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Found 6 results

  1. From left to right: Jergen Behrens (drums) Axel Beritung (synth) Martin Tychsen (vocals)
  2. Hi all. I’m hoping to find out about any groups or events in the UK that are particularly interested in Technic Mocs, mods etc. Or at least include some in their collection. I see lots of videos and photos of gatherings on YouTube or Flickr in the US and Europe. I am aware of adult Lego groups in the uk however they are not really interested in Technic. I know that the Technic side of the community will always be smaller and I think that by nature we are more solitary creatures. I do wander why it is so hard to find this kind of thing over here though, I know there are many talented builders In this country. Are we just a miserable lot? Do I really have to get on an airplane and cross the channel to see some of these custom creations in the flesh? Many thanks Troy
  3. The first pictures of BoBS promoted on Lego Fan Events start hitting BOBS, time to co-ordinate our efforts and make a list so you can enjoy past expositions! Events in gold are events with a lot of BoBs participants, some of them even coming from abroad! Do you want to put an event on the list? Comment in this topic and I'll put the event and the participants on the list. Interested in participating in an event? Comment here and I'll put you on the list. Upcomming Events Brickmania Limburg 2016 (Belgium) Also called: BML When: 27 & 28 august 2016 Where: Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium (not far from Maastricht and the German Border) Organiser BoBs lay-out: Maxim I Participants: Maxim I, Belgium (Esl) Sebeus I, Belgium (Ole) Kabel, Germany (Esl) TitusV, Belgium (ESL) Captain Greenhair (ESL) [*]Status: registration closed [*]Website: Skaerbaek Fan Weekend 2016 (Denmark) Also called: LFW, Skaerbaek When: 24 & 25 september 2016 Where: Skaerbaek, Denmark Organiser BoBs lay-out: Maxim I Participants: Maxim I, Belgium (Esl) ??? Come on people! [*]Status: open, registration will start 1st of April Brickmania Antwerpen 2016 (Belgium) Also called: BMA When: 12 & 13 november 2016 Where: Antwerp, Belgium (2h drive from Amsterdam, 2h30 drive from Cologne, 3h drive from Paris ) Organiser BoBs lay-out: Maxim I Goal: A 84 square meter Pirate lay-out Participants: Captain Braunsfeld, Germany (Esl) Captain Green Hair, Netherlands (Esl) Imperial Shipyards, Germany Kabel, Germany (Esl) Legostone, Germany (Esl) Maxim I, Belgium (Esl) Pimbo, Netherlands (Cor) Sebeus I., Belgium (Ole) Tomsche, Belgium (Cor) TitusV, Belgium (Esl) Bonaparte, Belgium => ? Ecclesiastes, Netherlands => ? Lord Vladivus, England (Cor) => ? Faladrin, France => ? And a few Belug-members adding to the lay-out [*]Status: open, registration started [*]Website: more events to be announced! Past Events (the deeplink takes you to the topic of the event that has been posted in EB or outside EB, full with pictures) Brick Tricks 2016 (6 & 7 february, Tielt, Belgium) with Maxim I & Captain Greenhair [*]Rails in the Rockies 2016 (around 15 february, Estes Park, Colorado, USA) with Vedauwoo [*]Oakwood Retirement Home Lego Family event (9 april, Madison, Wisconsin, USA) with Phred & Andrew [*]Brickmania Wetteren 2016 (9 & 10 april, Wetteren, Belgium) with Maxim I, TitusV, Tomsche, Sebeus, Peter G. & LJ Hornblower
  4. Hi all, Some of you might know me from this topic, in which I showed the progress made on a module for a group layout. As promised, and a little late, here are some pictures of the layout which was build by Aawsum, Alois, Moos, Thomassio, Wilbert and me. This were the plans for the entire layout: Layout_Final by Aawsum MOCs Lego, on Flickr After 1 day of setting up, the layout was as good as ready, there were some minor details, but they were solved in a couple of days. 20151020_210040 by Aawsum MOCs Lego, on Flickr Now just some pictures Legoworld Utrecht 2015 by Erwin, on Flickr Legoworld Utrecht 2015 by Erwin, on Flickr Legoworld Utrecht 2015 by Erwin, on Flickr Legoworld Utrecht 2015 by Erwin, on Flickr Legoworld Utrecht 2015 by Erwin, on Flickr Legoworld Utrecht 2015 by Erwin, on Flickr And a video made by Aawsum: LTC_Legoworld2015 by Aawsum MOCs Lego, on Flickr If you want to see more photo's from the layout, these albums should help: Aawsum, Alois, Me Questions, comments and critique are as always welcome. PS. If you have a link to some photo's you shot of the layout feel free to post it.
  5. UrbanErwin

    Another Modulair Layout

    Hello all, I haven't posted something for a while. mainly because I have resorted all my bricks. Anyway here is what I've been busy with lately: First raw sketch for LowLUG by UrbanErwin(EPJL), on Flickr And here are the first two modules Second progress shots by UrbanErwin(EPJL), on Flickr Bonus MOC I never posted here: And for the interested: The topic on the forum of Lowlug which this is going te be part of (Dutch link)
  6. Mark of Falworth

    ~The Castle Battle Contest~

    Has your LEGO collection been at peace for too long? Victory is yours for the taking! With four awesome categories and some incredible prizes from Brickwarrriors, the time for brave deeds and epic battles is NOW! Go to the LEGO War group on Flickr for more details! (Admins, If this is the wrong place for this, please move it to the correct sub-forum, thank you.)