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Found 19 results

  1. What I want to do: Create a 3D pdf instruction for my now, wip ponsse buffalo dual. What I know: This creator here is the only known person (to me, after much research) to have made 3D pdf lego instructions and there are some things I can infer or have gathered. 1. He is using adobe acrobat, and every piece is its own mesh, individually textured. This leads me to believe they are meshes exported as colladas, which are akin to fbxes which are both just a collection of textured 3d objects. 2. I would need to seperately export a collada for each step, and identify which pieces have been added in each step. This is where I am lost. I feel like there must be a more efficient way to do this. His 3D pdf file is hardly over 10mb, from what I recall, which is much less than what one would expect from so many bundled meshes. There must be a better way that i do not know of. Secondly, the issue of defining what pieces have been added. In lego instructions, they have red outlines around each newly added part to help them stand out from the others. There are two ways I can see being able to do this: The first, and arguably more complex way, is to create a custom material in studio for every colour used in the model for it to have its own outline when exported for each step. The other alternative i can think of, is longer and more tedious, but probably easier to figure out. First one would put the collada in blender, isolate which meshes in the collada are new, and apply a node texture that creates coloured outlines. (I dont know how this would be done but someting this simple should definitely be possible with blender's node system). I hope I have made my situation clear, and any insights would be greatly appreciated.
  2. As suggested by papacharly, here's a topic about LDcad to discuss and help each other. What is LDcad? LDcad is an LDraw cad program being developed by Roland Melkert. The current version is 1.4, which can be downloaded here. For more information about LDCad, visit the website (and make sure to read the quick manual!). The features are (copy/pasted from the website): Windows and Linux support. Multi-threaded (background) loading of parts. Fast detailed real-time 3D rendering. Basic part snapping on growing collection of (official) parts. Integrated portable flexible parts support (springs, hoses, bands). Script based animation. Full MPD Support. Part grouping. Part ghosting. Nested editing. Relative grids. Multiple file editing (open as many files you like). Instruction stepping support. Full undo/redo. Copy/paste from to other LDraw software. Highly customizable part and color bins. Growing collection of example models. From my own experience, LDcad is quite difficult for beginners and can be quite unintuituve. This may sounds harsh, but it is (from my experience at least). But, if you get through the difficult part, a wonderdful piece of software is available to you and when you know to do, it's actually quite easy. Almost as easy as LDD (if we use that as a benchmark for easiness). It feels a bit like SR3D builder, but it doesn't have the user-friendly way of animation. It doesn have other nice features. It's really worth to take a look at! Roland is most active on the LDraw forums, so if you want to directly talk with him, I recommend going here. Of course, you can post all comments, questions and disscustions regarding LDcad in this topic too. So, this is the topic on EB to talk about LDCad [continuation from the LDraw sets topic] LDcad is quite nice. I've been using it for the past few weeks and I'm quite happy with it. Btw, make sure to turn on part-snapping if you haven't already, in my experience it makes building a lot easier. I just tried to find this setting, but I can't find it anymore. Maybe it's turned on by default nowadays, I can remember I had to set it on... Oh, and if you set Anti Aliassing on the edges on (AA), it makes the view a lot better
  3. I'm looking for a new lego-building program to use for my personal projects. Lego Digital Designer was pretty good, but I found some faults in it that won't be fixed due to it's support being discontinued by LEGO. I was hoping there may be a CAD Lego building software that could help me with my Lego projects and help succeed in the following areas that LDD failed me, including- A more complete index of Lego parts, old and new: I found that not only did LDD not have an up-to-date index on the lego parts of today (because it's no longer being updated), but it also was missing parts from much older sets, like older 1990s pirate ships and space sets. Is there a program out there that is more comprehensive? A counter for how many of each type of piece you're using. I was hoping I could find a quick easy solution to actively keep track of the number and types of parts I'm working with. LDD only ket track of the total pieces. A physics engine that allows for mechanisms to function. I'm curious of there's any kind of program for lego building that can emulate the functionality of various types of technic mechanisms I've wanted to work on. If I were to ever come up with something actually worth selling online or promoting, what program has the most relaxed terms of service for it's usage in marketing? I may be inclined to sell a thing or two, assuming that's even possible for a nobody like me. Is there a program out there that can fulfill all 4 of these needs of mine? I don't mind having to pay for a program, but my computer is kinda old. I don't know the specs of my computer, but what I do know is that it can run LDD perfectly fine, it just starts up kinda slow (starting up at anything is an issue for this computer, but it can still perform pretty well for me needs). It has a sticker describing it as a "CORE i3 7th Generation" Intel thing. I'm not very computer-savvy, so pardon me if this is lackluster information.
  4. I recently installed LDD and on my new laptop and ran into issues with both - only 4.3 would install from the lego site so I tried downloading from another source, but 4.3 (I believe this was up to date around 2012) is the only version I could download. On, I had issues with connection - plates often do not align without making sure they slide completely down the studs without clashing which is annoying, and minifig arms do not connect to torsos without being aligned perfectly with the hinge tool. I believe this has only been an issue since the most recent update. Any help with either issue would be appreciated!
  5. Hi everybody I'm new in this forum. I would like to submit you the results of my hard work. I'm writing a new Cad for building Lego models on your PC. It's FREE and has many useful features you cannot find in any other such application like LDD or MLCad. Maybe someone already known it. Watch videos and download it from please feedback your impressions (good and bad!) and your hints I will answer in 2-3 days... enjoy building Sergio
  6. Hi, I would like to export and convert assembly i built by LDD application (.lxf file format) into one of the following formats: .jt, .prt, .asm, .igs. iges,. .dxf, .stp, .step, .prt, .asm, .CATpart, CATProduct, CAD Files Any suggestion/recommendation of how to do this conversion are welcome :-) Regards
  7. KamalMYafi

