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  1. M_slug357

    Designing a New Layout

    @Andalo_an Unless you have an alternative to/ modified version of lego's 9V speed regulator, I would recommend using at least 2 regulators. I would have one controlling the outer two loops and the other on the inner loop & sidings. It helps to insulate the loops from each other, especially if you envision running trains in opposite directions. Your original layout is probably not working well due to cleanliness, 'cold' motors, and the amount of trackage being operated by the single regulator.
  2. M_slug357

    LEGO 40th anniversary classic train

    No, I think the real goal of this set was to simultaneously get our hopes up as well as waste our time. But hey, it'll supposedly be a GwP... yAy
  3. M_slug357

    Instructions/ideas for ballasting curves?

    No offense, but you prob shouldn’t have mentioned it in the 1st place. Cuz now inquiring minds wanna know...!!
  4. M_slug357

    LEGO 40th anniversary classic train

    Its gunna suck though if this set is limited to an employee gift...
  5. M_slug357

    Technical problem 9V

    Maybe clean the track...? Assuming each controller is connected to multiple 9V power clips, check their polarities...? Do you have insulation segments...? Maybe some motors are just... feeling their age...? Its also possible that if the controllers are situated right next to each other, the ones with heightened capabilities are radiating EMF to the weaker ones...? Thats all I got
  6. M_slug357

    Side rods on small BigBenBricks wheels

    You could also modify a BBB spoked wheel with the outline of an offset pin hole. This way, no actual lego parts are modified... Now that I think about it... you might even be able to attach a pin to one of the spokes of said BBB wheel...?
  7. M_slug357

    Building a Home Office Lego Trainset

    Shockingly, I’d say less is more. I would either reduce the layout to a single track mainline, or compact the two lines to a 4 stud margin instead of 8 (wherever possible).
  8. M_slug357

    Quick question on warped Lego track...new

    Also, packaging. The quad stacks of rail are just casually tossed into the box...
  9. M_slug357

    Quick question on warped Lego track...new

    @LegoDW I’d say about 30 sec to a minute, depending on how severe the warping is. For example, I had a cockpit piece that had stress lines due to warping, that took 3-4 dips to get back into the correct shape. Even so, its still off by like 5%, so I’ll likely soak it a few more times. Whats important is to have a vessel or basin large enough to fully submerge your piece(s) in, but not so large that the heat dissipates quickly. Also, the pot that you boil the water in should NOT be the same pot the bricks are in... which I learned from experience...!
  10. M_slug357

    Quick question on warped Lego track...new

    Again, boiling water treatment for the parts you currently have, but in the meantime order some replacements.
  11. M_slug357

    Quick question on warped Lego track...new

    @LegoDW If you soak the warped parts indirectly in boiling water, you can warp them back to roughly 98%
  12. M_slug357

    (moc) The Century - WIP

    @SteamSewnEmpire I attempted something similar with a mod of 10194 that had an xL motor powering xxL drivers with a pf train motor as backup in the tender. For power, I originally used an Sbrick and that 4x14 stud long AA battery box, but then the Sbrick software just couldn’t stop crashing. Neither could my modded EN. After that disappointment I switched back to using the PF v1 reciever, but then realized it was prone to overheating a lil bit — the setup also had 2 stock PF light units tossed in there as well. When my EN was operational, it seemed to work best only at maximum speed while pulling two to four 500-piece coaches. Personally, you might want to look up @wes_turngrate’s xL motor mod that eliminates one of the reduction stages inside of the motor. hope this helps? EN 2.0 w/ XXL wheels by Nick Jackson, on Flickr
  13. @Rail Co I don’t think the prices for individual pieces of track will go down per se, but maybe if/when buying in large bulk quantities, we’ll see some sort of discount from @michaelgale ? I’d wager a hard advertising campaign specifically to & for RLUGs would make the most sense initially? @Unfinished_Projects I concur! SWITCHES & MOTORS should have had top priority. Granted, they’re simultaneously the most complex and most coveted items on the docket imho. I have a similar dismay when it comes to @coaster’s release lineup as well. I’m still gunna buy their products though, along with the more exotic 3D printed parts floating around out there... @SteamSewnEmpire The concept of cleaning components cannot possibly be considered a strong argument for switching to plastic track. Please realize that lego trains on the whole have never been considered as “mainstream” products. TLG throws us a bone or two every what, 3ish years or so?, with new set(s) that raise in price yet lessen in value... including the recent Disney train! Those mouse ears raised the price of that set by at least 40-50 usd @Thai bricks That’s gunna be a tough venture for sure (esp. if sticking to 6~8 studs wide). You should start a new thread to show us your progress! @ALCO y @TuxTown That’s an interesting idea for some, but won’t work for all types of trains. I’m crazy though, so don’t mind me. I once made a semi-functional narrow gauge engine that was track powered! Definitely will have to revisit that later this year. Also, I recently started working on hybrid 9V/12V r56 curves — turns out that old ME Models stuff may prove useful after all...?
  14. This looks awesome! Thnx!
  15. M_slug357

    Anyone know a good stand-in part...

    I think those 40t gears come close to the rolling diameter of the xxL wheels?