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Found 20 results

  1. Simons Brick World

    [MOC] update from the LEGO city

    Hello there, after a long break, I wanted to get back in touch and show an update or the current state of my LEGO city. Since my last post, the city has grown significantly. You can see the current state directly in the first picture below. The river has been extended and got a rock wall on one side, which extends to the river mouth. On the other side I have started some time ago with the construction of the city park. It will be the central place of the city. Currently I'm working diligently to expand the park and add many small details. To give you an overview, especially about the park, I have also attached a few pictures of the park: I still make a YouTube video for each progress. So if you are interested in how the city has grown or how it will progress in the future, feel free to check it out. The latest video about the park can be found here: I hope you like the update. Please let me know what you think about the current state of the city.
  2. Hi, In theory, should be coming a new update for LDD, no?? Someone knows something about that?
  3. I couldn't sit this contest out. It pulls on my nostalgic strings too much, so know I had to participate. I started with a list of 32 sets that I wanted to consider. Some were immediately thrown out for lack of interest (6537, 6615, 6524, 6590, 8836, 6698, 6669, 8835, 5541, 8286, 5935, 6331, 8839, 6646, 6334, 6670, 8840, 8872, 8280). I had a top thirteen, and started throwing more out for various reasons (How do I do the canopy of 6887, 6542 and 6541 would be too big to do them justice today, 8880 is too sacred to do well, how do I do the motorcycle of 6354 or the cars of 6337 and 6335 (I'm watching you close @mpj)). Some I would like to do at another time (6344, 8858, the helicopter of 8062). Finally I came down to three that I created a MOC up for: 6357, 8855, and 8854. I may still do one of the others at another time, but for now I am going to focus on 8854, unless I run into problems. The set is iconic, well loved, and the right size. I am going to keep the scale pretty close (1.07:1), and I'll keep all the features. At this point, I plan to add a fake engine and suspension to the features 8854 already has (steering, outriggers, boom slewing, boom lift, boom extension, winch). I was hoping to have more done by now, but I guess it took me a while to decide on which set to do. It's pretty rough right now, but I have the size set, and a schematic of where all the mechanical parts are going to go. We'll see how this goes....
  4. Just for info, Studio has been updated to version 2.0.12_1, here the changelog: Bug fixes: Fixed bug where Minifig left leg (972) doesn't have its connectivity info. Fixed bug where RGB input fields for arrows wouldn't appear in the color picker. Fixed typo in the description of the auto recovery option. Features: Added 13 new parts. Added an ability to do exact match search '=id(PARTID)'. Made visual difference for each step title in the steplist. Changed color labels for special material colors like rubber and metallic. Improvements: Filter feature; now you are able to search parts within the parts list. Added an ability to modify assembly parts such as Minifig torso and legs without breaking their original group structure.
  5. It seems there's a new LDD update. I'm not too knowledgeable about LDD, but here's the topic to discuss everything that's new It's a 276.33 MB update the new Brick Version is 2075. Superkalle reports that there are (at least) 318 new bricks. Here's a file with all the new bricks (credits to Superkalle). Have fun!
  6. I tried this Lego Digital Designer software for the first time, and man, it's awesome! Granted, I only used it to recreate 3 simple things I built by bricks first. I'm really impressed by the ability to generate HTML instructions that look like official instructions with images of bricks used in the corner, then assembly, as well as parts list. Now with a PDF of the instructions, I don't have to worry about taking apart the construction and forgetting how I put it together. I'm looking forward to making something mini figure scale big using parts I don't have, then ordering them from Lego's website. Is there a website or a way in the software to look at every Lego element there is?
  7. A revamped version with new elements from the latest LDD parts update! I especially like the SNOT portion of the roof's front section and the improved tail lights!
  8. Built for the 2016 MOCAthalon, the category this time was “Classic Update.” I chose to update the Black Falcon Fortress #6074. The original featured a working drawbridge and hinging walls to allow for multiple building layouts. I kept both those features, and added a dual catapult, jail with break-away wall, great hall with fireplace and table, and a stables with working gate. There are 6 minifigs included: 4 Black Falcons, and 2 Crusaders, plus there are two horses, some extra weapons, and a treasure chest. There are 2 ladders to allow minifigs to reach the walls, and they can fold up out of the way so you can reach into the interior. See more pictures on brickbuilt Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed this remake of a classic set. I admit to rigorously play testing this model
  9. M_slug357


