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  1. Rauy

    [MOC] Holy Trinity Cathedral

    Very well done! Already saw this on Flickr and I really like the design. I had a few difficulties locating the original, since I'm not too acquainted with the Ural region and you didn't mention the name of the city (which I found is Kamensk-Uralsky). But once I saw photos of the original, it was immediately recognizeable. Your model is totally on-point!
  2. That sounds like a resonable part count. Still high, but not extraordinarily compared to previous sets. Where did you get this rumour from?
  3. Rauy

    Flickr Tutorial

    Thanks a lot! That was it indeed, finally works now.
  4. Rauy

    [MOC] Microscale - San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Wow, great work! The part use is amazing and the overall composition is just beautiful. It's hard believe this was your first microscale diorama, but in any case I hope it wasn't the last.
  5. Rauy

    Flickr Tutorial

    Sorry for the late reply, but I do actually need to display the image embedded as an image, not as a link. However, I need the image to be a link to a different page. So I need to display an image (from an external URL, but an actual image) that when you click on it leads you to another site. This way I could use whatever scaled down version of the image in the Eurobricks post but still have it link to whatever external site I want (in this case the actual Flickr page of said image, but any site really). Basically I need an image to be a clickable link, independent of where the image comes from or the link leads to. But I gather that might just not be possible on Eurobricks.
  6. Just in time for Christmas, I built a model of the McCallisters' house from the movie classic "Home Alone". But of course not a playset in minifig scale like the IDEAS set, but a micro model at about 1:250. Of course my Architecture-oriented approach is quite a bit different from the playset approach of the IDEAS set. While the LEGO set is primarily interested in the interior of the house, my goal was to accurately capture the house itself as well as the surrounding property. I also chose a bit different colours, as I find dark red a bit more fitting for the house's brickwork. I also chose a grey roof primarily because it fits better into the colour composition of the rest of the build, but also because there really isn't much snow on the roof for the majority of the film. But even on this scale I tried to pay tribute to key elements from the film, like the tree house Kevin escapes to at the end or the garage the McCallisters forgot to close. And of course it features both Little Nero's Pizza bumping against the entrance statue as well as the van of the Wet Bandits. As a Christmas model it lends itself well to lighting, of course. I put 3 LEDs from LightMyBricks into it, one in the kitchen on the back and two in the main wing. The cabling fits well into the base and the power cable can be led out through a small gap in the back. There is an album on Flickr as well as building instructions on Rebrickable for the model as well. (I tried to use smaller images in the post to link to the corresponding Flickr pages so I could lay them out next to each other for a more streamlined presentation, but I still can't seem to figure out how to do a simple image link on Eurobricks. I hope these above images at least do link to Flickr.)
  7. Rauy

    Flickr Tutorial

    I don't need Flickr to support it. I already know how to get the URL of a specifically sized image. All I really need is have Eurobricks show an image (the one I get using your described "show all sizes" approach) but have it be a link (to anywhere really, but in this case to a Flickr page). I don't think it really has to do anything with Flickr, it's more a general question of how to get Eurobricks show an image that is a link to an external page. I don't know if that's a dumb question (I feel it is, because that seems a rather basic thing to do), but I just can't get it figured out from the controls I see above the post. Yet I definitely have seen others use images as links in their posts.
  8. Rauy

    Flickr Tutorial

    But how do you turn the image into a link to the actual Flickr page? I tried creating a link from the Flickr page as URL and using the image link as Link Text, but that will simply show the image link as text rather than as an image. All I really want to do is create a link to a Flickr page using a specific sized version of the image, but it's a bit hard to find satisfying information how to achieve that (especially since the post preview seem broken too and simply shows nothing).
  9. Rauy

    #21057 Singapore Skyline

    Do you mean the Raffles Hotel? Because the Fullerton is actually included (in front of the Supertrees).
  10. Rauy

    Micro Star Wars (1:250)

    They are absolutely beautiful. I love a great micro spaceship and seeing them all together is all the more stunning. Great work!
  11. Rauy

    #21057 Singapore Skyline

    With the last two sets being standalone buildings rather than skylines and the last year not seeing any skyline set, I don't know if it's really possible to speak about getting "skylines shoved down our throat". You also have to see that January tends to be the time for the skylines and I'd be optimistic that there will also be a standalone set later this year. That optimism might get disappointed, but I can live with that. But like Tom I can only repeat that Wright, Niemeyer, Calatrava, and whoever will certainly not make a reappearance in this series because the mainstream simply doesn't know them. I know it sucks to a lot of people, especially given the vision this series started out with. And I too would enjoy models of their buildings. But I feel the Architecture community needs to find a way to deal with that and move on. We need to be happy about the buildings we do get and make the best of it, rather than longing for days to come back that will likely never make a comeback in the near future of LEGO's mainstream market orientation. It was a bold move by Adam Reed Tucker back then and it paid off and together with things like Star Wars UCS also generally contributed to developing an adult customer base. It was pretty much the 18+ series par excellence. But Fallingwater and Sears Tower just aren't going to come back since now LEGO has a mainstream adult market and they want the tourist attractions they know. Sorry if I'm getting a little philosophical there, but the general negativity that I also observe in the general Architecture thread can be a little too heavy sometimes. I understand not everyone is happy with this new orientation of the series and you don't have to. But it's here and it's been here for quite a while and is probably here to stay.
  12. Rauy

    #21057 Singapore Skyline

    I'm definitely among the fans of the set for its composition and overall atmosphere. I am far from a Singapore expert, but I do feel it captures the atmosphere of a Southeast Asian city full of history and modernism quite well. I know Singaporeans will likely miss their beloved Merlion, but I tried to add it into the skyline in my own review, which can be found here (it's in German, though): https://roguebricks.de/forum/index.php?thread/3345-review-21057-singapore/ I agree the detail and curvature of the MBS doesn't quite hold up with the old set, but on the other hand the new model ist more streamlined and fits better into a skyline. And I like its more prominent colours quite a bit more in comparison. My biggest problem is, that it's so similar to the old set, which makes presenting them both (in case you're one of the lucky 3 who owns one and dares to build it ;-)) and comparing their redinitions rather disappointing. But at best, you can see it as an homage to the old set. I also know many people don't like the use of printed parts in the set, but while I'm not the biggest fan of printed details either, I do think they work rather well here and the new 2x3 tile might offer some interesting uses in various projects. I don't really have a problem with the colour of the greebled band on the box. Yes, white fits a bit more to the Architecture line, but at best you can say they tried to adapt it to the particular set (as the last two were mostly white buildings anyway). A much bigger gripe for me is the replacement of the good old deluxe Architecture box with a simple thumb-tack box. Together with making the instructions grey instead of black, this feels like quite a break with series traditions for me. But I can't say I didn't expect or rather fear this already as part of the whole 18+ gig (in fact I was positively surprised to see the White House still had a proper Architecture box).
  13. There are a few custom Skylines floating around the net that sport a Merlion statue, complete with spewing water. It is doable at a small scale (even though rather abstract). But still it would have a scale of about 1:500 which is about 4 times as large as the rest of the buildings. That's not to say it couldn't fit in with the rest, but maybe that was a factor. Another possibility is, that there will be a limited GWP of a Merlion similar to the Sakura tree you got with the Tokyo Skyline.
  14. That might be a bit of a hot topic right now (especially when they want to pander to the Chinese market), while Singapore just saw the opening of the biggest LEGO store in Southeast Asia this summer.
  15. Rauy

    [MOC] 5pin trucks

    Those are some really neat truck and bus designs, great work!