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Found 2 results

  1. DONG rang the enormous bronze bell suspended from the top of the newly erected bell tower complex in King's Harbour, Cocovia, sounding the passing of noon. DONG The Department of Time had just been completed, and the rich and robust ring reverberating from the lofty heights of the tapered tower marked the first time the bell had sounded since acoustic testing by the skilled craftsman who had built it far across the seas in the mother country of Corrington. DONG The tremendous and melodious sound danced through the air, up and down the streets, through windows and doors and walls. It spilled across the surrounding countryside and sailed out over the harbour. DONG Throughout King's Harbour men, women, and children briefly stopped what they were doing and instinctively turned toward the welcoming sound. Those who were outside naturally looked toward the bell tower that rose to tremendous heights over the streets of the settlement, hoping to glimpse the bell in action during its first moments of service. DONG The Master Timekeeper smiled as the ground beneath his feet vibrated slightly with each ring of the bell. It was time. Time for King's Harbour to join that endless list of Corry establishments to live by precise measures of time. DONG Military Governor J. Cooke had just sat down to an important meeting at the Government House, and announced with a smile to the others in attendance, "Gentlemen, that is the sound of progress." DONG From his vantage point within the entry courtyard, Sir Dee breathed a sigh of relief, happy that his workers had completed the project trouble-free and under budget, and then smiled at the warm metallic tone lingering in the salty air. DONG The teachers and students at the Royal Society School had anxiously awaited the completion of the tower for the purpose of keeping classes on precise schedule, and spontaneously cheered and clapped as the bell rang noon. DONG In the Majestic Gardens, one of the gardeners began to ring the bell in the large central gazebo in unison with the bell tower, much to the delight of his fellow workers and the gardens visitors. DONG Ten. DONG Eleven DONGGggg The twelfth and final ring hung in the air and then slowly faded away as the townsfolk turned back to their duties. And thus began the valuable services of the Department of Time. More pics: The Master Timekeeper and a few of his staff take time off for a photo op (but fret not, others are tending the time in their brief absence!): The Master Timekeeper and his lovely daughter, Belle: Garden details: Collection of components. One-fourth of each, plus the complete tower: The four smaller bellhouses: Straight-on view of the main bell with its clapper, plus all of the smaller bells with their clappers. (It's an odd number due to the single small bell hanging in the very top of the tower, over the main bell): The Master Timekeeper poses with his bell and daughter Belle: Below are two versions of the main bell. The one on the left with the white curved plates is the bell used in this project; the one on the right made of solid pearl gold is the original design. The plates are necessary to provide something for the curved gold bricks to attach to - otherwise they will simply slide in and out, and fall off with the faintest touch. I wanted a solid color, but stability was more important. I suppose I could've glued it... Anyway, I believe the lip of the bell is a few too many plate layers thick but it's too late to change now! Notes: This is based on @Bregir's Department of Time in Arlinsport, Tiberia. I really liked the concept and wanted to build something similar for King's Harbour. @Ayrlego also built a lovely Department of Time for Mooreton Bay, Alicentia. Build size is 72x72, and for game purposes it will be licensed as a Large Artisan. The tower is about 66 cm tall. As you can see, prefab hulls are good for more than just building ships! Once again, you can never have too much gold. Just check my new title... I had fun building this, and the tower is really quite stable despite its somewhat fragile appearance. Of course the bell is my favorite part. I built it first, and everything else followed. This was my first foray into "fleshies." I wanted to use the Belle minidoll (for the name, naturally, and also because I used some gold bits from her castle) and so the minifigs had to be fleshies too. But I had to really stretch the Timekeeper for him to look at all sensible when posed beside her! Comments are welcome. Thanks for viewing.
  2. soccerkid6

    Katoren Palace

    This is my third and final module for a large collab build with LittleJohn. The bell can be 'rung' via the bell rope. Katoren's palace is well known for its elegant architecture and impressive belltower. See more pictures here: link And stay tuned to see all 6 modules connected :)