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Found 7 results

  1. One of my first posts on Eurobricks was of a Metroliner inspired high speed train I designed on LDD nearly 5 years ago. It has existed with minimal revisions for years, but something that always bothered me was how jagged and pointed the nose was. This actually lead me to nicknaming it "The Metro Dagger", which is a rather silly name if I'm being quite honest. Here are some before shots with the ones in actual bricks sporting some custom stickers. Either way, I felt the design needed some revision. For the moment, I just wanted to focus my attention on the locomotives, though I may change the passenger cars later on. In addition, I wanted to still keep the simplicity and durability of the locos intact, as well as use that long windscreen piece, so those would factor into the redesign as well. I think the old cars and the new locos work well together, though the club car striping could use some work, now that I'm looking at it. Also, when I've run the current full train on track, it tends to move quite slowly. I'm thinking of making a dual motor mod to the power car later on. Old design is on top, new one on the bottom. The new loco is nearly 3 studs shorter, so hopefully this fixes its ridiculous overhang on R40. I would love comments and suggestions on how to improve the locomotive, cars, (Or name!). Especially curious to hear @Murdoch17's thoughts on it as he helped me so much in my original design. If anyone wants to tinker in the file, here is the link to my folder. This file is under the name "MD21"
  2. I am so excited with Lego's news about their reselling the Taj Mahal, because there's always the possibility that this is just the start of something big, and we could be getting an affordable chance to buy classic sets that we missed out on, or don't want to pay the current online prices. I remember with the arrival of the internet how cool it was to go to places like Lugnet, and then to Ebay, and being shocked at how much trains had gone up in price, even just from 1980 to 2000. Then after everyone complained online about how they missed out on the Metroliner, it suddenly reappeared like a legendary phoenix. With the Club Car in tow! At the time, it made perfect sense bringing back the first 9v train while 9v was still going strong. 10 years seems to be the magic number for rereleases with Lego, as seen with the Legends line, and now Taj Mahal. So I was wondering, what if any trains do you think Lego could/should rerelease? Could they take old 12v and 9v sets and swap in Power Functions? What about the Train Shed, or Santa Fe Super Chief? Emerald Night? Are there any regular retail trains sold after 9v that people are clamoring for a return of, as we saw with the Metroliner almost 20 years ago? Is a train related rerelease even feasible with Lego today? I would love to hear what others think is possible / desired. Personally I wish I could buy more Santa Fe cars for regular retail price!
  3. AlmightyArjen

    Metroliner high up in the mountains

    I thought it was time to do something else. I've combined my two passions: Lego trains and mountaineering. The result: awesome footage of the classic Metroliner in an alpine environment :D Images say more than words, enjoy ;)
  4. Hi everybody, This is my first post and I'm super excited to talk to the Lego Train community. I have been a long time lover of the Metroliner and always wanted to get it, but since they're on the pricey side, I decided to design a high speed train, similar to the Metroliner, in LDD. I made the noses of the locomotives more pointed than the original model and did full interiors. For now though, I'll post just one picture. After I finished, I realized it gave a shinkansen vibe to it. I will post more pictures and maybe an LDD download link if anyone is interested later. EDIT: I'm back from vacation, so I put up the download for the LDD file and more pics. This is the locomotive. Originally, it was going to be almost a direct copy of the Metroliner engine, but I had to change the nose and I took out the passenger compartment and replaced it with an engine block. You can still see some of the Metroliner especially in the 2 side doors and maintenance hatch. Both locomotives on either side of the train are identical. I very hastily opened the removable roof in the build mode. It is worth noting that all the cars have removable roofs, but I'll show those later. Here is the Passenger/Dining car. Not much to say about this one. Another hasty roof removal, but it gets the point across. And now we reach the "Club Car" styled sleeper/observation car. The entire second floor can be removed as its own little box. Sadly, no stairs to get from floor to floor. A look into the sleeper section. Since the download is here, you can modify mine and make it even better, I'd love to see what you guys can do! I might post a complete parts list to this train and my switcher (Including colors) so anyone can make their own with their own colors. Just a thought. That's all for now though. High Speed Train (LG & B).lxf
  5. Carrera124

    Unboxing an unbuilt Metroliner

    The story behind Born in the late 70s, I grew up in the 80s. My favourite themes were town (I received nearly all town sets from that era), and technic. Moreover, I'd always like to have one of those beautiful 4,5/12V train sets, like 7735 or 7745. But my parents told me that I could either get technic stuff set or train sets, but not both themes together. So, it always ended up with increasing my technic collection... In 1991, I saw a new chance. A new system, a new era. 4563 was the set to go. But again, my parents refused, arguing that I would be too old for Lego in general. They were right, I went on to buy my first computer (which is another story) and bought my last Lego sets in 1992. The dark ages started. But they were not 100% dark, as I never missed to grab the new catalog each year, what helped to keep me on track. Some years ago, the dark ages were gone and I went into PF trains. Simply because they were available easily, they were affordable and they were close to 80s looks and standards. In contrast to the city theme, where cars and everything else seems to be extremely blown up, compared to 80s 4wide standards. The story today I never planned to get into 9V trains. TLG has dropped the 9V system quite some years ago, even the support has ended. Sets and parts are highly sought after, and therefore rather expensive, even if they are in used condition. But some days ago, it happened: I managed to get an unbuilt 4558 Metroliner at a reasonable price. I just couldn't resist. Seals are loose due to age, but the parts are still in their trans-clear bags. Opening the set The top of the box looks rather worn: Parts in sorting tray and polybags: Sorting tray, foil is still sticking firmy: Compared to today's sets, the amount of parts looks somewhat small: Instructions in perfect condition, stickers look also very good: What's next? I don't know. Keep the set unbuilt? Build it? Try to get a box which is in better condition? Try to swap it against an unbuilt 4563 set?
  6. Hi, First of all, thank you for all your replies on my first post of polishing lego clear parts. My another question is about the inner contents of Metroliner 4558. As you guys all know, this great train set was re-released in 2001 with the set number 10001 with black and white box. As far as I know, before I get into 'dark age' of my Lego back in 1990, the last set was 6285, and at that time the inside contents was not just sealed brick bags and instruction, but Catalogue and extra manual sheet, if needed. I did some research and found that the original 4558 set contains great catalogue and extra manual sheet of operating electric train system. I wonder whether the inner contents of 10001 is as same as 4558. Of course the catalogue could not be same as it was released in 2001, but what about other inner contents? Thank you~
  7. Hi, Can anyone tell me the differences between the first and re-release versions of the Metroliner Club Car? I'm trying to identify which one I own.