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Found 31 results

  1. Hi everybody, My new Moc, a french little market with 3 different buildings. on the left side it's a french "tabac- presse" with an appartment, i copied the building of maximB for the 1st and 2nd floor on the right you have a comic and goodies store inspired by a store you can find in my home town and in the center there is a building with a japanese restaurant that i've invinted hope you'll enjoy Sans titre by Jean Macou, sur Flickr all the pictures here
  2. Y'monoce Market is a bustling bazaar in the Outer Rim. Located on a desert planet, it serves as a central trading outpost to the surrounding worlds. No matter whether you're looking to buy or sell, whatever it is you're looking for, you'll likely find it here. Walking down the cobbled streets, you'll see fruit, BBQ Porg, Mon Cala seafood, Toydarian toys, antiques, slaves, droids, spice, and everything in between. Many credits and goods are exchanged here every day, keeping the economy going. Here you can see a typical day at the market, circa 3-4 ABY. On the left, there is a slave seller with attractive females from different species and males from species that the Galactic Empire has classified as "primitive". Bib Fortuna has come to the market looking for a prize for his master Jabba the Hutt and he has set his sights on Oola. He says: "This one!" as he points at her with a devious smile. A Kaadu carrying new wares passes by as the Klatooinian slaver approaches Oola with his lightwhip. Meanwhile, a shrill voice can be heard from the back: "Disa big misunderstandins! Mesa bombad senator, mesa no slave!" Next to the slave stand, a Jawa is having an argument with a stormtrooper. He is trying to convince him that the Imperial droid that he is selling was acquired through completely legal means, though the trooper remains skeptical. It's quite ironic that the Empire is concerned about their own droids being stolen, but not that there is slavery going on right next door. Next to them, a Gamorian is roasting porgs and womprats over a pit. On the other side, you can see a Toydarian toymaker selling action figures and balls as well as a scavenger selling Jedi relics she found. Remember when Maz made a big mystery out of how the heck she ended up with Luke's lightsaber in her possession? Well, turns out she simply found it at a bazaar and just decided to buy it on a whim. In the midst of the crowds, some stormtroopers are looking for a rebel spy who is hiding in a barrel nearby. A cloaked figure tells the troopers where the rebel is hiding in exchange for some credits. Nearby, a Nautolan is buying some seafood from a Mon Calamari fisherman. Speaking of rebels, Hera is also here. She has come to buy some "Meiloorun fruit" from Hondo - which is actually code for "smuggled weapons". You see, Hondo's latest scheme involves smuggling contraband weapons inside of fruit crates and selling them at the market here. The back of his store is loaded with blasters and other equipment that will be useful for Hera and the rebellion. Above Hondo's shop is a cantina where the merchants can come up to relax at the end of the day and spend their earned credits on food, drinks, and entertainment. The cantina owner, who you can see pouring drinks at the bar, can then spend those credits at the market below to keep his fridge stocked, and thus the the economic cycle continues. The guests on the patio are enjoying food and drinks while a dancer is a earning her credits performing for a Devaronian inside the building. A bridge connects the cantina building with a small shop on the other side which is run a dug and sells different kinds of spice. He who controls the spice controls, well... the spice. Over the spice shop, a certain Mandalorian is earning his credits by getting ready to shoot his latest target who had come to the market in hopes of losing the bounty hunter in the crowds, but no such luck. I hope you like it, and may the deals be with you!
  3. Minimalism! It's employed by TLG often in cheaper, lower piece point sets and especially when dealing with Star Wars locales. I present today a draft of a Lothal market as I think it is the among the least likely of locations that TLG would offer at retail... and include some sweet Star Wars fruit as well. Here's a wishlist of other Lothal locations, some I may attempt later: Old Jho's Pit Stop Lothal Captial (street, alley scene?) Stormtrooper training facility Tarkintown Ezra's Tower Communications Tower In this MOC I'm using standard yellow for the ground of Lothal and I feel I must defend this choice by pointing out that Tattooine is pretty firmly established on our shelves as tan. Additionally, we're looking at a new planet in Episode 7 (Jekku) that looks identical to Tattooine - tan. Therefore I think Lothal should be built in the most distinctive color possible; leading yellow to be the only readily available color lying about (maybe light brown would be better?) I need to mine for more yellow so at the moment the playset is just 3 small scenes on plates and a Lothal hill, seemingly everywhere on that planet. This project was originally just about making Lego Star Wars fruit. A common fruit found in the Star Wars universe is Jogan fruit, seen in both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. It's palm sized with wavy purple and white lines so I figured that 1x1 white and dark purple round studs might do the trick. In barrels or boxes they look a bit more convincing. It will give your imperial troops something to bully innocent vendors over at least... plus you could send some droids to pick some up for Jogan Fruitcake. ;) The meiloorun fruit was a bit harder to determine size and color. It needed to be a bit larger than the jogan. At first I had yellow+yellow+orange but reviewing Fighter Flight again I noticed the bottom end is dark pink. But! - I only had round light pink round studs lying about. So with a small green tip at the top, I settled on lightgree+yellow+orange... for now. If anyone else has a better solution to this fruit, please post it! . It almost seems