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Found 10 results

  1. dtomsen

    [MOC] DSB IC3 (8-wide DMU)

    Presenting another of my Danish State Railways’ (DSB) trains redesigned to 8-wide and digitally rendered (with a bonus livery)... DSB IC3 The Danish State Railways’ (DSB) highly successful and innovative InterCity 3 aka IC3 passenger train was co-developed by Siemens -Duewag in Germany and ABB Scandia in Denmark. The train is operated by DSB in Denmark and Sweden, by Renfe Operadora in Spain and by Israel Railways in Israel. Amtrak in the USA and Via Rail in Canada have tested the train in the past. A trainset consists of three units; two diesel motor units (Litra MFA and Litra MFB) and one intermediary unit (Litra FF). Up to five trainsets can be coupled together. 96 trainset were built for DSB from 1989 to 1991. All are still in service today. My model: Original white and red livery used from 1989 to 2002. Fictionally named “Jørgen Vig” with the crest of Billund added. Scale: 1:48 Length: 157 studs (MFA: 55 – FF: 47 – MFB 55) or approx. 122 cm Width: 8 studs Bricks: 2.948 (MFA: 1.040 – FF: 861 – MFB 1.047) Locomotion: 2 x 9v or 2 x PF/PUP train motors Power: 9v, 2 x LEGO AAA battery boxes or 2 x BuWizz battery boxes Control: 9v, PUP, SBrick, PFx Brick or BuWizz Designed: 2022 Conversion of my 7-wide model from 2017 to 8-wide with more accurate dimensions. Very high setting render from with custom decals added in the PartDesigner tool. Its able to navigate R40 but looks rather silly doing so: Interior with seats for 83 minifigs: Decorative side design for the bogies - a combination of parts and the molded decorative side for train motors: The coupling part can be change to a Liftarm Thin 1x7 (BL#32065) when combining several trainsets. Technique used for the sliding doors: Removing the 1 x 4 Tile as shown enables the door to slide open as a play feature. The fixed outer doors are a necessary part of the construction otherwise the very long body breaks too easily due to the roof being removable. However, they are designed to be rebuilt open when needed and the trainset stationary on display: The trainset is (fictionally) named Jørgen Vig with the crest of Billund added: Free building instructions: Option 1: Option 2: Bonus livery: Livery when Amtrak tested the IC3 Flexliner DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit ) in 1997:
  2. Darkkostas25

    [MOC] Budd Metroliner

    Finally, I have made one of my favourite American(and iconic) trains (Electric multiple units) one of the last streamliners. Attempted to make a high-speed train sadly in struggling and deteriorating infrastructure At the end of their life as EMU are still in use but only as passenger coaches Budd Metroliner Example of usage one of the engines that were used with them was GG1 Modules Original
  3. Redhead1982

    MOC Passenger Train

    Apart from enjoying train trips around Europe, I'm not much of a train fan. However, after buying the red passenger train, and recently Horizon Express, I started thinking about a challenge of creating my own train model. I'm more of a town girl, so a passenger train was my first choice. I started on the basic design in LDD, and than added more details while building it. The model is loosely based on the shape and color scheme of the SZ 713-715 Kanarcek (Canary). I used pictures from the link for inspiration, however, position of the doors and windows were tailored to the size of the train base. There are several color combinations, including a mostly red, green stripes, yellow/red stripes, and some in commercial designs. There's a IR receiver and a battery box included in the middle car, so it's a functional model. Altogether, there's room for 14 passengers. The first and the third cars are the same, and both have a driver's compartment. There's more pictures of the train from different angles at my FlickR.
  4. Here is my other Via Rail train, The Corridor. To see more pictures, please see Via Rail Canada - The Corridor. I'd love to hear any feedback, comments, questions, or criticisms. It's a big set, so let's tackle it one car at a time. :) If you like it, please support on LEGO Ideas if you believe it would make a great official set.
  5. It has been a long time goal of mine to build this beautiful train with LEGO. After working on it for a long time, I have finally finished it. To see 70+ pictures and a detailed tour, please see Via Rail Canada - The Canadian I'd love to hear any feedback, comments, questions, or criticisms. It's a big set, so let's tackle it one car at a time. :) If you like it, please support on LEGO Ideas if you believe it would make a great official set.
  6. Rizwanul

    60051 in different livery

    Hi all I've created the discontinued Passenger Train 60051 in a dark green and orange livery. I had to put colour coordinated stickers on the train front to give it a smoother look. Riz (Sorry - problems with previous attempt to start this topic) The interior of the carriage: It needed colour coordinated stickers on the train front to give it a smoother look: The carriage:
  7. tweetsie12

    Polar Express Made!

