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Found 22 results

  1. Officers Residence, Brickford Landing After spending a majority of his time on Terraversa and now in Spudkirk in preparation to invade El Oleonda, Major Sir Nathaniel Brickford has decided to pay Captain Keats a visit in Brickford Landing. Small Cottage 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Captain Keats has been managing the fledging military outpost in Major Brickford's absence, and the Major is making sure that they are well stocked and secure in the event of a lotii assault. Samll Cottage 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ---------------------------------------------------------- My first real build in quite a while, I wanted to keep it small. To be licensed as a small Residence in Brickford Landing. And for those who like interior pics, Check the Spoiler below! C&C are welcome and Appreciated and thanks for looking!
  2. Location: Port Raleigh Type: Small Residence/Shiplevels With the HMS Red Angel, docked in the harbour, Captain Ansa Mesabi disembarked and walked up the hill towards a mansion now owned by her infamous brother. Ansa knocked on the door. She wasn't quite sure what to expect, as it had been at least 3 years since she'd seen him last. "Hello?" asked Darby Tyler, "Who are you?" "I'm Captain, err, Count Mesabi's sister." she said. "I figured we had some catching up to do." "Oh..." Said Darby. "This is awkward. He's literally never mentioned you." "We're not super close." Said Ansa. "Well, I'll go grab him." Said Darby. "No need, Darby." Said the Count. "I was eavesdropping, because I was bored. Tell my sister to come in!" Darby ushered Ansa in, and walked down the hallway, muttering about finances. Ansa and the Count walked into the den, and sat down. "So, what have you been up to?" Asked the Count. "Well, I was assigned a ship. Sailed it into the Sea Rat Capital. Admiralty board was not happy about it." said Ansa. "Ha! I've been there. Well, I haven't, but I remember back in the Juniper War..." The Count was interrupted. "You do realize I fought in the Juniper War, right?" replied Ansa snarkily. "Right. Go on." said the Count, sheepishly. "Anyways, than I tried to assassinate the Dread Pirate Sinbad with Strychnine poison. Turns out he's immune to it." said Ansa, referring to an unfortunate incident on a dock in Bastion. "Wait, how is that even possible?" Asked the Count. "I don't #%&#ing know, he's #&%$ing Sinbad. I just went with it, and accepted his terms." said Ansa annoyed. "They let me keep most of our ships." "What did you lose?" asked the Count. "Oh, just some WTC ship." Said Ansa referring to the class 7 WTC Judgement, which currently was being used to wreak havoc across the Brick Seas. "Not the big one, right?" asked the Count. "ANYWAYS" continued Ansa, avoiding the topic. "I've been dry docked for the past few months. Like I said, the Admiralty Board isn't very happy with me. I barely got permission to travel to Port Raleigh." "Well, apparently my wife has been causing all sorts of grief with the Government, so I guess we're in the same boat." replied the Count. "Wait, are you still married to that lady who-" asked Ansa recalling a particularly unpleasant experience involving a cannon at a wedding. "Yes." replied the Count "Even after she-" asked Ansa recalling a different but equally unpleasant experience involving the queen, a diplomat from Eslandola, and a cat. "Yes." replied the Count "Prometheus! No wonder you went all the way from the South." replied Ansa "Yeah..." said the Count. "Hey, you want to get a Drink? Those Lotti in town have a place with Sake, it's booze made out of rice." "Eh, why not. I also have that paperwork for the ship licenses you wanted. replied Ansa "Splendid! Let's get going! Said the Count TO BE CONTINUED Thanks for viewing my build! I decided to finally actually get the WTC some ship levels, and what better way to do it than to actually show the Count interacting with his family. I haven't used Ansa Mesabi much, but I thought it would be interesting to have her in the same room as the Count. I referenced the Sinbad incident, which I never fully resolved. But I'd like to give a shoutout to @MKJoshA who let me keep most of my ships, and thus kept this character from being stuck in Bastion. I've also tried to tie in some other story elements with this build. You'll notice a Tiberian Puffin, from the Reckoning Storyline, along with the Count's Golden Sniper Rifle, and a Promethean Stained Glass window. Continuity is key! Let me know what Ya'll think of this one. I tried to use some good techniques for the floors, but the walls are probably a bit bland. A lot of my pieces are tied up in my last build, which I need approved by the Court for repairs on Mesabi Landing. I've done a build every day for the last few days, but tomorrow I start my new job, so things will slow down from me, back to, well, the rate the rest of you build at. As usual, C&C appreciated!
