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Found 5 results

  1. Returning to civilisation had at first been pleasant. The good food, enjoyable company, and comforts of modern life was a nice change from living it rough in the jungles of Celestia. However, just as he had arrived in Jameston, he had been informed of a diplomatic crisis brewing. It had been sparked by piratical attacks by some crews connected to the Wayfarer Trading Company, apparently founded by the insufferable count Mesabi, who had so angered Montoya during the Malto peace talks. So informed, Montoya had made his way to the Olean consulate in Jameston with the utmost haste, but found the consul unavailable - or at least so he was told by the clerk. Hence, he was now making his way towards the residence of the consul, a small but stately house nearby. At the door, again he was dismissed, told by the guards that the consul was not available. He was starting to wonder if this was really true, or if he was being avoided. Not to be deterred, he had the guard swear upon his honour that he would deliver a letter to the consul at the utmost despatch. The letter: My last build (almost) in Jameston before Montoya heads back west. I wish to offer this little art and culture or residence for Oleon to license, with the stipulation that it counts towards my December build count. @Bodi @Captain Genaro - anyone of you are welcome to license it. :) The secret juniper treaty mentioned above was to have been the main focus of Montoya contacting Oleon upon his return, but something *cough cough* WTC ;) came in the way. C&C welcome, as always.
  2. Previous Builds: Concerns in the Ministries In the Dark of Night Lighting up the Diplomatic Furnace Blue Rooster Inn March of the Grenadiers After having arrived at Nellisa, Montoya had had his plate full. New Terra had experienced large scale privateering, naval invasions, hostile claims on the Olean throne, and heavy build-ups of naval forces by competing powers, and of course, Corrington could not stand idle and had landed troops on Victoria Island. Further, a secret, yet well-established Mardierian Colony on the same island had been unveiled, leading the major powers to reconsider their positions. Much of this had fallen on his plate, and therefore, he had retreated to a study in Nova Terreli owned by the Royal Society. As a member, this was a privilege he often took advantage off, as not even the most hospitable of hosts (amongst which Fontonajo was certainly to be counted) could offer the complete discretion and tranquillity needed for scientific or diplomatic work. Having just finished a report on the recent declaration of independence of Nellisa, he returned with a frown to the recent directives from the Ministry of Finance. Being narrowly concerned with finances and profits almost to the degree of an Eslandian, the temporary minister of Finance, Lord Pennington, had continuously thwarted Montoya's efforts to serve Corlander interests in New Terra. Pennington was a man of the old world, and Montoya had come to suspect that he was more concerned with his own career than the good of the country. During the recent events on Victoria Island, Pennington had almost succeeded in rendering all Montoya's efforts useless, damaging foreign relations and eventually throwing Montoya into disrepute with the Crown. Whether this was part of a Brickiavellian plot to throw Montoya out of favour, side-effects of Pennington's ambitions, or blatant incompetence, Montoya was not sure, but would do his best to find out. Leaning back, he smiled as he heard the newspaper boy exclaim the latest headline. At least Pennington hadn't been able to thwart this... Meanwhile, outside the study: "Special Report! Corrington announces armed neutrality! Buy the Pontelli Gazette to get the full story!" The newspaper boy shouted to the assembled crowds. "Following King Fernando Augusto's renewed claims on the Olean throne, the Crown of Corrington has issued a statement that Corlander neutrality will be enforced with force. Forces of King Fernando Augusto found to be trespassing on Corlander soil or territorial waters, whether for offensive or defensive manoeuvres, will be met with the full extent of her Majesty's armed forces." While a few soldiers were worried by these news, most of the populace seemed happy to find Fernando Augusto's plans frustrated. ____________________________ Just a little build to propel our story, set of a few rumours of (IC) disconcert in Corlander circles of power, and most of all, to proclaim our armed neutrality.
  3. Prior Build: Concerns in the Ministries The situation in New Terra is developing by the hour, and the diplomatic services of Corrington are busily trying to keep ahead of things, continually preparing and adjusting the proper response. Recent developments has even prompted Corrington to put old differences aside and reach out to old enemies to ensure that order and law rule in the Brick Seas. Hence, representatives of different government branches have met with an Olean diplomat to send off a small delegation towards Granoleon with all possible haste in the dark of night. Only time will show what will come of this...