like the Imperials - the galactic ruling class - have no problem acquiring vast quantities of meiloorun fruit on Lothal... a planet thought unlikely to have any at all! Just another example of the inequality in the Star Wars universe. ;) Both of these vendor stalls have adjustable awnings overheard. In the show there is a collapsing brace for the awnings that I could not reconcile with technic pieces.. yet. So for now just a pole and anchor keep the vendor spots shaded. The planet Lothal... is a pretty dull place overall. Some exciting action takes place here but besides maybe some Loth Cats there isn't too much in the terrain that makes it stand out as a Star Wars locale (giant mushrooms on Felucia, for example). Hills and grass seemed to be the only defining elements of the terrain. As such, a tan blob of a hill is placed next to the market for atmosphere. Additionally, a small patch of grass and... what's this? A box of T-7 Ion Disruptors? Zeb isn't gonna like that. With a couple of walkers you could re-create Droids in Distress... surely we'll be seeing a Vizago someday. Finally, I added a custom MOC of a figure we very likely aren't going to see: Taskmaster Grint. In my opinion, the Imperial Officer that comes in the Inquisitor's TIE set is supposed to look a bit like Arseko... sunken eyes and gaunt complexion. So he will need a Grint to pose together with! I will swap out the proper uniform color later. The "unshaven" head I raided from a Lone Ranger set... either the stagecoach or the train, can't remember. But the look on his face is pretty close to the one in Spark of Rebellion when he harasses the jogan vendor. "Loth scum!" I hope others try making Lothal environments. I am experiencing a shortage of spare pieces for projects like this so I had to go 'full minimal.' However TLG has surprised with nice little scenes like this one from time to time and this one would only have a $20-25 price point. For wherever season 2 takes us, the first season of this show will always be set on Lothal so it's nice to get some representation on the shelf.
  4. The marketplace in Mophet is without a doubt one of the busiest places around, a true melting pot with people and creatures from all over Historica. It is located in the center of Mophet, inside one of the old walls that used to protect the settlement before the expansion. The old barracks, which were connected to the wall, had now been renovated by followers of Tabib D'Odo and converted into a small temple. Tabib often stood on top of it, looking down on the market and all the people, and at times held small sermons to offer inspiration and guidance. The most recent addition to the marketplace was a tall observatory, which had been placed on top of the old fountain. The fountain now had guards around it since it was not uncommon for tired travellers and merchants to get into conflict with each other in the Kaliphlin heat. Overview of the whole marketplace. Tabib D'Odo on top of the little temple. Closeup of the fountain beneath the observatory, guarded by some of Mophets peacekeepers. Refreshment stand Potion vendor trying to peddle his goods to a less than convinced nobleman. Hid'ad the blacksmith cheerfully walking by on his way back to work. My seventh (and final) contribution to this collab. Had a blast building all of this and figured I would try to go out with a somewhat bigger build. This was actually the first build I started on when Gideon lured me into this whole GoH-thing. Hope you have enjoyed what I've brought so far and I look forward to trying to expand this place as best I can. I'm in the middle of a move right now so not sure when I'll be able to get building again, but hopefully it won't be that long. If anyone wants a closer look at Mophet I made a little Wiki-page for it Just wanted to say thanks a lot to everyone that have taken the time to comment on my builds here so far. Really appreciate all the feedback I have gotten. Cheers guys!
  5. Welcome to Mr. Ham's food stall, where you can get your just-caught fish; fresh apples and cherries too! Mr. Ham just moved to Lego City from the faraway land of Ninjago, where his stall was under constant threat of destruction from Lord Garmadon and his aquatic army. Mr. Ham's nerves are still a little raw from the ordeal, and if he's not at his stall you can most likely find him cowering behind the service counter in fear... but don't hold it against him. You try being attacked almost everyday for 16+ years! This model is a mashup of sets 10229 - Winter village Cottage, (for most of the truck) set 70607 - Ninjago City Chase, (for the food stall itself and fancy light poles) and as-yet unreleased set 75972 - Dorado Showdown (the inspiration for the building itself). Together, these sets make a fresh food market with an apartment for the stall / truck owner upstairs. The rear of the building. As you can see, the building folds on the hinges seen here to allow for access to the inside details, which locks shut on a Technic pin. The upstairs apartment features a bed. The rest of the furniture has yet to be unpacked, as evidenced by the boxes and crates in the corner. The downstairs stall has a table and bottle of root-beer, plus a garbage can and barrel of more root beer. (to refill the bottle that soothes Mr. Ham's nerves) As soon as Mister Ham's nerves calm down, he plans on using this vintage stake-bed truck to deliver groceries to the bigger customers and to pick up supplies from his sources, instead of paying to have it dropped off at the stall. Rear view of the truck. The roof comes off the truck to sit the driver inside. (minus the hat) This is Mr. Ham (photo from BrickLink). When he is driving his truck, his hair looks like this. (NOTE: LDD is missing six of one part in dark bluish gray for the upper window frames on the front side that are just floating there. They will be replaced with the proper bracket when built in real life... whenever that will be!) The LDD file for the building and truck can be found here at Bricksafe . As usual, comments, questions, complaints and suggestions are always welcome!
  6. LittleJohn

