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  1. Yes it is one of the "copyright infringement avoiding" parts.
  2. Indeed, there are four of them in the set. The other CaDA related parts are the beams with perpendicular holes in different lengths, the Beams with pins at the end and all the parts CaDA has changed to avoid copyright infringements. Thank you very much. That gearbox was an intense puzzle work to fit it all in.
  3. Finally the time of secrets is over. It is 17 wide and has a 8x4 configuration and all axles are suspended. All functions can used by crank motion or motorized when motors are installed. I made xrays to show the way the Drivetrain takes. Steering Uppercarriage rotation Winch Driving Boom extension, unfortunately only singlestage. Multistage would have killed the proportions. Outriggers out and in Outriggers down Boom lift All in all a big bunch of gears and many of CaDA exclusive parts.
  4. Cada made it in this way to avoid copyright infringements. In addition it makes connections possible which are usefull.
  5. What a pretty oldschool Beauty.
  6. I have changed it to downloadable. unfortunately shapeways has set the actuator to "not visible" till they have it checked for patent issues. could take a few days.
  7. The Motorization of my set is optional, so it is optional for the B-Model too. But a short testdrive is neccessary.
  8. Iam not sure. November or December. Edit Ugly like hell, so it should fit to the M1070
  9. Yep, it is the main colour of the Set Sorry, unfortunately not, but it is an Military style 8x8
  10. The first sketch of the last Axles is done. And yes, all of these tires are in the set.
  11. Indeed, this would be cool. But first it has to be done. Rebrickable is out on this one. There are a lot of different flipflop beams and beams with Pins at the end in the model
  12. I Post this here because this will be made completely with the parts from my upcoming CaDA Set. So we can call it my inofficial B Model. Maybe now you can guess if the set will have tracks or not.
  13. The function selection sticker maybe shows the wrong direction, not more.
  14. only 20z Wormgears sorry, i have no permission to tell more at this time. Maybe a part of it. A few, but i have not the permission to share them.
  15. We should bo back to Cada related themes, so i give a little teaser for what is coming up. I can not telling more at this Time, but these gears are used in my upcoming CaDA Set.