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    OAM-club (Owners of All Modulars)

    Do bricklinked Market Street, Café Corner and Green Grocer count? Came out of my dark ages too late for them ;-)
  2. No. Lego should not. Never
  3. Seehas

    Future Train sets discussion/speculation

    I am still wondering about the "Emerald Express" in the Creator Line 2014 (hope dies last?) ;-)
  4. Seehas

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    In Europe (or parts of Europe) they are red.
  5. Seehas

    Winter Village 10235 Winter Village Market

    Well, I am loving it. A small merry-go-round like this is part of a lot of german xmas-markets... Put it together with the music pavillion and it will be really really fine ;-)
  6. Well, I need a big amount of the librarian... to collect as a giveaway ... (Would you think, I am a librarian myself?) ;-)
  7. Seehas

    10233 Horizon Express

    This is awesome! I want to have at least two of it!
  8. 17 2 points 43 2 points 13 2 points 13 1 point
  9. Seehas

    Ideas for new City sets

    Well, besides a new post office I really would like to get: - a public library (since I am a librarian...) - might be better as a modular building - a cinema - dito - a supermarket ...
  10. Seehas

    Review: 7730 Electric Goods Train

    This was my first Lego Train set. I loved it very much, although I would have preferred 7740... But my Grandmother and my Mother couldn't afford it. Nevertheless I got 7725 a year later and bought 7760 with my earnings. and a lot of tracks of course. Unfortunately it is all lost... I am thinking of restarting Lego again, but there are two challenges: Availabilty of space and (much worse) money...