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Found 17 results

  1. For the 7 1/4 Garden Steamtrain I build this 125 Tipper in 5x Legosize. This first version have no ballbearings and dont run really at this tracks. Next year at the BSBT in Schkeuditz we hope to run a full LEGO 7 1/4 gauge train. Torsten 125 hinter 7 1,4 Zoll Lok by Torsten Wernecke, auf Flickr 125 gross1 by Torsten Wernecke, auf Flickr 125 gross2 by Torsten Wernecke, auf Flickr
  2. Sarophas

    [MOC] Beastman Bust

    Built for CCC-XX Fantasy Creatures Category I spent way to much time on this, but given that this is my first attempt at building a large scale figure it makes sense. Not quite sure how I feel about the result, but hey it's start Check out my other MOC's here:
  3. My entry for Summer Joust 2022 - Going Big category. Hope you like it Check out my other builds:
  4. Hello! Going to start using this thread as documentation of my LPE (Lego Pneumatic Engine) Powered vehicle, mostly for personal use but also for those who are new to LPE’s and can learn from my mistakes. Currently, it’s a combination of these creations: - A modified V4 version of Green Gecko LEGO Technic Creation’s V8 - Eurobrick user Rudivdk’s 5+R Transmission with only minimal modification for compatibility with frame - Sheepo’s Modular Platform System Unibody (C.A.1) and XL 4-Link rear axle (R.ED.1.4) (modified due to either budget or mounting reasons) Upgrade To-Do List: - Free-wheel Ratchet for Pneumatic Engine output - Braking system - Possibly V6? - Front axle (Sheepo MPS MacPherson) - Central differential for AWD - Electronics to control transmission - High Pressure Air tank for powering LPE - Vehicle Body(ies) (Most likely will be a DeLorean and possibly also an alternative Subaru WRX STi body) Will update as improvements/milestones occur. Feel free to correct anything (I’m new to posting on Eurobricks so I may have made a mistake somewhere), suggest upgrades, and/or ask any questions. My overall goal is to create a decently realistic LEGO vehicle that will function similarly to an actual manual transmission vehicle. I intend to keep modularity as intact as possible, allowing for the whole vehicle to be disassembled into sections. The only real limit of this project is budget but every now and then, I get the extra cash to spend on improving this vehicle. I will be painfully digitally designing the vehicle in LEGO digital designer along the way and hopefully once the project is complete, I’ll have a complete digital copy of the whole vehicle, as well as a physical copy.
  5. I highly modified an older racecar of mine, it eventually turned into a Touring Car - I even managed to find some fitting stickers. I hope you like it! And as always - if you have suggestions to improve this model don't hold back! :)
  6. Hello fellow Legofreaks! May I present to you, my newest creation! This is a large scale model of a typical Time Attack // Hillclimb rally car. These are timed point-to-point racing events on various track surfaces -like gravel, tarmac or a mix- where there is only one goal: complete the course as fast as possible. Thanks to the very open and liberal rules of those events those cars feature very powerful engines and spectacular aero packages. Downforce in excess of nearly twice the weight of the car at 100mph and engines that create up to 1000 horsepower are not unheard of. My model consist of approx 900 parts and features proper steering, a completely modeled interior with roll-cage, 6-cylinder turbo engine and of course all the sensible downforce creating aerodynamic devices like a swan-neck rear wing, huge rear diffuser, front splitter, ankle cutters, Gourneys etc. etc. The car is sporting a heavy gravel trim, which means slim heavily profiled tires and elevated ride height. I hope you like it!
  7. Hello fellow Legoheads! Here is my most recent creation, a medium-scale Ferrari Formula 1 car in the style of the 1990's era. 450 parts, original LEGO stickers, steering, and all the proper aerodynamic features of that time - namely big wings, bigger wing end plates and a blown diffuser for -literally - tons of down force. If you like it or if you have an ideas for improvements please let me know via a comment. Thank you!
  8. Hey LEGO people! May I present to you, my model of an open top vintage endurance race car from the mid to late 70's. This is a heavily modified and improved version of a model I posted many, many moons ago. Those cars participated in the 24 and 12 hour events and were famous for their low drag bodies, blistering top speeds of up to 380 km/h / 235 mp/h and extremely lightweight constructions. I hope you like it!
  9. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] Group-6 75' Race Car

    Hey fellow LEGO fans, may I present to you my latest creation! As the title says, this is a (fantasy / my own interpretation) version of a Group-6 race car from the mid to late 70's. I had a ton of fun building it as I never used so many smooth round bricks in a single model before. It consist of approx 760 parts, it has functional steering, its low-drag aerodynamic design is very realistic, it has a removable rear bodywork and a fully modeled cockpit. I hope you like it!
  10. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] Group-C Race Car

