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Found 8 results

  1. RoxYourBlox

    [MOC] Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse

    My latest creation, Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse, reflects a desire to create an autobiographical MOC to share joy and pain non-verbally. It was inspired aesthetically by Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior, thematically by Voyage of Life (1842) by Thomas Cole, and structurally by Obelisk Overpass, Boulder Dam, plus an early draft of River Wheel (featuring pirate ship gondolas rather than lumber). In fact, the 96 x 96-stud plot vacated by the dismantled River Wheel fed my drive to combine structures absent from my Lego city—a bridge, dam, and Ferris wheel. As you may imagine from the photos, a hilltop lighthouse teeters over an ocean, beneath a collection of galaxies spiraling through the nighttime sky, while a shooting star passes overhead. The light and dark figurative sailboats represent positive and negative memories, while the logarithmic spiral of galaxies in the sky is reflected in the earth below by the failed attempt of humankind to overcome the nature of life itself. Stats 26400 pieces 75 lbs (34 kg) Footprint: 96 or 128 square studs Volume: 156 x 156 x 176 studs Timeline Phase 1 Idea conceived: January 2020 Digital design: 8 weeks total Wheel: 2 weeks Lighthouse: 2 weeks Bridge: 2 days Cliff: 4 weeks Shipping: 13 weeks Building: 2 weeks Phase 2 Digital design revision: 1 week Shipping: 4* weeks Building: ongoing *Multiple international part orders in October never did arrive and had to be repurchased domestically. For more, follow me on flickr, instagram, or ideas.
  2. motomatt

    [MOC] Lego Sailboat

    Hey there, first post to the Town forum. Thought I would share a Lego sailboat model I made in approximate minifig scale. It is based on a Benetau Cyclades 43.4 The inspiration for this was watching the sailing journey of La Vagabonde The sails can be rolled out and are made out of a plastic bag. The sewing string rigging is the only other non-lego part. Here is a digital rendering Full instructions and parts list can be found on rebrickable http://rebrickable.c...t/lego-sailboat
  3. Gabor

    Catamaran Sailboat

    Hello! I'm sure, that everyone has already heard about that technique, when we use only 1x2 plates or bricks to creat curves. I wanted to try it, too. The result is here with 100+ 1x2 bricks, 50+ 1x2 plates and a fully detailed interior! At first please look at my previous sailboat. It was interesting to see the difference between them. In the old one there are a boat hull of a Lego set. Now it was very cool that I didn't have fixed dimensions! The boat has some interesting features and building techniques. My favourite one is the brickbuilt mast. There are four sections in it: -2x2 round bricks -1x1 bricks with stud on four sides and 1x1 round plates with holes on the studs, covered by 1x8 tiles -1x1 high bricks -1x1 round bricks Fortunately all of the elements has hole, so it was possible to put technic axles and bars or rigid hoses into them. So the fragility of the mast disappeared! More pictures on its MOCpage! Hope you like it! Thanks for visiting!
  4. Please allow me to post my latest build. Back in April 2014 I received an email from Greenpeace to visit their latest Rainbow Warrior while she was in the harbour of Amterdam for just 2 days. Since I wanted to build this iconic campaign vessel since 2011 when it was just launched I went over there. I took a lot of photos capturing the most important details. But I also wanted the GA and Lines plans of the ship. After talking to some Rainbow Warrior Sailors I was given the email adress of the Designated Person Ashore. After some emails and phonecalls and a NDA I received the plans. Happy me. As usual I started in MLcad. This took me about three to four months. The whole underwater ship is build upside down, the keel included.The part above the water line is build in snot. Rainbow Warrior WIP by Konajra, on Flickr The first Idea was to build the underwaterpart as one piece and split the part above in two. However during the construction of the ship it became clear that the underwatership was not going to be strong enough on its own. So I decided to build the green part of the hull in one piece and connect it to the underwatership. The hull is now one complete piece with a length of 150 cm. It is so strong that it can hold the entire finished model on the stand without using the keel as a base. That was even a suprise for me Now some photos of designing and building the ship. Rainbow Warrior 3 by Konajra, on Flickr Rainbow Warrior WIP by Konajra, on Flickr Rainbow Warrior WIP mlcad by Konajra, on Flickr The construction of the ship Rainbow Warrior WIP 2 by Konajra, on Flickr rainbow warrior 3 wip by Konajra, on Flickr A photo showing the dimensions of the ship scale Rainbow Warrior by Konajra, on Flickr And the finished model: RAINBOW WARRIOR III by Konajra, on Flickr RAINBOW WARRIOR III by Konajra, on Flickr RAINBOW WARRIOR III by Konajra, on Flickr RAINBOW WARRIOR III by Konajra, on Flickr More pictures at my flickr stream : Thanks for your time and reading this post.
  5. This MOC has been a long time in the making. It started about a year ago, when I saw a video by Sariel, called Leviathan Airboat. In that video Sariel speculated about the possibility of using LEGO sails for building an actual LEGO sailboat. At the time I thought that was a wonderful idea, except that I wouldn't use LEGO sails but my own custom sails. During the weeks that followed the idea of building a LEGO sailboat stayed on my mind, and soon after I started ordering parts from bricklink. There were some crucial components that were difficult to get, namely the sails and the Sbrick. Finally, when the MOC was done, the winter cold kept me from trying it out on the water. I have made two videos, the first is a simple video showing it in action on the water the second video describes the building process. Enjoy! Action footage: Building process:
  6. I've always wanted a copy of the Sailboat painting that hangs behind the Simpsons family couch, but I can't paint or draw. So this is the next best thing. :) What do you think? If you want to support it the link is here:
  7. Some time ago i started toying around with the idea of building a LEGO sailboat. After watching a video of Sariel where he mentioned doing it with LEGO-sails, I really started thinking about the approach i'd take. Building a LEGO sailboat is not as easy as you might think because LEGO hulls leave a lot to be desired, weight is obviously a crucial factor and if you want to go for performance, then there are a lot of stresses the build needs to handle. Also, LEGO does not make sails that offer the performance i was looking for, so i had to make those myself. Purist may not like my MOC because of the amount of non-LEGO parts (rigging and sails), but I am mostly interested in performance. And perform it surely does, the MOC took its maiden voyage yesterday with a stiff breeze in open water and it performed beautifully, good speed, stability and sailing close hauled was no problem. Unfortunately I wasn't able to film it, as controlling the boat especially with the high wind took all my focus. And there was a huge problem, which i had feared before hand. The range of the PF remote outdoors was really poor, only 2-3 meter which was not near enough to properly control the boat. So i am desperately waiting for either the SBrick or somesuch to become available so i can make a proper video. The functions of the MOC are: two remote controlled rudders and a remote controlled sheet for the mainsail. The jib is self-tacking. There are still quite a lot of improvements i am planning to make, so far is was mostly a proof of concept. The link offers a small video of the main RC functions.
  8. Hello again everybody! Here's my next Fabuland contest entry, a sailboat. There have been many rowboats and steamboats in Fabuland, but none that sail. With this, the Fabulanders can go out to sea to go fishing or to just enjoy themselves. Fabuland Sailboat by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Fabuland Sailboat back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Fabuland Sailboat side by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr It even has a compartment at the front to keep things like fishing nets or paddles. Fabuland Sailboat interior by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Feel free to leave comments or criticisms.