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  1. Redhead1982

    BAM Exclusive Parts Index

    I haven't seen them in the store yet, but I'd love to get the brick fig.
  2. I've been googling for an answer, and I can't find any. I'm fairly new to, so that might be part of the problem. The problem I have is that some LEGO colors don't show properly in Instructions mode. I worked on a mosaic design in, creating this Pink planet, and while I tried to make instructions for it (for my personal use), I couldn't get the colors right. Lavender (BL color ID 154) looks white in the top view. At the same time, the colors are shown properly in the angled view. I found a similar issue for another mosaic project in, and it's bothering me. I'm trying to make a mosaic as a gift and would be great to include the top view pictures as instructions. However, the colors again do not show properly. In this case, light nougat looks like tan. It's not a problem per se, as there are no tan parts, but I'd love to find out what I'm doing wrong. So if you know any tips on how to solve this, I'd be all ears. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for sharing your LEGO storage story. It's challenging to fit a constantly growing collection into a non-growing living area. What comes to mind is 'disorder'. Having skills to practically build a LEGO room almost from scratch is impressive. My basement is similar to yours prior renovation, and I have no wish to start a similar journey simply as that would be too much trouble. What I learned from my experience is that planning is crucial, and that there's never a final state, just constantly updateing.
  4. Redhead1982

    Mountain Cottage

    Nice interior, it looks very cozy. However, I admit I'm missing some snowy mountain view. You created a great atmosphere with the photography, I cannot recognize if it's edited or not. The bear rug in an interesting detail.
  5. Nice expansion inserts for the DA. Would be great to see them lined up with the other buildings.
  6. Redhead1982

    MOC Mosaic Pink Planet

    There's not much to say about this one. I've been tempted to build a mosaic for a long time but kept avoiding it due to lots of digital pre-planning and high costs. Even when I thought I had enough parts, I had to order more. So the basic idea was to start slow, start digitally in, prepare some sort of working instructions, and begin with a small footprint. At the same time, I began hunting 1x1 tiles and studs to collect as many various colors as possible to help with future projects. So, this pink planet was a testing project to see how the process goes and flows. There's a lot of inspirational pictures online, and the ideas are constantly multiplying. I'm happy with the end result, but I want to improve my digital skills - I still need to figure out how to prepare an instructions to build.
  7. Thanks for a great review. I'm not familiar with Mario (outside LEGO theme), but I was able to recognize some of the landscapes and characters (as familiar). The set itself gave me mixed feelings. It's shape, a yellow box with question mark gave me odd vibrations, as I wasn't able to imagine what could that be. But once it's built, it's actually a fun build. It might not be everyone's taste, but it's an interesting spin off from all the 'regular' and familiar shapes and themes. A bit of unconventional can be ful of positive surprises. My favourite part of this set is the yummy dark green icecream.
  8. Redhead1982

    [REVIEW] 10293 - Santa's Visit

    Thanks for a positive feedback on the review. It feels great to get a response, especially after such a long review. Just give your imagination a chance. It doesn't have to be a second set. Perhaps make the back more modern with tall windows and stone walls. That's the beauty here, it can be whatever you want. I had to set some rules while building this set. Children were not allowed to build while I was doing the review. My oldest child now has his chance to rebuild the set. It will take him several afternoons to actually complete the model, but I also know he wouldn't settle for a compromise to do just a tiny part of the model. There are more pages like that with comments. One of the comments explains the new cookie print (inspired by actual cookies made by the designer's mum). And the bit about hiding the gifts around the house is very realistic. I remember as a child I used to search for potential gifts around the house. And now as a parent, I often buy weeks in advance, then I need to hide it somewhere so the kiddos don't see the gifts before they're delivered by Santa. These comments are similar to what can be seen in many Architecture models, where specific details on the buildings or skylines are included.
  9. Lovely model. It's always interesting to see how a MOC evolves in various stages of the building process. I also prefer the two stables version compared to the three stables. My favourite detail is the birds nest. Well done.
  10. Redhead1982

