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  1. RoxYourBlox

    [MOC] Fiesta Balloon

    @peedeejay @NewTown @makoy @EVE @BrickChampsCOM Thank you! Thanks! Yes, the colors were constrained to the assortment of wedge plates and round tiles available in bright colors. There is room for expanding it into a larger MOC when my imagination is ready to tell me what's next. Thank you! Yeah, that's interesting; I suppose if Lego produced something like this, they could print large cloth ovals that stretch over the frame. I admit it is not quite as rock solid as I'd hoped, and some of the color shell might break off if the entire balloon tipped over. But with normal play you can lift it up and move it wherever, no problem.
  2. RoxYourBlox

    [MOC] Fiesta Balloon

    Fiesta Balloon soars above Lego city! To contribute to Eurobricks' airship collaboration at Brickworld Virtual Halloween 2020, I swapped the color palette of Harley's Balloon with rainbow colors spiraling around to emulate the more vibrant patchwork pattern you might typically see in the sky. Its name refers to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which I would someday like to attend after our pandemic is over. Stunningly hollow thanks to a dome technique refined over 10 years, the balloon can rest on its gondola or float from a technic beam installed at the apex. My previous technic balloon skeleton has been strengthened with #24121 11x11 quarter technic gear racks to beef up stability and allow access inside the top or bottom hemispheres by removing the equatorial plates. An optional reversible handle can be mounted inside the hole at the top to carry or hang it.
  3. RoxYourBlox

    [MOC] Apple Square Research Center

    I've looked into doing something like this as an hour-plus demo at Brickworld Virtual. While it won't happen for June 27 (and there are plenty of other great presentations there, by the way), it remains a possibility for the December show. Thanks!
  4. RoxYourBlox

    10937 Modular Building: “An Alternate Asylum”

    Due to IP theft, I no longer share LDD files with people whom I haven’t met. That said, this build was a simple modular conversion of TLG’s set, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out if you look up the instructions at customer service. Also, Eurobricks has a private messaging system.
  5. Bricklink’s AMA: “15. How will Studio continue under the LEGO Group? And what are the plans for Studio vs. LDD going forward? The future looks great for digital building and we want to do more! Our vision is to make Studio the ultimate building tool for both professional designers and all entry-level builders. We are planning new features and upgrades to the Studio Desktop App to bring in an influx of new or existing MOCs that can be more easily fulfilled by BrickLink market. In this regard, The LEGO Group is planning to support and evolve Studio and will review opportunities for both services ( and LDD) as part of developing the business plan. Please stay tuned in the months to come!”
  6. RoxYourBlox

    [MOC] Apple Square Research Center

    Thank you! In terms of how it’s done, I think I start off with a goal / focal point to the build (i.e., weirdly shaped domed building from a video game), next try to match that to scale (i.e., a 96x96 open lot in my city) and to the angles and lengths that the trigonometry will allow (i.e., angular floor plan), and finally partition off long stretches of exterior wall into windows and columns in multiples of phi. From there, I start small with window sills and expand back out, copying elements into patterns like tesselations while trying to add variations to the previous pattern with each additional floor. Thanks, although sometimes it feels like a curse—I feel trapped from being able to branch out, especially when trying to do MOCs that look more random! @paupadros @LEGO Train 12 Volts Thank you!
  7. RoxYourBlox

    [MOC] Apple Square Research Center

    Apple Square Research Center is a 4-story 96x96 modular building conceived as a revision to my original Apple Square University. Designed entirely in Lego Digital Designer ( needs an update before I could adapt), this iteration is also influenced by a locale in a Japanese RPG (サクラ大戦3), the Antwerpen-Centraal Station in Belgium, as well as my ongoing career as an electrophysiologist. ASRC and ASU will be on display together at the next Brickworld Chicago (June 20-21, 2020). For more, follow me on flickr or instagram.
  8. RoxYourBlox

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I wholeheartedly agree!
  9. Given that Lego would not have acquired Bricklink with the purpose of dropping the AFOL designer program or pulling the plug on while not updating LDD, I think it'd be reasonable to conclude that either or LDD (but not both) will continue to be updated with Lego's standards for quality and ease of use. Hopefully, this would mean better camera control in or a new LDD to replace
  10. RoxYourBlox

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I'm hoping that this announcement hints at a LDD2, or an update to to make it operate more like LDD.
  11. For now, I'm happy enough that they forwarded my feedback.
  12. It seems that my comments & suggestions were quite timely. Lego replied back; BrickLink has yet to do so. I’m feeling optimistic.
  13. As a regular user of LDD since 2011, I am aware of its update history. The status quo for both LDD and simply is not acceptable. Since I'm their customer, there's no harm in continuing to give each company feedback until one or both companies implement the changes I want. Better chance of success if you don't put all the eggs in one basket.
  14. This morning I posted to Bricklink forum and sent an email to Lego Customer Service: I think we all should become very vocal with both Bricklink and Lego until one or both companies take action to support their customers.
  15. RoxYourBlox

    Apple Square University

    I got your message in Flickr relayed to my email, but I can’t reply in the app until I’m back at my laptop in a few days. If you’ve invested time looking at my MOCs, then you should also be aware that this is a sensitive situation for me and that I’d want to exercise caution in considering whether to re-open a can of worms. (If not, please read the first post.) Is a $20 sale worth another 2 years of trouble? This is the type of issue I’d be facing. Thanks.