! As always, C&C appreciated!
  6. Exetrius Saga 1: Fallen leaf 2: Message in Kyrrath 3: Equipment upgrade 4: Subjection of a legend Episode 5: Family Dinner While testing new magic spells against opponents that actually rival your own strength is fun, it can’t compare to the pleasure of coming home after the job has been done, Onicius thought. The North of Mitgardia had been horribly cold and the way back wasn’t any better. Four days of almost continuous flight, through freezing winds, on the back of the reborn and therefore unpredictable dragon Fulminante. At the end of the journey, they descended from the clouds and were embraced by cushion of warm air. Swooshing through the valleys that lead to Zotharith; what a fantastic feeling… Katara Musei-Centario (mother) "Can I offer you the best of wine of the house, my dear?" The Centarios celebrate the reunion of the family with a festive dinner. Onicius reveals to his children the mysterious business adventure he had in the North, a story that took their breath away. Or maybe it's just the delicious rice meal that keeps them quiet... Exetrius reports his visit to aunt Alicia in the beautiful city of Kyrrath, and some other things he saw along the road. Onicius Centario "... Rambar Armafur, you say!? Are you absolutely sure that's what it read, my son? ..." Yukino, Exetrius' sister, chats with her mother about the martial arts training she had and gets updated about the latest news that has been carried to Zotharith from all across Nocturnus in the course of the last couple of months. Onicius Centario "Who wants a slice of mother's olive bread?" And the feast went on for several hours. However, the days of relaxation would be over quickly, since the Festival of the Ranks kicks off in only two weeks. Exetrius is determined to climb at least five places on the boards this year, but therefore he should start training shortly! To be continued.... in the next episode: Attack of the Hunters Yay for filler episodes! A fun build to do and this time I had some sort of infinity backdrop, which made editing a lot more pleasant. More colour corrections then usual, due to bad lighting. Character previews of the next episodes can be found on my Flickr, feel free to have a look. Thanks for reading/viewing, C&C much appreciated, as always!