    [REVIEW] 10293 - Santa's Visit

    Thanks for this clarification. I admit I wasn't aware of it. Now it makes more sense. I noticed the 1-2 person logo on the box, but wasn't paying enough attention to it. I think it was also the first time I saw this logo.
  11. Redhead1982

    [REVIEW] 10293 - Santa's Visit

    This year, Christmas came early. At least that's what it felt like opening a large brown card box to reveal this year's Winter Village set. Curious to see more? Just scroll down the page and enjoy the pictures and/or the text. Disclaimer: This set was provided for review purposes to Eurobricks by The LEGO Group. The opinions presented in this review are my own and do not reflect those of The LEGO Group. Press release If you’re dreaming of the perfect Christmas Eve, get the festive season off to a magical start with this LEGO Santa’s Visit (10293) model building set. It’s the ideal way to spend quality time with a cozy project for adults and families. Build the intricate Christmas house and explore all of the model’s jolly features before placing it on display. A build packed with traditions. Spot all the ingredients that make Christmas Eve so special. There are stockings on the fireplace, a plate of cookies with milk for Santa, and even a place setting for him at the dining table. The exterior is equally detailed. See the Christmas tree, which lights up when you press down gently on the treetop. Extra details complete the cheerful scene with presents, a postbox, and brick-built boughs under the ‘snow’-topped roof. A Christmas building project to savor Santa’s Visit is part of the LEGO Winter Village Collection; a collection of buildable model kits for adults that celebrate the festive season. Enjoy a magical Christmas build with this LEGO Santa’s Visit (10293) building kit. Explore all the traditional details of Santa’s visit with an enchanting Christmas house model to display. Includes 4 minifigures with dad, mum, girl and Santa so you can recreate endless cosy family Christmas Eve scenes. See Santa drop through the large chimney into the fireplace. Enjoy spotting all the festive details of the intricate interior. There are stockings on the fireplace, a plate of cookies with milk for Santa, and gifts hidden around the house. This model looks amazing from all angles, making it a perfect seasonal display piece. See the cute kitchen with its sweet brick-built stand mixer. Add a festive glow to your Christmas Eve scene. The Christmas tree features a light brick (with battery included) that lights up when you press the top. Basic info of the set Set no.: 10293 Name: Santa's Visit Theme: Creator Expert Subtheme: Winter Village Year: 2021 Pieces: 1445 Minifigs: 4 Age group: 18+ Price: €89.99, $99.99, £79.99 Price per part: 6.2 c / 6.9 c / 5.5 p Links: Brickset The box Similarly, to last year's box design change, this year's set is continuing the adult’s theme. In my opinion, the sleek black box is perfect to show off the bright and detailed model. Moreover, the black with tiny snowflakes create a perfect snowy-white Christmas atmosphere. The top left corner is decorated with a doodle most commonly associated with the Christmas holiday season, holly (Illex aquifolium) and tiny snowflakes. The design differs from last year's (which featured prominent stags) and seems to be heavily inspired by the theme of the set. I wonder what next year's logo will be? Any hints, please? The characters included in the set are lined up on the side of the box, and while the gifts under the Christmas tree are shown on the other side of the logo. The most important man of the season, although rarely seen in person, is shown as a scale reference. Overall, the box is smartly designed to reveal many of the details, which create a great first impression of the set, and definitely help spread a positive vibe and make fingers itch to grab the box off the shelf. On the short side of the box, a play feature is indicated. The not so mysterious ’making an entrance through the chimney. This is more clearly seen on the back of the box in small frames showing different aspects of the set. The box is approx. 