    The Island of El Harraz

    This was my contribution to the Guilds of Historica collaboration at Brickworld this year. I built the entire landscape and started on the buildings, before getting Isaac’s help to finish the model in time. The base split into three portions, and all the buildings were easily removable to allow for convenient transport of the build. It had been a while since I’d done a proper Kaliphlin scene, so it was a really fun build and I think turned out quite well. Also, there are quite a few sig-figs throughout the build. Can you find all of them? Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, and as always, C&C are very welcome
  7. The increase of maritime commerce in the area and the development of minerary activities on île de Zeus are transforming the once marginal city of Astrapi in a higly populated and lively colony. One of the most evident sign of this change is the growth of the market, held twice a week by arisans, farmers and merchants: where a year ago you would have found only a couple of rough stalls, fresh fruit and some fish, now you can see, all around the main square, a number of well refined stalls, covered with colorful cloths and selling almost any good cultivated, crafted or woven in the archipelago. Here you can see a man selling wines and liquors produced in Breshaun... ...a greengrocer showing a pineapple, a quite expensive delicacy since there is only one large-scale plantation of this tropical fruit in the area... ...a local fisherman... ...a cart with fresh bread and sacks of hardtacks from a near bakery... ...a foreign food seller, with his embers-heated rotating meat (inspired to @Legostone's one), typical of Southern Oleon... ...and a strange man selling strange maps, showing (as he says) "the routes towards the golden kingdoms of the South". An overall view:
  8. Here is my section of the Cactus Brick display that was put on at the Phoenix Comicon. The club coordinated on making a large diorama depicting the colonial's efforts to battle the pirates for domination of the sea. Enjoy! The storage area The Long Dock There are more pictures available here: Additional Pictures
  9. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office The Komodo Dragon "Because They're Pirates!" After the disastrous results of last month's voyages, Sinbad sought to meet with the captains of the two lost ships. He found them walking through Rassilon's fish market. Jamie, Jay, I've been looking for you. Sir, yes sir, what can we do for you sir? Does this have anything to do with the fact that both our ships sank sir? Idiots! What else could it be about! It wasn't our fault captain! We tried our best to keep the Tigerlily and the Darting Frog afloat, honest! We all make choices. When the Fang family tried to woo me with convincing arguments, I chose to take my own path. When Captain Fheng died and left us all to fend for ourselves, I chose to become a captain myself instead of sniveling under another man's orders. You two made your own choice when you agreed to follow me as captain! Now, you can choose to make your loses up to me, or you can choose to see my harpoon come out your backside, which will it be? We'll make it up to you captain, we swear!
  10. snaillad


