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Found 17 results

  1. Currently working on this German Class 01 Steam Locomotive. I’m going for an all-Lego approach so I’m limited to Legos large Train wheels, which definitely are to small to be completely accurate. However I believe it scales well enough. It has a powered up! L motor built in to the boiler and the batterybox will be situated in the tender. Criticism and thoughts are welcome!
  2. Darkkostas25

    [MOC] [] 4-6-2 Red Earl

    Took some ideas from recent Orient express but made it longer, thinner. And took idea with front boogies from recent Hogwarts Express and Lego's big trains wheels don`t look so small
  3. Craig Strader

    Baldwin Disk Driver

    So I got a little something interesting that I believe is a real first in this community and because the holiday was coming up I wanted to make it something really special, I give you a BALDWIN DISK DRIVER. This type of driver was designed and made by the Baldwin Locomotive Works and was used on railroads that ordered locomotives from Baldwin. This wheel was designed and made by me on AutoCAD 2022 and with the help of a humble XYZ Da Vinci 3d printer. It is 62.4 mm in diameter compared to the #13 43.2mm diameter. This took over 20 different attempts to create. It is still imperfect from the color of the wheel for I do not know any steam locomotive from Baldwin that used red colored wheels and the fact that it is not the plastic that is used on BrickTrainDepots wheels. Nevertheless, it still accepts standard axles and connector pieces in the exact same fashion as all of the other steam train drive wheels. Here is the wheel with the connector peg and axle in their respective places. For comparison, here is the disk driver(62.4mm) beside BTD's #13(43.2mm) Boxpok Driver
  4. Hello! I wanted to share with you all my most recent build,The New York Central K-5b Pacific Class 4-6-2 #4915 with Henry Dreyfuss' streamline design, otherwise known as The Mercury. The model is 8-wide and is designed to fit all standard lego track geometry.
  5. It has been almost if not exactly or more than a year since I created the Z-6 challenger. I originally thought I could not improve it any further, but it turns out I was wrong in more ways than one. The model you see before you is a MASSIVE upgrade compared to the one I originally made. It features new trailing truck and tender bogies which have been needed to be worked on for quite some time. Those bogies that were once on the original model were both blocky and incomplete at the same time. The trailing truck is now more gradually sloped and the tender bogies now look like they were off the prototype. I also was able to number AND letter the locomotive where it represents an MTH version of the model (The MTH version of the locomotive was the source of my inspiration to constructing this behemoth and how I became a fan of this design). If you have noticed the display track the locomotive sits on, I bet you can guess what is going to become of it. But to leave no one on a cliffhanger, I will say that it will be going to the Lego Ideas website to become an actual product. If you wish to have this model on YOUR Lego train layout, be sure to support it. I will let you all know when it appears on the Lego Ideas website when I update this topic.
  6. Craig Strader

    Canadian Pacific G2

    At long last I present to you all my second steam engine: The Canadian Pacific G2 Pacific I was pleased with how this one turned out especially the smokebox on the locomotive. It took longer than I wanted and that is because I had other things around me to consider. But I would see to it that it would get through for you guys. Runs of 2 L motors housed in the boiler with the IR receiver and battery box in the tender. I know it is rather bulky for a small steam engine. But I wanted to make sure that I could get in as much details as possible.
  7. Craig Strader