48 cm in length, 28 cm in width and is 9 cm thick. I checked the dimensions of the box because I was surprised to see the contents of the box so densely packed together. Definitely, a positive change, as I can remember times when a large portion of the box was empty. The content of the box Namely, when I opened the box and shook out its contents, this is what I got. Cleary, the contents stayed packed after Disclaimer: I did not rearrange the contents for this photo. The bags are covering the instructions and the contents are nicely packed together. Definitely, a nice positive change to get a full box of LEGO parts. The booklet The set comes with two instruction booklets. I am not sure why there's a need for two booklets, since the smaller one is not that thick and could easily be combined with the main, larger format instruction booklet. The booklets were wrapped in plastic together with a sticker sheet to keep them protected. Prior to actually building the set I flipped through the instructions to get a glimpse at the building steps. I usually don't complain about instructions having too simple steps or a small number of parts to add per step. Some steps had only a few parts, while others had more parts to add. Above is a page from the booklet, which I specifically chose to show because it was the trickiest part for me. Halfway through, I realised I wasn’t completely following the color scheme for the lights and had to start from the beginning. The addition of red borders around the parts added to the model in each step is pretty handy when you have a disturbing factor running around the table on which you're trying to build your Creator Expert adult-targeted set. While most of the instructions’ pages are spotless, some of the pages have a yellowish smudge of unknown origin, which I found annoying. At first, I thought my kiddos had fun with yellow markers, but after inspection, I realized they did not touch the instructions (as clearly there would be yellow marks on their fingers and faces). However, these smudges are seen only on a few pages and are not affecting the building process as such. They’re just something to complain about. The parts In total, the parts and the building process is split into 9 steps – 9 individual bags. Given the fact the inventory for the set is not yet available, you can check the back of the instructions here, here and here. Alternatively, the parts can be seen here. The predominant colors are reddish brown, light bluish grey and the highlight (in my opinion) the bright light blue. Hi-res pictures of the parts can be seen in my Flickr. There are several interesting parts included in the set, mostly being recolours of existing parts, including a nice variety of medium blue parts. Some of the more interesting parts, in my opinion, will be highlighted further on in ‘The build’ section. Feel free to skip the minifigs and dive right in. Or not. There’s one more part I should mention here, and that is the sticker sheet. There are only four stickers included, and they all help with creating a story behind the family. I find them quite useful for MOCing, especially the space rocket poster and a new type of clock design. The round family portrait is interesting mostly for its size and shape. It fits a 3x3 round tile and is challenging to apply with even edges throughout. For sure, printed parts would be a better choice for many. The minifigures There are four minifigs included in the set. A family of three and the most prominent (and hard-to-meet-in-person) minifigure Santa Claus, know under many aliases such as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, etc. Santa has clearly updated clothing. The most obvious difference is his black boots, which are commonly missing in other minifig Santas. In addition, it seems as his belly grew a bit, and he needed a new coat and a new belt. Too bad the printing doesn’t continue on the sides as well. The slightly wrinkled fabric helps in creating a more rounded body type of Santa. Family members look pretty generic at first glance. They all have double face expressions, which helps with expressing various emotions (a bonus play feature for the adults). While I initially liked the sweater design, as it can be worn by flashy and yellow figs, the design is quite outdated now. An update of his wardrobe would be great. Perhaps a new sweater is packed in one of those gifts. A more winter- or Christmas-themed outfit, perhaps sweaters similar to those in Ice Skating Rink (40416) would fit even better with the theme. The letter he’s holding is relatively new and available in only 3 sets up to date (according to Bricklink). Mum of the family stands out with her hairstyle. Her wig is another rare part, which cannot be said for her top. I felt a bit disappointed, as I expected something more winter-like. Again, a more holiday-themed top would be better. Despite her outfit, she seems to be in a great mood having two happy smiling faces. The daughter of the family is clearly a space fan. She’s super excited to get her new rocket, and judging by her room décor, she’s all-in for space. The girl’s hair reminds me of the iconic ponytails the very old minifigs had. However, her best feature is probably her pyjama. This is what I had in mind when complaining about the lack of winter-themed outfits. Isn’t her dark turquoise pyjama with snowflakes perfect? Complementary to her outfit, she has a sleepy alternative face, which again allows us, the adults, to put the child to bed (in this case, without the