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  1. MOC: Weekend at the Sea

    This is a lovely scene. There's just the right amount of details, not too cluttered so everything stands out nicely.
  2. [MOC] Noppe & Co. Brick Store (facade)

    Great building as always. I really like the color scheme. Those sand red tiles are very rare and they stand out nicely. Although I prefer complete buildings, it's smart to make them smaller to save space and bricks for others. Well done.
  3. MOC Modular round park square

    After a very long time, here's another MOC I made recently. It was built for an exhibition in March this year, but due to the turn of events, I took the photos much later, and only found time to upload them now. This was a ''quick'' model for the exhibition, which is why there is almost no interior detailing (another reason was lack of ideas). Since the facades are mostly covered by the vegetation, the unfinished interiors are not seen. I used this model to try new styles and techinques for the buildings widths and roof design. This is the front view, with the buildings partly covered by the tall trees. The park area can be removed to see the buildings in their full glory. I tried different widths, colours and roof styles. I wanted to make a yellow bank since the 3661 Bank and Money Transfer set, but nver had enough yellow bricks. Now that I got enough bright yellow bricks, this colour seemed great to finally build a bank. The left building is a post office, and the first floor design was initially based on a LDD model made by my sister. The dark green building is an older MOC, used for comparison only. Aerial view reveals the almost round park on the square. Initially, I wanted it round, but turned too small for what I wanted to do, so I made it more oval. The paths are crossing the park from different angles, and there's people walking from one side to the other. Since this was build for an exhibition, the park was positioned between the train station and the rest of the town, and had a very transitional role (with people crossing from the station to the downtown area). If interested in more different angles (but almost the same looking pictures, feel free to check my Flickr account.
  4. [MOC] Railroad Signal tower

    Well done. I agree, it does look recognizable when compared to the Faller model. One think I'm not sure of is the door handle on the second floor. It's the bucket handle used as a door handle, a great use by the way, but I'm affraid you used your ''special powers'' to fit it in the jumper plate. The dark red brick pattern above windows is great, even if it's bigger than in the Faller model, it gives the building a noticeable detail.

    This is a beautiful modular building. I like how the building is visually separated in smaller units by different colour and texture. The window planters are a locely detail. The interior is spot on - very impressive and inspirational. I'm looking forward to see more buildings from you.
  6. MOC Dragon mountain

    Thanks, everyone for positive comments. I've been offline for a week and it was great seeing this MOC frontpaged (thanks Peppetmint_M). I wish it was simple like this, but I'm not sure the neighbour at the other side of the wall would agree. Yes, I wanted levels. Mostly as it creates more stable rocks and secondly, to incorporate paths on the slopes for Elves when they go watching the dragons. But I still need to add that second part.
  7. For the last KockeFest exhibition, I really wanted to try something new and not just bring along modulars buildings. I had fun building this diorama, although I admit the initial plan was much bigger than this. But then I ran out of bricks and space, and left it like this at 48x96 studs size. However, there's still a chance of continueing this MOC further as planned. I got the two Elves' sets with the dragons mostly for the parts, but then I really enjoyed playing with the dragons (thanks to my 2-year old son), that I saw a bigger potential. That's when the idea started forming, and the MOC was slowly shaping. In addition, I wanted to try different approaches building the vegetation and water features. This was my first attempt at building a waterfall, and I'm ok with this version, although it was challenging mostly because a lot of my bricks is currently unsorted, and finding the right parts (knowing I have them) was taking a lot of extra time. I recently got some trans-clear Technic bricks, and I thought of using them as support for a flying dragon, that's why I set the green dragon up in the air flying above the forrest. Another challenge of this MOC was taking pictures. Since it takes up the width of my kitchen table, it was not easy to set up a white background (the wall) and get the right light from the window on one side. I want to expand this to include also an Elven village, and perhaps add more dragons, and improve the display further, so any comments are welcome.
  8. [MOC] Ice Cream Parlor

    This is an amazing design. I'm not following EB that often, and usually I don't stumble upon great builds like this. Initially, I was taken aback by the bright facade - the colour really pops, and considering there's not many parts in that yellow it's fantastic how well you got the patterns worked out. In addition to the exterior, the interior is equally well done. Can't say which is my favourite, but I'm slightly more inclined towards the exterior, specially the roof, as it gave me lots of ideas for my MOCs. This is really inspirational.
  9. MOC: Attic

    Thanks for sharing. This is a great idea, and I finally found a way to use those stairs again. The effect of rafters is very authentic.
  10. Winter Village: Tea 'n Tomes

    This is one of my favourite MOCs lately. It's easy to say that the teapot shelf is my favourite detail. It's the perfect shape and a great idea to put outside a library. Overall, the colour scheme is very pleasant and reading spot in the bay window is very inviting. Good luck in the competition.
  11. I have no doubts about that.😆 However, based on my previous experience, I'm not sure I'd be fit enough to go just a couple weeks after giving birth (that is if the baby is on time). Teddy and Petra, congratulations!
  12. I'm glad to see many familiar names joining the event in Gunzburg. While I was looking forward to this event (being closest to home), I was terrrible at planning a new family member, so I won't be able to join this year. Wish you all a great time and lots of interesting parts in Fabrik.
  13. [MOC] Classic Cathedral

    That's very impressive. The monochrome grey facade is extremely detailed and very interesting to look at. I'm not sure about building it whole. While it would be nice to see it, it's definitely going to take lots of time and parts. Nevertheless, if you decide to build it whole, it would be great to see it.
  14. [Review] 10255 Assembly Square

    Thanks for this great review. The set is really something special and I can't wait to get my copy. The building is very interesting, and the parts make this set also a great parts pack. I'm impressed.