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  1. Hi all. I've been fooling around with a couple of NXT bricks that I acquired a while ago in a bulk lot. ATM I'm using the vanilla NXT-G software wot came with the set. No special firmwares etc.. plugged into an (equally old) Win7 laptop. One of the NXT bricks doesn't appear to register any of the sensors (colour, distance, light, sound) on any of the 4 ports.. although it does register the touch sensors. I know none of the sensors or cables are at fault as they all work with the second NXT brick that I have. It successfully communicates with the software, just doesn't get any readings from the range sensors. Both NXTs are using the last (v1.31 IIRC?) firmware. Has anyone had experience with this kind of error.. or is the NXT (if you'll pardon the pun), bricked? Anyone with suggestions? TIA, Cadder
  2. Cadder

    Compact single direction output This is one that I've used in a couple of my GBC modules. I like it because it's compact, not *too* intensive on expensive parts, and it maintains a 1:1 ratio.
  3. Cadder

    GBC General Discussion

    If you build it, they will come.. (...and probably fight over it, overwind it and end up breaking the spring.)
  4. Cadder

    [GBC] Instruction Index

    Can anyone tell me (and/or point me at PDF instructions for..) what the Brickworld 2016 workshop module was? Were there any workshops prior to 2014? Brickworld 2014 = Donahue conveyor Brickworld 2015 = Bryan Bonahoom Stackable wheel Brickworld 2016 = ? Brickworld 2017 = Bryan Bonahoom Lifter
  5. I've had some success using Import the LDD file into, spend some time (re-)ordering into construction steps, and export it to LDraw .ldr file. Then run the resultant .ldr thru LPub.
  6. We have a [KEY TOPIC] Official Lego sets made in LDraw , and a [KEY TOPIC] Official LEGO Sets made in LDD .. Is there/will there be a [KEY TOPIC] Official LEGO Sets made in ? has the nifty feature that you can import an official set.. but all it does is import the correct amounts and numbers of parts from the Bricklink Cattledog. (which in itself is a time consuming job taken care of..) Given the ease of import and export to/from both LDraw and LDD, I think it may be possible to combine the entire contents of the other Key Topics into one. Anyone have the appropriate amount of cloud storage and time to import/vet? (just askin', not volunteering)
  7. Greetings all. I've recently been playing with, and teaching myself how to create instruction .PDFs using LPub with the intention of modelling/creating instructions for some of the GBC Modules I have (physically) built, both MOCs and Mods. To start off while learning, I used something that 's quick to build and only uses a small number of parts. So I present Cadder's "Found Ball Bucket". Backstory: This is a little something I knocked together while displaying at Brickvention 2017 and fine-tuned at BrisBricks 2017. Originally it was a 'catcher' that I made for a high module displayed at BV2016, essentially because I had 4 spare Lego Sports arena corner units... but it quickly became more useful. Occasionally at GBC shows, a rogue ball will "escape" and be picked up by young kiddie spectators who will invariably try to reach across the displays with an ever-helpful "'Scuse me mister! I found this!" Rather than risk knocking over or bumping/misaligning the working GBC modules, it became really handy to reply "Awesome! drop it into the blue bucket!" This had the great side-effect that it engaged said kiddies.. and with an added "See if you can make it spin...", makes the GBC display somewhat interactive. It's also versatile enough that it can be placed pretty much anywhere on the GBC circuit and feed found balls back into the circuit without too much disruption. It's deliberately built high enough that the return chute is higher than the 10-brick standard GBC input size. Returned balls should just drop straight into any module's Inbox. I dare say it could be double-purposed for its original use as a catcher - for, for example, a tower drop, shooter or flicker module. So. At first I really wasn't sure where to post this, and although not strictly a GBC module itself, it *IS* a very handy tool (I've subsequently built more than one) for GBC displays that I hope other GBC organisers/displayers might like to adopt. I also intend making a sign to stick on the front, something akin to the "Hey!" logo on the back of the City boxes. (ie, Along the mines of "Hey! Find an escaped GBC ball? Drop it in here!") Instructions in form of PDF file here. Also, because it was modelled in, you can use Bricklink's Step view builder instructions here. (and buy parts) cheers!
  8. I should build something *other* than another factory? ;)
  9. Cadder

    How many AFOL's "Swoosh"?

    Slo-mo swoosh is still a swoosh. Silent swoosh is also a swoosh. Benny's Spaceship. Spaceship! SPACESHIP!! is *TOTALLY* swooshable. So much so that it inspired me to actually *buy* a used Galaxy Explorer and swoosh that too. PS; you fail as a parent if you don't teach your kids to appreciate a good swoosh too.
  10. Make balls (soccer, basketball) easier to be placed/moved around where you want them. Perhaps just a simple 'gravity' function. If that's not feasable, then I want a ball to sit (for example) on *this* plate, between the 4 studs. Big help in making GBC modules. ..axially, while we're at it, how about adding the old 4.5v SINGLE inner/outer curved train rails? Straight ones are there, just not the curves.
  11. A couple of noteworthy items on the "bulletin board" flyer wot came with the Lego Club mag this arvo. Highlights: TRU are advertising 8679 Cars2 International Racing cct and 8081 Technic Extreme Cruiser. Target are spruking the 10217 HP Diagon Alley (formerly a S@H exclusive, AFAIK), and some allegedly new Spongebob sets (but no set numbers or pix) Kmart have a cryptic (and obviously incorrect) note announcing "5512 Lego Creator Shuttle Expedition - available July", but then have a photo of 10211 Space Shuttle 'Adventure'. Myer are touting the 10214 Tower Bridge (Which I've seen in stock at Robina and Pac.Fair) BigW are generally announcing PQ as a line, "New range in store now"... plus instructions to go to and search for "Pharaoh" (they only have 3 sets on the site) No prices are listed with any of the above.
  12. I also noticed Fishpond have the TS3 Garbage Truck 7599 for $69.95. This was formerly a TRU exclusive with RRP of $99.99 (unless you're in the States, then it was $49.99USD ) AND they have the new HP book for under $20
  13. OK, This was my original post, yesterday, but I didn't have a cameraphone with me to confirm these and the prices were from memory because these are the sets that caught MY eye. I've been in again this morning, (oddly enough, still don't have a cameraphone) but the shelf prices are now in line with RRPs: $249, $199 and $149 respectively. In which case, I shall say either one of the following: (Pick whichever makes you feel best) (a) My bad, and apologies for getting everyone excited (b) in my defense, they *WERE* literally stocking the shelves when I saw them, so the price tickets I saw may not have BEEN for those sets or © They HAD made an error and corrected it. This may be partially align with the fact that Civic Bossman said: Also, the shelf-fillers obviously hadn't finished at the time... all the Falcons and Frigate sets today have those anti-theft disc thingies on them which they didn't yesterday. There may have been some price-tag swapsies as well? Confirmed or busted.. sorry.
  14. Target Helensvale (Gold Coast, QLD) were stocking the shelves this morning with all of these: 7965 Millennium Falcon ($249) ($149, I think) 7964 Republic Frigate ($119) 7962 Anakin & Sebulba's Podracers Impressive, since they're not even on S@H here yet.