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Found 2 results

  1. MAESTRO - MAjor ESlandolan TRade Organisation Or the (Mpya) Stedor All-Encompassing Science, Trade & Resources Organisation - For the Sistercompany MAESTRO COR, view here For the military overview + fleet overview, click here - Quick Summary Eslandolan Members: Maxim I + TitusV + Faladrin + Captain Green Hair + Legostone + Neighborhood Merchant Sister Company: MAESTRO COR Number of New World Settlements: 3 ESL Status as Eslandolan TC: Licenced (Charter) Status regarding new members: open for everyone! Also members of other faction are welcome for foreign branches - - Flag - - Old World Headquarter The city of Stedor in Eslandola, also known as Mpya Stedor - - Sea of Storms Headquarter The settlement of Elysabethtown (Berelli) - - Prio Seas Headquarter The city of Trador (La Sombra) - - New Haven Seas Headquarter The settlement of Damaborg (The Lowers) - - Colonies/settlements Elysabethtown (ESL - MAESTRO) - Sea of Thieves : Mayor Matteus Tomvaximus (Maxim I) & Elysabeth Drondil (TitusV) Quinnsville (COR - Tomsche) - Sea of Thieves : Mayor Thomas Smaugton Trador (ESL - MAESTRO) - Prio Seas : Mayor Yohannes Ethiximus (Maxim I) Lakor (ESL - Natives) - Prio Seas Damaborg (MAESTRO) - The lowers - - Services Ship Broker - - Monopolies Apples & Apple Cider - - Warehouses (=> trade) Old World Stedor Terelli Madin (Tellvok) Sea of Storms Breshaun (OL) Elysabethtown Nova Terelli Quinsville (COR) Prio Seas Fuerto Unido Jameston (COR) Lakor Puerto Desafio Trador Drolitic Oceon Drolic (Tendorn) Forbidden Kingdoms Fuji (Kingdom of the Lotus) - - (Licenced) Resources WIP Quicksilver Mine around Damaborg by Maxim I Licenced Apple Orchard around Elysabethtown by Faladrin Apple Orchard around Trador by Maxim I Banana Plantation around Port Raleigh by Faladrin Swords in Elysabethtown by Maxim I Swords & Rifles in Quinnsville by Tomsche Vineyard in Trador by Maxim I Shepherd in Damaborg by Maxim I Sawmill in Damaborg by Maxim I Silver Mine around Port Wilkins by Maxim I - - Important Characters Leader: Lord Maximilian Damaximus (Maxim I), duke of Stedor, Governor of La Sombra, Prince of Garvey - CEO High Council Member: Lady Elysabeth Drondil (TitusV), mayor of Elysabethtown High Council Member: Sir Filipe De La Manzana (Faladrin), Head of production & Native Relations High Council Member Captain Green Hair (CGH), Head of Research High Council Member: Sir Jerome Monezterell (Legostone), Head of Navy - COO High Council Member, Sir Arthur Williams (The Neighboorhood Merchant) - Well respected merchant - - Secondary Characters Nobility Princess Margot of Eslandola, married to Maximilian Damaximus Sir Yohannes Ethiximus, mayor of Trador Sir Mattheus Tomvaximus, husband of Elysabeth of Dondril Military General Reinaert Whisximus, general of the Sea of Thieves troops General Samu Whitedragon, general of the Prio Seas troops Captains Admiral Adrian Bostoximus, captain of the Margot Commodore Matt Lenoir, captain of the Purple Reign Merchants Seif Calli, Madin Trade Post in Tellvok Dieter Timmers, Drolic Trade Post in Tendorn Thomas Defauw, Fuji Trade Post in the Lotus Empire Explorers Jan Zwartbaard: Isla De Victoria, Southern Halos (currently in Dranomonto) Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo (currently somewhere south of the Prio Seas)
  2. In one of the numerous ministry buildings in Belson, heavy issue were on the agenda. Representatives of the Royal Navy, her Majesty's Armed Forces, the Foreign Ministry, and the Crown convened to discuss current events and the proper Corlander response. The building was a rather grandiose palazzo in the modern style, with an imposing, elaborate façade, facing one of the larger streets of Belson. Few knew exactly what was going on inside this building, or what ministry it was related to, but at all times, two soldiers were stationed outside, guarding the entrance and only letting in those with an explicit invitation, suggesting that confidential matters might be involved. Right at this moment, such a guest was arriving, donning the official uniform of the Eslandian armed forces. Oddly enough, inside a representative of Oleon had also just arrived, and was being welcome by an assistant at the door. What matters might require the presence of both Eslandian and Olean representatives? Upstairs, an answer was to be found. A rear-admiral was expressing concerns about developments in the naval balance of power. "…but with the newly despatched Man-of-war the Triton adding to the existing forces including the HRS Tigre, the Royal Navy can no longer be expected to counter a possible aggression from Oleon. Not without further commitment of forces." All around, the officials were nodding, and the rear-admiral continued: "And Eslandian fleets leave us in a similar predicament. Especially Maestro is in possession of considerable forces, amongst those the Margot. To that, we can add the multitude of privateers and minor powers, attacking our trade…" Her Majesty's representative interjected: "But did not the pirate purge sweep up a great many pirates?" "Indeed, my lord, but despite continuous joint efforts, privateers seem to reappear as swiftly as we can catch them." The general took the word. "I too have ill-tidings. Word has just reached us that Eslandola seems to have invaded Isla de Victoria..." An elderly gentleman in black from the Foreign Ministry cried out in shock: "Oh dear. Although they are nominally at war with Mardier, we were not expecting them to commit to actual fighting! I doubt Mardier will allow such an incursion. And what of the shift in the balance of power in New Terra? What colonies will be next?" "Perhaps King Fernando-Augusto is so confident that his treasure fleets will fill his coffers for war?" the Royal representative suggested. "Bah! Their negligence in keeping its movements confidential means that any tub that floats will be out there hunting the prize of the century," said the admiral, shaking his head. "So be it. Considering their positions in our current diplomatic negotiations, we cannot intervene to their advantage. And should they persist in their efforts to unlawfully claim land in New Terra, we must consider diplomatic action," declared the man in black, followed by nods all around. "The Crown has come to the understanding that we may see improvements in our relations to Oleon? Are the negotiations proceeding as planned?" the Royal Representative asked. "Nothing is certain, but the tides might be changing..." was the ominous answer. And so the discussion went on, only interrupted by short interviews with the Olean and Eslandian representatives, and one can only speculate as to the outcome. It was indeed a turbulent time... ________________________________________________________________________________ Felt like building a palace style building, and with the recent developments in New Terra, I was handed a perfect use for it, as I feel that these needed comment. Know that Corrington watches closely the balance of power in New Terra, and expects anyone to answer to their actions! And note that the things discussed by these officials are not necessarily the official stance of Corrington, but definitely represents our valid concerns... C&C is, as always welcome.