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger

    A 4-6-6-4 type steam locomotive. First conceived by the Northern Pacific in the 1930s, they were among the steam locomotives that represented "super-power" where engine builders learned to create locomotives that combined both power and speed. The first batch of 12 of these engines were first delivered in 1936 to replace double-heading methods. The locomotives please Northern Pacific so much in fact that 9 more were ordered in 1937. They could be found all over the NP's divisions hauling fast freight trains and reefer trains. Their 69 inch drivers allowed them not only strong pulling power but also the ability to go 60 miles per hour. I thought it could bring a real "challenge" to those who want to build it. It has OVER 2000 parts total. It has a side rod system that needed to be reversed engineered a few times to perfect it to where no 3rd party elements are required. Unlike most other articulated steam engines I have seen on YouTube and other places, mine has a FIXED rear engine unit and a front free swinging engine unit just like Union Pacific 4014 that was restored in 2019 if I am correct. Description: Locomotive is powered by 4 LARGE motors, these sit inside the boiler and provide the means of going forwards and backwards. Both the IR receiver and battery box sit inside the tender. I would recommend some extension cables given the fact that the locomotive itself is very long. The IR receiver also plays a part in the tender for the locomotive is designed to look like an oil burner. The bogies on the tender are specially designed to not only to look realistic but also to take turns at the same time. And the same can be said on the lead truck in front of the first engine unit. The cab will actually let you house an engineer and fireman to simulated them driving the locomotive. To look at my other creations go to BrickLink and search under Strader987 This locomotive is also on The Lego Ideas website, here is where to find it: Please help me get 10,000 supporters please.
  8. Coal Fired Bricks

    Boston and Albany 4-6-6t (WIP)

    This is the project I've been working on. Five locomotives of this class numbered 400-404 were built by Schenectady in 1928. They were more powerful than most of the B&A's Pacifics. B&A D1a Wip by Coal Fired Bricks, on Flickr Current Project(2) by Coal Fired Bricks, on Flickr For more pics and for more detailed diagrams go to my Flickr Page. For more pics on the Boston and Albany and other New England Roads go to Boston and Albany RR. Questions, Comments Concerns, and Complaints are welcome. -Coal Fired
  9. Hickernator

    'Brickthru' | A Short Film

    Hey all! So some of you may be aware that I made a Lego Miracle Express which I have put up on Lego Ideas and has received a lot of positive feedback. I have since made a little short film featuring the train after I managed to fit it with power functions and I wanted to share it with you. Queen were kind enough to give me permission to use their music for the film. It was so much fun to make and was almost like filming an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine It also reminded me of making Lego films when I was 10/11 on the Lego Studios Movie Maker. I enjoyed placing the scenery in different places to create perspective. Let me know what you think of the movie! Thanks! Hickernator
  10. Just found this new video of a Polish Pm36-1 steam locomotive by Fasolic ( @solic ). I've not seen any coverage given to it, and it is a marvellous model, very much got LNER A4 vibes! Love the Dark Blue colour and the integration of full PF in the loco! Anyone know its history?

    [WIP] BR 01 513

    Hi everyone I'm new to Eurobricks and I want to show you my [WIP]-moc of a german BR 01 513 steam locomotive. This is my first moc and I have spent 6 month until now to create it. As I'm not a train specialist there might be a lot of mistakes and missed details :) The scale is something around 1:42 and for now 1300 PCS are used. A power functions train engine is located in the tender. The whole model is able to run on small lego curves but there's still much work to do to make it look smooth. Please let me know what you think. Any constructive feedback is welcome:) Cheers Chris Hallo an Alle, ich bin neu hier und möchte kurz mein [WIP]-Modell einer BR 01 513 vorstellen. Dies ist mein erster Moc-Versuch und es fehlt noch Einiges, aber ich dachte mir ich hole mir mal etwas Feedback und Verbesserungsvorschläge. Die Arbeit an diesem Model begann vor etwa 6 Monaten. Gleich vorweg: Ich bin kein Spezialist in Sachen Eisenbahn, weshalb bestimmt einige Fehler dabei sind. Auch ob die 01 513 in dieser Konfiguration mit Öl-Tender und der Seitenverkleidung so existiert hat, weiß ich ehrlich gesagt nicht.:) Der Modellbauhersteller Beckmann hat (hatte?) zumindest eine solche Lok in seinem Sortiment... Das Ganze ist etwa in 1:42 und umfasst bislang 1300 Steine. Im Tender sind ein Power Functions Zugmotor und ein Empfänger untergebracht. Die Lok kann momentan auf den kleinen Radien fahren, allerdings sieht es noch etwas holprig aus. Über konstruktives Feedback würde ich mich sehr freuen. Einen schönen Sonntag für Euch Chris
  12. Alexslegorailroad

