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  1. Redhead1982


    A picture-heavy post with lots of interesting details on the inside and the outside. It's been a while since I last built a modular, but it's always great to see new designs and inspiring details. Considering the relatively small footprint of the building, space is pact quite compact, but not too crowded. I really like the 'Minecraft' wall art, the shape of the building and an interesting awning at the entrance to the round part of the hotel. I'm not particularly sold on the colors, especially there's too much classic rede for my taste, and perhaps going for a darker color scheme with dark red, dark tan and dark green for the floor pattern would look better. Nevertheless, that's just me being picky over details. Well done.
  2. Redhead1982


    It's always great to see a MOC one supported at the Ideas platform go into production. Congratulations to @paokus and looking forward to the final product on the shelves.
  3. Thanks for pointing them out. While I was familiar with BX Studio, Lego_nuts was a new profile for me, with lots of great photos and interesting MOCs.
  4. Redhead1982

    Andy's | Hamburger Stand

    Such a great build. The sloped roof got my attention first, it's very interesting to see it in a different orientation. The interior of the stand is very realistic, and effective for making orders quickly. The Fabuland tables are a great (hidden) detail. Well done.
  5. Redhead1982

    [moc] carpenter's house

    Nice work recreating a realistic building. The white and dk tan color scheme looks great. I'm not sold on the back of the building, but I'm aware many buildings have a pretty front and an ugly hidden back. The interior looks interesting, my favourite details are the bust and Batman cave wall pattern.
  6. Redhead1982


    Adding to a long list of positive comments, this MOC is simply excellent. I like the exterior, the interior, the presentation, color scheme and everything else. It's cleverly designed and one can see a story in the presentation. I wouldn't mind owning and building it as a set.
  7. Redhead1982

    [MOD] Rocket Diner

    Looks great. It's been a while since last time I saw a MOD from a set without extra parts. I admit I'm not familiar with the original set, since I'm not following Friends line that closely. The colors and shape is great and very retro. The open back is nice for easier access and play options.
  8. Redhead1982

    [MOC] The English Townhouse (LEGO Ideas)

    I like this MOC (and Ideas project) as it is, without Disney seal. I admit I didn't connect it to Wendy and Peter Pan innitially, but thought of it in terms of Creator and Architecture sets. I like it for the interesting and realistic facade, and beautiful interior details. In terms of approvement of the project, I can't think of much. Perhaps I'do go for minifigs, too. But children, not adults, playing on the top floor.
  9. I think that's what Holodoc volunteered for. He did it already. (thanks, @Holodoc)
  10. So, I added a picture with the descriptions and original landmarks of my town. Who's next?
  11. Domžale, Slovenia My home for the last 4 and a half years...
  12. I'll add my original photo tonight. I only have one with the actual skyline and original buildings ready, and I'll prepare one with only originals. But can't do this at work.
  13. @Holodoc, Just a quick question about the contest photos. I took a couple of photos of my Skyline. Should someone make a post with all the contest pics (you took) in the Special LEGO Themes subforum, or should we each just make a new entry? The Brickshelf folder is public! Looking through the pictures, we had fun.
  14. Redhead1982

    [MOC] SPACEship

    It looks awesome (as others have said before). I've been a fan of your buildings, now I added the spaceship, too. Seeing more classic space or neo-CS MOCs, the blue, grey and trans yellow color doesn't stand out anymore. But, the letters here are another twist, and the interior is a bonus too. Will this be displayed at BB2019?
  15. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Haunted House Ride - April 26th Update

    This looks great. I like the details, cracked walls, hanging window shutter, a whole in the wall. Also the tiny roof window is a nice detail to break up the roof. Have you though about adding stickers to the window, maybe adding spider web or broken window details?