  4. In one of the numerous ministry buildings in Belson, heavy issue were on the agenda. Representatives of the Royal Navy, her Majesty's Armed Forces, the Foreign Ministry, and the Crown convened to discuss current events and the proper Corlander response. The building was a rather grandiose palazzo in the modern style, with an imposing, elaborate façade, facing one of the larger streets of Belson. Few knew exactly what was going on inside this building, or what ministry it was related to, but at all times, two soldiers were stationed outside, guarding the entrance and only letting in those with an explicit invitation, suggesting that confidential matters might be involved. Right at this moment, such a guest was arriving, donning the official uniform of the Eslandian armed forces. Oddly enough, inside a representative of Oleon had also just arrived, and was being welcome by an assistant at the door. What matters might require the presence of both Eslandian and Olean representatives? Upstairs, an answer was to be found. A rear-admiral was expressing concerns about developments in the naval balance of power. "…but with the newly despatched Man-of-war the Triton adding to the existing forces including the HRS Tigre, the Royal Navy can no longer be expected to counter a possible aggression from Oleon. Not without further commitment of forces." All around, the officials were nodding, and the rear-admiral continued: "And Eslandian fleets leave us in a similar predicament. Especially Maestro is in possession of considerable forces, amongst those the Margot. To that, we can add the multitude of privateers and minor powers, attacking our trade…" Her Majesty's representative interjected: "But did not the pirate purge sweep up a great many pirates?" "Indeed, my lord, but despite continuous joint efforts, privateers seem to reappear as swiftly as we can catch them." The general took the word. "I too have ill-tidings. Word has just reached us that Eslandola seems to have invaded Isla de Victoria..." An elderly gentleman in black from the Foreign Ministry cried out in shock: "Oh dear. Although they are nominally at war with Mardier, we were not expecting them to commit to actual fighting! I doubt Mardier will allow such an incursion. And what of the shift in the balance of power in New Terra? What colonies will be next?" "Perhaps King Fernando-Augusto is so confident that his treasure fleets will fill his coffers for war?" the Royal representative suggested. "Bah! Their negligence in keeping its movements confidential means that any tub that floats will be out there hunting the prize of the century," said the admiral, shaking his head. "So be it. Considering their positions in our current diplomatic negotiations, we cannot intervene to their advantage. And should they persist in their efforts to unlawfully claim land in New Terra, we must consider diplomatic action," declared the man in black, followed by nods all around. "The Crown has come to the understanding that we may see improvements in our relations to Oleon? Are the negotiations proceeding as planned?" the Royal Representative asked. "Nothing is certain, but the tides might be changing..." was the ominous answer. And so the discussion went on, only interrupted by short interviews with the Olean and Eslandian representatives, and one can only speculate as to the outcome. It was indeed a turbulent time... ________________________________________________________________________________ Felt like building a palace style building, and with the recent developments in New Terra, I was handed a perfect use for it, as I feel that these needed comment. Know that Corrington watches closely the balance of power in New Terra, and expects anyone to answer to their actions! And note that the things discussed by these officials are not necessarily the official stance of Corrington, but definitely represents our valid concerns... C&C is, as always welcome.
  5. After investigating rumours of a Dwarven invasion of Avalonia, the Leanders of Historica has decided to do their part in avoiding war between Mitgardian Dwarves and Avalonian Elves. Thus, a Leander Duke has been given the task of bringing together dilpomats from both sides to discuss the situation. Perhaps reason and common understanding will still prevail? In the great hall of an Elven king, a number of Elven diplomats and nobles are gathered, as the Duke enters and bows deeply before the assembly. Leander Duke: "I am most honoured that you have graciously decided to heed my call for this meeting. A dwarven delegation is waiting for an audience, ready to discuss a solution to this... challenge. I trust you are as interested in discretion as they are?.." Elven Lord: "Were it not for friendship with your people and the trust I hold in you, I should not have allowed these dwarves within my halls... What these dwarves conspire to do is outragious! Encroaching upon our lands with weapons drawn..." Elven Diplomat: "You may rely on the discretion of anyone here... As opposed to the Dwarves, we take no part in warmongering!" Leander Duke: "Your sceptisism is understandable, but you must understand this: To the Dwarves your armistice with the Drow looks like an unholy alliance with all they despice. Like giving in to the whims of the enemy. They believe the Drow must be struck down at every single opportunity..." Elven Lord: "As should be evident to any sane mind, our armistice is nothing but a ruse to allow us to strike at a more opportune moment! We wish nothing more than to strike them back into the foul tunnels from whence they came!" Elven Lady: "Mylords, mayhaps we should hear the Dwarves out? Could not a sudden Dwarven assault upon the Drow prove a long awaited possibility to achieve our common goal and rid our lands of the Plague of our dark cousins? Elven Diplomat: "I concur..." Elven Lord: "As you wish... Let them in..." The guards open the doors, and the Dwarven delegation enters, respectfully bowing and presenting themselves in the characteristic, formal manner of their people. The elves take on their most diplomatic expressions and return the greetings respectfully. The Leander Duke steps into the background, following the conversation in silence. Elven Lord: "Welcome and well met to these halls of peace and reason... I have accepted the invitation extended by my friend the Duke, as I believe you have. In respect of him, eachother, and peace of the lands, we shall listen to what you have to say and seek a solution that will not require us to react upon your planned attack on our realms..." Dwarven Delegation Leader: "Mylord, we are honoured to be welcomed within these grand halls, and bring no desire to fight your people. Further, I must correct you - there will be no attack on your realms and I bring no declaration of war." Dwarven Elder: "Instead, we bring a declaration of peace, stating that no casualties or damage is to be caused on Elven people nor property, unless in the strictest sense of self-defense. Or in case the Elves actively sides with the Drow..." Elven Diplomat: "A most honourable thing to do. If we are to assume all Dwarven forces will adhere to this, I believe todays chances of success are reasonable..." Dwarven Leader: "We are an honourable people, and these instructions can be distributed to all forces within days, reaching them in due time for the assault on the Drow. You will find we are perfectly capable of living up to our part of the bargain... But can you live up to yours?.." Elven Lord: "I trust you are not questioning the honour of my people in our very own halls, sir!" Elven Diplomat: "I heard no such thing spoken, my lord. And you, my fine dwarves, have yet to share what our part in this plan would be..." Behind closed doors, the negotiations continue... Will these Dwarves and Elves come to an understanding, and will that agreement be accepted by their brethren? Will an invasion become reality? Will the Elves of Avalonia side with the Dwarves or rally to keep them from their lands? Are Avalonia and Mitgardia on the brink of a long and bloody war against one another, or will the Drow presence in Avalonia be stunted? And more importantly, what actions will Ravage and his minions in Nocturnus take in reaction. Evil still lures in the darkness of Nocturnus, no matter what outcome will come of the present conflict... ______________________________ C&C welcome. Hope the pictures came out ok - that will forever be my curse... And more importantly, I hope the story makes a minimum of sense! //Bregir out