    [MOC] Classroom

    Yes, a classroom is the place for learning! Even though learning could be anywhere. I created an LEGO interior scene of classroom, this model is at minifig-scale. This model was mainly inspired by LegoJalex’s Classroom. Since that is a big built, I tried to make it small and more simple. Classroom by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr I used a unique technique to make the four-legged chair. I forgot where I got that chair design. If you know, please put a link in the comment, I just want to credit the builder.
  8. Creating Tiny Turbo MOC is a great way to design a LEGO Car, it's small and you can add so many details on it. I've done some Tiny Turbos MOCs, so here it is... Let's start with my very first Tiny Turbo creation, Orcar: Orca Car: Orcar by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr The second one, a Hatchback Racer: Hatchback Racer by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Then get low with this Slance, Slammed or Stanced Car: Slance by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Got into a concept theme, a Concept Buggy and it's ready for Off-Roading! Concept Buggy by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr And lastly, a Concept Semi Truck: Concept Semi Truck by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Okay, that's just some of my Tiny Turbos creations, hope you enjoy it! You can see some information about these models in my Blog!
  9. KamalMYafi

    Peaceful Ramadhan...

    Ramadhan is an Islamic month, it’s a special month where every muslims are fasting. It already started about 2 weeks ago so maybe it’s a little late to celebrate it but it’s not a problem right? As a celebration, I created an interior scene. So this is what I came up: Peaceful Ramadhan... by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr It was rendered using Blender via Mecabricks..
  10. An alternate from 31014: Power Digger set, a Post-Apocalyptic Car. It's an old MOC actually, but I've made a new render of it... Post-Apoc - 31014 Alt (with Instruction) by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr I’ve created an Instruction for this model, if you’re interested to create this model click here for the instruction (it’s free!).
  11. KamalMYafi

    [MOC] NEO Fighter

    LEGO NEO Fighter, inspired by TIE Fighter from Star Wars movie. Called NEO because this model using NEXO Knights part, and I cut the NEXO to NEO. NEO Fighter by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Some more Information in my Blog!..
  12. I'm back with a new (digital) MOC, LEGO Mini Modular: Book Museum. Book Museum - Main by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr More Images and Information in my Blog!
  13. Monas is a Local Landmark of Jakarta, Indonesia. Inspired by this Yul Burman Karel’s Monas MOC, but I redesigned it. Monas by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr I actually want to make this model for join this "Local Landmarks contest" in this forum, but the rules state: “All entries are to include only real LEGO. No clone brands, 3rd party parts, or digital entries allowed.”, Sadly, I don’t have all the part that need to create this model, though all the parts are exist in real life. Well, at least this could be an addition to my (digital) creations.
  14. KamalMYafi