  3. Brickford Residence QV15.1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr After months of walking the streets of Quinnsville, Richard and Nathaniel Brickford were relived to be able to finally write their final report to Governor Cooke in King's Harbour. The stumbled up the steps to their timber-frame house before sitting down at the kitchen table. QV15.2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr With pen in hand they began to write to Cooke about everything they had seen and observed in the months after their assignment began. QV15.3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr QV15.4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Their humble abode wasn't even fully unpacked with crates and boxes found everywhere. They had been too busy to worry about unpacking it. Dear Governor Cooke, When I originally arrived at the quaint Quinnsville Station of the Cocovia Wagonway I wasn't quite sure what to expect. My first stop was the Quinnsville Public Records Building. From the books it contained and the help of the clerk, I discovered some remarkable things about the settlement. I learned about the shipbuilding industry that has been established here. So, I journeyed to the Timber Plantation not far from the outskirts of town. The work that the lumberjacks perform is remarkable! After that I went to look into how the ships are actually made at one of the Largest Shipyard in Quinnsville. Continuing from there I made my way to the Pier to check into the trading situation. It was not teeming with activity, but it seems that with some small adjustments, Quinnsville could be turned into quite the trading hub. Finally I made my way through the city and noticed a certain lack of important government building such a town hall and proper schools for the children. There are also no research centers for any of the native plants of the island. What this settlement really needs is proper leadership. Sir Smaugton laid a sturdy foundation from which to build upon, and just from me being here and people hearing that I was looking into the well-being of the area, the settlement has started to grow. While I am finished this part of my task, I hope that I can still be of service to the people of Quinnsville for many years to come. In service to her Majesty, Richard Brickford, Royal Surveyor of Quinnsville Dear Captain Jno. Cooke, RN, After arriving in Quinnsville, I was pleasantly surprised by the military might of the settlement. While the rest of the settlement still needs some tending too, Quinnsville is in no danger of being overrun any time soon. Sir Smaugton must have been a clever man to set up certain measures to keep the troops in order. I first visited the Military Barracks of the 1st Quinnsville Fusiliers. The troops were in perfect order and the building was well constructed and was satisfactory in cleanliness. Following the suggestion of the Sergeant of the barracks, I traveled to the mighty Fort Annetta in Queens Bay. The fortification itself would be able to put quite a hurting on any attacking force. Back on land, I was intrigued by a commotion on the street and to my surprise there was a parade going on! After inquiring with the locals and discovering that it was a graduation ceremony of the 1st Quinnsville Dragoons of a nearby military academy. After attending a lecture of military strategy, I am even more convinced that Quinnsville will become the strongest and safest settlement in all of the New World. I have completed my assignment and will stand by in Quinnsville while awaiting further orders. In service to her Majesty, Captain Nathaniel Brickford, Military Attaché to Quinnsville ----------------------- @Bregir With this build, I have almost singlehandedly brought Quinnsville from a level 2 town up to a level 8 city. Lots of thanks to the builds done by @Drunknok, @Spud The Viking, and @Garmadon. They helped out a lot to bring up the right stats for the settlement. As usually, C&C are welcome and appreciated, thanks for looking, and more builds to come! This will be licensed as a small residence. For some bonus pics of the upstairs and cellar, check out the spoiler!
