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  1. Redhead1982

    [MOC] The Blue Cottage

    I think this blue cottage is my favourite in the series. I like the combination of bright blue, round windows and asymmetrical A shape cottage. And looking at the parts you used, you really have an amazing selection of old and new. I spotted a bright light yellow shelf-bar from Scala, I think. I wonder what the next cottage will look like.
  2. Redhead1982

    Medieval street

    It's stunningly realistic. The odd angles really create the perfect atmosphere of medieval towns with narrow streets, and houses all pushed tightly together. I can't even imagine how you put it all together or how much was planned in advance. Some houses seem connected, while others really look odd as if they were added later (as in real life). How did you plan it? On the other hand, from the architectural point of view, I really like the similar looks of the facade, although built differently, but using a similar color scheme and texture. And the roof of the stables is well shaped, sort of falling appart. Well done.
  3. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Paddle wheel steamer

    This is incredibly detailed for such a small scale. Although I'm not a fan of gaps between bricks when creating a curvature, I'm aware that going this small, there's really no other option. But then picking up a small scale might be a bit hard to include details, yet you managed to do so well. The tiny seating area and the small life-boats are really cute. Fantastic build.
  4. Redhead1982

    MOC: Riad

    This looks very eye-catching. It's hard to distinguish between different patterns, colors and textures, as it's all connected in a way that's very pleasant to the eye, and realistic as well. Not an easy task to do, but you built it very seamlessly. Fantastic scene.
  5. 7: 1017: 612: 420: 314: 25: 1 To all the contestants, well done.
  6. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Collegium Mokotovum

    Very picturesque. The buildings in my view form an interesting background for the lush greenery. The contrast between the rather formal flower beds and the wild vines on the stone walls is impressive. Well done.
  7. Redhead1982

    MOC Coral reef

    Those flat fish were introduced in 2019, and are available in 4 Friends set (49595 is catalog number for a lot of underwater animals, including sea horses).
  8. Redhead1982

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thanks for the info. I wasn't expecting it yet. It looks interesting. And I like the concept of multiple buildings of varying widths
  9. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Modular: Mediterranean Way

    Beautiful Mediterranean architecture. My favourite details are the roofs, window shutters, and roof details.
  10. This MOC really shows off all the best in the Elves theme. Just going through the post and admiring the photos made me want to build something like it. The Elves brought many interesting parts and colors, and the way you put together various sets and extended them further in a very harmonious landscape is amazing. I enjoyed watching the tv series, and I can recognize some parts. Naida's cave is my favourite part, but you did a great work on the rocks as well. Superb!
  11. Redhead1982

    [MOC] On Halloween night

    Spooky build, you really master this type of atmosphere. It's become your recognizable style over the years. Well done.
  12. Redhead1982

    MOC Trick or treat!

    I had an idea for a while in my head, and used the opportunity to build this little scene for local LUG's competion (theme was Halloween). I haven't done a residential building in a while, and this was is basically just a front, but it kicked my imagination. As for the costumes, I used the scariest ones I found in my collection. Or should I say the most painful ones in the middle of the night? Same scene, but a different background without the lights. I experimented with the tree (trying out a different connections to make it more natural-shaped), SNOTed base, and mostly lights and camera settings. I really need to find a larger sized background so I can take pictures from different angles.
  13. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Podracing on the Moon!

    Nice racers, but I have to admit I was more attracted to the surface than the racers.
  14. Redhead1982

    [Moc] Red Lions Castle

    Good use of the old raised baseplate. I find these type of raised plates hard to use. This one especially fits the Castle theme, and you did well building a castle which is more classic than modern looking in terms of colors scheme and building style. The brick profile bricks and printed window panels complement nicely and create an interesting wall pattern. Even though the walls are not large, I'm missing some studs or offsets part to break the monotony of the wall. Also, have you considered adding some vegetation around the baseplate edges? I think it would look good against the printed baseplate.
  15. Redhead1982

    MOC Coral reef

    Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. I figured it's less heavy on the topic if I says thanks to everyone in one post without all the quotes. To answer a bit, I've seen those brushes used as ''plants'' before, but a long time ago (unfortunately, I don't remember the exact MOC). But many of the parts and colors were collected over the years to build an underwater MOC someday. Considering all the new bright LEGO colors are hard to combine in one build, this is probably the exception to mixing the colors.