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  1. [MOC] Ice Cream Parlor

    Light aqua looks amazing! I've been collecting the for a while now to have enough for a complete facade, but you beat me. The building's facade is beautiful and looks very realistic. The back of the roof looks a bit off (to me at least) lacking the simmetry, but I guess there has to be roof access to be able to admire the view from above. You did great with interior details as well. Are those Friends stickers attached on random parts or on the parts from sets? I always like using stickers somewhere else, not in the set they come with. To comment the yellowish green building. Thd facade colors look great and the building blends nicrly with the color scheme. Well done.
  2. My son first MOC - Police Monster Truck

    Nice work. You should borrow your brother's bricks more often.
  3. The laboratory of Maria Sklodowska-Curie

    Excellent scene. You did great including all that chemical lab equipment. The lab walls and brown benches might look simple, but they fit perfectly to create the atmosphere of labs in early 20th century opposed to the modern labs. This way, at least for me, the lab equipment stands out even more. It's been a while since I was in a chemical lab, so I don't know the names of all the equipment. I'm sure I'd get one if the project is succesful at The Ideas platform. Congratulations and good luck.
  4. How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    First of all, thanks to include me in the list. Modulars are my favourite team, and something I love building the most. However, I'm not that active online lately (not so much time with two kids), I usually find time to read, but not always respond on time. Briefly, I find inspiration either outside in buildings I see everyday or at home when sorting piles of bricks (odd parts or interesting colours). However, my last building was inspired by google search (the second photo, and is still a WIP). That said, I think it's important to be aware of what you like, be it a specific architectural style, color scheme or part. When building I usually start with color scheme and design, and then evolve the interior around it (business or appartment). My long term wish is to make a variety of 16-wides in almost all the rainbow colours. When I think of the basic design I sometimes do skecthes, very rough just to see the basic geometry of windows/doors and walls. This helps me figure out the width of the building, and detailing on the facade. I like a two colour facades, with one colour on the edge and a brighter one for the facade. Sometimes I try to make this kind of sketch in LDD, but I easily loose my nerves finding and positioning the bricks, specially if there's a lot of SNOTing. I'm trying out now, and perhaps it will be easier. I don't draw since it would be a mess. I often have an idea what the building should look like, but don't know how to draw it out. Another problem is limited time, having two very young kids doesn't leave me lots of time to build, and at the same time MOCs are prone to be ''a little touched up'' by them. So I prefer to start with bricks as soon as possible. Luckily, my collection is well sized, and I did manage to finish buildings without BLing. As others said, I usually search for alternative parts/colours, but not always. Style-wise, I'm not a expert on architecture, so I can't say I'm copying a specific style. Often I see a detail on the real building and think about recreating it with bricks. Sometimes successfull, but not often. Usually, it takes 2-3 months to finish a building. Time is spent on figuring out a design, and often waiting for some extra parts. Sometimes, I have it on the desk for weeks, just lacking ideas how to continue. When I actually start building, I usually lay foundations of the front facade, and build part of the facade. The depth of the building is determined later, but I generally follow the Modulars standards. It also depends if I want a patio or more rooms at the back. From there on, it's just lots of building and rebuilding.
  5. Lego 10260 Downtown Diner XL MOD

    I think this stand alone xxl-version of DD is by far my favourite of all the xxl-ed modulars so far. It looks as if it was made to be displayed alone. Well done.
  6. [MOC] Brownstone inspired buildings

    This is a nice street layout. While it gets mine attention very easily, it looks great from a distance, but a bit less so from up close. I like the color scheme, however the white brownstone is a bit of. It stands out too much, and I don't like the dark orange details (they clash too much). Nevertheless, I don't want to critize. It's a bold plan to make multiple buildings, similar in style, but not copies. I think you did that well, specially the diferences in the detailing (roof finish, fence, facade patterns). Do you have any shots of the interior too? It looks pretty bright from this photos. What's inside?
  7. [MOC] Historic truck

    I rarely comment cars, as I don't feel interested or it's out of my field of knowledge. Basicaly, if I like it, doesn't mean it's also realistic. In general, I find city vehicles too big, or odd sized. However, this truck really got me. I like the simple old style design and the color scheme. The windshield looks the right size, and the lifting back. Double tires are a nice detail too. Well done on all the SNOT work and parts used (sausages).
  8. I recently had 2 1x4 dark red tiles splitting in half length-wise when I tried to connect them to 2x4 brick. Luckily it was only 2 out of almost 100.
  9. Welcome to the North Pole!

    Well done. I like that it's different from te WV theme. The stable doors are lovely, and Sven is a great substitute for a brick-built reindeer. I would try to add more Elf cottages, and perhaps at angles to make it look more organic. The fact that your children get ghe chance to move the minifigs around freely is another bonus, demonstrating playability and fun of the MOC.
  10. I have to say the title you choose is not the most suited for a MOC you made. I was expecting a single building with a golden roof, and certainly not a replica of the whole square. You recreated the surrounding buildings very well, and the one with the golden roof is sort of hidden between the others. At least I couldn't locate it easily. Nevertheless, I can relate to your building-with-pearlgold. Indeed it's a challenge with very limited parts available. Have you considered using the round 2x2 or even 1x1 tiles for the roof? Another surprise was a Dutch posting Austrian town square. How come you chose Innsbruck as your inspiration? You did a great job, and I wonder if you have visited or just googled the square. You createda very good replica of the square, and the perspective of the photos (overlooking the square) is postcard perfect. Well done.
  11. Gigantic Christmas Village

    My first thought was that it's not bricks. It's just perfect. Considering the popularity of Winter Village theme in last years, I was expecting something else when finding this topic. It's the design of the village, that makes it extrodinary. I like the depth and height you created with different yet similarly styled buildings. The lights are the final touch as they create a holiday spirit. My only critic would be not including more close-up pictures to reveal all the details. Once again, thanks for sharing this inspiring setup.
  12. What did you buy today?

    I rarely buy sets these days, but tiday I got my second 60150 Pizza Van for slightly less than 13 eur. I got one last week, and after building it last night, my son kind of adopted it. Now we each have one. He can play with it, and I can use its parts for MOCing.
  13. Actually, I searched 4 adults/1 child like a couple days ago. However, it's available again, so I'm guessing they had a bug or something.
  14. I just checked the LL Bilund resort page to make a booking, but everything is unavailable.
  15. Ryushi, you're welcome to share with the rest of us. That makes us 5 (4 girls and 1 boy). So we're full.