    [MOC] Mini Van Rover

    Hello! New MOC Here! It's a Rover Mini Van, made for FebRovery.. I call it RMV-121: Febrovery - RMV-121 by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Febrovery - RMV-121 by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr More Information in my Website!
  15. NB: starting from october, 2015, this software become unmaintained. It will not receive updates nor bugfixes. My time is limited and I lost any interest in this project. Sorry. ------------------------ Hi all. I'm pleased to announce: JBrickBuilder a LEGO builder in Java for LDraw part library. JBrickBuilder at work. Some feature: simple building, like LEGO® Digital Designer™ Useful for small-to-medium models (up to 2000 parts with old low-profile PC, over 3500 parts with newer PC) In Java, fast and cross platform Requires OpenGL, but can use entry level video card. Use connection "snap" for easy building Uses standard LDraw library Update checks and notifications for program and connection database Can load DAT, LDR, MPD and some other LDraw-compliant file formats (LCD, L3B, ...) Can save in LDR and export to MPD, including all custom blocks and unofficial parts Support for flexible parts (experimental) Support for building steps and player (experimental) Program is in beta, some functions are planned. Current release: 0.4.1b (2015-06-12) Program is on Sourceforge: - Program - Manual (english, PDF) - Other information (connection model, development docs) Short video with flexible part editing demo: Please read the manual, program is easy to use, but some functions requires a bit of practice. Thank you. Mario
  16. Now that ME Models is shipping its much anticipated alternative Lego train track components, I really wanted to see what sort of layouts could be built with these elements. Many of us use the superb BlueBrick software tool for designing layouts both for individual and collaborative use. BlueBrick does not have library support for ME track components and therefore, I decided to make a custom library add-on for BlueBrick to include ME track. I have created two BlueBrick compatible libraries to assist with train layout planning by expanding the range of elements available for design. ME Models Track Components - This can be used as an expansion pack for the existing BlueBrick Track parts library. Simply extract the downloaded archive into the pre-existing \parts\Track folder. Complete LEGO® Train System Schematic Elements - This is completely new library developed specifically for symbolic or schematic track planning. It is a complete library including track elements from LEGO®, ME-Models, as well as custom track elements such as stub-switches and crossovers. The library is freely available for download at my website at: ME-Models library: BlueBrick Library for ME Models Track by michaelgale, on Flickr New Schematic Track Planning Library: Universal Track Planning Library by michaelgale, on Flickr BlueBrick screenshot with schematic track planning components: Universal Track Planning for BlueBrick by michaelgale, on Flickr
  17. Courleciel

    Titanic’s Maiden Voyage

    A project by Courleciel, Papacharly and Ssorg We’d like to present you our new project based on the huge RMS Titanic built by Ssorg in 2012 (project has just reached the 10k supporters on Lego Ideas!). Dock, tugs and iceberg have been built by me in LDD, then transfered in LDraw. We optimized the model by adding all the portholes on the hull (not really an easy deal, but it was worthwhile!), the lights on the masts, the flag and the letterings (bow and stern). All renders have been made by Papacharly. Click here for high resolution images. First post will be edited with a new render each day up to April 15th. So don’t forget to come back there to take a look on other amazing renders ! We hope you will enjoy our work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday 10th April 1912 : Early morning, Titanic was docked. Passengers had not embark yet. Titanic_Southampton by papacharly24, on Flickr Inspired by this painting Titanic_Southampton_BW by papacharly24, on Flickr Four hours after leaving Southampton the ship arrived at Cherbourg (France) to pick up new passengers. Titanic_Bow by papacharly24, on Flickr Thursday 11th April 1912 : Titanic was going to reach Queenstown (now Cobh, South Ireland) and tenders brang some passengers aboard. At early afternoon, Titanic departed on her westward journey across the Atlantic. Titanic_Stern by papacharly24, on Flickr Friday 12th April 1912 : The ship steamed at full speed in the direction of New-York. Titanic_Bow_Side by papacharly24, on Flickr Saturday 13th April 1912 : Titanic sailed through calm waters. The temperature was getting colder as the ship came more and more closer to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. Titanic_Sunset by papacharly24, on Flickr Sunday 14th April 1912 : Weather is clear, calm and very cold by this evening. Despite a serie of messages from other ships (such as SS Californian) warning of drifting ice, the ship struck an iceberg on starboard and the impact produced a huge opening in the hull. Titanic_Iceberg by papacharly24, on Flickr Monday 15th April 1912 : Water was pouring into the lowest levels of the ship. The first lifeboats were lowered into the freezing water. At 02 :20, Titanic disappeared from view. Titanic_Sinking by papacharly24, on Flickr
  18. Over the last months, I designed some parts on my computer (I use CATIA), and I finally decided to share them with you. The first ones are Hero Factory / CCBS bones I created around October 2012 (which were presented on this topic last year) : Based on Aanchir's work, I created an upper torso part : I also created, this year, some System and Technic parts : (Originally suggested by Bamos) There are more pictures in the Brickshelf folder (available when public). If you have any question, suggestion, comment, criticism, or anything to say, feel free to post.
  19. JoshMcCray

    MOC: LDraw Fire Engine

    I have a decent sized Lego fire department that I and supplementing with LDraw apparatus to fill in for missing trucks. My question is what is everyone's preferred angle to view these in LDview? Do most people just stick with the standard 2/3 view or change the lat/long of thier renders? This angle just seams unnatural to me. Maybe because when I shoot them, I shoot them like I would an actual fire engine, and expect that angle of view. Thanks.