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  1. Well, I am not very sure about few points here... -To say that other companies, such GoPro, fail in the same problem is, in my opinion, a weak argument. The solution, to me, should be to pose a complain to both companies instead of just asuming that "shit happens". -I also remember that it was stated that the aim was that a single Buwizz 3.0 would be able to handle 2 buwizz motors. You are of course right that that statement depends on the setup you are using. Probably me -and, as it looks like, other users too- assumed that that statement was true for relatively light models and with no up- or down-gearing. As I tend to make heavy MOCs, I normally use 2 Buwizz motors powere from 2 BuWizz 3.0. What I give to the BuWizz company is that, what I remember about this statement, is that it was said during the development phase; thus, I assume that they might not have reached that goal. But in such case, I would say that I am missing -again- an official communication about what it is achieved, and what it is not. -For me, the issue of the range is not critical, but I can understand that for several MOCrs, it is indeed crucial. For me, the major missing feature is the rotation control (but, obviuosly, it might not be the same for many others). -From my side, I am not boycotting the Buwizz company. Indeed, I considered to ask them to return the items, but in such case I assume I would need to pay for the shipping costs. Unfortunately, at least from here (Switzerland), it is not possible to internationally ship Li-Po batteries; thus, the only way is to do it via Fedex or similar, which is significantly expensive. In case that I have the opportunity to give them back -at the current status- I would ask for the money back. At the current situation, I see two aspects of concern. One is for those who have already purchased the BuWizz 3.0 and found that they did not delivered what they said it was going to be delivered. That is, considering the price of the BuWizz, quite frustrating -at least for me-. Many people here have been quite patient from the begining (just remember how long it took the Buwizz 3.0 to be delivered and when it was intended to be delivered) and also when we found that the released app was not working as it was intended. But I think that the patience of everyone has its limits. And beyond those limits, normally comes the frustration and deception. The second aspect of concern is for those who are potential buyers of the BuWizz. Well, for those, I think, the situation is easier: they can judge from the comments of the first group. Nevertheless, even with all this said, somehow, I still have a little hope that they will be able to deliver something better to what it is now. When? Well... let's hope is before Lego changes again their motor line! ;)
  2. @Zerobricks, I'm aware of your efforts, and, indeed, the absence of response is not my biggest complain. I think that, indeed, you do more than good here. Regarding communication, is true that a clearer and more frequent official updates from buwizz (not via this forum) is also missing, and indeed, pointed out by many buwizz customers. Personally, my disappointment goes more for the product/app delivery.
  3. Your have a point, @kbalage, even the Lego app is not the sharpest when controlling the rotation. Nevertheless, one thing is not been the best and other one is not being able to do it at all, which is the current state off the buwizz app. That's why, even being bulkier and releasing less power, I'm now using Lego technic hubs for my MOCs. I don't give up on buwizz, of course. I think there's a lot of potential on the unit. But, as I said, I have the feeling that they are not delivering what was stated. This is specially flagrant when taking into account the price of each of these units. At this moment, I think that the buwizz 3.0 is not worth the price by far. But I still hope that, at some point, it will do better. I'm not upset, just disappointed. It's up to each one to think what it worse.
  4. My major interest -which was said as a feature from the beginning- is to be able to control the rotation in a degree-wise form. I don't know how many times already buwizz users asked for this. Moreover, as others mentioned before, and to make it failsafe. There are other features that could be great, as the one you just mentioned, off being able to use a controller instead the phone... But this was not indeed described as a feature from the beginning, so I have to consider it as a plus... If it ever comes.
  5. This is indeed what I already did twice: onece 2 month ago, and other one this week. And both with same result: no answer. I share the feeling that BuWizz is an small company having a lot of obstacles along it's career. But I cannot avoid to feel a little disappointed with all this. From the beginning (the big delay in delivering the Buwizz units themselves) and with the following app development, I have the sentiment that the company is not being able to deliver what they claimed they were to. I have no doubt that the buwizz units deliver a ton of power, but it's a quite pricey stuff just to do that. For those that already have (and paid!) The Buwizz units, I also agree that, besides sending a message to the company, we cannot do anything else but wait. But it's also quite true, I think, that all these issues may have have an impact in the company's reputation as well as the future potential future buyers. At this moment, honestly, if a colleague ask me about buying it or not one of these units, I have to unfortunately to say that I'll strongly discourage him/her to do it. By now, my units are just at the end of the drawer, just waiting for any update, as, by now, I prefer to use other batteries or power suppliers that will do a more precise job with -this is also true- a significant cost in power delivery.
  6. Just got a 42009 for 20 CHF (=20 EUR). It misses the 2 thin liftarms of the hook...
  7. I have already started programming with Pybricks, and seems quite easier. What surprises me in the Lego software is that it is indeed posible to control several motors simoultaneously using block coding, but seems not that clear when coding in Python...
  8. I'll go through it! Many thanks!
  9. Hello everyone, I am starting my journey into programming the Lego mindstorms hub through python. At the moment, I am going through quite useful tutorials (https://antonsmindstorms.com/ and Creator Academy; thanks for the huge help!!!!). Next, I am wondering how to run more than one motors in parallel. My first attempt was the following: # Create your objects here. hub = MSHub() motorA = Motor("A") motorB = Motor("B") # Write your program here. motorA.set_default_speed(-50) motorB.set_default_speed(50) motorA.start() motorB.start() wait_for_seconds(1) motorA.stop() motorB.stop() So OK, with this I can run both at different speed, time and direction. Nevertheless, its control is via time, which might not be the most accurate way. Now I was wondering if there is a way to run more than one motors in parallel and run each of them, for example, X and Y degrees. Best and thank a lot in advance! H.
  10. I also experienced the same issue. In my case, I used a heavy model (circa 2000 pieces) with 2 buwizz units powering 2 buwizz motors. The motors had no gear reduction and the buwizz units shut down quite frequently. As @keymakersaid, apparently, the only solution at this moment is to gear the motors down...
  11. The only thing that I miss is that there's no long new 19x3 frames. I am not viewing any video of the set asi want to discover it by my self, with all the surprises that it comes with.
  12. This is simply amazing. Thanks a lot for dedicating time and effort for this: it truly helps for learn one nice way to bring MOCS to life!
  13. It's said in a description -i don't know where I read it- that it has just one motor. I think indeed is good enough: there's no need for more to make a cool model with cool functions, in my opinion.