    May I present to you, my take on a car from the legendary 1980's Group-C racing series. Cars from that series were known for producing literally tons of down force through under body diffusers that accelerated the air underneath the car and vented it through two large openings in the back. The resulting low-pressure area underneath the entire car paired with aggressive splitters and light weight of the vehicle resulted in cornering speeds of up to 3-4 g's. Engine power in excess of 1000 bhp accelerated those cars to speeds up to 245 mp/h or 405 km/h. With my build, which consists of approx 1500 parts, I tried to visually capture the extreme speed and raw power of those cars. I hope you like it!
  11. This is my new WIP http://www.kostky.or...p?topic=45734.0
  12. Hey there. I use to build small scale vehicles but I always wanted to build a large scale one, and finally decided to go ahead with that idea. However, I'm new with such a big scale and even before actually building something, I'm already stuck. I would like to know if could you help me building a solid base/ chassis for my vehicle. I already have searched on the web for a few ideas but i can't find anything, and the few large scale LEGO sets vehicles I own seem too basic on the bottom, so I would like to ask you if could you share pictures of large scale vehicles you might have built so I can take a few ideas from it. I'm looking for something like this MOC made by the MOCpages user Austin Nomorinfo, that allows a few bottom details, however this and the other vehicles he shared pictures of the bottom seem to be really confusing: ( Thanks for your help.
  13. I haven't posted any of my own content recently due to lack of time and ideas, but about a month ago my last attempt at a high speed vehicle was sitting on my desk, partially disassembled, when I got a spark in my mind and I knew exactly what to do. Previously I made multiple failed attempts at making a complex independent suspension work, but I couldn't get a practical result without modifying parts, which I wanted to avoid. So this time around I went for a solid axle with 4 link suspension. I spent a long time building and rebuilding the car until I got a balance of power, weight, and strength that I was happy with. Apart from a couple pieces I forgot to add here and there, this is the final build: I could have gone for lower weight, but the reinforcements were necessary to bring the chassis flex to a minimum, letting the suspension do its job. The car barely bottoms out under full compression, but I doubt this will happen out on the road. The higher clearance and lack of u-joints should reduce the risk of damaging parts. The rear wheels are driven by two buggy motors each, acting as an electronic differential. Since the motors are DC motors, this system will never be perfect, but it's as good as it gets. The only modified lego pieces on this build are the pneumatic cylinders (now act as dampened shocks) and the wheelhubs (made by nicjasno at LPEpower ) The front suspension is independent multilink, my own blend of various ideas I got from nicjasno's Standard servo steering. I lubricated the large ball joints on the upper 'wishbones' to reduce friction. Nice and smooth underside, which also adds to the structural rigidity (note the numerous pins) Another look at the multilink setup in action I've already tested this model on the road, and it performs very well, but I won't be making a video until I receive an order of 4 brand new custom wheel hubs, as the current set have experienced some serious wear and tear over the past year thanks to my punishing tests If you are new or aren't familiar with my previous projects, this chassis is powered by a near 12 volt battery and a 3rd party RC system that I made work with Lego motors. Multiple people have asked why I don't build bodywork for any of these large scale vehicles, and to be honest, I really enjoy building the chassis, while bodywork is...meh. I could get better with practice, but I simply don't want to spend time perfecting a body, and the extra weight would reduce the play factor, unless I become a wizard with flex axles . I think this model is the ultimate balance of speed, moderate realism, and weight, (within my building style) so I don't see myself making anything new soon with my other hobbies and work taking up most of my time. Special thanks to nicjasno for the tips on the front suspension, and for making the LPEpower parts/show. Feel free to leave any comments/criticisms/ideas for a new project. Enjoy!
  14. Hello all, I wanted to share with you my work in progress. I want to build a minifig scale Caserta Palace from Caserta, Italy. The palace looks like this: http://www.visitnapl...rta-990x300.jpg And this is what i've come up with until now (about 15 hours of work). Thanks!
  15. For some reason I fancied having a crack at creating a Jumper that is more to scale with the 2010-2013 HF sets. So, I used this image for a rough reference as to what bits to use, especially for the legs: And came up with this: LEGO Hero Factory MOC - Jumper (to scale with Hero constraction sets) by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr As you can see, most of the pieces I had to use weren't available in any of the colours used for the jumper base colours, so it had to be all black. In fact, I don't think I've seen many attempts at these, so I thought I'd try one instead. I could have used the short shoulder torso piece, but I'm very limited in black shells at the moment and what shells you do see was all I had to hand, it would have looked very unarmoured with the other torso. The head should also be the other way around in theory but the only printed version I can get at the moment is in orange, and even then the one that comes with Queen Beast would have looked very odd here anyway. I'll probably end up modding it further anyway. Well, that's all, it's fairly simple, but I hope you enjoyed looking at this MOC!
  16. TimBurdon

    Rebuild of FJ Holden

    A while back I built a replica of a FJ Holden, and after destroying him just after Brickvention this year and promising myself I would not build another, I have. Mostly due to entering a Toy Building Blocks competition over on the Instructables website and also just to try out a few new ideas that when in the first build I did not know how to achieve. So here he is, 32 Stud Racing's FJ Holden. I have added a few more features to this model, such as a semi-opening door, race stripes, roll frame etc. Some of the photo's are from a recent trip the National Motor Museum, in Birdwood South Australia. He is in front of a real FJ Holden, to give you all an idea of the original car and the scale of mine. Enjoy.
  17. Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas! I'm back with a new idea for a trial truck- large scale 4 link suspension, powered by a buggy motor coupled with an xl motor for high torque and high speed, from there a driveshaft runs to the 'transfer case' and then to a telescopic driveshaft going to the axle. Need to figure out a good steering system to fit on the axle (suggestions welcome). Made pictures and a video. I used simple adder so I can use the torque of the xl motor with the speed of the buggy motor, seemed impossible to stop with fingers. Pics: shortly after video I added in a 'model' (sounds better than fake) v8 engine: Video: