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  1. Choosing Colors Lord Damaximus was kinda enerved. It was already a quarter passed twelve and he was starting to get hungry. His appointment of 12 o'clock was not on time. Those bloody Terrelli designers. Lord Damaximus found them kinda odd. No respect for nobility, always high fashion clothed and speaking in a bizar dialect. Suddenly he heard: "Mi excusi mylord Damaximus. Traffic was very very very bad. Mama Mia." Lord Damaximus quickly replied: "I am glad Trador is still a bustling city, but let us not lose more time. I am starting to get hungry. Show me what you got Giancarlo". "Si, si!". *claps his hands* A few soldiers entered the room, wearing what looked like a small broadside section of a ship. "Mylord. I have designed 3 options to replace the lost Purple Rain. The first option is the Purple Rain II. Same colorscheme. People would not know it was missing if they did not see the 'II' behind the name. The second option is more darker. The reddishbrown is now an extra layer of purple and the dark brown is now black. I call it the "Dark Purple Rain". More purple, more darkness." Lord Damaximus like the second option. A full black vessel with purple touches. Sweet... It was then he saw the third option... "Aaah I see you have noticed my personal favourite. 'The Pink Rain'. The purple of the second option is pink in this configuration. It is to show possible enemies we have cahones enough to sail in a pink decorated vessel! Bellisimo!" Not convinced by Giancarlo, Lord Damaximus shaked his head. "I will go for the 'Dark Purple Rain'. That colorscheme is already daring enough". Slightly disappointed, Giancarlo continued. "Dark Purple Rain it will be. Now let's move on to the replacement of the lost Tuna King. We could go for 'Tuna King II', 'Salmon King' or when thinking out of the box: 'Aquaman'. Lord Damaximus looked to the 3 figureheads Giancarlo proposed. "Why not, go for the 'Aquaman'. And now I will leave you, I am really really hungry. --------------- Preparing voyages. Some time later, many sailors were heading towards the Merchant Quays. Both 'Aquaman' and 'Dark Purple Rain' were ready to sail. Moms, daughters, sons and curious bypassers were wishing the sailors good luck. ----------------- Original vessels: Tuna King Purple Rain
  2. Years ago, MAESTRO established a tradepost in Madin. Business there flowered as the Tellvokians loved the delicious apples from New Terra. And everytime a new batch of the applecider arrived, people were standing in rows to get it asap. The sales of weapons was a bit harder due the difficult regulations and laws, but the deal that was made with the Sultan himself to be supplier of the finest Eslandolan weapons, was a nice treasure filler. After the rumours of the Terraversan war reached Madin, the local MAESTRO officer Seif Calli decided to raise new units to help their loyal Terraversan Friends. The only problem was that he could not find out where exactly to send them as his intell was not that up2date. The safest choice was to send them to Trador. A Xebec was chartered and Seif Calli sailed along the 2 companies to Trador. He was looking forward to see the beautifull city again. Weeks passed by, and finally they arrived in Trador. After disembarking, and after the news was going through the city, they were warmly welcomed by one of his old friends. Data: Raising of the 37th & 38th Company of Infantry, part of the 13th Battalion 'Tellvok Scorpions', a subdivision of the 5th Regiment 'Foreign Legion' Location: Trador Owner: MAESTRO
  3. Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture An Adventure MRCA Story INDEX Summary Chapter 1: Exploring Chapter 2: Hoping for the best Chapter 3: A journey on a strange vessel Chapter 4: preparing festivities Chapter 5: A Luxury Prison Chapter 6: The Parade - - - - - SUMMARY Status: Prelude Participating members Chapter 1: MAESTRO Participating vessels Arcady Point of start: Trador Characters Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo Troops None - - - - - Chapter 1: Into the unknown "Yes!" Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo finally received his permission letter, received by the Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture. He raised the funds necessary for charting a small vessel and now he officially passed the exams to become an explorer! Too bad his idol, Jan Zwartbaard, could not be here today, as Jan Zwartbaard was summoned in Stedor to join Lord Maximilian Damaximus on his journeys. His destination? Fortune will tell!