  4. On the outskirts of Salida Este, on the island of Ferro Azure, a family goes about their daily chores on their farm. The farmer's wife has just finished sweeping. The farmer chopped and stacked the firewood earlier, and now he is just coming back from feeding the animals. Their son is playing in the yard, chasing the chickens. Or is he trying to catch dinner? Such is life out in the island colonies. ---------- This was my third build over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was inspired by a painting I saw of an 18th century farmhouse, and was an excuse to experiment with a roof technique. I didn't have enough cheese slopes to do a roof for a larger build, so there's no interior. But I'm happy with how the two roof sections meet up. As always, all C&C welcome. Thanks for looking.
  5. Puerto Desafio, on Isla de Victoria, is growing quickly. Fuerte Unido may be the island's original Eslandolan settlement, but with the tireless efforts of Marquis Alkurda, the town of Puerto Desafio is quickly becoming the cosmopolitan center of the island. New residences are going up quickly. Evidence of this can be seen here, as a wealthy merchant and his socialite wife move into their new townhouse. . Another view: ----- This was my fourth build of the Thanksgiving holiday. It's basically a scaled down version of my Weelond Investment and Financial Exchange with less ornamentation and without the prefab roof. Just a quick build while I had some time and modest inspiration. Thanks for looking, and all C&C welcome.
  6. Legostone

    New Haven Housing

    As other tasks had already been occupied, we decided to add some more housing to New Haven. Build from solid stone that was found nearby, we decided that painting it would make it look best. Off course, everyone was complaining about us taking so long to finish up the roof - it seemed like they wanted the roof to collapse on their heads. This roof should last. I needed a use of my blue windows for a while now, and given that most of my bricks useful for projects like this are currently out of my reach, this was the obvious choice to build. The roof is also offset half a stud in each direction, but that isn't too clear in the picture sadly. To be licensed by Corrington for New Haven as a small Residence.
  7. Hotel de Ville de Dragonstone by Brandon Stark, on Flickr One of the first buildings to be built in Dragonstone is the Maison du Gouvernement, which is where the newly formed city council of the city meets and is the temporary residence of Mayor Brandon Stark and other important politicians in the city. Built with materials from the Old World and other Oleander colonies, the building is located in a square in the city center, called Place du Gouvernement. Workers have already done the lawn and built a cobblestone path. Outside, two Troupes de la Marine stand guard.
  8. Lavalette_Barracks.lxf by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Brandon decided to fund the construction of an RNTC barracks in the city of Lavalette, as a goodwill gesture after the incident on Ile Sous le Vent. Knowing the RNTC was not a company to make enemies with, Brandon heard that the RNTC needed a barracks in Lavalette, to house the many private RNTC soldiers that had just arrived, and decided to fund it. He also provided the plans for the house, in the architecture of Lavalette. Now that the barracks is finished, Brandon decides to meet with an RNTC representative to discuss the prospects of a settlement on Ile Sous le Vent, one that Brandon has already made plans of. However, as he is not allowed to form settlements on RNTC territory, he knows that he must speak with the company first. Brandon hopes the RNTC can forgive and forget the incident, and will hopefully agree to the idea.
  9. Crecopia Residence by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Due to some encouragement by the government of Oleon, many Oleanders have traveled to the less settled settlements in New Terra, namely Crecopia. As the settlement has relatively no structures, properties are either very inexpensive or free. Thus, many commoners fleeing the crowded cities of the Old World are now flocking to islands like Ile de Tyche, where the climate is good, and opportunities to make good money are common. Besides commoners, many nobles are also seizing the chance to buy properties and lease them to newcomers. Seeing the opportunity to make Brandon's father bought out large portions of the relatively unsettled settlements. On the many properties, buildings, including this house were built. While they have remained empty, as expected, the encouragement of the Oleander government has prompted Oleanders to move here. Thus, the house was quickly bought by an Oleander merchant.
