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  1. M_slug357

    LEGO Trains 2021

    TLG to @McWaffel: “But, what if we sweeten that 100€ deal with a 10€ helicopter for the new low price of 125€???” Seriously though, my main argument for having 7-8 wide trains is to lessen the amount of goofy** side builds and have the focus/parts’ budget honed in on the train… **(ahyuck) @dtomsen Is that what an R40 corner would look like scaled down to a minifigs’ point of view?
  2. M_slug357

    LEGO Trains 2021

    @Murdoch17 haha yeah… I swear I didnt forget, just was looking forward to that Canadian tbh… The mods should post a running tally board to keep track of these rejected Ideas projects and how many times they’ve been rejected— this is what, the 6th? 7th attempt at the Polar Express…?
  3. M_slug357

    LEGO Trains 2021

    RiP to the Via Rail set on Ideas But hey, Snow White and the Office are in…
  4. M_slug357

    LEGO Trains 2021

    I just watched those on Brick Fanatics, and I must say, they're weird but not in a good way (imho). But yeah, the monorail you mentioned from those commercials is interesting. I'd say that TLG would only be serious about releasing a monorail set if/when they release a new ad in this series that features "the adult" first riding (maybe even driving?) the monorail from the background, and then getting off to assembling of the Crocodile locomotive later.
  5. M_slug357

    The Great Pumpkin - fuel tank & loading facility

    @Feuer Zug It just needs a lil green sprig at the top
  6. M_slug357

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Personally, I hope that next year the Crocodile gets a recolor in dark red or green! On the topic of the next wave of train sets, have there been any trains featured in Lego media content (ie TV shows, comics) in the last year or so?
  7. Is it alright if I copy this? I'm terrible at building structures....!
  8. M_slug357

    Adding weight to Locomotives

    I'm starting to use copper-coated steel bb's that are normally for bb guns. I also experimented with gluing them into a block that could be inserted into 4x4 cylinder pieces...
  9. M_slug357

    Alternative brick track

    Interesting, but why?
  10. About the tracks bending, I think it might help if they're warmed up a bit (ie a heat gun?) and then compressed between two flat & thick surfaces-- I recommend plywood/scrapwood, but would personally use some old hardback textbooks from school.
  11. @Sunil766 Good to know that trains can still derail on R72 curves!
  12. M_slug357

    LEGO Trains 2021

    @sp1984 Or.... just get both...?
  13. M_slug357

    LEGO Trains 2021

    HahahahaHahahaha I’ll drink to that!!
  14. M_slug357

    Northern Pacific Z-6 Challenger UPGRADE for Lego Ideas

    @Craig Strader I would have three shots 1) a separate shot of the figs with the sign, 2) a stand alone shot of the engine & tender inits entirety, and 3) a close-up of the smokebox in the mid-ground and then the figs next to the signpost in the foreground. In terms of the background, it would be best imho if you could import some sort of “scenic vista”, but I think some sort of light blue or light grey gradient could also serve as a decent background. Hope this helps!
  15. M_slug357

    MoC: ACE 3000 in 8-wide

    @Union Pacific Productionz I’m pretty sure the ACE has since been scrapped… …but if you’re savvy enough, maybe try reverse-engineering @Commander Wolf’s work from the photos?