  4. The settlement of Trador seemed to be the next logical step in the Eslodian markets. With its active wineries and current Cider production the network of goods was already set up. Plans had been drawn up and construction was now completed. Workers already had the first few batches run. This was a small factory compared to the other Bru-HaHa facilities with only a single pot which was much smaller. They found they could get 13 barrels per run after heads and tails were cut. Even though this was a small facility it was not by any means less state of the art. underground aging tunnels had been constructed under the streets and most never knew how expansive the tunnels were. This was also the first facility built with large windows low to the ground to encourage the public to view the process. Here a young family peeks in at the mash production The offices here are just large enough to conduct business as the facility is not open for tours. You'll also notice only dry stores are kept. Bru-HaHa belives fresh ingredients make a better bruh Another reason for choosing Trador. The Facility does not feel claustrophobic despite the majority of production being below ground level Another reason in favor of Trador is the constant patrols. Here you can see workers feeling safe beneath the streets in one of the underground storage vaults. However not everyone feels as safe from the patrols. Lets hope that poor inn keeper can calm his spooked horse before he looses his fresh shipment Another view of the facility where you can see the latest batch being completed and another batch being bottled for retail You'll notice the boiler is coal fired as you get a more controlled heat from coal then wood. You might also notice that the large elevated mash pots have direct plumbing to the boiler. Reducing the prep time needed to refill the boiler between batches. --------------- OoC: Comments and Criticism welcomed! This has been a fun build, and once again I am lead to believe that my computer in incapable of rendering over 10,000 bricks lol. I was lucky enough to get two before it began failing. This "small facility" will be licensed as a Large Factory. Also while I would have preferred to tile the mezzanine, the boiler poking through the floor could only be accomplished with the exposed studs as the only plate with the hole does not match up to any current tiles. Additional Pictures
  5. Settlement Name: Trador Ownership: MAESTRO in name of Eslandola Location: La Sombra, Nova Eslandola Archipello Mayor: Sir Yohannes Ethiximus ( @Maxim I ) Governor: Lord Maximilian Damaximus ( @Maxim I ) Settlement status: City Settlement points (jan 619): 122 Trade Value (jan 619): 322 db Funds in the BoC: 750 db Who can own property in Trador: anyone when asked permission Who can freebuild in Trador: anyone Extra: Please post any free-builds that take place in Trador in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Trador, you must be someone (in some faction)! Post in this thread and fill out the web form. Etymology: Trador comes from "Trade" and the Dutch word "Dorp" (village) - Island information Island #: 13 Claimed by EslandolaNickname: The ShadowGeographical Features: This Island has a natural bay ideal for a trading post. The island is well guarded by steep rocky coasts on most sides, and the water is deep.Rumors: More than one sailor has independently reported seeing a massive black shadow in the sea circling around the island. The more suspicious of sailors suspect this is a sea monster, or sea monsters, lurking beneath the foam to swallow their ships whole, while the more academic postulate this could be a school of fish, indicating good fishing waters, or even a pod of whales, drawn to this island for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, sailors, and the natives, have avoided this island. - Location of Trador: - Soldiers stationed in Trador MAESTRO Golden Stars - 1st Battalion | MAESTRO | General Samu the Dragon Trador Guards - 1st Battalion | Trador | Lieutenant Wilhelmus La Sombra Forts protecting Trador Fort Coconut | MAESTRO | small | 1 sp | 5 value Merchant Gate | MAESTRO | medium | 2 sp | 10 value External Forts protecting Trador Fort Brickwall | Eslandola | Royal Fortress of Puerto Desafio - List of licensed properties in Trador: Art & Culture (8/8) Wellness The fountain of youth Spa | MAESTRO | Medium | 2 sp Culture & Festivals Preparing for the Winter Solstice Festival | Gedren_y | Large | 3 sp Parks Poseidon's Park (Fun at the Park) | Blackdeathgr | small | 1 sp Training Day | Bodi | small | 1 sp Trador Park | Captain Braunsfeld | 1 sp Artisan (11/11) Pubs The Three Flower Inn | MAESTRO | Medium | 2 sp Trador Soccer Field | Maxim I | Medium | 2 sp Golden Fish Inn | Maxim I | Small | 1 sp Green Door Pub | Capt Wolf | Small | 1 sp Beer Garden | Ayrlego | small | 1 sp Trador Bar | Mesabi | smal | 1 sp Whitechapel District Brothel | Professor Thaum | small | 1 sp Shops Mme Bijoux Accessoires | Maxim I | Small | 1 sp Clothes Shop | MKJoshA | small | 1sp Commerce (18/18) Quays Merchant Quay | Maxim I | Royal | 5 sp Trador Beach Quay (Tenotclaxcan Training) | Faladrin & MAESTRO | Large | 3 sp Services Mme Camille Real Estate Agency | Maxim I | Small | 1 sp Warehouses Empty Warehouse (New Trador Soccer Competitors) | Dr_Spock | small | 1 sp Unclaimed Warehouse (Leaving Trador) | Mesabi | medium 2 sp The Apple Cider smugglers | Maxim I | Medium | 2 sp WayMart Trador | Mesabi | Medium | 2 sp Education (5) Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture | MAESTRO | Small | 1 sp Trador Libary | Maxim I | small | 1 sp Trador University - Department of Chemical Engineering | MAESTRO COR | Medium | 2 sp Trador School | Silentwolf | Small | 1 sp Factory (12) Textile Trador Textile Factory | Capt. Wolf & Maxim I | medium | 2 sp Food & Drinks Trador Apple Cider Brewery | Maxim I | large | 3 sp Trador Winery | Maxim I | large | 3 sp Moonshinining in Trador | Drunknok | 1 sp Bru-Haha Factory | Roadmonkeytje | 3 sp Plantation (4) Apple Apple Orchard | Maxim I | small | 1 sp Wine Casa De Flores Wineyard | Maxim I | 3 sp Residence (8/11) Small Palace | Maxim I | medium | 2 sp Royal Palace | Maxim I | Royal | 5 sp Onondaga Residence | Silentwolf | small | 1 sp - List of unlicensed properties in Trador: Art & Culture Trador Museum of History | Gedren_y | storybuild Commerce Education Mines Fontonajo Mine | Elostirion | set-up Freebuilds Stargazing | Gedren_y | freebuild Patrolling in Trador | Maxim I Remembering | Gedren_y - Properties for sale: Ready to be licenced None yet The Trador Estate Contract: - Started projects - The Trador Development Tax --- Trador when entering city status:
  6. Location: Trador Type: Medium Commercial Mordo, Zumbro and an Eslandolan realtor stood at the far end of the quayside, far from the nicer part of Trador. "Trador está un ocupado City, friends." Said the Eslandolan realtor, "buildings by the quayside are muy far from each other, and hard to come by." Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr "Which brings us to this fabelachtig estate." He finished. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr "Yes, an abandoned warehouse at the far end of Trador is certainly fabulous, especially as it's accented in pink. Who designed this place, that weird Oleonese guy?" Said Mordo sarcastically. "Well, I like it." Said Joseph Zumbro. "How much?" Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr "The price is precio bajo only 100 Dbs." Said the Realtor. "We'll take it!" Said Joseph before Mordo could react. Mordo groaned. "Excelente! It's yours. No takebacks!" Said the Realtor. "100 Dinero in my office by nightfall." He handed them a key. Mordo and Zumbro walked over to the door. "What a great deal." Said Zumbro. "You know these Eslandolans are trustworthy because-" Mordo cut him off. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr "You idiot! Commercial properties cost a third of that! You were supposed to haggle!" "Why? Not my money I'm spending." Said Zumbro, smirking. "Get the store completed, or I will leave you here on this apple infested rock..." Said Mordo. He stomped off and away to go get something to drink. The team got to work. Sally was the strongest of the group, and was able to carry a heavy chest by herself. Bradley and Karren had to carry a crate together. Joseph held the door, because he was a gentleman, and also lazy. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr Karren, a makeup expert, was tasked with writing the Logo on the front of the store. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr The box she was sitting on was placed poorly, and she came to a crash as Zumbro knocked the doors open. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr "We put a sign there you idiot!" Said Bradley. "Well, I didn't read the sign, you idiot." Within a day, they were finished. Mordo came back, grumpy as ever. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr Inside, happy shoppers browsed the Waymart's wares. A Corrish Captain browsed pants Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr The Eslandolan Realtor looked at foodstuffs. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr And other shoppers browsed the store's various wares. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr "I'm actually impressed." Said Mordo. "I guess I'll take you to King's Harbour with me. I've got a ball to attend." Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr Agne's private Yacht, the WTC Queen of Hearts pulled up to the Quayside. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr And with that they were off to establish more Waymarts. Waymart Trador by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I had fun making this one look like an American big box store, and I hope it turned out that way. It's definitely not my best build, but I think it captures the ubiquitousness of a big box store. I hope @Maxim I feels that this is a good addition to Trador. Shoutout to @Bodi for obvious reasons. C&C appreciated.
