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  1. I guess i found a way for compact tailrotor collective Pitch control
  2. Again you did a masterpiece, even when i like the Bonneville more.
  3. this was the colour of the Gray PA12 printing process. fits good to DBG
  4. If there is no need, there is no invention. Lego took only a real world mechanism and scaled it to lego sizes. No less, no more. My solution for the wave selector was done in an afternoon when Bruno announced the problem. Cada choosed simply the safe way to convert my idea into this complex mechanism.
  5. Nice! I hope you have enjoyed the build.
  6. maybe btw, the new head is arrived and works like a charm. The material is PA12 in a multi jet fusion print looks good, but the versatile plastic in SLS is much more solid. One of the towballs is broken. This weekend i will make the 5 blade version of the flat rotorhead. edit: the 5 blade is available at shapeways: https://www.shapeways.com/product/EHWVBDXJB/flat-5-blade-rotorhead
  7. I guess this is really to insane to drive lego models: An 380 size with 12 to 68 reduction
  8. What is your opinion about the Nose?
  9. The instruction is edited. Please check if the instruction is now more clear and correct.
  10. The fourth is different because on the rear side the turntable drive is located and vertical steering arms probably doesnt' have enough Space. So I chosed the Vertical orientation. So you can use any type of the available steering arms. Or you can, like me, build the arms on the side in a way which locks the swivel of the lower part. So an extra swivel lock wouldn't be neccessary. edit: Edit²
  11. Thanks for your feedback! I will check the instruction.
  12. I guess this angle is ok.
  13. @steph77 @nerdsforprez I have made an io with the 7 blade rotorsystem parts. https://bricksafe.com/files/efferman/42145/7 blade Rotor.io Edit: To much Angle?