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  1. This LEGO set is inspired by upcoming human missions to Mars. According to some present projections we can expect first humans on the Mars surface sometimes after 2030. In this LEGO Ideas project, 4 crew members of the Mars orbital vehicle ‘’Elijah 1’’ are orbiting the Mars and making preparations for landing on the Mars surface to collect some soil and rock samples. As the Mars gravity is only 0,376 G and the air pressure is avg. 600 Pa the vehicle doesn’t need ablation shield and the fuel requirement for descent to Mars surface and ascent back to Mars orbit is much lesser than one required for breaking from Earth’s gravity. The command and orbital module is fully detachable from fuel tanks and rocket engines so you can use them for various space missions. The command module has the space airlock so the astronauts can exit the module and make needed repairs on the vehicle if needed. This set can easily be combined with other LEGO Mars sets.
  2. Ilija Simon

    [MOC] Matter - of - perspective LEGO Sign

    Thank you!
  3. This is my LEGO sign made in matter-of-perspective technique. That means that you can only see the sign when you look at it directly from the front side. From any other side or angle it looks like the bricks are randomly positioned without any logic and order. I saw a sculpture made in this technique few years ago and I was really amazed. Hope you like my concept too. It's made from 390 bricks.
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    [MOC] Diocletian's palace

    Thank you all for your comments, I'll try to answer all the questions you posted here. I'm aware that my Palace would probably not see the Lego stores shelves. This is not my first LDD project and I know how the things work with LEGO. As the Diocletian's Palace is center of my hometown today, I've put it on the Lego Ideas with more emotional reasons, rather than the economical. I wanted to spread the word about Lego, LDD and Lego Ideas in the Croatia and motivate kids here to make their own creations. So far, I'm very pleased how the story goes in Croatia. I've done a few interviews, been on the TV news and even got the letter of support from the president. I wanted to share my idea with people on this forum to see what the people outside Croatia think about it and maybe get a few votes on Lego Ideas. No, I don't expect that I will gain 9.500 votes in few days just because I signed here and no, Diocletian's palace is not my only creation and it's not the reason I'm here. I'm working only in LDD for now and I'll be happy to share my creations with you if you are interested. Yes, I've red the forum rules and you don't need to threaten me with them, if you don't accept Lego fans who don't make creation from the real bricks, just say. I'm not asking anybody to vote for my project, if they like it-they will vote for it. I just wanted to spread the word. Many amazing Lego Ideas projects didn't make it because not enough people knew about it. This is my Star Trek movie MOC representing one of my favorite scenes when Kirk, Olsen And Sulu make a space jump to land on the Romulan mining device called ''the drill'' and try to disable it. The Romulans are using the drill to make a hole in the planet Vulcan and once the hole reaches the planet center, captain Nero from the Romulan ship Narada wants to drop the container with the ''red matter'' into the hole. The Red Matter can create a singularity ( the black hole) and consume the planet from the inside. The second part of the set shows the moment when Nero prepares the Red Matter.
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    [MOC] Diocletian's palace

    Why do you even live? We all know that you will die one day...
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    [MOC] Diocletian's palace

    Did you recognized it at first sight or after reading the comment?
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    [MOC] Diocletian's palace

    Dear EuroBickers, let me share with you my Lego Ideas project which is submitted for voting on 19.04.2016. and currently has 1.439 votes with 488 days to go. The creation is Lego Diocletian's Palace from 305. AD and it represents one of the world best preserved Roman monuments and it is part of the UNESCO heritage. Also, nowdays it is the center of my hometown, Split, Croatia. -snip- Thank you for your time and please let me know what you think about my project!