evening routine or complaining of any kind). Also, I wouldn’t complain if her parents wore matching pyjamas. The build To warm up, the building starts with several small models, the first one being the entryway to the property. Here, a small mailbox is added as another play feature – of course, the letter you wrote for Santa has to be mailed by snail mail. The fence is decorated with a lamppost, which is a new color – a satin white round brick that hasn’t been seen before. Christmas tree is another holiday hallmark that can’t be missed. Considering the fact that TLG designers produce at least one Christmas tree per year, it’s quite challenging to come up with something new and good-looking. At first glance, the tree feels a bit bulky with all the slopes but is overall well designed. The use of trans-clear plates is a neat trick to help light up the tree. The trunk of the tree includes light brick and transparent brick. By gently pressing down the top of the tree, the tree is illuminated. I also like the selection of gifts under the tree. The trumpet/trombone is my least favorite, as it feels too big. It is cleverly designed though, however, I wonder why the dark tan dish was used instead of gold. It would look better for sure. In many recent sets, especially those featuring apartments, the ground floor deviated from the most natural rectangular design. Specifically in this case, the shape of the floor creates a much more open space, and many of the play features remain accessible for large adult fingers. A little bit further down the road, the shape of the house becomes more apparent. One side is tiled, where the kitchen will be installed. On the other side, there’s the chimney base, a small carpet, and a tiny gift, which is later hidden from plain sight. Candles are attached to a bar and can be flipped if a certain someone crashes through the chimney. The doormat is a perfect oval shape (another new part in this color). These are available in a limited number of sets in four colors. The dark orange tile is a nice addition to any adult collection. There’s a lot of smaller parts added, and while it might feel slow to build, these were some of my favorite details. At heart, I’m still a town girl, and building the interior of the house made my heart sing (and not out of tune). My favorite here is definitely the sink, built with lbg cylinder half. The buns, kitchen robot and oven help create that December atmosphere when everyone is baking and the kitchen smells of cinnamon and cookies. After adding holiday-themed details on the inside, the holidays continue outside as well. The addition of green minifig claws was the first part that stood out to me when I initially saw the set. Still, after building the set, this part seems perfect as Christmas-themed décor. With a little bit of imagination, the cherries and the green claws could pass for the holly. The exterior of the house is painted in bright light blue, which was another feature that stood out to me. There’s a variety of parts in this color included in the set, many seen for the first time in this color. If not for anything else, this set is great as a parts pack for fans of bright light blue. Throughout the building, there was a constant change from interior to exterior. Now we’re back in the interior with an almost finished chimney and a decorated mantle in front of the fireplace. I’m a bit concerned about fire safety. Those socks are so close to the flames and no fire extinguisher is at hand. If you remember stickers from earlier on, two of them are used here. Both of them fit nicely, but at least the family portrait is tricky to apply. And if you don’t mind, I have to say that I mastered putting a round sticker to that 3x3 round tile. The portrait is attached to the 2x4 dbg double jumper plate which is still rare in this color. The cookies on the side table have a new printing, but I’m not advertising them as there are only 3 of them, and I don’t share my cookies. Trivia: the new cookie printing is inspired by the actual cookies made every year by the LEGO designer’s mother. The center of the ground floor is fitted with a large dining table, already decorated with a red runner and candles. At this table, the family can gather for meals, talk, play board games or build LEGO sets. etc. Definitely, a nice way to play and perhaps the adults can rehearse some of the talks on how to behave at the table. Above the kitchen, the girl’s bedroom is fitted under the roof. This makes the kitchen very hard to reach for those of us with adult-sized hands. Nevertheless, the girl is still young, and she needs to sleep (unlike her parents, missing a bedroom in this part of the house). The roof design is probably one of my favorite features. The angles, the curved shape, and the steep slopes are very appealing. The angles are