    Hi fellow EB members Here is a MOC I've just recently completed called 'Haymarket'. It's taken several months to complete and was originally just going to be the building on the far right, but as I had too many ideas I carried on with building another and it made sense to put them into a bigger feature. I've taken elements of many styles of European architecture rather than focus on one style relating to a particular country. Anyway on with the pics, only 3; If you wish to view them on flickr the link is here Any comments or feedback welcomed. Cheers!
  11. Making a castle gate. Later going to build some houses and shops (after buying one more baseplate). I'm not very good at building, but tryin' to make something cool.
  12. LittleJohn

    Fresh Fish!

    My 8th entry into the CCC XIV, for the Traveling Salesman category. I’ve wanted to try an Asian themed build for quite some time now, and this category seemed a great opportunity to finally actually do it. I’m very pleased with how this build turned out, though there were definitely some challenging parts. It was inspired by several of Disco’s excellent Asian builds. A friendly fish vendor peddles his wares on a busy street. See more pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  13. Mark of Falworth

    CCC 14 - The Grand Bazaar

    (CCC14) The Grand Bazaar by Mark E., on Flickr A quick entry to this year's CCC! More photos in this album
  14. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Fleshing Out the Problem Bothan Data Hub Out on the streets of Bothawui, two friends were saying goodbye. So this is it huh? I guess so. It's been a good run. I'm sorry to say goodbye, but I can't stick with the Rebellion forever. It doesn't pay the bills and besides, sticking my neck out for others really isn't my style. You stuck your neck out for me when you broke me out of prison. Yeah, but that was an exception. You should have heard Mon Mothma when she asked for my help. It was so pathetic! And besides, I couldn't just leave you to rot in that jail. Well, if I can't convince you to change your mind, then thanks for everything Kale. Who knows, maybe we'll meet up sooner than you think? Ever thought about spice running? The two friends chatted for a little longer, then parted ways. Later, back at the data center, Mon Mothma briefed MKJoshA on his next assignment. It's not going to be easy, but your the best man we have for the job. Are you sure you're up to it? I'm your man. I'll help take out Xizor's guy and then move on to the next assignment. Don't forget, you have to get out before Relve sees you. If he knows where you are, I don't know if we'll be able to get you out again.
  15. It’s market day in Weelond! Residents have come to the market house on the village green to sell their wares. The ground floor of the market house is used to store goods, and the archways also serve as vendor stalls on market days. The 2nd floor of the market house is used as a meeting place for town elders and for community events. Some days there might be people selling animal skins and furs, leather goods, iron cooking pots, and other artisan goods, but today it looks like it’s farm produce day. As we walk along the street, Mrs. Pifano is selling bananas and apples. In addition to the man she’s talking to, the militiaman on horseback appears interested. Set up on the cobblestones in front of the market house we find “Old Man” Claesen, a local fisherman, and his young assistant with two barrels of fresh fish. Aaron van der Meede is talking to Mrs. Lockerman, who is selling carrots from her garden. At the far end of the building, Samuel Amwell is unloading kegs from his brewery. Moving to the other side of the market house, we see Sam’s assistant tending to the ox that pulls the cart. Up the street on the far side of the green, we are greeted by the smell of fresh baked bread and pastries. Let’s stop and buy some treats! The next smell is not as pleasant! A pig farmer has set up a temporary pen and brought his pigs to market. They are fat and ready for slaughter. Who wants bacon? But bacon would take time. The poultry farmer has cooked turkey legs ready now! He also has chickens for sale. That’s a visit to the Weelond market!
  16. Previously: Part 3 Turning The Mark Now that they believed they had conclusive proof of Malek's treason, the Desert King authorized his execution. Since Malek was still abroad in Kaliphlin, an assassin was hired to finish him as quickly and quietly as possible. The assassin found Malek collecting taxes from vendors in a market, and positioned himself on the roof of a nearby house, tying up the lady who was sitting there. Gideon was walking along the bustling Market street, when he noticed a crossbow pointing out from behind one of the poles that held the flags. It was pointing right at the official just in front of him. With lightning reflexes, he dove at the official, knocking him to the side and out of danger for the moment. The ruckus drew Erudhalion's attention, and he quickly spotted the assassin. It appeared he wasn't the only one, as a formidable lady was already at the top of the stairs, and had her sword half-drawn. Realizing he had been spotted, the assassin turned and drew his sword, ready to fight. By now, the Captain of the guard had also spotted him, and was about to strike him down, but was too slow, as the woman had already disarmed the man. The guards quickly came, tied him up, and escorted him to the city jail. The official thanked Gideon, the Lady, and Erudhalion profusely for saving his life. The lady then offered to accompany him to a safe location in case any more attempts were made on his life. To be continued... Some more pics of the build: Lots more pictures can be seen here: Link C&C appreciated
  17. Redhead1982

