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  1. Darkkostas25

    Hunslet Courage + Stop Motion LEGO Lawrie Goes Loco

    Nice models and good video !
  2. Darkkostas25


    Marvelous! So gorgues engine and in 6stdw wow, magnificent work !
  3. Darkkostas25

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Great model and design in 4w setup! Nice boogies/trucks and nose shape!
  4. Darkkostas25

    <moc> GER Class a55 0-10-0

    Nice decapod! Nicely done smokebox and cool switching in width(7-8-9). Great parts usage for details of engine!
  5. Darkkostas25

    Close Coupling Round-up

    Thank you for sharing this! Nice to use in future! Off-topic, but did you make(put old rails on standard) and double-gauged rails? (for double usage(4 and 6 wide bogies) and reduce usage of rails for economy)?
  6. Darkkostas25

    [MOC] NS 8107 "Kikker"

    Marvellous and cute engine! Cool usage of parts and those little details (like a bucket under cabin)
  7. Darkkostas25

    <moc> Baldwin narrow gauge Cyprus Mines 0-8-2t

    Fascinating! A neat solution for rods on those small standard Lego wheels! Nice engine and model!
  8. Darkkostas25

    [Moc] Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive L45H

    Great model and a nice colour scheme!
  9. Nice! but can you give us a few more photos/angels (if it`s not a problem)
  10. Darkkostas25

    [moc] Schools Class 4-4-0 'Repton'

    Nice! Your use and other wheels, now it looks even better!
  11. Darkkostas25

    [MOC] Lego Stadler flirt 1 (WIP)

    Looks promising and cool! But sadly lego`s standard train`s curve tracks (their radius is comical to the proportions of MOCs) And you got nice layout!
  12. Darkkostas25

    [moc] Schools Class 4-4-0 'Repton'

    Nice Model! Cool parts usage! Neat detailing and accomplishment of complex shapes of cabin