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  1. Sarles

    Heavy mobile drilling platform

    Fantastic Build!
  2. This ship is designed for in-system reconnaissance and patrol. She also deploys aboard a fleet carrier to be the fleets eyes when working in low electronic emissions mode. Skate Class - Recon and Patrol craft by Benjamin Sarles, on Flickr
  3. Sarles

    Paducah GP10 Locomotive

    Does anyone have a good way to incorporate a bell?
  4. Sarles

    Paducah GP10 Locomotive

    End of the weekend update. Still have railings and some undercarriage work to do. Illinois Central Paducah Built G10 Locomotive #10 by Benjamin Sarles, on Flickr
  5. Sarles

    Paducah GP10 Locomotive

    Starting on a personal project. I've never built a LEGO Train before so I'm basing my boggies and trucks on the LEGO set 60052 and will start to build from there. My hope is to build a model of the Paducah GP10 locomotive that was built in my fathers home town of Paducah KY. Illinois Central Paducah Built G10 Locomotive #5 by Benjamin Sarles, on Flickr
  6. This is a design I've been working on for that last year or so. I meant to have it built for the 2016 Brickfair Virginia but wasn't able to quite pull it all together in time. So I brought it out for this years Brickfair. I originally designed the building the Lego Digital Design (LDD) software. I had the design even built. Once I switched my primary software to bricklink;s I tested out the rendering package in on this build and it sold me on the switch to the software package. I started to evaluate the design a bit further for this years Brickfair and wanted to add some lighting which cause me to really work through some redesign efforts in the roof and foundation pieces. the final design from ended up looking like this. Now it was time to build and light. I am really happy our this all came out.
  7. Sarles

    Alpha Centauri "Copernicus Base"

    I've been loving this on the Flikr boards. The theme is outstanding and I love all the auxiliary vehicles you have designed for it.
  8. Sarles

    [MOC] The Road Runner

    The lights are has to be the funniest thing I've seen! I love this Mech! I can see this thing being insanely fast but man I would hate to pilot it with all the shaking you would have to endure. The power plant detailing is outstanding and it makes for a completed design look. Well done in all respects on this MOC.
  9. Sarles

    MOC- WIP Pusher Sea Plane

    Thank you.
  10. Sarles

    MOC- WIP Pusher Sea Plane

    I hadn't thought of those pieces for the wing pontoons. I'll have to keep that one in mind. Thanks!
  11. Sarles

    MOC- WIP Pusher Sea Plane

    I've been working on this, today. Trying to come up with an interesting pusher plane design that has influences back to World War II. This first picture is from from where I was blocking in the hull of the design. This shows a bit more design work with the addition of a different windscreen as well as the support pylons for the wings to the man fuselage. I'm still thinking of whether or not to add wing tip pontoons. Feel free to add any comments you have for additions to this design.
  12. Sarles

    MOC: Piazza San Marco - Modular Building

    Fantastic! I like how you did the lion on the tower. I love the detail along the street. Well done.
  13. I'm really like this build. I think you have done a great job picking up the ambiance I remember of authentic Italian Restaurants in Europe. I love the addition of the patio seating area on the third floor. Well done.
  14. Sarles

    Beck's MOC Thread

    I love the detail around the headlights. The entire build is well done, I think. I like the crane and I also think you did a great job of using the colors your chose. Cool build all together.
  15. Sarles

    [MOD 60150] Long PV

    Pretty cool take on a food truck. I wonder how cramped it would be without the third wheel set. Great use of detail parts in the kitchen.