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  1. efferman

    Effe's MOC Corner

    maybe, but actually iam extremely short of time.
  2. Only some minor mods on the boom, but i have done some heavy duty work.
  3. Why they should? Limiting to only one system is like to make a complete new brand, and this only to make sure it is incompatible. For me they can use a Znap or Duplo piece when it does its task better than a Technic part.
  4. efferman

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Easy solution: build everything, from the smallest piece to the largest part, in Black...or Trans clear.
  5. efferman

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Thanks. i dont know why the servo must sit on the axle, but ok https://bricksafe.com/files/efferman/vehicle-axles/crawler axle.io
  6. efferman

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    A hinge ist possible, but the Axel ist moving only 1-2 mm Forward-backward. This ist in the Play of the Connections
  7. efferman

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Yes, but first the concept should be complete.
  8. efferman

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    My idea better visualized. One panel is more or less 4 studs wide.
  9. efferman

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    This Profile uses the full length till the Radius in the back. So it should be solid enough. Only the tolerance could be a problem
  10. efferman

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    My attempt to connect the parts. The Block is 4mm wide and is behind the tooth. The left piece includes the tooth and the right piece will pushed from the back to the front and locked bei the Backwall pieces. When the right piece is on the outside it includes the wall.
  11. efferman

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Yeah to find a proper way will be hard.
  12. efferman

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Are you sure? Maybe i find a way to make it in single pieces to allow a backhoe bucket.
  13. efferman

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Sure! Seen this bucket on Youtube and it is a gorgeous idea.
  14. efferman

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    yeah, it was to much. I decided to use something which is usable on steered axles too.