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  1. M_slug357

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    It would be nice if the next CE train came with a box of straights for ‘display’ purposes! But tbh, the WV train could have been about 10-20 usd cheaper sans that circle of track... I personally feel that the current freight set is a half-step in the right direction... but TLG missed an opportunity to bundle it with the 60169 Cargo Terminal set. Although 300 usd for a now complete freight set is... definitely a tall order.
  2. M_slug357

    Chances of an Emerald Night re-release?

    I think the healthiest thing to do on this thread might be us coming up with solutions rather than focusing on the shortcomings. For example, part substitutions: What elements exist now that could potentially improve the shape& structure of the EN? What could we do for the carriage’s windows since the demise of our beloved Train Window pieces? What would a strictly 6-wide EN look like? Or 7-wide? Dare I ask 8-wide? Again with newer pieces, could the parts budget stretch just enough to factor in a 2nd carriage? I feel like these are the questions we should be asking instead of bickering about “This set is wayyy better imho”... Just remember that an honest opinion is still only worth about 2 cents. Now, will that be cash or card? ~M_slug~
  3. M_slug357

    Brick built bogie details

    It might help then to post some pictures of your own attempt(s) so that the rest of us can see what direction(s) you're trying to go?
  4. M_slug357

    Brick built bogie details

    You could always try my solution? Fake Bogie by Nick Jackson, on Flickr It's not very parts intensive, but with a few more greebles you could probably get it to look more like the prototype?
  5. M_slug357

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Hello all! I realize that this thread is mainly about the PUP software, but I figured this should go here for possible future hardware mods to the PUP train hub? A few days prior to writing this, I discovered that a 9V battery could fit inside the top half (brain) of the hub. I didn't have any ideas on how to make contact electrically though. Tablescrap: PUP Battery Box + 9V battery by Nick Jackson, on Flickr I came back to this potential find and gave it a bit more thought & effort: From Tablescrap to Technique? (3) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr That ring terminal piece (22-18 ga. #10 stud, non-insulated) allows the positive terminal of the 9V battery to make contact with the one inside the hub. Coincidentally, there happens to be a small groove that goes down the middle of the hub that holds the ring terminal at a nice angle for electrical contact: From Tablescrap to Technique? (2) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr And we have power! This technique saves a whole brick's worth of height: From Tablescrap to Technique? (1) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Unfortunately, I don't have enough electrical knowledge to really test this out, but maybe @JopieK and @Philo could take a more in-depth look at this? ~M_slug~
  6. @coaster , @Deeks , @BurkusCircus , While I don't have the space (yet) for a more structured layout, I did have enough room on my floor to do a double "dog bone" setup: r40 & r56 by Nick Jackson, on Flickr With modded versions of 60197 & 60198: Coven (2) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Again, the tracks look superb to the point where the transition is so seamless...!
  7. M_slug357

    PF tracks/switch not lining up?

    I'd double check your tracks against one another to see if there are signs of warping or shrinking? Double check those attachment points as well; if one is off, it can put the rest into disarray...
  8. M_slug357

    Thomas the Tank Engine and The Lego Group

    @Digger of Bricks Maybe it's a signal that the franchise rights may soon become available (to the highest bidder)....? Maybe the original cast of characters that appear in the Rev.'s storybooks are under diferent terms? Anyone or anything created by Britt Alcroft or Mattel are most definitely owned outright by Mattel but..... hmmmmm
  9. Maybe stretch goals are the way to 100k...? I get that you're trying to bundle all five parts together in a kit, but maybe you should try a campaign where they're split up? Say the new campaign starts at $40-50,000 -- the total from the previous kickstarter run. Tier 1) Just the base switch, both L & R Tier 2) The ground throw + the half straights, at $60-70k Tier 3) The turnout curves + The siding curves, at $80-100k Tier 4) That double crossover! At $120-150k? I understand that from a technical standpoint, you may've arranged the molds so that one L switch kit or one R switch kit may be injected at one time -- much like how lego did the mold for the steam driver wheels. But I'm kinda hoping you future-proofed it to where each component can be produced separately, in the interest of individual sales and/or inevitable parts' replacements. What do you think @coaster ? p.s. Just got my confirmation for those r56's! YaY
  10. @Gigi Gotta fix the link...!
  11. M_slug357

    BrickTracks: R104 Switch Kickstarter is LIVE!

    @coaster I'm backer #105, I tried to snag #104 but somebody beat me to it! lol So, unless 60k is thrown on in the next day or so, What's Plan B?
  12. M_slug357

    What’s your Railway called?

    My next layout also depends on the release of @coaster 's r104 switches.... My dream layout would be an interpretation of Thunderclap Station from Steven King's Dark Tower series :D
  13. M_slug357

    Airport Shuttle 6399 Power Up?

    You could always splice & dice your own conversion cable...