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  1. Hi everyone, does someone has the 11L liftarm with alternating pin holes for Stud.io? I am making the instructions for a MOC and i do not find neither the way to do it myself or to find it somewhere else. Many thanks in advance! H.
  2. After some tests, i found that: -One of my bricks have issues with one port, and sometimes it doesn't work at all. The motor is fine (I tried with few different models with the very same result and tested that the motors works fine with the Lego technic hub). -After connection, but not moving anything the motors are still moving slightly. It is particularllly visible with the large angular motor. The moves are for and backwards and very small, but clear. Has someone else experienced something similar?
  3. I would be inclined for the Volvo hauler. Why? -Is not very expensive -has 3 different motors -Has 2 long actuators, which are always welcome. -The gearbox places this set not among those that are just a scafold with the motors in the closest location to the action Next, the Liebherr is a good option because the always mentioned good price for the number of PU elements. And, besides, is massive!
  4. I think in the short term, they may dont care much about the comments (even good or bad): the set is already released and it won't change a tiny thing. So, I think they may look only for publicity. On the other side, in the long run, they may gather the general most frequent comments in order to design new models... or at least this is what i would like to think! ;)
  5. In the last months my collection reached a point of which I think as the comments above: with a little "help" from bricklink, I can make a lot of models that I love without expending a huge amount of money. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of space for model display, so I usually have just 3 or 4 assembled... and the turnover time varies from 3-4 months to 3-4 days. So, for me, the 42131 is like other MOC: get the instructions, get some pieces, and have fun. In this regard, is just very good news. I think that for those looking for a great model to assemble and play (or leave in the shelf) and leave it assembled for a long time, the model has a high price (justified or not)... but it all depends on everyone's perspective! ;)
  6. Really nice review; as in others, I liked very much that's written and not in video (Sorry, I'm old school here...). About the price tag, I liked as well your comment and opinion, and seeing how excited you were during the building you ALMOST conviced me to get one. But, as you said, it is impossible to ignore the elephant ;).
  7. I'm afraid that's not possible, @pleegwat. The Avtoros is able to turn in regular ways and in crab mode too. This means that all the wheels should be able to turn. Turning the hub 90 degrees will restrict the movement only to the vertical for suspension.
  8. So, correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that we came to some sort of common point which is that the insanely expensive CAT11 (is a pretty high price, regardless the piece count, price per kilo or whatever) converted most of the lego sets in quite cheap ones. Honestly, for me lego sets are a hobby. And I hope it won't become something else than that. And for this kind of hobby, I think that 450 EUR is just too much. Other opinion that I have -and I have the impression that it is shared by some people in the forum- is that one set has to have very good reasons to overpass a 2500 piece count. Big red, for me, have plenty of good excuses for such piece count. Even the 42055. I think, sticking in that range, lego has still a huge potential to do amazing things, instead of making moles of sets that are impressive just because they are massive and looks nice in the vitrine. This applies for regular technic sets; the super cars are targeting other public, I think.
  9. In part, I agree with @Jim: The Zetros have 4 motors as well, 2000 pieces less, and 150 EUR less. This means that the 150 EUR accounts for the pieces count. Then, I also bring up the other good set this year, the 42128, which counts up to 2000 pieces, with no motors and a price of 150 EUR. So, basically, within this year, the CAT is on price (CAT = Zetros + 42128). nevertheless, the 42114 is very similar in piece count and only 1 less motor than the Zetros, and is significantly cheaper. Then, if we compare to the 42100, we lose all possible reference, as it was said all arun the forum, the 42100 leaves in a very bad position the CAT or the Zetros... and basically, any other PU-based set. Why? In my opinion, the 42100 and 42099 were introducing the PU motors, which implied a significant increase in price compared to PF sets. So TLG might have made with these two sets an "intermediate step" towards the final real price of the PU-based sets, which is what we are seeing nowadays. Conclussion: if you want PU motors, grab one 42100 before is gone. If you want pieces, then go for old models. If you want new pieces, then you have to pay the price either of the new sets or bricklink. The downside for me of all of this is precicely that: it makes sense. TLG is taking a direction of increasing an already expensive toy because, basically, the public still pays for it. Unfortunately, that means that a lot of people will give up on lego, but little will change company-wise.
  10. I have to say that the twisted 6L link is quite handy...
  11. I meant the 6L link, sorry! I'm getting old and my memory fails! >_<
  12. Using the 42099 setup you may link the 5L link to the axle hole of the steering rack, solving the 1-extra stud width, I think (that's why I use that setup in the hub, so you can use the link in vertical... I don't know if I manage to explain myself! ;) )
  13. I would say that this setup won't solve the issue. I rather think that with this one, you will have issues with the steering with the wheel in the lower position, isn't it?
  14. That's also true. But, in the other side, using that part you may have 2 issues: 1) the strengh that holds the axle on that part is not that strong as in the setup of the 42099. In consequence, and because that the 1L with pin hole piece is inserted from up to down, it will go out of its place quite easely, I think. 2) In case that the piece holds in place, when the wheel is raised, thanks to the suspension, above an horizontal position, you might also have issues with the steering, as the 5L link that connects the hub to the steering rack will colide with the hub itself. At least, those were the issues that I found when finding a solution for the Avtoros and, in general, when using the new hubs in vehicles with suspension.