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  1. Redhead1982

    MOC Sin city

    My (our) latest MOC is a collab with @MstrOfPppts and is inspired by the iconic Sin city film. The classic black and white color scheme from the comics and the film was substituted by grays as it was much easier to work with and create various details. Here's a pic of the final MOC. It was displayed at exhibitions in three different countries and I used one of such occasions to take some photos. Some of the details are highlighted in the next pics. This dark alley was one of my favourite parts of the whole MOC. There's a back door to the bar, and a suspicious person is emerging from it. And to finish off with some trivia, I never watched the Sin city, only briefly viewed a few Youtube clips. Guilty.
  2. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Nature will find the way (Abandoned Locomotive)

    Well done. It's not easy to recreate plastic rust, but you did it. A touch of greenery is spot on, nature taking back it's habitat. In a way it's stunning to see a scene like that, however it"s not eco-friendly.
  3. Redhead1982

    Winter Village Contest 2022

    That's great news. I should really start thinking about various Winter village themes and ideas to be ready for December.
  4. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Coffee Drinker

    I never thought a guy with a big belly and coffee stain wearing sweatpants, white socks and iconic stripped slip-ons would look so impressive.
  5. My experience is that families often search for animals and figs as they have more play value in the early years. Later, when kids get bigger and try to build something other than a 2x2 duplo towers, there's a high demand for bricks and other parts. So, it's not an easy choice to set or not a DUPLO parts only store. If you have a DUPLO collection to sell, searching secondary markets locally might be better. From my experience, new parent search for DUPLO more often outside Bricklink and more locally, avoiding also shipping costs. Duplo is bigger and bulkier that System, so that' another downside. Personally, I plan to sell my kid's Duplo bricks locally, either at local events or online at secondary/flea markets.
  6. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Return to Spanish Armada Fort

    I never was much of a pirate, but I often find pirate MOCs full of amazing features, vibrant colours and eye catching details. In part, the scene seems very old-school, but is updated to modern times through use of various parts and pieces. I really like the flower bush and sand green roofs contrasting with bright green doors and windows. There might be too much gold for my taste, but since this group of pirates is so successful at hoarding gold, they should use it for their headquarters.
  7. Amazing and instantly recognizable creation of Mount St. Michel. It's a very iconic landmark and fits within the Architecture theme really well. It's on my bucket list to visit someday (soon). Well done on this beautiful microscale moc.
  8. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Protector of the Vale

    I'm always impressed by brick-build creatures. It's not easy to get the right shape and all the curves and have an esthetical end product. I really like the combination of rocks and plants to create the shape of this Earth dragon. I also like the wings, but perhaps more thick or with more color variations. As it is, especially the leaves could have a less uniform edge when transitioning to other greens. But that's just a minor detail. All in all, it's a really fantastic creature.
  9. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Modern Copenhagen Townhouse

    A lovely model of your home. It feels Danish in a way, I really like the exposed bricks of the northern homes, and I always check this type of building. Given the location of the house, it looks quite traditional surrounded by some larger modern buildings. I've been to CPH often, but never really explored this part of the area. Well, this is already off-topic. The model looks very nice, and lively with the neighbors running around. The girl with the sup board looks out of place from this side of the street (you should definitely built the beach behind it).
  10. Redhead1982

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    How is the bathtub molded? Is it fixed to the motorbike or it's a separate part? I really like it overall, I mean it feels a bit stupid to have a tub-bike, but the rubber duck, the side printing on the tub, and the tattoo on the back are just so hilarious. It's been on my wanted list since I saw the first pics of it.
  11. Redhead1982

    [MOC] White Rabbit

    Awesome sculpturing with so few parts. Really clever part usage. Well built.
  12. Redhead1982

    [MOC] National Library of Ireland

    So the Fenz's did it again. The scale of the library is amazing. In addition, so is your collection of books. Furthermore, the curvature of the middle part of the building is mind blowing. I can imagine it's a bit easier at this scale to create a curved wall without too many (or too large) gaps, but it looks really flush. I can imagine there was a lot of planning and calculations to create these curves. Really well done to both of you, B and D!
  13. Redhead1982

    "The Golden Frog" Restaurant - Modular Building MOC

    This is a truly beautiful model. The bright color of the facade stands out really nicely - obviously lots of fresh paint on it. It might be a bold choice to build with bright light orange, but the color combo looks great with white and grey. The roof is probably my favourite part, and you created a great pattern for the roof tiles. The interior is very interesting too. The glass stairs are very neat, but the fencing to it feels a bit bulky. It's a shame there's not enough parts in trans-clear as it would fit as a fence much better than the black slopes. But given the availability of the parts, the spiral shaping is spot on. I'm really not sure how the roof is built, but I am speculating you fixed the parts (jumpers and bricks) to some supports in the back.
  14. Redhead1982

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    But will the regional limit remain? This service is not available for all countries.
  15. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Corner Bakery

    So beautiful. Having a picture model as a tool to help choose colors and define shapes might be helpful, but also challenging to stay true to the model. You did a great job recreating the corner building. My favourite detail are the yellow "umbrellas" in front of the building, really a unique detail. Congratulations.