  10. Zwartbaard, the famous explorer (see previous builds) of MAESTRO arrived safely in Fuerto Unido as well. He received a small cabin to start his exploring operations for Eslandola. Next to his residence, Milady Haarsnyder opened a barber shop so the soldiers would at least look good when they are going to the battlescene. 2 small builds made by Klaartje (residence) and me (barbershop) last night when some people came over (more will be posted by TitusV and Sebeus). Enjoy! Will be licenced in Fuerto Unido as Residence & Service Thanks for watching!
  11. A new house which comes with new orders... Life was quiet in Elisabethtown those days. The citizens were developping the new settlement at a constant speed and the shipyards were providing some nice ships of all kind, from the massive trader clippers of the Monezterell shipyards to the modest light armed sloops of Felipe's shipyard. Speaking of those shipyards, Felipe was there to prepare something linked to his Golden Apple Quest. So, Basil took this free time to visit his new residence in town with her lovely companion, Pinya, The young Ténotclaxcan priestess he met. They have became closer during the prepartion of the Hall Quest and helping the Doctor... Doctor Who it was ? , Ah ! Yes ! Doctor Gellibrand... to settle a camp to study the Ténotclaxcans. The house was one of the first made of stone in this brand new town and respected the Eslandian Style better than the other ones. The blue paint applied to it made her shine in the tropical sun of Berelli and the garden was already growing in front of the facade. Pinya appreciated it : - It's nice to see you kept a little space for the plants ! Good thing ! You know, it's hard for us to see you destroying our jungle and not replacing it by other trees... - I know. Answered Basil. But you know Felipe and I lost in an awful jungle, and since this event, we are not fond of, to call this... "un-disciplined foliage". - Sure ! So it's good to see you "dicipline" those plants ! When they entered, Basil immediately offered Pinya to have a drink at the kitchen. They where enjoying a good Cider and some apples when the door suddenly opened. It was Felipe de la Manzana rushing into the hall without a care either at the nice floor design nor to the owner tranquility (Basil, for instance...) - Basil ! He clamed. We received a important letter ! Read it ! We have some new orders now ! Is our new vessel is ready ? We need to leave as soon as possible ! Assemble the crew now and prepare your stuff ! To be continued... in : Operation KMA : Applying the new orders Here are some bonus pictures of the house : I hope you enjoyed ! C&Cs are always welcome.
  12. Shipping could be lucrative business for those who escape the Kraken and brought their goods to market. Jonas Bordington, second son of a Corlander merchant and now captain of the Sphinx after al'Sayeed had been tasked with managing the Montoya Estate and its related businesses, had completed several such runs. With his share of the profits, he and his wife had built a house on the new settlement Elizabethville on the lush green island Lacryma, where his wife would have every chance to enjoy her hobby of horseback riding on the vast grassy plains. It wasn't a flashy house, but very comfortable and roomy for the little family. In fact so roomy that the missus were already talking about adding to the family. _____ Another freebuild, this time a small residence. C&C welcome.
  13. After Jan Zwartbaard set-up a miningspot on Isla Philip, he travelled back to Prio. This time with 2 platoons of MAESTRO Elite Soldiers with him. And also MAESTRO General Samu, aka "The Dragon" came along. They did not went to Prio to start a campfire and sing some happy hippie peacefull songs, but to prepare for the upcomming war against Mardier. This was the first batch of hundreds of soldiers MAESTRO will send in order to help the cause of the Duke of Prio. Their camp will be the beautifful white mansion Jan Zwartbaard received as a gift from the Duke. It was not located in the city of Alexport, but somewhere strategically outside the capital. Hereby I present to you, General "The Dragon" Samu. A military genius, ready to lead the MAESTRO troops and its mercenaries to a gloryfull victory. For MAESTRO, For the Duchy of Prio!
