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  1. Billund 2018 trading post

    Sorry, I checked, but I have none of these parts. Hope you can get the wanted quantity.
  2. Event countdown 2018

    Congratulations to Skalldyr for being an early winner. There's no way I'll be up and online for the last photo. I'll be picking up @MstrOfPppts in 12 hours, and still need to pack a few essentials for the road trip. After today's fun activities which included an early morning visit to the doctors, staying at home with a strange skin rash, going to the office twice during the day to deal with some papers, and the grand finale (a puke and a pee) starring my little girl, I wanna get to bed early. Really looking forward to have some adult fun. But first, first stop tomorrow Legoland Gunzburg. Have a safe trip and see you in Billund.
  3. Event countdown 2018

    This part appears in 3 Town sets (Tower Crane, Tower Crane, and Volcano Exploration Base) and in 3 Ninjago sets (Misfortune's Keep, Skull Truck, and Turbo Shredder).
  4. Earthquake in Cologne

    Congratulations for amazing MOC (and well-deserved front page exposure)! The perspective and mood of the photo are spot on. The somewhat larger-than-minifig scale is perfect to add neext-level details, such as the off-setting of the facade. I also like the architectural style, the different era buildings. My favourite are the facades, with all the off-sets, SNOTed walls, definitely something to try and learn from.
  5. Event countdown 2018

    Same here. :-D Was up til 3 in the morning, and stil no sign of no. 3.
  6. Event countdown 2018

    @Skalldyr Staying up late?
  7. Event countdown 2018

    This part is available in 4 sets in this reddish brown color. Also this part in reddish brown appears in 4 themes (Elves, Ghostbusters, Dimensions and Modular buildings).
  8. Event countdown 2018

    I used to be good at maths, but I might have lost my counting skills. I think I should get only 8 points for 6 answers (or are there some double points?).
  9. Two years ago, I arrived after 22:00 I think. I had no problems with the chalet, I think it was Calanon, who took over the chalet. I don't remember much from then...
  10. Billund 2018 trading post

    Now, that's a way to learn German.
  11. Event countdown 2018

    It's also one of the 5 technic bricks with open center (Technic, Brick 4 x 4 Open Center, Technic, Brick 4 x 6 Open Center, Technic, Brick 6 x 8 Open Center, Technic, Brick 4 x 6 Open Center with 2 Fixed Rotatable Friction Pins on End, Technic, Brick 6 x 8 Open Center with 2 Fixed Rotatable Friction Pins on 3 Sides). The part appeared in yellow only in 2005.
  12. Event countdown 2018

    The number 40344 is a multiple of 5 (15). The brick 40344 is (was) available in sets in 5 non-transparent colors (black, dark azzure, LBG, LG, yellow). The part weighs 5 g. There's 5 of this brick in dark azzure in BOOST Creative Toolbox set.
  13. Event countdown 2018

    I guess that happens easily when you live in a different time zone. You never know when @Holodoc decides to throw a bombnew challenge.
  14. Event countdown 2018

    So I'm up and online before 8, and I'm already late to this guessing game.
  15. Billund 2018 trading post

    I went through my Bricklink inventory, and these are the extra sealed polybag sets (one of each) if anyone's interested. Prices we can work out. 30276 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter - Mini polybag 30201 Ghost polybag 5001622 LEGO Store Employee polybag I also have some other bits and pieces in the Bricklink store which I don't find useful. If there's anything interesting, let me know. I'd love to part with all those odd bits. I might bring the box with my BL inventory if there's any interest.