  7. Left part of the MOC: Casa De Flores Right part of the MOC: Tenotclaxcan Training (by @Faladrin ) -------- What is the point in having a huge vineyard if you don't make wine ou of the grapes? So next to the beautifull Estate, a factory has been set up to make the most delicious wine in the New World Inside, there is a bureau There is a small shop And ofcourse the factory itself. There is a small opening to the cellar underneath the shop. Rumours say it is due the giant that the Trador Wine tastes so delicious. ----------- Will be licenced as a large factory. The missing build to make Trador become a city!!!! It was an interesting build as I wanted to make a build that could connect my city with the part Faladrin build for Trador, so it can be showed together at Brickmania Antwerp Anyway, C&C welcome!
  8. "Sir! Sir!" General Whitedragon looked to his left. He just enjoyed some applecider in the "Golden Fish Inn" at the Quays of Trador. "Officer Kai, you have my attention" Officer Kai, happy to have the attention of the General, saluted once more before speaking. "Sir, I have an update about the WTC raid in Trador, after their game" "Oh yes, that curious case. Tell me what did you find?" "Sir, it is even getting more curious. No one of the participants remembered putting stuff in that warehouse. So in other words, the stuff they looted wasn't ours and hasn't been claimed by someone else." "But what about the Eslandolan soldier the whitness described" "As you may know, Sir, he hasn't resurfaced anymore. But to make it a little bit more complicated, we did find his clothes. They are green indeed, but they don't belong to any militia that was on this island the past months." General Whitedragon stared into the distance for a moment. "Well, case closed then. It is clear someone put those explosives in that warehouse for a reason, and it seems that the guilty one has left our island as well." ------------------------------------------ Meanwhile in Mesabi Landing, a WTC soldier left the "Fallingwater Pub" ------- Thanks @Mesabi for hosting this fun challenge!
  9. Location: Trador Tags: Small Artisan After losing in the 617 Soccer Cup, the WTC marines console themselves in a local Trador Bar. Trador Bar by North White, on Flickr Fortunately, property damage was minimal. FIN No Story today, but I wanted to get out a build to express my gratitude to @Maxim I for his soccer cup minichallenge. The Bar scene shows off my entire collection of WTC marines, and I thought it would be fun to make a little scene with them. C&C appreciated, and don't forget to build for my minichallenge! More Pics
  10. Index: Participating teams Gameplay Schedule Matchday 1 + results Ranking after Matchday 1 Matchday 2 + results Ranking after Matchday 2 Matchday 3 + results Ranking after Matchday 3 Play-offs + list of teams 1/4 finals 1/4 final 1/2 final final Aftermath After the recent war at Isla de la many names and the events around Malto, Lord Maximilian Damaximus wanted to bring the factions back together. When he saw playing some MAESTRO soldiers soccer at their camp in Malto, he had the genius idea to organise: The New Terra Soccer Cup, the first soccer tournament in the new world! Soccer is a very popular sport for soldiers who had to kill time while on duty and many of those soldiers are starting to mis the little competitions they held. Lord Maximilian Damaximus started building a playing field just outside the walls of Trador, accompanied with a small tribune. Everyone is welcome! Every settlement, captain, organisation, militia, crew, ... can send a squad to Trador to participate in this wonderfull Soccer tournament! --- Gamerules & information --- Feel free to ask if there are more questions or remarks! Here you got some paintings of a friendly match between MAESTRO Soldiers and RNTC Soldiers Will be licenced as medium artisan (considering the field are just plates) Participating teams Group 1 Buffed Shirtless Athletes (SR - Dr_Spock - NTSC - small commerce) Eltina Squad (OL - Bodi - Training Day - small art & culture) HMS Royal Oak Team (COR - Ayrlego - Beer Garden - small artisan) MAESTRO Soldiers (ESL - Maxim I - medium artisan build - see pictures above) Group 2 Onondaga Leather Ball Team (Onondaga - Silentwolf - Onondaga - small residence) Prancing Pontelli Platfeet (ESL - Captain Braunsfeld - TPPP - small art & culture) Prio Guards (Prio - Visiting Casa De Flores - large plantation) WTC Marines (COR - Mesabi - Invasion - small commerce) Group 3 Team O (OL - Blackdeathgr - Fun at the Park - small art & culture) Uniformed Sea Rats (SR - MKJoshA - Raiding Uniforms - small artisan) Terraversa Rebels (Terraversa - Faladrin - Training - Large Commerce) Trador Regiment (ESL - Maxim I - medium artisan build - see pictures above) Group 4 Tenotclaxcan Hunters (Tenotclaxcan - Faladrin - Training - Large Commerce) Weelond Regiment (ESL - Capt Wolf - About pineapples - small artisan) WETEC Team (COR - SilentWolf - School - small education) Royal Garvey Engineers (Garvey - Visiting Casa De Flores - large plantation) Reserve Teams arrived at Trador MAESTRO Engineers (ESL - Maxim I - Visiting Casa De Flores - large plantation)