  14. There is much to celebrate in Weelond on the island of An Holli. The new royal textile factory is opening, and several MCTC dignitaries have arrived to see the factory in person. Additionally, the mayor of Weelond, Willem Guilder, has just been appointed governor of the island. Governor Guilder (he likes how that sounds!) hosts his guests at his new residence. The governor’s mansion is a simple 2-story affair with an entrance portico and a kitchen off the southern wing. A statue and fountain grace the front lawn. A stone path around the north wing leads to a garden in the back. Small access hatches in the cupola allow access to the widow’s walk along the top of the roof. Here Governor Guilder greets the mayor of Nova Terreli, Román Esteban Fontonajo, and his lovely wife Marietta. Fontonajo was instrumental in getting the royal factory built in Weelond, and Guilder is quite grateful. Eslandola’s Secretary of State, Guy K. Wyndzon, leader of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company, discusses matters with the mayor of Bardo, Colonel Oystridge. Rumor has it that the colonel may soon be named governor of the island of An Toli. Guilder needs to let the colonel know that the position comes with no upgrade in pay beyond the continuing mayoral duties, but the title does look nice on the letterhead. Guy’s uncle has wandered onto the lawn and started yelling at the statue of the Eslandolan explorer who discovered An Holli more than 50 years ago. Perhaps Guy’s uncle knew him before he was a statue? Regardless, the other guests steer clear of him… A view of the house unobstructed by the fountain: Here's how the grounds look to anyone who might fly over in a phlogisphere... Many thanks (and apologies) to Kai NRG, Elostirion, and Sir Stig for use of their characters. I hope my versions of their characters is close enough for government work!
  15. May 615, Arlinsport, Tiberia (Flashback: This takes place approximately a year ago, at the very beginnings of the rush to the new world.) Montoya was preparing himself, and, uncharacteristically, he was nervous. He was about to appear before the Society of Natural Philosophy. He had been personally encouraged by esteemed members he highly respected, and had now received the official invitation to become a full member. By any logic, he should feel confident. However, his acceptance meant he had to give an introductory speech on a scientific subject of his choice. The audience would be the members, some of the most prominent natural philosophers in the world, and Montoya was somewhat awed. His subject was one with which he was intimately familiar, and for which he had already achieved widespread acclaim, the Great Tiberian Sea Otter. His field studies were the first to fully describe the species and its behaviours. Yet, he was nervous. The society is a college of some of the finest zoologists, botanists, biologists, medicoes, and entomologists, as well as a multitude of other natural philosophers, many of them from the finer families of Corrington, and most of them affluent. As such, sizeable donations are frequently made by members and non-members alike, giving the society control over significant funds. These funds are mainly used to fund expeditions or experiments, or for other such measures the Society finds relevant for furthering the cause of Natural Philosophy. Having recently decided himself to purchase a ship… Vessel, he should say - His friend Cooke, a Captain of the Royal Navy, had often reproached him with the ridiculous notion that some ships were not ships at all! Sailors and their jargon! He was funding an expedition into the new world rumoured to hold such wealth, both to the natural philosopher, and to those of more worldly concerns. As such, he had every reason to stand tall before the Society. Yet still, he was nervous. He had taken refuge on the balcony of his residence in Arlinsport, and was now waiting for Cooke to arrive to follow him to the conference. Perhaps his friend's unwavering confidence on his worth as a scientist (if not a sailor) would keep his nerves in check… _________________________ The house was built by a wealthy merchant in Arlinsport's early beginnings, and was now situated in the midst of the city's finest quarters, conveniently only a few minutes from the Society's Tiberian Chambers. Incidently, this rich merchant was Montoya's Godfather, so apart from spending much of this childhood and youth here, amongst the interesting flora and fauna of Tiberia, he had recently inherited the house, as well as considerable wealth. Thus, this charming townhouse was now his home, and the home to many of his collections. The top floor had been converted to a study, and the warehouse at the ground floor now housed a multitude of specimens, most of them waiting to be described, catalogued, and dissected. ________________________ C&C is, as always welcome. In this and my next few builds, the story will be more elaborate than usual, so I hope it makes sense. Here, my purpose was mainly to introduce the Society of Natural Philosophy, which I hope in time will be one of the scientific fraternities recognised by the Crown of Corrington. (And then adding Royal as a prefix to the name! ) I intent to build for this Society in the Future, and hope to see it grow with more members (And donors... ) The building has been sitting around for a long time, in several iterations. First as a modular building for my city layout, then as a townhouse for GoH. However, it seemed to modern there and was thus discarded. Luckily, it fits perfectly here, I think, and will be registered as a small residence. Thanks for reading!
