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    Learn about basics and advanced skills for developing my own MOCs and enjoying from constructing other's MOCs.


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  1. HectorMB

    42114 VOLVO 6x6 Hauler problem

    I'm now assembling my Hauler. Indeed, it may be that at orange changeover catch. I found que easy to see that, as seen from the lateral, the catch meshes with the upper and lower axle, but it has to mesh as well with an axle at the same height than the catch, which controls two of the speeds of the gearbox. Sorry that the description may not be very clear, bit just keep in mind that the catch has to mesh with 3 axles, not only the most visible 2. How that it helps!
  2. Hi everyone, I just saw that in the BuWizz site there's a section for which would be the best color for the BuWizz 3.0. Nevertheless, is from almost 2 years ago. Is going to be a BuWizz 3.0? There's any new about it? Many thanks!
  3. HectorMB

    BuWizz stacking

    Hello, maybe is a very naive question but: if you stack two or more motors in the same output of a BuWizz hub, will you reduce the power sent to each motor (compared to having each motors attached separateledly)? Many thanks in advance! :)
  4. HectorMB

    Powered up vs. Mindstorms EV3

    Many thanks! All of this came because i had an offer (100 Euros for a complete EV3 kit) and i considered it. I also digged a little about what's spike prime, EV3 and the newcoming EV4. I think that, for now, i will exploit the possibilities from the PU HUB and the basic programing. Depending on how i go, i will jump into EV4, Spike PRIME.... Indeed, i am wondering what are the major differences between the -kind-of-old- EV3/NXT and the Spike PRIME. And, of course, still a lot of guessing about the EV4. :) H.
  5. Hello, I've being playing Lego (technic) for a while. Although I started when I was a kid, and motors where truly rare, I can see that nowadays motors and controllers are way more frequent. Indeed, I'm surprised with the potential of powered up motors and hub. Further, I'm getting curious about Mindstorms, but I would like to pose the question here before moving forward: Besides the hardware (i.e. the sensors), what you can do with Mindstorms (EV3) but not with PU? H.
  6. Hi, Just to avoid problems: the CADA set do NOT tether with the app, only the Mould King one. Furthermore, the CADA controller is on/off, means that there's no regulation of power. As far as I read the thread, no power control is possible with any of the kids, regardless of using the app or the controller.