  11. Trador is not only known for its applecider, it has also some of the best wines of New Terra: the Casa De Flores, famous for its unique aroma. The vineyard is a very popular attraction in Trador as visitors can follow a guide around the vineyard and drink some wine afterwards. Today, the soccer Teams of Prio, Royal Garvey Engineers and MAESTRO Engineers are visiting the vineyard. Meanwhile Lord Maximilian Damaximus and his wife taste the latest production of the wine. --- Thanks for watching! C&C welcome :) Will be licenced as a Large plantation This module is to be placed behind the Trador Merchant Quay (pictures of this somewhere in the future :p )
  12. Location: Trador Tags: Commercial (Again) WTC Captain Biff walked along the pier towards the storehouse near where the WTC Aurora was docked. WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr "You da watchman?" Asked Biff gruffly "Why yes, my duties include sitting in front of this warehouse and watching it." Said the Eslandian watchmen elegantly "Figured." Biff lifted the watchman with ease, and held him over the end of the pier. WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr "Gah! Why are you doing this!?!" screamed the watchman "We be needing da stuff in your warehouse." Said Biff Biff let go WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr "You could have bribed me you brute!" Yelled the watchman from the water "Meh." Said Biff He turned to his compatriots. "Load er up!" He yelled WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr The WTC marines sprang forth, already carrying boxes of stuff they had acquiesced from the city. They entered the small warehouse, and began taking the supplies from inside. WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr Nothing was safe from the prying hands of the WTC. Everything not nailed down was stripped, and taken WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr The WTC Aurora was quickly loaded. Built for cargo hauling, the ship had plenty of room for goods. WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr With everything loaded, they began pulling away, letting the gangplank drop into the water as they left. WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr And soon they were on the open sea, far from the consequences of their actions. WTC Aurora by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for reading the final installment of the WTC's adventures with the soccer cup. Thanks again to Maxim for hosting, it was a great idea for a challenge. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE enter my minichallenge, you can find it here. The WTC Aurora is my newest and only ship currently. It was all I could bring to college, so It's going to see some heavy use in my stories. Yes, it's basically a slightly better version of the WTC Wolf's blood from the ship explosion story. And also @Bodi made a way better ship just recently from the same hull, so I was a bit reticent to post it. C&C appreciated, I plan to go back to my regular characters next post.
  13. The western nations were not the only people sending teams to the Trador Soccer Tournament. The Onondaga people of Lacryma have played a foot and ball game for centuries. The rules may be a bit different from the soccer games the WETEC has known, but once they understood that they didn't get to keep the losing team, the learning curve shortened significantly. (Though they seemed saddened about that fact.) Their ball also tended to weigh more than the ones in use in Trador. However, the WETEC felt that it would go far toward national relations if all nations had the opportunity to be represented at the tournament. Thus they graciously gave the Onondaga transportation with the WETEC soldiers upon the Alexander. There was some difficulty once in Trador in convincing the Onondaga players to sleep on the beds. They seemed to prefer their blankets on the floor. Though the youngest did find the bed a novelty to sit upon. Note: I wanted to bring the Onondaga to the tournament, but was short on time to do so. The extension gave me a chance to combine that with my desire to try out some new furniture improvements. The blankets were just a fun addition at the very end.
  14. Although he loathes the vile game, Colonel Dirk Allcock has sponsored a team in the New Terra Soccer Cup in the spirit of cooperation and friendship. Also his cousin Commander Matthew Allcock RN assures him that it is a great morale boast for the Royal Navy team that he is sponsoring. The team is drawn from the crew of the HMS Royal Oak, a 6th Rate frigate still fitting out and conducting sea trails in Mooreton Bay. Here members of the squad relax in a beer garden after arriving in Trador. Wow! so many great builds to see here this morning, I'll comment on them all throughout the day! Meanwhile here is my very modest entry in the NTSC as promised! Will be licensed as a small artisan in Trador as per the rules.