  16. Previously: Recruiting at Marco's This Is Not the Wealthy Housing of Rassilon Falling Out with Foxx Cantu's Fort in Rassilon The Viper Jail Break! While Sinbad, Li Chang, and the rest of the crew of the Viper were escaping from Mardier, Jorge Cantu was resting in his house. Being one of the wealthier residence of Rassilon, it meant he could afford a house in the nicest district. But while living in the nicest district afforded many comforts, it also came with great risk. For everyone else, including those pirates with fewer scruples than most, knew where the wealthy lived as well.
  17. This is the home of Albertus and Jannetje Stoutenburg in Weelond. Their son is a crew member aboard the Lady of Madrice in the service of the MCTC, but Albertus never understood the calling of the sea. Nevertheless, to be closer to his son, the family moved to Weelond on An Holli. But Albertus likes his feet planted firmly on land. He learned the craft of working with leather at an early age, apprenticed with a cobbler, and has been a cordwainer ever since. Albertus and Jannetje maintain this tidy little home on the edge of the commercial district of town, and Albertus uses the prime location to maintain his shop from the comfort of his home. He maintains a commercial storefront from the side of the house. Although Albertus mainly makes shoes and boots, he also works on other leather items such as belts, pouches, baldrics, and various leather fittings. Jannetje makes sure the front flowerbeds are always presentable, but Albertus bricked up one of the windows for wall space needed in his shop. At the corner of a busy crossroads in Weelond, the picturesque house is a local landmark.
  18. Right outside of Nova Terreli you can find the mansion of the Fontonajo family (leader of the family is Román Fontonajo). Attached to their mansion are their cotton plantations as well as their private gardens. After this year's annual family dinner the Fontonajo's spread into smaller groups and enjoy some of the luxury which life in the new world has already gifted them. For Isabella Elisa, Román Fontonajo's 16 year old daughter, and her grand-uncle Raphael, a mere 55 years older, it was clear from the beginning where to go: The table next to the small pond, their favourite spot in all Nova Terreli, except maybe the library. Isabelle shared her grand-uncles love for scholarships, most of all for cartography. Drawing the world, retaining for generations what the brave explorers have found, is their greatest passion. "Umh Isa, those are some nice details on the forest... mjm... yes, really well.", said Raphael, while eating his cupcake. After some silence, Isabella took the word and asked her grand-uncle something she had had in mind for quite a while: "Uncle, do you agree that scientists are the better people than us scholars, writers and drawers?" Raphael took a while to order his thoughts, as he always did, before wording his well-phrased answer: "My dear, I disagree. It's scientists, or even explorers like your brother, who strive for new perception and awareness. But how does cognition become knowledge? Right, my dear, the only way is to write it down, to solidify it, to spread the word, to maintain it for our ancestors. If it wasn't for us, scientists would have to reinvent themselves every generation, and mankind could not progress. So, if you really want to determine who is more valuable to the world, the answer should be clear." Isabella thought for a while until she answered: "Neither would contribute to the greater good without the other." - "Ah, you're still a clever girl... Mjm, you should really get one of... umh mjm... those cupcakes, they are delicious." Marja Henrietta, Románs sister, smirked at those words as she maundered by. Little did those two sweethearts know of the world. But she enjoyed the time with her family, the time away from King and court, away from duty, away from politics, intrigue, strategy and pressure. She looked at the flowers, took a sip of whine and walked on. This was the beauty of life, for sure, but her passion was with her job for the king. And so she thought again of her latest mission, that weird encounter she had... "What a silly slogan that Manzana salesman had... 