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  1. I'm having issues saving models without losing progress on steps I created. Specifically, the formatting of the model and parts windows is lost upon exiting the program and re-opening a file. Any workarounds?
  2. As someone who has had a MOC stolen, here's what I have found effective: Shame them. Regularly google your MOC and/or assigned product number. Participate in discussions of your MOC. Make buyers uncomfortable, especially if your mood fits the moment. Buyer beware. Point out the flaws in your MOC. Remind buyers that your design isn't Lego's and therefore hasn't gone through their stringent review process. Point out that you built with Lego bricks and be skeptical whether your techniques could be replicated with another brand. Mention that you have made modifications to your model to fix some of the aforementioned flaws and that you cannot be sure which iteration Lepin has taken. Report posts. You can enforce copyright by filing infringement reports for stolen photography at sites such as eBay and YouTube. (Facebook is less responsive to complaints, and material can hide behind locked groups.) Knowing that a video could be at risk of being taken down, buyers will be hesitant to review your set. If word of mouth is bad, Lepin can and sometimes does cancel its announced products before they are released. Even after release, if MOC sales are bad relative to official TLG sets, you could help out your fellow AFOL by making the next stolen MOC less likely.
  3. RoxYourBlox

    How to Build Triangular Lego Building?

    Use pythagorean triples with a calculator; i.e., tan^-1(opp/adj). Add or subtract 0, 90, or 180 (if necessary), then type in as many digits as the calculator displays for precision. With a bit of patience, you can design any shape imaginable in LDD.
  4. RoxYourBlox

    What precedes a dark ages?

    What precedes the dark ages would be the opposite of what succeeds it, namely a lack of (in order of importance): Encouragement Ideas Funds Space ...I can check off 3 of those 4.
  5. RoxYourBlox

    Brickworld 2017!

    I'll be back for my 5th consecutive year with 4 new builds, all done except for last minute details. Looking forward to it!
  6. RoxYourBlox

    LDD Brick Version 2248.1

    Certainly worth an update, the curved tiles would have been welcome, too. Thanks, TLG!
  7. RoxYourBlox

    MOC: Barnes & Noble / Starbucks Store

    Sorry it had to turn out this way, Wooootles. You have my sympathy and support.
  8. RoxYourBlox

    Building a dome roof

    Yes, starting with what you have, you could add layers of wedge plates and/or curved slopes to give it a rounder shape.
  9. RoxYourBlox

    MOC: Blue Boardwalk

    That house is a nice modular-ized version of the designer's IRL from what I hear. The roof is pretty sweet since it's all set at an offset. Plus there's a Lego room within this Lego house, which should set your mind spinning. It wouldn't be a town without a place to go home at night...
  10. RoxYourBlox

    Monotone Motel

    Thanks! I have a folder for updated photos of the Lego room here. I have filled 100 sq ft of table space to the point that there aren't enough roads for the buildings; it's too crowded. There might be more pics after Brickworld 2016 after things settle down and when I can give more thought on where a bridge and dam could fit in on the floor and/or mosaics on the walls. Thank you both! Regarding the name, I chose a name with an alliterative effect to my satisfaction.
  11. RoxYourBlox

    Monotone Motel

    "Monotone Motel" is my 4th 48x48 modular building, completing a district in my city that includes Apple Square University, Tall Tower, and Lawyer's Laundromat. As with the relatively smaller Black Cat Cabaret, this project started as an attempt to replicate a Sakura Taisen locale in Lego. The headquarters in the video game was based upon the Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall in Japan. It was supposed to have several bedrooms plus a theater, disguising a giant mech hangar in the basement. Alas, as usual, I gave up halfway through, and the building became its own thing. Several elements remain, however, like the front window above the entrance which has become a clock, the circular windows, and turrets in the corners. Enjoy the photos below and in my flickr album! Exterior: Interior: Bedrooms: Ballroom: Clock: Until next time~
  12. RoxYourBlox

    LDD is slow

    Performance is directly related to the number of bricks visible on-screen. Group your model, then hide sections except the one(s) on which you're working.
  13. Agreed on all points except the money. If you're building in LDD and purchasing bricks to replicate the MOC in real life, then Lego has made money from LDD; they just have no way of quantifying it. To automatically assume it has lost money is a Type II error.
  14. *sigh* I can't say I'm surprised, although with Lego's current position in the toy market they could have made an altruistic decision that to maintain a high level of LDD support positively affects the LEGO Brand. To those thinking of a petition: What do you think could be said that hasn't already been considered to change the mind(s) of the person(s) responsible for this "business decision"?