  15. Arthur Kellogg has put together some of the WETEC's best soccer players to enter into the New Terra Soccer Cup. Granted there are not a lot of soccer players among the WETEC as a new sport is taking hold, but there are still several. Thus he feels that he has put together a good enough team to make the WETEC proud. As they wait for the games to start, Arthur and several of the players decided to go see one of Trador's schools as all good Corrington minifigs would love to do. Education after all is the most paramount issue. Upon following the directions they received from the perplexed innkeeper, they have arrived at the school building at the end of a street of buildings. They were a little surprised to see the one of the pupils on recess busy selling candy for a profit. As the captain of the team noted, "The Eslandola spirit must be born into them. They do indeed start young." A little different angle: Note: This is licensed as a small education building. I attempted to mimic the style presented on the Merchant's Quay, which is why I left the roof studs exposed and only why one side of the building is visible. (The other side would be connected to an adjoining building.)
  16. With the evergrowing economy in Trador, MAESTRO founded a warehouse in Puerto Desafio. Due to its central location, it was the perfect base to trade with the surrounding villages. --- Will be licenced as a large commercial property (Challenge 5 (Eslandola) free licence/price for participating in every category) The road was really a struggle :p
  17. While his soldiers were rebuilding Malto, Lakor and Mehit, Lord Maximilian Damaximus was busy with organising the "Lakor Soccer Tournament". He also ordered the constructing of a Royal Palace, a residence that would fit his new royal title of "Prince of Garvey". Now he wasn't only a prince by marriage (as husband of Princess Margot of Eslandola), but also a prince by title. There are rooms for both the king of Eslandola and the king of Garvey. A not rendered painting: top view from far above the sky, it looks small, doesn't it? --- Thanks for watching! It was fun and frustrating to build I wanted to develop the gardens and road more and I wanted to make an interior, but LDD had another opinion and crashed more than 20 times. In the end it crashed everytime I added a stupid plate... The dimensions are 160x192 studs and the palace will be licenced as a royal palace.
  18. Just in time for the Trador Soccer Cup, the Apple Cider Brewery of Trador opened its production line. The world famous MAESTRO Apple Cider will be brewed here, with the same recipe as the Brewery in Elysabethtown uses. The production line is one of the most modern of its time, with an advanced transportation system to load horse-cars, vessels and sloops. (it actually works :D still some helping hands needed, but it does what it needs to do, lifting barrels at every possible position in the transport line) smashing the apples refilling with apples Trador Apple Cider Brewery by Maxim, on Flickr filling bottles Outside the factory, the sloops were being loaded --- The opening of the brewery also made Trador the first new colonial settlement in the Prio Seas to reach Large Town status! To celebrate, free glasses of Apple Cider were handed out! --- Thanks for watching! Will be licenced as large factory :)
  19. Due to the recent raids of Mardier, the completion of the Merchant Quay has been a really stressfull thingy for Governor Maximilian Damaximus. But since the last days, the amount of activity has been booming in Trador. To secure safety of the traders, MAESTRO sent a full regiment to La Sombra. The Trade Quarters are a big success, many nations, trade companies and important families were almost fighting to get one. Every Trade Quarter was build accordingly to the owner, A Trade Quarter exists of a store room with direct access to the boats and a residence above it. . Garvey Emporium Consortium ( @CelesAurivern ) Prio Pierre d'Oleon ( to be revealed somewhere in the future ) Montoya Estate ( @Bregir ) Merchant Gate ( MAESTRO / Medium fort) WETEC ( @SilentWolf ) Sebeus Estate ( @Sebeus I ) White Glove Order ( @Sir Stig ) Quinsville ( @Tomsche ) Fontonajo Estate ( @Elostirion ) my nametag ^^ The Dancing Ember arriving at the Quays (ship build by Sebeus) General Whisximus (Terraversa Sea) and General Samu (Prio Sea) watching over the arrival of troops A WETEC sloop unpacking An Oleon soldier being distracted Corrie traders inspecting trade wares Officers from Eslandola, Corrington and Oleon chitchatting Merchant Gate MAESTRO Naval Soldiers watching over the unloading Sir Ethiximus and Governor Damaximus meeting with the King of Garvey behind is Trade Quarter. Guards are protecting them. Mardier Assassin hanged to death Troops assembling in front of Merchant Gate A Corrie soldier hunting a strange red bird. Hope the bird doesn't get angry... Update: detailpics of the residences and the nametages and more pictures can be found further in this topic. ---------------------------------------- Thanks for watching!!! C&C welcome! Some remarks: due to circumstances, I have no access to my bag of blue round plates. I know it is a big difference and I am sorry the water is now plain base plate other circumstances are the reason I am missing the name bricks for the different houses. This should be solved in two weeks. Same goes for the coat of arms that will be placed next to the storerooms. Total of 11750 studs. Will be licenced as a royal commerce (10k studs needed) and a medium fort (900 studs needed) -