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'", Román laughed. "Yet still it worked", his mother Marietta replied, grinning. "Naw, we needed those anyway. But something else... what do you think of Joaquin's plan to sail to Berreli? He is only 20, after all, and I don't know if he is quite ready yet". Marietta thought for a while, then looked at her son: "I remember a 23-year-old, who took matters in his own hand right after his father had died, left all and everything behind and led his family to the new world. Were you ready for it? I guess not. But look where your courage and dedication has gotten us, my son." Román seemed unusually insecure as he replied: "I know, and I have always sworn myself to encourage my kids to pursue whatever they dream of, yet still... he is my son, after all....... Yes, I am afraid, mom, I am." - "You have already answered your own question, right? We both know you will let him sail. Just have faith that he will return home well, that is all the advice I can give." - "Thanks mom. I love you, you know that?" - "A mother cannot hear those words often enough." "Victor Servadac from the White Glove order has written. They accept our suggestion for the cotton pricing", Juan Alfonso Fontonajo told his mother. "That is good", Clarissa Raltessa Fontonajo replied, "this must be quite a machine they have constructed". - "Oh indeed", Juan replied. "However", he added, "I am with Raphael on that one. It's better to let others try and error and then take the final result and use it for your needs." Clarissa laughed: "Oh I am quite certain that's not how your grand-uncle meant it, but you're right nonetheless". They wandered the gardens for a while, arms linked, and enjoyed the beauty of their home. After some silent minutes Juan took the word again: "I have plans, mother." He made a pause, giving her the chance to reply: "I know you do. You always do. That's what makes you special after all, makes you stand out. Your father is a man of action, of change, of quick decisions, of daring and of progress but also risk, of empathy, but also weakness. Your grandfather was a ruler, he was never weak, upholding the ideals and values, always prevailing, a leader to look up to, but sometimes even stubborn, and his eyes closed towards the future. You combine the better of both of them. You are to shape the new world." She proudly looked at him, while a shiver of joy ran down Juan's spine. He thought quite highly of himself, knew he had potential, knew he was great at many things, but those words came rather unexpected, even for him. "And now tell me about your plans", his mother said. Román knew his youngest son Alejandro Baltone would still take quite a few years to find his own identity in life. Right now all he did was look up to his older cousin Franjo, who had nothing else in mind but becoming the same brave salesman, soldier or even hero as which idolized his father Rialto and especially his elder brother Heliodoro. Sure, Románs brother Rialto was a man of adventure, of the sea, and so was his wife and were his children. Franjo was no ex- ception. But Alejandro... Román doubted he would become a fighter. Maybe a captain, maybe even an admiral of a fleet, but surely not an armed soldier. For now, however, Román was fine with his son Alejandro enjoying his youth and trying desperately (yet forlorn) to stand his ground in "battle" against his cousin Franjo. It was quite late, already. The other family members had already gone to bed. Not so the men of adventure. Románs brother Rialto Espada and his wife Anna enjoyed the company of their son Heliodoro and their nephew Joaquin Seramon (Románs second son). Whine and cherries, what a delicious combination after a big meal. They had been talking and discussing for hours and there indeed much to talk about. Heliodoro had just joined a private army, while Joaquin was about to set sail to new islands alongside Ivo Fortesque. Anna had just led a trip to the still partially undiscovered jungles in the middle of Nellisa. Rialto, however, remained rather silent. Román had ordered him not to talk about the plans the two had discussed together with Románs son Juan Alfonso. But maybe he would soon be able to set sail again himself, being captain of... but that was for the future to show. It was about time to follow Joaquins example and refill his goblet once more. For better comprehension of the texts a small chart about the Fontonajo family members: I know presentation and photography are not super awesome for all of the builds, but I'm afraid I can't change that too much anymore. When I build the family dinner I started building some small builds to present the family members, however those quickly turned out to be more than just some small "sideresult", so I decided to take my time on presenting them. However pictures were already made and all but the first build have been partially disassembled already. Anyways, I hope you like the builds and the additional insight it provides into the members of the Fontonajo family in Nova Terreli.
