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  1. A quick example to illustrate @CorvusA‘s point: Delete is a locked shortcut. This means that you can’t remap it to “D” as in LDD, so you need to reach across the keyboard to the Delete key to remove bricks or to force-quit Studio from copying bricks if you’re using the copy tool. Second, you should be able to map right-click to be Set As Origin without bringing up a menu. Third, the ribbon should be centered over the viewport window with the Select pulldown mappable as separate buttons in the ribbon. I use LDD with one hand, my left hand hovering over V, D, C, and command-Z or shift-command-Z. You simply cannot use Studio this way because they’ve locked out the key controls and don’t offer ribbon customization. In short, Bricklink needs to spend a few updates improving the ergonomics of their software.
  2. Will Catalina change iTunes? I hadn't heard. Edit: Oh, god... can't tech companies just stick with something for good? I hope TLG realizes that LDD is still the go-to program for AFOLs and its own employees. feels cumbersome in terms of controls/control options/item selection, and it fails to recognize perfectly Lego-legal SNOT connections from .lxf--making it necessary to rebuild after import. The Bricklink team has had a lot of time to optimize their software, but it still is not yet a good replacement. I could write up a long list of needed improvements (Studio) / complaints (LDD), but would anyone listen?
  3. I’d like to see a 64-bit update! This fall, I don’t want to chose between upgrading my MacOS or keeping LDD!
  4. RoxYourBlox

    LEGO Masters US wants Paokus... apparently...

    Raph Korine (@raph176, 18k followers, Lego Masters USA casting in bio) wrote to me on IG, but in retrospect it appears he might have spammed other accounts to apply, too. I followed up with 2 phone calls and took some notes: - 12 pairs, preferably family/friends with one of those being a Lego master - Oct 28 to mid-Dec, max 7 weeks - LA, flights and accommodations paid plus a stipend TBD - grand prize 100k USD - Thanksgiving break halfway through - 6 of 7 days per week, 1 day off per week - phone & skype interviews, then a test build
  5. RoxYourBlox

    Billy Goat's Steamboat

    I did draw upon 3673 for inspiration, and it was the reason behind not initially including a captain’s bridge around the steering wheel. But with the build nearly finished, I felt the steamboat looked too incomplete without a bridge. There also is a reference to the 3665, Ice Cream with Scooter, in Harry Horse’s jealousy of Billy Goat’s showing off of the boat to Clara Cow.
  6. RoxYourBlox

    Billy Goat's Steamboat

    I designed and built my latest Lego vehicle, “Billy Goat’s Steamboat,” for Eurobricks’ bonus collaboration, “The Great GOAT Boat Race,” displayed at Brickworld Chicago 2019. The steamboat is my first boat MOC since childhood. There were no rules for this collab except that it had to be a boat featuring a goat. The hull was modified from an earlier MOC, Joker’s Blimp (lower right), but in place of cross axle supports inside, I used 11x11 quarter gears (upper right), anchored apart by a couple layers of plates to hold the shape. Underneath there are wheels to easily move the boat, however the total weight kept Billy Goat’s boat from gathering enough steam to move from the pair of independently rotating PF-enabled paddle wheels. Oh well, such is the the typical pitfall of designing entirely in LDD prior to testing with real bricks. Billy Goat’s Steamboat was nominated for Best Sea Vessel at Brickworld Chicago 2019.
  7. RoxYourBlox

    Happy Hourglass

    Thank you! However, I think it has been frontpaged twice in a row...
  8. RoxYourBlox

    Happy Hourglass

    A glockenspiel is a German clock with animatronic figures moving in a circle beneath the clock on the hour or at noon. There is such a clock in New Ulm, MN, USA to which my family & I took a short trip last summer for reference photos & inspiration. I wrote a short report about the city and this particular glockenspiel in 4th grade, so this variation of a clock was especially relevant for me. And since it was for a wizardry theme, I was at liberty to make it look mystical or sort of floating in the air. There are zoomed-in or non-final videos in the album linked in the original post.
  9. RoxYourBlox

    Happy Hourglass

    My latest MOC, “Happy Hourglass,” was built for Eurobricks’ collaboration, “Potion Shoppe,” displayed at Brickworld Chicago 2019. This project was originally planned as a time realm for Eurobricks’ world tree the prior year, but since I couldn’t make the trip, I repurposed the gears and clock face as a fanciful glockenspiel-style grandfather clock. As usual, the final design weighed in heavier than anyone anticipated, so the table underneath was designed and built last. For the tabletop, I sandwiched 2 layers of 4x (32x32) Technic brick grids originally planned as risers for my plot of land in Happy Mountain (EB BW17). The result was quite indestructible, as it didn’t sag a bit! For the table legs, I modified the poles from my River Wheel, filling the hollow center with perpendicular Technic bricks. The gears in both the turntable and clock face are another iteration of the high-torque gears from the River Wheel, this time adding 4 planetary gears inside the 11x11 Technic arches. Unfortunately, the 11x11 quarter circles don’t rotate smoothly when driven with 4 gears, since the driving gears all pass over the gaps simultaneously, leading to an eccentric, jerky motion. This led to frequent questions whether the hourglass had stopped working happily, only to be proven otherwise when it’d restart untouched within moments. As they say, there’s no stopping time! Happy Hourglass and the Potion Shoppe (topic and pictures soon forthcoming) won Best Mechanical and Best Group Display, respectively, at Brickworld Chicago 2019. View larger photos and videos on my flickr! Edit: I have posted an updated video here.
  10. RoxYourBlox

    Brickworld Chicago 2019

    Will there be a wine tasting again this year? My wife expressed some interest.
  11. I'm having issues saving models without losing progress on steps I created. Specifically, the formatting of the model and parts windows is lost upon exiting the program and re-opening a file. Any workarounds?
  12. As someone who has had a MOC stolen, here's what I have found effective: Shame them. Regularly google your MOC and/or assigned product number. Participate in discussions of your MOC. Make buyers uncomfortable, especially if your mood fits the moment. Buyer beware. Point out the flaws in your MOC. Remind buyers that your design isn't Lego's and therefore hasn't gone through their stringent review process. Point out that you built with Lego bricks and be skeptical whether your techniques could be replicated with another brand. Mention that you have made modifications to your model to fix some of the aforementioned flaws and that you cannot be sure which iteration Lepin has taken. Report posts. You can enforce copyright by filing infringement reports for stolen photography at sites such as eBay and YouTube. (Facebook is less responsive to complaints, and material can hide behind locked groups.) Knowing that a video could be at risk of being taken down, buyers will be hesitant to review your set. If word of mouth is bad, Lepin can and sometimes does cancel its announced products before they are released. Even after release, if MOC sales are bad relative to official TLG sets, you could help out your fellow AFOL by making the next stolen MOC less likely.
  13. RoxYourBlox

    How to Build Triangular Lego Building?

    Use pythagorean triples with a calculator; i.e., tan^-1(opp/adj). Add or subtract 0, 90, or 180 (if necessary), then type in as many digits as the calculator displays for precision. With a bit of patience, you can design any shape imaginable in LDD.
  14. RoxYourBlox

    What precedes a dark ages?

    What precedes the dark ages would be the opposite of what succeeds it, namely a lack of (in order of importance): Encouragement Ideas Funds Space ...I can check off 3 of those 4.