  20. Small Palace of Trador Excitement was taking place on the streets of Trador. It received the Town status and rumours spreaded around that today, the 30th November 616 AE, the mayor will be appointed by Lord Maximilian Damaximus. Inside the newly build Small Palace, the Town Council gathered, discussing the latest events. At the first floor of the Small Palace, Maximilian and Margot took residence for the time being... Margot: So it is official now, my father lost his power... Maximilian: Yes my dear, but he still will have a function in the Continental Council. And at least, he still is our king. Margot: Do you think there will be a point in the future where the republicans will remove the crown from our family? Maximilian: not as long as there are royalists and not at all as long as I live. When I received the charter for MAESTRO, I promised your father to make sure of the continuity of the Eslandolan Crown. Margot: I hope the Fontonajo family, who is without any doubt the richest family in these new lands, will keep the things as they are now agreed upon. Maximilian: Roman is a very wise man and he has connections in every corner of the New World, but only in the New World. Your dynasty still has a lot of support in the Old World. Margot: So I am a princess in the Old World, but not anymore in Nova Terelli? Maximilian: Even in Nova Terelli, you will be treated as a Princess by most people. There still are royalists there. As far as I know, Roman hasn't conquered the Royal Fortress of Nova Terelli where your good friend the Viceroy has his residence. Margot smiles Maximilian: As long as Stedor and Trador stand, your father will be King here. Without powers ofcourse, but still... Margot: And Elysabethtown? Maximilian: He will be treated with respect. But I would not count Lady Elysabeth as a true royalist. Luckily her husband, Lord Tomvaximus, is loyal to us... Talking about Lord Tomvaximus, I hear he has arrived downstairs. My beautifull princess, I fear I will have to leave you for some hours. When leaving the room, Maximilian quickly looked around. The armour next to the balcony was a beautifull gift he received from the befriended Viking Tribe. The Royal Princess Guards he received from his father-in-law could have been puppets as well, so fiercly they were standing for hours without moving a finger. At the Council Room, Maximilian Damaximus was waiting for a few Council members to arrive... In the meantime, a musician was playing the Orchan and a service maid was looking for beverage. A beautifull shining armour received from MAESTRO Corrington was decorating the room. A few hours later, Lord Maximilian Damaximus left the Small Palace. at the square in front of the palace, he declared Sir Yohannes Ethiximus to be mayor of Trador. Yohannes made fame in Stedor as brilliant politicus. The perfect guy to be the right hand of Maximilian at Trador. And one more romantic picture with Lord Maximilian Damaximus and Princess Margot of Eslandola and those cool Royal Princess Guards. ------ Thanks for watching! C&C welcome! Made for Cat 3 of the Mini Challenge (Eslandola). Will be licenced as medium residence
  21. Trador Apple Orchard A settlement isn't a MAESTRO settlement without apple trees So around Trador, a number of small Apple Orchards popped up. This one is taken care of by Gran N.Y. Smith. Ofcourse, due the constant threat of Mardier, a bunch of MAESTRO soldiers are patrolling nearby. --- C&C welcome Will be licenced as a small plantation
  22. Unity Street - Trador Trador is growing fast, very fast, attracting investors and people from every corner in the world. As a result of this, the real estate market is exploding. Luckily, Mme Camille has founded a Real Estate Agency. Together with the Damaximus Family, Real Estate Properties are popping up everywhere in Trador. Where Trador used to be an Inn and a smugglers headquarter, it now has its first street: Unity Street. At Unity Street, a visitor can find the "Trador University - Department of Chemicla Engineering", Mme Bijoux Accessoires and the Real Estate Agency of Mme Camille. Trador University - Department of Chemical Engineering The University of Stedor is as old as the city of Stedor itself, being one of the first universities in the world. Altough the Stedor University still is one of the leading naval universities in Halos, the other branches are passed by the quickly developping Corrington Universities. As one of the main shareholders of MAESTRO (hence the "S" for "Science" in MAESTRO), the University of Stedor hopes the New World is offering new possibilities. One of these possibilities came when MAESTRO Corrington was founded, as the Stedor University can now exchange technologies quicker with the