  19. This is my fourth and final free build of the month. I tried to add some more texture, details and sombre colors on this build. Approvals and critique most welcome. Word spread quickly that there was something going on in Bardo. Almost every boat brought extra passengers that were seeking opportunities for a good life on this wonderful island. Victor had gotten hold of several houses, which he converted for rental purposes. Most people could not afford their own house yet, so to make them feel welcome he provided a place to call home until they hopefully settled for good. A possible tenant had just inspected one of Victors newest aquisitions. There was already a woman, very fond of flowers and such, renting the upper floor. Victor had not gotten around to talk to her yet. Every time he passed the shutters was closed and no one answered the door, so she must be a busy woman. Round the back, was her entrance. The stairs just behind an old palm tree. At the moment she was changing the earth on one of her plants... Edit: Hmm, I forgot to change the window shutters on the back, and I tried a snot technique on the ground floor that I did not get pictures of. I will add a picture of that after my camera battery is charged, if I still have some light.
  20. The port of Rassilon had the privilege of having forts. Three of these formed a triangle which allowed them to best protect the bay and other interests. Behind the base of this triangle sprang up housing that was sturdy and higher quality than average. Because of this and the fact that it was the best protected portion of the city residences here were naturally more expensive to buy or rent. Captain Cho Fang walked through a neighborhood that was not in the wealthy section. He had sailed as a pirate captain for many years, gaining the respect of his fellow pirates. When the Nest of Thieves was founded, Captain Fang was an obvious choice as leader of the port of Rassilon. He still had command of his own ship and took her on regular voyages of a nefarious nature. But when he was back at the port he would oversee the town meetings and give council to what the best course of action was. Most of the governing, if you can call it that in a pirate port, was left to a council of men loyal to Fang who stayed behind when he went sailing. And although Fang was the “mayor” of this town in name mostly and function but a little, he still felt a responsibility to its residents. These feelings did not stop him from punishing those who swindled him or failed to bring in a good profit, but it did mean he spent some time walking the streets of Rassilon each time he was back, to get a feel for the town and what the mood of the people was. He was in a section of housing that could afford to have stone buildings, covered in plaster to reflect the heat; but couldn’t afford trifles like doors or proper windows. Most of the year it was unbearably hot in Rassilon so this caused little discomfort. But it did allow for other problems like teaching the chickens not to each the straw from out of the mattress.
  21. cesbrick

    Point Dume Residence

    Exquisitely architected to facilitate the ultimate in seamless luxury indoor/outdoor living without equal, the Point Dume Residence features a stunningly crafted open design that includes an infinity edge pool and a private beach creating a distinctively extravagant private luxury lifestyle experience, rivaling some of the very best resorts in the world. • Name Point Dume Residence • Price: 5000 - 6000 $ per week depending on season • Type Single Family Home • Floor Area 12,000 sq. ft. (1,114.85 m2) • Construction Area 16,447 sq. ft. (1,528 m2) • Levels 3 • Completed 2011 Roadster not included Was getting a little tired of doing crooked houses, so I took a break on those... :) Enjoy! Point Dume Residence Point Dume Residence Point Dume Residence jghgcfgh
  22. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Palace Jaune Banane

    [pid][/pid] 245B Dear all, I am very happy to present to you another example of monkey-driven design: The Palace "Jaune Banane": It is a modular build - heavily inspired by what I have seen in and around Vienna. And I managed to include some monkey statues (which I am really proud of). I managed to include some nice interior work: And it is modular: It is actually not so easy to capture this well: This time the MOC comes without a story. I hope you enjoy it! (I am working on the palace gardens, etc., so there will be additions coming up soon).