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  1. efferman

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I guess this was the formerly intended a model of 42094
  2. efferman

    General Part Discussion

    An air suspension maybe
  3. Unfortunately not made yet. But there is a third pair of fenders inside and the 42088 cherrypicker is recommended, because a type of part is only available in this set. IMG_0761 by Michael Wirth, auf Flickr
  4. In front the 43x14 and at the back the 49x20.
  5. Still a bit exaggerated but the front looks now a little bit smoother i think.
  6. efferman

    [MOC] MAN TGS 8x8

    This is pretty gorgeous.
  7. efferman

    RC Maus Tank

    No, german voices
  8. efferman

    RC Maus Tank

    a weird but genius anime Series
  9. efferman

    RC Maus Tank

    every time i see a Maus, it remind me to this
  10. efferman

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    they are available with the lego life app
  11. not my favorite solution but it works. during assembling i would choose less universal joints
  12. Better than a steering shaft which is going through the interior
  13. A 16 tooth combination should work
  14. Why not going underneath the engine?