    GWR 14XX moc

    Hello eurobricks train tech!! I bring you today my first lego train moc. I am new to eurobricks so please point out any mistakes I may have made. I was inspired by scotnick's 14xx and decided to have a go at it. The construction of the model went very smoothly and I had originally used the 2x4 turntable for the trailing wheel. When I tested it, it wouldn't function properly and I had to replace it. So for two hours, I experimented with many different designs until I came up with one utilizing the ring plate and that err...longish blueish pin thingy! But it fit the bill and I'm happy! It is powered by the lego train motor with lights for the Lantern and the receiver in the cab. I do plan to build a autocoach to go with it which will house the battery box. Another problem I encountered was I had none of the I think 4x4 round bricks with holes in dark green, and since I don't buy any parts, I just used the 4x6 long half circle brick (I'm not that great with piece names!) And used some double sided tape to stick on the domes and an ausini clone brand chain for the chain on the front (I'm unarmed don't shoot! ) So stay posted guys, and look out for more projects coming soon! Comments and tips are very much welcome.
  13. Hi looking for someone to help me build a japness or austraila steam loci useing big ben wheels plz
  14. Xmas Steam Train by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Metropolitan Street Journal Announcement The week before Christmas our correspondent Helena Kuznetsova has visited N town. According to the old tradition the best spruce is being chosen there and sent to the Metropoly to decorate the main square every year. Specially grown tree was carefully packed and loaded to the flatcar. The mayor Mr. Lebedyansky has personally observed the loading process. As the locomotive the L class 2-10-0 freight steam locomotive was selected. It is the best steam train using modern innovations as boxpok-type wheels and steam dryer pipe covered with casing. Very soon the valuable cargo will be on its way to the Metropoly with the highest speed of 53mph. Read more in the evening issue of Metropolitan Street Journal by Helena Kuznetsova. * * * Xmas Steam Train by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Xmas Steam Train by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr Xmas Steam Train by Dmitriy and Anna, on Flickr
  15. tweetsie12

    Polar Express Made!

    Hey Guys! So, I have made a Lego ideas Project based off of the Polar Express. The Polar I made and takes a lot of inspiration from the Lego city trains. Here's the link to the project page: Fun Fact: Locomotive is Tender Driven, and houses 2 power functions train motors for extra power.
  16. dylanfarrow

    Azure Express - MOC

    Hi All, I've finished (and also renamed) my old WIP (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=108092) Azure Blue - Model T *Edit* Adding a photo of the finished model Renders: And (thanks to my wife) it's now been approved on LEGO Ideas! As it seems there is no Creator Train coming soon, I want to show that there is demand for LEGO trains. I'd appreciate any support. I've been a bit sneaky and added a carriage which is very similar to the Emerald Night one: If it ever made it into a set, then it would be easy to modify to get it back to the Emerald night ones! I missed out on the LEGO set, but have bricklinked a carriage, so I'll build it in the original colours. I've got all the bricks now and will be building and updating with real world pics over the weekend! Have a good one Cheers Dylan
  17. Paperballpark

    MOC: 4-6-2 Steam Train

    I've just finished this, my MOC of a 4-6-2 steam engine. The shape is loosely based on the Constitution, but how it's put together (especially the lower half) is quite different. It's not my first train MOC (you can see that in the background), but it's the first substantial one I've done. The front bogie is attached in a similar fashion to the Constitution, but the extra axle at the rear required a different arrangement for the main wheels. It goes around curves pretty well, although it's a bit tight through switches. The Tender is an almost exact copy of the one I built for my Constitution. It fits all the PF gubbins in it, and I like the design, so saw no reason to change it. :) I'm thinking of getting the 2x4 plates on the side of the cab etched with 'GNLR' at some point too (for Great Northern Lego Railway). Or I might get that etched onto the 1x6 plates on the tender instead, and put a number on the cab... Full size photos are on my Flickr. Any and all feedback is welcome! :)