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  1. To make it official, I can act as room responsible for one chalet. We're booking the Wild West Cottage for 5 adults (as in previous years) or 4 adults according to this year's info on booking.com or Legoland's page. So far, there's 4 of us (correct me if I'm wrong): @Peppermint_M, @Aredhel, @MstrOfPppts and me. I'm guessing @MstrOfPppts can be ''presented'' as a child, so there's room for one more adult. Who wants to be no.5?
  2. That sound great. I finally got some pictures, and it looks ok for 5.
  3. I checked the booking.com for more details. They state "Wild West cottage is for max. 4 adults, 1 child under 13". They say there's a bunk bed for 2 in one room, and three single beds in the other room. Can't see more details from their pics. Does this mean we should group as 4 and not group of 5? I haven't stayed in those cottages before, so have no idea what that 5th bed could look like. Following this, @Peppermint_M, @Aredhel , @MstrOfPppts... should we be a group of 4? What about @Holodoc? I know there's other option to stay with @Skalldyr.
  4. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    Was there a change in the accomodation since two years ago? I don't remember there was a problem with adults on bunk beds. I shared the cottage with Calanon and Hening, and I don't remember them having problems with bunk beds. According to the booking, 5 adults can either have the 8-person room or a tent pitch. On the other hand, Ninjago cabin has 6 beds, but is offered only for 4 adults. I guess we should just ''forget'' to say we're all adults. Afterall, we playbuild with LEGO.
  5. [MOC] Modular- Jeweler

    I agree. The exterior is just too much gold and shiny metal. But the interior is spot on. There's a lot of lovely details, furnishings and wall decorations. A much better sight. The gold as colour should be used more as an accent, not main color. Perhaps with more grey. However I do like the tiled facade.
  6. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    I'm in too, just me for the whole event. I'd like to share the room with other eventees, preferably ladies. As for room responsible, I'm in the same team as MstrOfPppts, perhaps not as trusteworthy due to big memory gaps. I'm not sure about the travel plans, we were discussing driving, so this would mean arriving late on Saturday. I'm looking forward to be in Billund again and meet all the familiar faces. EDIT: I can act as room responsible.
  7. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    I waited couple days before giving my opinion on the set. Least to say, it's complicated. I like it as a stand alone set very much. It's bold in style and differs from others that way. But that's what makes it great. On the other hand, the exterior of the first floor is amazing, the second and third are more ''bland''. It would look great as a corner or double in width (as photoshoped pictures show). I don't display my modulars in a row, but as single buildings, so ''not fitting with the rest'' is not an issue. I'm sure after seeing it being build it'll grow on me, and that it'll have some good parts or building techniques. But I can understant the mixed emotions from people seeing it. On the style, specially the Art Deco, I think the designers are more limited with the size/colors to make it a more Art Deco. MOCing the style as for example Snaillad did many times, the AFOLs have more freedom in part count, colours etc. It would be interesting to hear how the set evolved, to see the first models of the building and to compare it with the end product. For me, it's almost a must to buy, as the modulars brought me back to LEGO and are still my favorite to MOC. At this point I'm looking forward to the designer video to see perhaps even more details, and to see the parts list (to put or not to put an extra copy on my shopping list).
  8. [MOC] Tuscany cottage

    I obviously don't know much. I googled a bit and found lots of images with lavender in Toscany - but were from different tourist agencies selling holiday appartments. My mistake. As I said, it's a lovely MOC. Well done, and thanks for the info.
  9. [MOC] Tuscany cottage

    Nice. I like the layout with a house in the back, partly hidden by tall cypress, clear blue sky and a path leading away from the house. The only thing I'm not too excited to see are the yellow (sun)flowers. Somehow they don't fit in. When I think of Tuscany I see endless lavender fields, and would use lavender flowers instead. Nevertheless, it's a lovely MOC. The path extending outside the rectangular layout is a great detail.
  10. [MOC] Butcher, market gardener and lawyer office

    Honestly, I'm not a fan of the exterior. There seems to be too many details without any order or reason. I'd prefer a facade with less detailing, perhaps the middle section could be more plain than the other two. Also I don't like windows of different colors on the same building. Although I like parts of the facade, the front mid-dark blue floors, and the back mid-tan floors. Nevertheless, I'm much more impressed by the interiors. The furniture is well designed, art on the walls is a great detail. My favourite is the ''shell'' toilet - very creative part use. The spiral staircase is a bit odd. Adding few more steps to it would be much safer. The gap between steps is too big, perhaps adding few 2x4 tiles would help.
  11. [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

    This is simply incredible. I remember your Dining hall from last year, and I had no idea it will be a part of this large building. It's hard to point out just a few of the outstanding details, but here I go. The colors scheme is lovely, going from dark shades to very light ones. The yellow awnings are actually outstanding, I'd never go for a color combo like this, but it looks very good (need to remember it). The architecture is amazing, the walls have enough detail to make it interesting. My favourite part is definitely the top floors and roof. Will have to look into more details, I'm sure I'll find some interesting connections. On the side note, seeing interior details, although not completely furnished, is just icing on the cake. It seems the hotel has everything you need. My favourite is definitely the pool area with the calming white and aqua tiles. Also, ''step'' to the pool are a nice hidden detail. Is there any view from the pool to the outside? I can't exactly place it. I wish I had a chance to see it in person (perhaps next BB2019?), there's a reason you're one of my favourite modular builders. Congratulations on this excellent building!
  12. 2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thanks for the link. There seems to be many interesting parts and recolors. I will definitely get some sets for the parts alone. There's three different flower/plant parts. The green leaf is great, it's new. I'm not sure about the "flower" studs. The colour selection (orange, red, magenta, lavender, white) is nice, but I'm not convinced (yet) with how they look like. I wonder why the TLG didn't bring back the flowers from the first Friends sets in other colours. Those were more realistic and would be great to have in other colors. On a side note, is it just me or the box art of 41327 doesn't match the contents. I'm looking at the red flower in a glass dome. It looks different in the two pictures, definitely not like stud flowers. I just noticed this flower piece appears in the Art cafe too.
  13. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    As much as I'd like to see more ''sand colors'', I haven't seen the sand red appart from on pictures, so it's hard to say I'd like it. However, I like many of the new colors (light yellow, yellowish green, lavender, the light blue from DO). It's hard to please a big crowd with all the possible colors. Perhaps you should give it a try making MOCs with your family. Something you like, maybe recreating some of your stages. I work in science, and building with LEGO, sets or MOCs is a great way to relax and be creative. I'm off the topic now. The point is, there's no way one set would please the crowd. Like it or not, it's interesting to read other people's thoughts on the subject. With that said I'm looking foward to the official announcement.
  14. MOC Gingerbread House

    Khm, khm. I think I'd prefer a real Gingerbread house. You did well, specially the hidden function (buscuit storage) is nice. Perhaps adding more details to the roof would giveit an extra flair. Maybe coloured round tiles like Smarties covering the roof?