other Corrington Universities. Also Elysabeth of Drondil, one of the leading ladies of MAESTRO, is an honourary member of the Royal Society of Natural Phylosphy. Another opportunity came when Lord Maximilian Damaximus founded Trador. Located in the Prio Seas, it is close by all the newly made discoveries of plants and other flora and fauna. And thus, the University of Stedor opened an University in Trador. Here you see Its department of Chemical Engineering. Some students playing chess: Mme Bijoux Accessoires Mme Bijoux is one of the best friends of Princess Margot of Eslandola. As Lord Maximilian Damaximus and Princess Margot decided to share their time between Stedor and Trador, Margot asked Bijoux to move to Trador as well. She received a property as a gift from Margot where she could practice her hobby of accessoire making. Her jewels are very popular by the higher class of Trador. Mme Camille Real Estate Agency Same story as Mme Bijoux, a close friend of Princess Margot, who moved to Trador as well. Maximilian saw the huge commercial potential in this lady, so he offered her a job as broker. Here you see her selling a house to a fancy dressed man. ---- Thanks for looking, C&C ofcourse welcome! These will be licenced as: Medium Education (the University) Small Artisan (Bijoux) Small Commerce (Camille)
  23. Fighting superstition was not their challenge. The Fontonajo geologists were well educated, knowing as much as any other scholar that there are no such things as sea serpents. Prospecting at the rocky cliffs of the island they called "La Sombra", in direct vicinity to the newly founded settlement of Trador, lead by brave MAESTRO pioneers, was not an easy task. The salt and moist air made their job tough, yet they expected to find some massively interesting ores. No doubt this was one of the more creative ways. In the Fontonajo Mining Headquarters they had already started about how to setup a real mine at the cliffs. Yet still they had to find some rare minerals first, to make those efforts even worth considering. At least the large northern bay of LaSombra where Trador was located as well gave them some protection from the weather. Island #: 13 Claimed by EslandolaNickname: The ShadowGeographical Features: This Island has a natural bay ideal for a trading post. The island is well guarded by steep rocky coasts on most sides, and the water is deep.Rumors: More than one sailor has independently reported seeing a massive black shadow in the sea circling around the island. The more suspicious of sailors suspect this is a sea monster, or sea monsters, lurking beneath the foam to swallow their ships whole, while the more academic postulate this could be a school of fish, indicating good fishing waters, or even a pod of whales, drawn to this island for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, sailors, and the natives, have avoided this island.
  24. Near the Apple Cider Smugglers HQ, MAESTRO opened an inn so the smugglers and tired travellers could take a good sip of an apple cider or take a decent rest before challenging the waves again. The Innkeeper and his beautifull daughter took good care of the guests, making some of them stay a bit longer than planned. Some of them would eventually settle themself in Trador, but more about that later As the newly founded hamlet was located within a few miles of the contested Isla de Victoria, there were a lot of soldiers patrolling in the area around the HQ and the Inn. ------ Well, this was a fun build (even I had to tear apart one of my favourite MOC's that belonged to Stedor). Thanks for watching! Will be licenced as a medium artisan
  25. After the Inn opened, a logistic problem started as the wives of the sailors and smugglers started complaining about their husbands drinking too much. Other WAG's had way too much time as their husband was abroad for a nice game of soccer "shoot the enemy". A very popular game in the neighbouring Isla de Victoria. And as the WAG's started learning how to make their hands dirty while making new clothes for their beloved husbands, Lord Maximilian Damaximus had the brilliant idea to put some of those WAG's together in order to mass produce capes and hats... Bingo! The Shop: Not sure what this chicken is doing here... The first floor is where the magic happens. - One minor problem, the MCTC controlled the whole textile thingy in the New World... So, a joint-venture with MCTC started in Trador for exploiting the WAG's Textile Factory, the first ever and surely (hopefully) not the last!!! Here you see Lord Tomvaximus and a Weelond representative who just signed a contract @Capt Wolf - Oh, and to those who wonder how the daughter of the Three Flower Inn - barkeeper looks like, here she is: ---- Thanks for watching! I have to admit, the pictures are kinda blurry. But I fear I will not be able to take decent pictures within the next 8 days... Anyway, hope you enjoyed! Oh, a last note, there is no landscaping as that will be sth I will do in the future, when I start developping the streets of Trador. I have a plan in my mind, but as long as I don't have enough buildings, I can't start with it....