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  1. M_slug357

    7760-inspired PF Shunter

    You should add a on/off switch! I used a SPST, but you could make it fancier, if you fancy it.
  2. M_slug357

    Are smaller flanges possible on larger radius tracks?

    @SteamSewnEmpire You should look up @jtlan ‘s posts about scale & lego trains. It’s pretty good stuff despite myself not being a scale modeler.
  3. M_slug357

    Teaser for Upcoming Train?

    Not to ruin anyone’s optimism, but that still of a steam engine looks similar to a sticker/ a stock photo from off the internets...
  4. M_slug357

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Can we still spoof motor id’s by including some resistors? Or has the system evolved......?
  5. M_slug357

    [MOC] Via Rail Canada - The Canadian - LEGO Ideas

    Uhm... the Disney Train is $330 usd, and the PuP freight set is $230 usd... oh and a motorized Krokodil is almost $200 usd! While I think your set proposal is fantastic and I love how much support it’s getting, I don’t think you should stop trying to improve/rework your model. Really try and attack it from a set designers’ PoV. You should be asking questions like: “How sturdy is this?” “Where can I cheat and use more stickers/prints?” “Is there room for some kind of action feature?” “How can I rework this to use even less/cheaper parts?” “What can I do with the budget leftovers?” BTW, Does anyone else get the feeling that TLG is experiencing some of their 90’s (pre-bankruptcy) swagger again??
  6. M_slug357

    New England BrickWorks: 3rd party curves and switches

    @Coal Fired Bricks Idk if replicating the radii that’s already available from 2-3 other manufacturers is the way to go. Something fresh to see would be half-curves for the r56 - r120 family. Another fresh take would be producing the r136 - r200 family of curve tracks. Lastly, those pinholes are useful for two reasons: 1) they’re great for stacking& storage for ppl with temporary layouts and 2) they can serve as mounting holes for ppl with more permanent layouts (esp gartenbahn)
  7. M_slug357

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    @dr_spock That joke would be more comprehensible if the loco was (any) shade of green....! Maybe if you tie up a Robin minfig to one of the ends...? I wonder if the Killer Croc bigfig from TLBM can fit in the cab sideways? lol
  8. M_slug357

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Getting back to the loco itself, I have a couple of theories as to the Croc’s wheel arrangement: 1) Each end has 3 swivel (articulation) points. The first connects the pilot wheel to the coupled pair of drivers (F+B) and nose assembly. The second connects all of that to the third (F) driver axle and the third swivel directly underneath the cab. 2) Each end has 2 swivel points. The first connects the pilot wheel to the rest of the nose assembly. In this version the drivers are rigidly arranged in (F+F, B), but the second swivel point is still over the third axle. It’ll be interesting to see how this negotiates r40 curves& switches.
  9. M_slug357

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Personally, I would've opted for either a dark red, dark green, or even dark brown color scheme. Do the wheels look black or dark grey to anyone? Can we get some gunmetal grey wheels though!?! I'm hoping that this set will have at least 1-3 rebuilds, as this is key to evoking higher sales imho. It would be crazy to see a Mallet or Garret-type engine as an official B-model! Also, after reading into the divide about yes extra cars vs. no extra cars, TLG mightv'e factored rolling stock in as alternative builds ((theres like 1300 pcs, c'mon TLG)). Even if the B-models aren't the best, it'd still be some sort of incentive to buy multiples. What I most want to see is the rumored 'new' motor that'll be powering this. I agree with those that think it'll be the PuP L-motor, but I also hope it'll be something new new!!
  10. M_slug357

    [MOC] Via Rail Canada - The Canadian - LEGO Ideas

    @NickLafreniere Why did you decide to use mini train wheels on the coaches...? Imho it make the coaches look funny to be situated lower than the engine...
  11. M_slug357

    Trains forum banner

    If anyones’ taking suggestions, I think it’d be amazing to have a moving banner featuring those 8? 16? bit train sprites from a few decades back. If that’s not possible, maybe we can convince @Tenderlok to provide an ensemble shot of all the steamers he’s built?
  12. M_slug357

    [MOC] 1:48 Southern Railway / Bulleid Leader

    Snapshot: Overhang versus Underhang.
  13. M_slug357

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    @Alban Nanty These may be too large requests to be reasonable, but would it be possible to have user rebinding of the controls? Multiple projects open in a single window?
  14. @Phil B Are the drivers powered or pushed? Did you quarter (offset) the connecting rods? Are the switches 9V or plastic? Is your engine centered on the driving wheels or on the leading&trailing truck(s)?
  15. M_slug357

    2020 Trains sets - Rumours and discussion

    I always thought that a sign of good sales was not being able to keep up with demand...?