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  1. yep, its very rough designed
  2. I have this set and it works ok. It is not really solid but a good base to make it with pure lego. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmm5j7Do 100_3007 by Michael Wirth, auf Flickr And a more scale version 100_3028 by Michael Wirth, auf Flickr
  3. Me too. I guess you could sell these pneumatic actuators in high amount.
  4. efferman

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    Small comparisation betwen the old Motorbike shocks and the ducatis on the Left the hardest, on the right the Ducati and softest. length is 11 studs. Travel 2 Studs. The Ducati shocks are a little bit softer than the black ones.
  5. Seems slow. A buggy motor and buwizz sounds faster than this.
  6. When a set has 200 pins, and a modification needs 264 pins, is this a waste of ordering 64 pins because there are 500 pins in the set? Yes, you have parts left from the standard boom when the modified boom is built, but it is far away from to be able building the boom twice as large. You need to order the parts from the picture, except of the last yellow pin.
  7. Do you have seen the picture a few posts above? These are the parts you need. Not more.
  8. Except of the last part you need all of these parts. The speedup was possible with different gearings. But for this i had to move the motor positions.
  9. efferman

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    The osprey looks like a must have.
  10. modified boom extra parts by Michael Wirth, auf Flickr Except of the last part these are the extra parts. Nothing special.
  11. Yes, there is a file with a extra partlist below the instruction at rebrickable.
  12. Backhoe or the faceshovel mod?