    Food market

    After a long break from building, I finally managed to create something new and take pictures. They're not the best, as my LEGO dedicated corner is still a work in progress, so I had to work with the lights I had available in other rooms. Without further ado, I built this open food market as a part of the LUG's town display. It was a nice change from building modulars, most prominently it was build much much faster. The market was built on two 32x32 baseplates, and is split in two parts to allow minifigs moving from on side of town to the other. There's 10 food stalls in total, and you can buy almost anything. My favourite stall is actually the one not selling food, but flowers. It was also the first one I made, and I used the same or very similar design to build other stalls. Since fruits and vegetables need to be washed before consumption, there's also a small well with two faucets for those who cannot make it home with the fresh fruits. One of the stalls offers home made marmelade and honey, the other one bread and cookies, and the third one sells different vegetables. To conclude, this is a slightly different areal view of the market.
  18. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] Market Day

  19. snaillad

    MOC: Piazza Maria

    Hello fellow EB members. My latest creation Piazza Maria is a little closer to home than my last, a town square with influences from several different parts of Europe. There is a deli, an ice cream parlour and a furniture shop around the main square with a market with outside seating to create some hustle and bustle! I only chose to furnish the interior's on the ground floors in all 3 buildings as there is very little depth to the buildings to accommodate a lot of apartment furniture like beds and such. I merely wanted window decoration where possible to show the buildings purpose. Anyway on with the pics, there's only 7 so they are all in here, apologies for editing of the last two, I tried to erase out some brightly coloured plates underneath so it looks a little scruffy! If you wish to view them in flickr you can on the link here: Any comments welcome! Cheers
  20. soccerkid6

    Katoren Market

    A free build for Guilds of Historica. This is my second module for a large collab build with LittleJohn. The tailor and potter's were interesting challenges, being much different than my normal style of buildings. It was fun experimenting with some brighter colors as well. The potter's wheel actually works, and can be seen in action here: link Katoren's marketplace offers a large variety of goods, and is generally quite crowded. More pictures, here: link All C&C welcome, and we've still got more of Katoren coming
  21. eurotrash

