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Found 2 results

  1. While his soldiers were rebuilding Malto, Lakor and Mehit, Lord Maximilian Damaximus was busy with organising the "Lakor Soccer Tournament". He also ordered the constructing of a Royal Palace, a residence that would fit his new royal title of "Prince of Garvey". Now he wasn't only a prince by marriage (as husband of Princess Margot of Eslandola), but also a prince by title. There are rooms for both the king of Eslandola and the king of Garvey. A not rendered painting: top view from far above the sky, it looks small, doesn't it? --- Thanks for watching! It was fun and frustrating to build I wanted to develop the gardens and road more and I wanted to make an interior, but LDD had another opinion and crashed more than 20 times. In the end it crashed everytime I added a stupid plate... The dimensions are 160x192 studs and the palace will be licenced as a royal palace.
  2. Farseer Petriel

    [MOC] Royal Palace

    Greetings! I present you my MOC, the royal palace: This palace stands in a World War One-era country in alternate Europe but has been built 100-150 years earlier. The genre of this MOC can be determined as steampunk, although it has only steampunk atmosphere without rather absurd chiches such as steam robots etc. This palace is inspired by palaces of 18th and 19th centuries, WWI photos and anime Howl's Moving Castle. The palace square, noisy and busy as ever: Newspaper boy: "Latest news! Only we have latest news!" The car close-ups: The car without minifigures: A little girl called Mia lives in a house near the palace. She likes to play with her pet mouse: The empty house: At the center of the square, there is a column with a grim angel statue holding a cross with a snake on it: Many citizens don't like this statue, as it seems too malificent, and this opinion isn't without reasons... The giant royal clock - all the kingdom check their watches with it: Modern electric lights stand in front of the main entrance: Heavy oak gate can open: There is a little chapel in that tower: The stained glass window: Inside there is a pastor playing organ: The chapel can be reached by walking on the wall stylized as a medieval castle: The centerpiece of the palace is the tall white tower: His Royal Majesty King Arcturus I resides there: The tower can be removed: An ambassador from a southern country has an audience with the king, offering him a military alliance: To the right of the king's throne stands his heir prince Valerian who likes ball dancing and nice women. To the left stands prime minister de Duran, the insidious plotter who is considered as a honest and trustworthy man by the prince. Ambassador Cortez and his bodyguards: The large chandelier: The inside of the palace from different sides: The back of the palace: The whole western wing is full of stairs connecting all floors of this palace: In the hall on the third floor a rich banker called Shamrock is photographed: King's office under the tower: King Arcturus is discussing his war plans with general Rodrigo Rodriguez. Models on the table indicate the positions of armies. The general tells the king about engineers who created a self-propelling armored war machine and suggests that there is nothing more powerful than his good old cavalry. The general spends his free time at the balls: Wait... Where are the musicians? The music is played by a new device called gramophone: Someone is singing opera arie on the balcony: On the first floor the servants are setting the table preparing for dinner after the ball: The large royal bedroom on the third floor: The mews: The opened gate: And who are these intruders? The short one calls himself the Professor. He was a science genius who went mad after he failed an experiment with toxic substances. He is accompanied by his loyal Homunculus, the artificial human with a jar instead of his head. The Professor carries a trolley with dangerous potions and wants to blow the palace up using them. Of course, the poor handmaiden didn't expect such guests... There are many mysteries hiding in the palace's dungeons. There wise old wizards are solving mysteries of the Universe: Although magic is officially prohibited in the kingdom, the king didn't refuse to study it. Felix von Helsingfors, the world-famous witch hunter, watches after them and lets no one to escape. The door leads to a prison cell: It's thought that nobody can escape it, but what is this: Someone has opened a secret door in the cell to free the prisoner. This monster is called Edward Hookhands. His origins are unknown, maybe, he came from another timeline of universe. But people have decided that the man with such golden hands can't live free and placed him into the prison cell. That's all, thank you for watching! Comments and criticism are welcome!