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  1. Hi Guys, the low budget Rc Version is done. -> lxf edit: next on stage the Quadrohorse
  2. I Think Paul Crowkiller Boratko should do this. Large Car Mocs are his special theme so he would be the perfect guy for this.
  3. Some Colour mods and Axles which are 2 studs shorter
  4. Jim, look at my lxf There is a Spring loaded suspension inside which is simple to insert in the model
  5. [MOC] Liebherr R 926 Compact Litronic

    Thank you igor
  6. [MOC] Liebherr R 926 Compact Litronic

    Thanks guys. Ingmar, my english seems to be out of order. What is the sense behind your words?
  7. all people, except of you, seem to think the boom is to fat. for correct proportions, in relation to the tires, everything has to be bigger. So none boom size is correct.
  8. 150 parts removed http://www.doktor-brick.de/index.php/Attachment/28370-42070-lxf/
  9. Is that boom to fat? Small changes at the front.
  10. The lxf with mods is mostly done http://www.doktor-brick.de/index.php/Attachment/28324-42070-lxf/
  11. A official creator set into the hall of fame?
  12. Some monkey is hanging around Closed the unfinished flatbed This gap has to be closed too strenghtened frame
  13. a spring loaded suspension on the last axle to raise the groundcontact in offroad conditions
  14. [MOC] Liebherr R 926 Compact Litronic

    Thank you very much The Sbricks make a much cleaner look possible
  15. A google search for "big giant truck" shows mostly mining dump trucks, so why not a liebherr one? Source