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  1. Redhead1982

    Eurobricks event 2024 - any news?

    I think there's still offline discusion regarding the possible dates.
  2. Redhead1982

    MOC: Great West City

    Nice, lots of easter eggs makes it stand out.
  3. Redhead1982

    [REVIEW] 60376 Arctic Explorer Snowmobile

    Thanks for the review. What stands out here (in my opinion at least), are also the backpack and hairpiece - both recolors. Ofcourse, the highlight of this set are both seals. It's nice to get such specific animals in a small and affordable set. While the snowmobile doesn't look special, the snowmobile-mech is great. Definitely adds something to the set.
  4. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Redbeard's Escape

    This classic figures bring back memories. As a child I only had those even thogh minifigs were already available in sets (they were hard to find at that time, unlike this classic figures which were more easily available cca 10 years earlier). So, I simply imagined that figures always kept their hands in the pockets. I wouldn't call it 'ancient'.... Also, I didn't know these 'older' figures were called Legoland figures.
  5. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Pumpkin Harvest in Fabuland

    This is such a cute autumn-vibe picture. Fabuland figures are right at home at this pumpkin patch. Also, the fabuland roof with its texture is a nice detail.
  6. Redhead1982

    [MOC] London Street

    The vibe of these two buildings is perfect. I really like the slight offset of the Print shop. The angle and the tiny gap create an interesting feature. Colorwise, both store fronts look appealing and realistic. Really well done.👍
  7. It also depends if a child has built with lego before. At 4 not everyone is skilled to tackle smaller parts and clutch power. My 6-yr old still sometines need help to clutch parts together. At the same time she has no problem to follow instructions of larger sets, even aimed at 18+. At the end of the days, ask the parents for advice.
  8. Redhead1982

    "The Golden Frog" Restaurant - Modular Building MOC

    Georgues interiors and very neat exteriors. I really like the roof and the texture of it. The color scheme is quite vibrant, perhaps the more pale tone (like bright light yellow or even flash). But as it is, it's still a very fine looking building. Well done.
  9. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Knudsholm Country House

    Nice house. I can imagine it's not easy to move out and the model is a nice symbolic act to remind the owner of his first home. I like your color choice for the bricks, medium dark flesh fits better then dark red, but the real color is something in between most likely.
  10. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Сafe-confectionary Shtefanyo

    Same as always, very impressive with lots of small details to catch around the fasade. The intricate snot details above the windows really caught my eye, in addition to the roof tiles and large shop floor window. Well done.
  11. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Sir Reginald's Return

    I really like how you used those large printed panels. A combination of panels can quickly create a too monotone pattern, but here's it actually works great. Since the castle part is not too high, and it is made symetrical around the entrance, the effect of the printed/stickered panels works nice to add some detail. I agree that using original (worn) panels might not work that well because of the difference between light grey and light bluish grey. But using more light grey plates it could work as well. Also the yellow printed panels fit nicely in. Overall it has a vibe of classic castle. Well done.
  12. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Orenjikoma

    Great color choice, orange and dk turquoise are very bold together, perfect to make it stand out even more. Too bad the background is blurred. It seems very interesting. Do you have more pictures of the layout?
  13. Redhead1982

    Eurobricks Event #16 Building Challenge

    I thought I'd just post picture of my contribution to this year's challenge here. Would be nice if others post their buildings as well. Lastly, a big thank you to @Skalldyr for organizing this year's challenge and also to winning this year's challenge.
  14. Redhead1982

    EB Event 2023 information topic

    Thanks for another fun event and to the organizers @Holodoc, @Skalldyr and @Jim and everyone contributing to the prize pool. Till next time!
  15. Redhead1982

    [MOC] The Lost Temple

    Nice. The landscape is a nice contrast to the vibrant temple. I like the shapes of the bolders and slopes. The temple has an interesting color choices, but they work well together. The dragons on the roof are amazing. The curved bodies create an interesting shape combined with the golden accents. The only thing I miss here is life, just a few occupants would be nice to see. Well done.