    Hey Guys! So, I have made a Lego ideas Project based off of the Polar Express. The Polar I made and takes a lot of inspiration from the Lego city trains. Here's the link to the project page: Fun Fact: Locomotive is Tender Driven, and houses 2 power functions train motors for extra power.
  8. Dear all, finally I can present you my new train: The idea started with the Arctice seaplane nose train. I thought now that we also have a dark blue one I can use that as one of the "hondekop" noses of the NS trains. But fiddling about a bit I found that the shape was actually a bit too short and that the longer aircraft nose would be much better suited. So I continued with that one. I must admit that I am not 100% satisfied with it. But I am happy with the pantographs and the couplers: The recessed doors are less well done. I should look into getting it less than half a brick. And further detailing is also limited. Partially by design I must say, but still. In the end I think the shape of the nose is correct lengthwise, only because it is 6 wide it looks a bit strange. An 8 wide version would be better scale wise. Also the new "other" 6 wide airplane nose has a better window configuration but the rounded roof doesn't fit in. Anyway, I still hope you like and if not please feel free to tell me. (more pictures on my brickshelf)
  9. The engines were Inspired by Facebook user Leonard Blevins' diesel engine, from which I built my own version. I think it looks like a Electro-Motive Division F40PH, which was (in real life) mainly built for Amtrak. Also, the letters BRS go on the side of the cab below the windows on the 3 exposed studs, while the number of the engine (8773 for example,) go on the 4 studs below the windows. Also, I know there is no such thing as a B unit for a F40PH. But since this is pretty much fictional already, I added one. I colored the engine the way it is to compliment set 60052: Cargo Train. As the engine in the set is freight, this one is passenger based. I even kept the windows the same light blue color, and yellow warning stripes on the cab end to compliment each other. Speaking of the cab, the roof is removable to place the engineer inside at the controls. This also increases play-ability. Here we see the F40PH's front. I added safety stripes because they looked nice, and I had some spares I thought would look nice there. The whole build was inspired by this piece from Leonard Blevins diesel: http://alpha.brickli...age?P=30022#T=C Here is the view inside the cab with the roof removed. (sorry for the blurry picture!) The B unit does not have a removable roof, or interior, for that matter. the rear of the engine features a walkway to the train. Here is the fancy sloped rear observation car of the express passenger train. The passenger cars are not yet ordered. LDD file for the engine by itself: Well, what do you think? EDIT: added train cars, new engine and new ldd file. If a MOD could change the title to "F40PH diesels with express passenger train" it would be much appreciated. EDIT #2: change train color to blue and added new ldd file. EDIT #3: Added real life pictures!
  10. Redhead1982

    Train station

    I built this station almost a year ago for LUGs exhibition in March 2014, but I never got around to take pictures of it. It was exhibited at three national exhibitions (KockeFest 13, KockeFest 12, Kranj - SVM), and in between it was kept safe in a box. It survived my recent move at the end of the year, so before unpacking, sorting bricks and starting new projects, I finally took some photos. Back view of the building and the platforms. Top view reveals the size. Can anyone guess? It's a layout of 3x4 baseplates (32x32). The entrance to the building is partly covered with awning. The passenger train is a shorter version of this one. I took away the middle car, as it was too long. Also, I don't have enough tracks to extend the (four) platforms to the appropriate length for the train. I also don't have enough minifigs, so the station is not as busy as it could be. The platforms are numbered, so missing the platform is not a problem. There's also a timetable at the front of the platforms. You can catch the 11.23 train to Billund. More pictures, including some of those from the 2014 exhibitions, can be found in my Flickr stream.