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  1. M_slug357

    4-8-2 Frame Design Feasibility

    Gotta post some pictures of your setup. It's (imho) the most expedient way to get help.
  2. M_slug357

    90th Anniversary of the Lego Group / Fan Vote

    It may seem dumb/ redundant, but there's an additional type-in entry on the form, I suggest everyone type in trains there as well!
  3. M_slug357

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    Ohhhh cant wait to play around with the new features! Thank you @Alban Nanty !!!
  4. M_slug357

    90th Anniversary of the Lego Group / Fan Vote

    We all know that Trains have no chance up against stuff like classic Castle or classic Space themes But hey, you never know, maybe we can score an underdog-esque uspet...? I think we could at least make a statement about Trains as a theme if we secure 3rd (or even 4th) place...?
  5. M_slug357

    [WIP] EMD FL9 from Lego Train Projects book

    @bondp99 Looks like you should build a 2nd unit......?
  6. M_slug357

    LEGO Trains 2021

    @9v brick master I feel like the closest TLG would ever give us would be a midi-scale Big Boy as a gwp......
  7. M_slug357

    Train Wheel Size Naming

    @supertruper1988 I think what @zephyr1934 meant by a “spacing guide” was more along the lines of charting out the min&max distance between two same-sized wheels against the wheel type (B-B, B-F, F-F). And then maybe a suggested minimum radius that that arrangement could theoretically handle....? My dream for this would be a website/app similar to @Sariel’s Gear Ratio calculator! ((it would take me too long to construct something like this)) A bonus calculation would tell you how many spm (studs per minute) the given wheel size outputs, which could then be multiplied by the theoretical rpm’s on the drive axle(s).** This would help when determining scale, but also moreso the mechanicals going into a MOC. **Back when xxL drivers where new, I made an engine that had geared up the drivers’ output speed to match that of a PF train motor in the tender. It crashed spectacularly.
  8. M_slug357

    LEGO Trains 2021

    @Vilhelm22 I agree that the first trolley idea would be best, but the 2nd is more interesting! For the expert line, it’d be interesting to see TLG’s take on Co-Co bogies, but it would have to be somewhat iconic? I’m not a diesel fan, so nothing comes to mind right away. Considering set color schemes, I feel like there’s some unconscious bias leading away from a green passenger train... as if green doesn’t evoke speed in some way? But if you have some reds or yellows, it just seems to go faster...? However, if the train were lime green, that seems to feel more... propellant? In contrast, when cargo diesels are green, it somehow says: economic/ friendly/ low emissions. When these are yellow: construction/ helpful/ utility. Then when red: heavy/ strong/ swift. Does that make sense?
  9. @fluffybunny How many of these motors can you use per controller?
  10. M_slug357

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Speculation II: — A) With the introduction of the new road system, the possibility of there being a stand alone station set featuring them seems more likely. However, what’s the likelihood of seeing a LRV/street car/trolley set featuring the new plates? ((or are they considered tiles? idk)) Personally, I think this could be achieved 1 of 3 ways: — 1) a standard oval with enough road plates to span the interior, a powered LRV, a pair of simple platforms, and a selection of small buildings. — 2) an End-to-End system, where the trolley can change directions via mechanism or programming. Includes two simple platforms and a box of 60205. — 3) an unpowered streetcar, more elaborate roadway and structures, and a more substantial platform. May or may not include track since the unit is unpowered. — B) Following the (apparent) success of the Crocodile, which 2-6-6-2 type engine would you like to see next? What would be the logical (i.e. easiest) choice for TLG to produce? — C) What could the color schemes for the next city freight & passenger sets be? 60197 is a novel lt orange/ dk blue, and 60198 is green + white. Personally, I’d like to see a dk red + dk gray passenger train with the new Coral color as an accent, and a lt yellow + lt grey diesel with dk green accents in the next freight set.
  11. M_slug357

    Flawed - Mouldking 12001 Qinghai–Tibet Railway Train

    @legotownlinz Why not try a 2x2 “donut” tile in black + a 2x2 round plate? That should be fairly close, no?
  12. @dr_spock Its not likely to happen any time soon, but I do feel like the most recent rendition of the Hogwarts Express was a potential field test— albeit under the guise of “keeping costs down”... However, I would back a new piece or assembly that mimicked the hook&loop style of couplers from LGB/Märklin. Following this logic, we could then see a magnetic uncoupler setup...?
  13. M_slug357

    Flawed - Mouldking 12001 Qinghai–Tibet Railway Train

    Its because we ravenous train fans are tired of waiting around for whenever TLG decides to throw us a bone. Its because competition to TLG seems to be ramping up in terms of quality (not in all areas of production (yet)). Its because TLG could and should have better offerings on the shelves, but consistently chooses the lesser option— the LCD if you will. —--|—— (__7===@ __^__ “Look! Another helicopter”
  14. That’s disappointing, but not unexpected.
  15. M_slug357

    LEGO Trains 2021

    I'm also hoping that a new station will be released sometime next year! It'll be a big missed opportunity if they don't include those new road segments. Personally, I'm still on the fence about those plates until we get some curved versions..... Why do I feel like TLG is going to baffle us in this regard with some new type of ramping road segment though? Just remember that for the original 4-wide track system, we got two different ramp pieces in lieu of a simple straight piece.