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  1. MOC Elven Village

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. It's always nice to read feedback, good or bad. I agree there's no scenes set up, which makes it boring to you. My aim was to build a display for an exhibition with no specific idea set by the organizers. Based on my previous experience, Friends and Elves' displays were rare, and as I decided to build something with Elves, I had two things in mind. One, as stated before, using all the bright colors for buildings and foliage. Second, I find it very hard to use these Elves/Friends minidolls in different poses or with utensils etc. Their lack of flexible legs and wrists makes it look unrealistic. That, and the fact that I wanted to try a bit more elaborate landscaping, made this display. As I said, it depends on what you want. If it helps, my son got a chance to play a bit with it, and he was positioning the minidolls in different places, and had fun. Initially, I wanted at least two houses in pink/purple/lavender hues, but than there was not enough space once the ground was set up. Also, I wanted more pink trees around, but I had a limited space, so I couldn't extend it last minute.
  2. I have your page marked for a while now, but haven't had the chance to read through it all. Definitely it's a very extensive guide covering pretty much everything. That's also why I plan to read it. I'm currently sorting my bags and boxes of mixed parts, either from sets or dissasembled MOCs. I've been postponing it for a while now, and the bricks really piled up. Since I have a small space for my collection hidden in the bedroom, I'm trying to keep most of the parts in zip bags, small drawer cabinets, and large plastic crates. Of those I have some from Ikea and majority of smaller ones are food containers, which are great. I'm sorting in two phases, first to sort by major category, such as bricks, modified bricks, SNOT bricks, tiles, plates of different sizes, minifigs, slopes etc. Now I'm on to part two in the sorting process, which is by color and type. Initially, I had everything sorted by type and color, but now I'm changing to have boxes of mixed odd parts all in the same color. I save some space by doing this, and it doesn't take as much time. I'll add more feedback as soon as I read it all.
  3. Your worst lego injuries?

    For me, it was just broken nail and scratches on my fingers from attempts at taking apart some sticky structures. However, a couple weeks ago I stepped on my son's brick (a hair piece), and I got a small cut on my foot sole.
  4. This is very lovely. The amount of detail is astonishing. The size of the MOC makes it look a bit empty, but the closeup photos reveal some of the hidden details. You definitely have a great parts collection (the new Ninjago fence, printed windows, brown flower stems etc). One of the details that really got my attention was the roof on the house and on the fence. Stacking those tiles had to a pain for your fingers, and definitely a test of patience and steady nerves. Well done.
  5. [MOC] Mini Buildings

    Your houses are adorable. The amount of detail is extraordinary. Thanks for sharing the instructions, too.
  6. [MOC] Who's Singin' Over There? (Ko to tamo peva)

    Well done. I'm not sure how well.know the film is outside the our region. so I'm guessing that's part of the reason it hasn't been noticed. You did a great job creating the old bus, althought it still looks too new. :-D Well done on the letters, too. Have you displayed it somewhere? I really wonder if it'd be recognized by the crowds. Perhaps making a B&W picture would add more atmosphere.
  7. [MOC] Copenhagen suburban townhouse from the 50ies

    Well down. The house itself is a nice and simple design of a typical DK suburban home. The idea to desing it and pass it on to someone living in a house is great. I'm sure the children of the house were happy. Displaying the house with a mirror at the back is very clever, and also makes it look like a decorative object. What will happen to the house (at the house)? Do they plan to have it as a display or play object?
  8. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    To add my share to this debate. I like all of the modulars released so far, some of them more and some less. I have multiple copies of many, and I got them for the parts. In this respect, I have bought two Brickbanks. In addition, modulars with more than one building/unit add more detail to "a street" as well as give you more versatile parts to collect and use. Buildings with different widths are realistic. But that's just my opinion. With that said, I'm looking forward to hear the news on the newest modular building. I'm pretty sure I'll like it either for design or parts used.
  9. My favourite (and recently discovered) on Instagram is user Brick Explorer. Not only are his tiny houses cute and adorable, he has developed an interesting style gor the cottage. He's also very skilled at photography, he recreates a great atmosphere. Other than that it seems most Lego-related instagram accounts are minifig-photography accounts.
  10. [MOC] Art D├ęco Gas Station

    Gas stations are usually not this pretty. It's beautiful. The colors and the shape works perfectly for the station's building. There's so many nice details, I like the interior of the diner, and the outside decorations. The 'Shell' stickers are a nice touch, and bring back memories of the old sets. Nice work and thanks for sharing.
  11. MOC Elven Village

    Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. It did, specially comments from girls (of all age) were very positive. I agree that would be nice. But in the end, when the cottages were in place, it was too hard to get my big hands around the small niches to fill with more plants.
  12. [MOC] Jurassic Brick

    For some reason I missed them, but they're too good not to comment and praise. They are simply amazing. Not just capturing the shapes and colors, also the settings and/or backgrounds are full of detail and look very realistic. The landscaping is perfect. If I had to choose, the triceratops are my favourite. Congratulations on this excelent build.
  13. This Elven Village for the LEGO Elves was designed months before I watched the Netflix's Elves series, therefore the cottages don't resemble the real Elvendale. What I had in mind was a MOC to use all the amazing (and bright) colors which were introduced in the Elves and Friends themes. I reused the background from my previous Elves MOC, the Dragon Mountain, but added more detail to the rocks. The land was extended to 96 x 96 studs. I enjoyed building the landscape as there was no limit in making it realistic. This Elven Village was displayed at 19th Kocke Fest (Slovenian LUG exhibition) in October 2017. This is what the village from air looks like - a bridsdragon eye. I added more rocks to the mountain (I actually ran out of slopes when building the Dragon Mountain). This MOC came to life mostly because of the bright colored cottages, and from this perspective it looks very colorful. I planned more buildings in other colours as well, but it felt crowded as it is. The first house I built was the pink one. As I wanted colorful houses with different floor plan, I decided to use rocks as the focal point of the ''Elven architecture'' as fireplace. This way, the houses have at least one similarity. The landscaping was my favourite part. TLG released many interesting parts which could be used as plants or plant parts, and I tried to use them to create a more vibrant and exotic flora. Also, the flowers' colors follow the aura of the cottage's resident. Around the bright light yellow house I used all the different flower molds I had at home, from the classic flower to 1x1 round plates and special ''Friends'' flowers. I only wish TLG would make those in other colors, too. Another challenge was to use some of the odd parts in my collection. For example, I built the bright light yellow cottage on a modified brick 8x16, I used the dark azure eggs, reddish brown horns. I've been sorting my collection intensively in the last months, and I was able to see just how many odd parts I have that were never used in a MOC. So here's another reason why sorting can be helpful. As always, more (and larger) pictures can be found on my Flickr.
  14. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Heads Up

    I'd love to come, the dates seem good for me. Now it's only to arrange babysitting for the kids, and plan few days off at work (which is the challenging part being at home till the end of March).
  15. Oh no, spoiler alert. I haven't seen episode 3 yet, there's no video on you tube or other sources. Too bad Jessica and Faolan are out. I'm really interesting to see the show end and all the creations from the contestants. How was the show accepted in Uk outside AFOL community?