achieved by the use of technic 7L lift arms in reddish-brown (yes, another new re-colored part). I’m not a fan of Technic parts, and I find it challenging to use them. However, these reddish-brown lift arms are already on my wanted list. In addition to their function, they also look good as wood paneling under the roof. Lift arms are attached to the roof on one side and the wall of the house on the other, and simply slip into place very gently. From the inside, the beams (or lift arms) are seen. The roof is then leaned to another angled element, also reminiscent of a beam. This angled beam helps with the structure of the house as it secures the angled section of the houses on top as well. Additionally, a lamp is hanged from it directly above the table. The only thing missing is a mistletoe hanging down. The steep roof above the entrance was another popping detail. The green minifig claws and the cherries really stand out and give an impression of garland made from holly. The golden bells, the satin white lamps and the rounded corners are some of my favorite elements of the house. The house is layered with multiple roof sections and the various angles of the house can be best seen from this view. Don’t mind the blue plates loosely attached to the wall. This was my attempt at the sturdiness of the main angled beam connection between the side walls. It held, but just barely when I tried lifting the whole house by the beam. Definitely not a play feature. Another nice element of the roof is the section above the girl’s bedroom. As mentioned before, to allow easy access to her room or nook, the roof can easily slide away from the house. The last two stickers are used here, one as a letter to Santa, the other one as a wall poster. Clearly, the girl is all about space, even having a planet hanging from the roof. So if you can’t read her scribbles in the letter to the Santa, I’m pretty sure she wants Classic Space. The tree outside the house is probably the only feature I haven’t mentioned so far. It’s a pretty tiny one, covered with snow. At first, it might look as if it was a last-minute detail, but given some thought, this is actually how many young trees look like in winter. They’re short, with few branches, and definitely not standing out. However, what stands out is the cute bird’s house. And again this detail shows how much thought is behind the model design. In winter, there’s less food for birds, and birdhouses are traditionally hung to the tree to provide more birds seeds. The finished product Congratulations, you almost made it to the end of this review. This is the final product with all the paraphernalia. It doesn’t feel crowded and it takes some volume. Compared to other sets from the Winter Village series, I was excited not to see a vehicle in the set, as was common for many years. The set is actually packed with holiday spirit as many traditions can be recreated with the minifigs. The exterior is pretty to look at, and the irregular shape makes it even more interesting. The bright light blue color is a great choice in my opinion, despite blue being a less common facade color. It would be nice to see this house next to the cottage from 2012, to compare the shape and color. The first impression might be that this house is similar to the previous one, but this is far from the truth. The latest house has a different layout and style, and looks more like a modern house. On the other hand, the cottage from 2021 is a traditional timber house. The only obvious similarities are the blue color of the walls and snow-covered roofs. Contrary to the exterior, the interior is even brighter and merrier. Not going for the standard rectangular floor plan actually opens up the house, creates a large volume to look at and to reach into. If we speculate that the bathroom and parents’ bedroom are in the ‘other’ half of the house, there’s nothing missing here. There are even some gifts hidden inside in hard-to-reach nooks. Another play feature can be mentioned here. If, in your adult life, you ever wondered how the gifts are delivered, say no more. Clearly, Santa drops the bag so carefully, as to not get caught in the fire in the fireplace, not make any loud noise, and definitely doesn’t hit the side table with hot cocoa and cookies. I’m only not sure if Santa pulls the bag up by some hidden strings or he actually goes down the chimney. The way I see it here, he’s not that excited to jump into the unknown chimney. The final verdict Design 9/10 The overall design is well done. Considering the set is clearly targeted at adults, it is a great stand-alone display piece. I seriously enjoyed my building experience, as there were interesting details or techniques incorporated. However, being targeted at adults, I would expect a more advanced building. There’s not a lot of SNOT building included, apart