    Hey all, hopefully you've stopped by the frontpage recently, because a new LDD update file has been released!! I just downloaded it myself, and I must say that the most important elements added (imho) were the Servo Motor and the L Motor!! Please read this thread for more details!! Thanks, ~M_Slug357~
  10. Am I the only member here who think that the Star Wars review and MOC Index needs a major update? Like a example, the latest review to been indexed in the Review index are sets from 2014. It's almost two year since all the 2014 sets review been indexed in the index. Where's the 2015 set reviews in the index? Some of the reviews are excellent and deserved to been indexed. I also see that the MOC index is still kinda outdated. I know that the indexer want to ensure that the indexed MOC are excelent in quality, but at the same time I also see that some of the MOCs indexed aren't that good and rough, while I also see some excellent MOCs that deserved to been indexed aren't been indexed. I didn't mean that the MOCs in the MOC index are bad, but I think there's some MOCs that more deserved to been indexed.
  11. A new parts update (2015-02) just has been released: Happy New Year 2016! Steffen
  12. Hey, A new LDraw parts update is published on the LDraw website. I received the following message regarding the new update: So, it was a long wait (2015 is almost over already ), but it's a relatively big update. A quick look at the new parts shows that there are especially a lot of new minifig parts and printed parts. Have fun!
  13. Redimus

    Space Patroller MkII

    So, as a kid, I had a couple of 6830 Space Patroller. I loved it. I saw a complete with instructions one on Bricklink for cheap, and decided I wanted to relive some childhood joy, so bought it. Although it's still a fun little design for it's time, it's hardly a match on today's designs. I started to wonder what I could come up with as a homage to it. Here's what I came up with. And for reference, the original: It keeps all the major beats, twin mounted front cannons, opening canopy, twin removable robots, swing wings, plus I added landing gear, and engines that aren't also robots. All in all, I'm not 100% satisfied with it, I think I strayed too far away from the basic shape, but I thought it was good enough to show off here none the less.
  14. Hello, Mugbearer here reporting from sleepy Russia, 04:00 am GMT +3. My LDD just started updating itself with the 4.3.8 patch, so I wanted to ask: am I late for the party or is it something new? If it's new, who knows what are new features and bricks? I guess I would try to find them myself and post a screenshot, so let's start a discussion of a recent patch!
  15. There's a new LDraw update, version 2014-02. For the people here that don't like to read, here's the page that sums up all the new parts. If you do like a little more information, the following text sums it up pretty well: Source It also includes my first parts
  16. Greetings! I opened up LDD recently after a while of not using it, and I'm not sure if this is because of an update or not, but here goes.When I select a brick from the palette in Extended Mode, a window pops up and you choose between the colors that piece has been produced in, no others. Then, when I go to select multiple bricks to repaint, I can't do it. Clicking on the paint tool removes the selection. The only way the paint tool is currently working for me is to click on each piece manually and recolor it, again only in a color that's been produced. As a majority IRL moccer who mostly uses LDD for the infinite color/piece feature, I'd really love some help here, and I didn't see anybody who'd had the same problem. Thanks!
  17. Hey everyone, So, I have a little issue with LDD's latest update(s). Every time I open LDD, it keeps installing the same, slow update (37.68MB, followed by a 36.40MB one, then a 36.18MB one and a 39MB one) and, yet, I don't receive any new elements. In fact, I haven't received many of the new elements that others have apparently received (HF minifigure pieces, Bad Cop's blaster, etc.). Has anyone else had this problem, or have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks
  18. There is a huge update of LEGO Technic section at
  19. Here we go, I'm attempting to make an update of Jennifer Clark's legendary Demag AC50, and I have some questions to ask about the model. I want it to look similar, although updated to the best Lego currently has to offer, and with no modified parts. The questions are as follows: Where is the battery box for the carrier located? How big is the model? What goes in the section behind the front wheels? How tall is the boom? How many studs are between each axle? How long is the leadscrew used to raise the boom? This is all stuff that I was not able to determine from the pictures, so this is why I'm asking. The help of anyone who has built this model, or even the designer herself, would be appreciated. also, I have made a new, driven and steered front axle, but I'm not sure if the current drive I've come up with, which includes a lockable differential, will fit. I'm planning on moving the drive motor to the front, just behind the front axle, but I'm not sure if that will fit either. Any help is appreciated.