    MOC: Chinatown Streetside Market

    Chinatown Streetside Market I wanted to build a street market for my Chinatown district. It would be somewhere where you could buy Groceries, meat, fish, vegetables etc. and so to give it the space it required I inset it from the road. Here's what it looks like at night when business is closed - it's a fairly unassuming facade and a garage door. The only hint of what it might be comes from the two empty shelving structures. And during the daytime the place is transformed! The two shelves are now stocked, there's a hopper full of leafy greens, an ice box for fish and two interior refrigerators. Although there does seem to be something with a very large eyeball in the ice box. I wouldn't get too close. One final shot. Thanks for reading. Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome!
  22. This was a fun little build for the second phase of the Inn Category in AoM (third phase coming very soon ). The market stalls were inspired by Ecclesiastes. The hot cider stand always has plenty of customers at the Daydelon market. The hot drink is a welcome change from the frigid winter air. Tried a new color background, here's one with a standard white to contrast: C&C welcome
  23. Hello Everyone, Let me share with you my latest MOC. I could not find a better name than Market Street. I have purchased recently a couple of Prince of Persia sets, and really enjoyed the building. I figured I could use them to make a nice street. The whole street is made of three modular sections. My wife took the pictures. I have to admit that it was quite hard for her to get a nice view of the entire street. Market Street - All by Kinggregus, on Flickr Luckily, my wife took some close up pictures, here is the left wing: Market - West by Kinggregus, on Flickr Close up of the main gate: Front Gate by Kinggregus, on Flickr Close up of the right wing (unfortunately the fountain, which I am quite proud of, does not show really well): Market - East by Kinggregus, on Flickr And now, the back of the right wing. The library has a secret shelf that leads right into the treasure room: Library + Treasure Room by Kinggregus, on Flickr The back of the main gate, nothing exceptionnal: Front Gate - Back by Kinggregus, on Flickr The back of the left wing, it includes a cave, a stair and the armory room: Armory + Cave by Kinggregus, on Flickr Thanks for looking,
  24. This year Russians don't buy polish apples and norwegian salmon so they sell them wherever they can. Even Robin bought himself one apple to practice shooting. :). Moc is placed on 16x16 stud base, that's why cart don't have seat for a driver and harness. Few close-ups :) 22 Photos Gallery.
  25. Official press-release 13.07.2013 All pictures link to HR version which can be up to +5000.pxl 10235 Winter Village Market Ages 12+. 1,261 pieces. US $99.99 - CA $129.99 - DE 89.99€ - UK 79.99 £ - DK 799.00 DKK Available Beginning of October at LEGO Brand stores & S@H Collect and create a fun festive scene with the Winter Village Market! Bring home the holiday spirit with the Winter Village Market, continuing the popular LEGO® Winter Village Series. Turn the handle and take a ride on the rocking horse as the carousel spins! Visit the carnival booth. Fill up on holiday and fair favorites including a pie, pretzel and croissant at the baker’s stand, chicken and sausage at the grill stand or sweet treats at the candy shop. Celebrate a holiday season full of traditions and building with the Winter Village Market! Includes 9 minifigures with accessories: 3 females, 2 males and 4 children. • Includes 9 minifigures with accessories: 3 females, 2 males and 4 children • Features functioning carousel and operator’s booth with moving bucket challenge, baker’s stand, grill stand, candy stand, 2 streetlamps, 3 trees, a bench and 3 tables • Accessories include cups, teddy bear, a cat, scarf, purse and lots of food elements • Carousel horses feature new ornamental headwear design • Turn the handle to make the carousel rotate • Take a ride on the carousel • Watch the carousel horses really rock! • Fill up on holiday treats at the bakery, grill and candy stands! • Carousel and operator’s booth measure 7" (19cm) high, 10" (25cm) wide and 6" (16cm) deep • Booths measure over 3" (9cm) high, 3" (8cm) wide and 1" (4cm) deep • Combine with 10229 Winter Village Cottage for an even bigger winter scene! Minifigures Accessories Designer Video staring Astrid [/url]Enjoy!