from the ground floor and roof section deviating from the standard rectangular shapes. Colorwise, the set is pleasing to the eye. The color choice is interesting, even bold, but stands out nicely and provided many new recolored parts. Parts 10/10 Parts selection is above average in my opinion. There are many bright light blue recolored parts, as well as in other colors. Some of the elements introduced in the set are rare, however, I couldn’t identify any new parts exclusive to the set. As an adult, I chose my sets wisely, based on part count and color. In this perspective, Santa’s Visit is totally up my alley. Although the part count is high due to many small parts, they’re put to good use (as to add details to the interior). Minifigs 7/10 Overall, the four minifigs included in the set fit nicely. Some may argue that 4 minifigs are too low for a set of this size, however, adding another family member (or Santa’s helper) would make the house too crowded. Perhaps, adding a pet would be an additional bonus. Design-wise, Santa is the best figure in the set, given his new clothing and black boots. Number two is definitely the little girl in her new pajamas. The parents on the other side feel quite generic and don’t really stand out much. Luckily, the minifigs (with Santa as an exception), have double-printed faces, which improve their expressions. Build 9/10 While I enjoyed the building process tremendously, I didn’t get the expression of why the set is targeted at adults. It might be more appealing to the adults as a display piece. However, the building process is not very complex. The most intriguing part was building the roof and creating various slopes. Nevertheless, this is something that can’t be considered extremely advanced. Playability 10/10 There’s no doubt that the true potential of the set lies in playability. I have emphasized multiple options of play throughout the review and could list them here again (but I won’t). It might be my impression, but the open wide floor is perfect to reach in, set the minifigs in various positions/actions and just go about their cozy evening waiting for Santa. There’s no direct action such as shooting opponents with extra studs, but there’s the Santa slide (aka chimney). In this respect, it is obvious why the set would be very appealing also to the younger population. Price 9/10 At the time of building this set, the price was not yet available. Therefore, my opinion of the set is not affected by the final price value. Given the part count, the predominant colors, and specific parts, I see a potential in the set, not just as something to display, but also to build-and-rebuild as well as just use for parts. For a price of 89,99 EUR and a part count of 1445, the price per part is well below the 10c limit, which I consider as relevant. True, the part count is high because there’s a lot of small parts, but I found these parts useful, so this is not an issue for me. At the end of the day, the price is reasonable for what you get. Overall 54/60 To sum up this extensive review, Santa’s Visit scored 90% on my value scale. Although the set is officially targeted at adults (18+), it clearly targets a much wider group of LEGO lovers. It offers new recolored and rare parts, the structure is interesting, Santa wears boots, and the set looks fantastic as a display piece on your shelf or the side table. While these might be important factors for the adults, the playability of the set is an attractive factor for younger builders. At the end of the day, I hope I managed to review the latest Winter Village set in sufficient detail for you to form your own opinion. I would love to hear it. Thank you for reading this review.
  12. Redhead1982

    Review: 10290 Pickup Truck

    Thanks for a nice review. The pickup looks great. While there's little chance of actually buying it as I'm not a huge fan of cars, I like it mostly for the color. Dark red looks perfect, perhaps some rust would be a neat detail. The stickers nicely complement the truck and help with the story. Especially the rear view mirror, that's a hidden gem.
  13. Redhead1982

    For sale: Green Grocer 10185

    This topic can be closed, as the set was sold.
  14. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Ocean Drive

    These row houses are a reason TLG made so many blue shades.
  15. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Two Vipers' Brewery

    I somehow missed this post despite being front-paged. The detail which caught my eye while browsing the front page was the neatly rounded platform using the barrels. It works really well. This type of timber/stone medieval houses are always nice to look at, but often there are some hidden gems. Like the bird's nest or the water well, which looks very round at first glance using those macaroni tiles. Nice MOC.