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Found 3 results

  1. This 2-6-2 Prairie type engine was inspired by the My Own Train series of 2001 and a boiler from set 79111 (Constitution Train Chase). The passenger coaches and baggage car were inspired by set 10015 (Passenger Wagon), and set 10194 (Emerald Night). They feature no interior but all three passenger cars have four opening doors. The baggage car has two opening doors, two sliding panel-doors and an "exploding" back wall inspired by set 79111. (Constitution Train Chase). The whole train together. Here we can see the rear of the train with the back wall (and dynamite) still in place. (You may notice the baggage car is a modified version of the green Western jail car I already have built) The yellow 1 x 4 bricks used are actually supposed to be green printed bricks with this on them. The tender features a coal bunker, and water tank, plus a ladder at the rear for accesses to the passenger train. The cab features a firebox door (a 2 x 2 round tile) and two printed gauge tiles. The coaches were inspired by set 10015 (Passenger Wagon), and set 10194 (Emerald Night). They feature no interior but all three passenger cars have four opening doors. The exploding baggage car was originally the Jail car from set 79111. (Constitution Train Chase) while gaining the styling of set 10015 (Passenger Wagon) and doors from 10194. (Emerald Night) This car has one play feature that is sure to blow you away: the back wall can be removed to get at the baggage compartment via the "dynamite" on the outside of the back wall. (actually, the roof top lever knocks the wall loose) Then your train robbers can make off with whatever valuable are inside! As usual, the LDD file for the whole train is seen here while the loco and tender by themselves are here. Comments, Questions, Complaints, & Suggestions are always welcome. This train is on my to-do list, but won't be built for a while... maybe this summer?
  2. I have been continually modifying the steamer for 11 years, the diesel for 4 years, and the coaches for almost a decade. The steamer and coaches were produced by my father, while the diesel is a MOD of another person's BR class 08. The steamer is getting new number-plates, working pistons, and drivers soon instead of the original model's 9V-era wheels. The diesel is getting cosmetically updated with a new number, and the coaches are (basically) staying the same. 0-4-0 steam switcher MOC This push-along copy of the engine in set 7722 was my gateway into Lego trains. I later added a My Own Train (set 3741) style tender, a new boiler, and so on. I am now adding working pistons (thanks to Hunter Dobbs!) and numbers to the sides of the engine and tender. The engine has gears as stand-ins for medium Big Ben Bricks wheels. BRS goes on the tender, while 5972 goes on the engine. The number of the engine is a tribute to "Olton Hall" (No. 5972) or "Hogwarts Castle" from the Harry Potter films. I really liked that engine when I was little. Fictional background for the steamer: Built in 1929 by Baldwin Locomotive Works for Brick Railway Systems (BRS), engine #5972 was supposed to be part of a 55-strong engine order, but the Great Depression started, causing BRS to cancel the last eight engines, leaving 5972 the last of it's class. The type has been painted in standard black with a red stripe. LDD file for the steamer: http://www.mocpages....1430843115m.lxf BR Class 09 Diesel switcher MOD I borrowed this British diesel design from Eurobricks user ChromeKnight in 2011, and made it in real life for Christmas of that year. This model was my introduction to Studs Not On Top (also known as SNOT) and has been very helpful to me over the years. The rear features three tail-lights. The number of this engine (8311) is the reverse of it's original number, 1138, to better fit with my numbering scheme for my trains. Fictional background for this diesel: In 1960, Brick Railway Systems (also known as BRS) was trying to find a good multipurpose (yet small) diesel switcher. It noticed the success of the British Railways ' Class 08 and so BRS asked the English railway if they would be willing to part with some about 10 Class 08's. The British took their time, but responded with one better: Class 09's, which have a higher speed of about 28 Miles per hour. Desperate for relief for their strained steam switchers, BRS said yes, and in April 1963, ten Class 09's made the journey across the Atlantic Ocean to BRS, whereupon they were numbered 8310 to 8320 and painted black with a single red stripe. LDD file for the diesel: http://www.mocpages....1430843320m.lxf Two-Axle passenger coaches These cars were inspired by two 4.5V sets: set 7722 "Steam Cargo Train, Battery"'s mail car & set 7715, "Push-Along Passenger Steam Train" and it's two passenger cars. My dad built these for me in the early 2000's. I added a passageway through the front of the mail / baggage car to allow the conductor to do his duties and made the bright colors of the original train more subdued with good ol' Brick Railway Systems black with a red stripe. The rear of the baggage car has room for the letters BRS, standing for Brick Railway Systems. LDD file for the coaches: http://www.mocpages....1430843654m.lxf Well, until I get real pictures taken of these, that's it for these. Any thoughts? EDIT: added the fictional backgrounds for the diesel and the steam engine.
  3. Just updated my design for my British Rail Mark 1 Maroon and Cream Coach which I designed last march, the coach is based on British Rail Mark 1 Coaches which were introduced in the UK in 1951 to replace older pre British Rail Coaches, the coaches were mostly 57 foot in length, some were 63 foot in length, my Lego version is 52 studs long or 16 inches long UPDATE Just created a new version of the above coach and in two color schemes Update. made a minor revision to the Lego British Rail Mark 1 Coach Revision of Lego British Rail Mark 1 SO Coach A British Rail Mark 1 SO Coach which my Lego British Rail Mark 1 SO Coach is based on