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  1. Maybe try and have the traction tires on one side of the loco? either left or right.
  2. They look great either way!! Any video of them in use @legoman666?
  3. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    ((you don't have to quote the whole block of text!)) ~These ones appear in books: Blaine the Mono, Tootle, Charlie the Choo-Choo, Sammy the Shunter (like TTTE, but with hands!), and Ivor the Engine. ~These ones appear in visual media: Von Ryan's Express, 3:10 to Yuma, Galaxy Express 999, The Darjeeling Limited, and Driver Dan's Story Train. ~".007" is a story that features talking locomotives and was written by Rudyard Kipling in 1896. This predates both the suave spy series (c1950's) as well as the Thomas the Tank Engine series (c1940's). ~And yes, LoZ = Legend of Zelda! It seems someone already attempted this back in 2015: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/12eae6ee-180d-4f37-a12f-932220bea7e5
  4. [MOC] A Lady and a Giant Robot

    Nice build!! Now you need a minifig holding a microfig while being held by your brick built fig! ;)
  5. Help finding someone to help me build a stram train

    That'll be 50€ now, and another 50€ after completion of the job. lol, jk
  6. Layout: plan fo new layout

    Wow, I wish I could get my home layout up to this level!! Nice job!
  7. ((I didn't know that diesels rolled with the help of carbonation)) These look awesome! And, of course, those crisp decals make them all the more so!
  8. I don't think the level of shine is a major issue... tbh, most of that shine will be covered with grime and dust after moderate use. Also, I'd say many customers will probably be ballasting the tracks, so the track elements will be partially covered up? Maybe, it could just be the lighting used when these photos were taken?
  9. 3RD party bendable track

    Not yet, but there is like HO and O scale bendable metal rails that you could (probably) affix to lego plates. Nobody has made a plastic rail version yet, maybe you could be the first? lol
  10. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    Sometimes timing is important! That's why TLG kept the Voltron project on the backburner in the first place! So, maybe they shouldn't make this 2nd chance opportunity available to every project that has made it to the review stage, but maybe only 1 or 2 of them? This way, the 2nd and 3rd choice projects from each stage would potentially have another shot later on. Additionally, the projects would have to undergo whatever design changes (if necessary) that deemed them a fail the first time around. It's not a completely pointless thing to add, since business do this all the time- especially with patents & prototypes-- and the last time I checked, The Lego Group is a business.
  11. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    I think what might really change the lego Ideas landscape is if they introduced a "2nd chance" option for sets that made it to the review stage, but were then ultimately turned down. For example, if the Vintage Tram idea could reach an additional 5k's worth of support, it could be put on the next review cycle (from when the 5k was reached). However, they would also have much less time to do so-- like less than 6 months? You probably should! My only suggestion would be to scale it down to where it's using regular L size wheels for the drivers? Not sure what that'd do to the overall proportions though. Also, I think it would be nifty if you could incorporate some way to transform the engine from the streamlined J3a: to the workhorse J1e: What do you think @SavaTheAggie?
  12. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    SNOT and custom bits are not nearly as big of an issue as worldwide appeal and easy-to-get licensing agreements are. I think if it were possible to do a "heat map" of sorts for [texas ten-wheeler] versus [NASA], you'd probably find that more people have heard of that certain space agency more than that retired railroad equipment. Personally, i think for a serious trains' related Ideas Project, the train needs to be based on a real prototype yet at the same time be generic enough to not be too region-specific. Or, it needs to be based on a fictional locomotive that's got a metric ton of world-wide appeal (and then some!) This means that some very well known fictional trains are possible, such as: -Hogwarts Express (4th time?) -Chuggington -Wabash Cannonball -Blaine the Mono -Big Thunder Mountain Railway -The Polar Express -Von Ryan's Express -Tootle -The Little Engine that Could -3:10 to Yuma -Galaxy Express 999 -Overload -Charlie the Choo-Choo - .007 -The Little Red Caboose -The Darjeeling Limited -Driver Dan's Story Train -The Silver Streak -The Caboose Who Got Loose -#731 -LoZ: Spirit Tracks -Ivor the Engine -Sammy the Shunter *all these names where provided by wikipedia* Plz comment below which of these you've heard of vs those that you haven't! ~M_slug
  13. hi there, just thought I'd contribute some thoughts to this idea: -If at all possible, reduce the footprint of the whole piece to a 6x8 or 4x6 stud area; gotta save space whenever possible! -On the top of the buttons, include a 2x2 studded area for tactile feedback or as space to add 2x2 tile decals -Like in cal's illustration, have the LED's occupy a stud's worth of space, but have them recessed enough to allow for a 1x1 transparent plate/tile be attached over the top (maybe inlude one red, blu, ylw, grn?) -For the power supply, it would be great if you could have two versions maybe? One that is fed straight from the wall outlet, and one that is fed via the track?
  14. Power Pick-up Wheelset

    I agree with @Ludo on this; time to abandon the older style electrical connectors! I think an interesting way to connect multiple wheelsets together might be to use the 1x4 spaces that are available on the underside for electrical connectors? Arduino pins or something similar. Assuming many might make a standard 4x6 bogie (two wheelsets together), having two units be able to directly couple to each other would be beneficial. I would mainly use a product like this for internal lighting for coaches, for example.
  15. hey @coaster! It's great to see the website up & running! Just a quick thought-- Would it be possible to feature "coming soon" items on the products' page? I'm just thinking that would definitely get more people to bookmark your site if they know more items are on the horizon. ((it looks a tad barren with the two offerings at the moment of writing this))