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Found 10 results

  1. Great parades are planned for the Corlander capital of Belson in the lead up to hostilities with Oleon. As preparation for the parades, soldiers of the 26th Foot undergo the ritual of "Absolute Stillness". Under the close watch of senior officers, the company must remain absolutely still - they may not make a single movement. The company that can remain motionless for the longest period of time receives the honor of vanguard position in the parade.
  2. While General Brickleton (Captain Brickleton's father) has been retired from the Corrington Armed Forces for a few years, he still reports for duty every December. After getting set up on the 3rd floor of the northeast tower of the Headquarters of the Armed Forces in the Corlander capital of Belson, he opens and responds to Merrymas letters from the children of servicemen and women currently abroad. Lieutenant Steeling brings in bags of letters the children have sent to the powers that be, and Brickleton does his best to grant their Merrymas wishes. With a sizeable fortune at his disposal, the retired general often sends attendants off on errands to purchase gifts. Process Photos OOC: Curved wall technique from Isaac. Thanks to @CapOnBOBS for the idea for dark brown / reddish brown furniture. Reposted a few days after first posting in The BotBS Advent Calendar 2020 thread as I wanted to submit it as a free build as well.
  3. After learning of the Onondaga's myths and constellations, Captain Brickleton wrote a note to Elsabeth Stockton detailing the encounter with the medicine man. He arranged for his father, retired General Brickleton, to purchase and deliver a telescope and bottle of port to her family's country retreat outside of Belson. Elsabeth's servant helped her set up the telescope on one of the 7th floor balconies high above the estate's tree tops. From there, she followed Captain Brickleton's notes to find the Onondaga constellations. She enjoyed some port in the night air, and then retired indoors to begin a long letter in reply. OOC: I wanted to try a vignette build where there was a rooftop high up above some trees, and you could only see the treetops. Not sure I pulled it off, but was fun to build.
  4. After being recalled from northern Corrington south to the capital of Belson, Captain Brickleton visited his father at their stately home in the heart of the city. His father, a retired general, happened to be hosting a soiree with some of his old army colleagues and their families. After making introductions, the elder Brickleton took his son to the study and bestowed upon him the family sword. The sword had a fine brass scabbard and wickedly sharp blade. It had been in the family for seven generations and was carried in all of the major old world campaigns of the past two centuries. Receiving the sword, Captain Brickleton felt the gravity of the ages on him and the weight of family expectations. Captain Brickleton would take it with him on his new adventures just beginning as he shipped out to Elizabethville. Captain Brickleton and his father slip into the library. The elder Brickleton gives his son the family sword. The sword had a fine brass scabbard and wickedly sharp blade. The bookcases in the formal library were so tall that the elder Brickleton would have his servants fetch a ladder to reach the items on the higher shelves. The library contained treasures from the elder Brickleton's adventures traveling the world as a general. A soiree of in the finest fashion. It was a chilly night, so a fire was lit in the fireplace. The spirits flowed freely and Captain Brickleton had his eye on Brigadier Stockton's daughter.
  5. After receiving the Brickleton family sword, Captain Brickleton returned to the soiree and introduced himself to Brigadier Stockton's daughter Elsabeth. They made plans to meet up the following day. Having spent nine months living in an army camp in northern Corrington, Captain Brickleton had plenty of unspent officer pay and wanted to buy a new uniform coat. Elsabeth accompanied him to Gerald Of Belson's, the premiere purveyor of officer uniforms in the capital. While perusing a selection of hats, Elsabeth saw a brass compass and bought it for Captain Brickleton to take on his journey to Elizabethville. They promised to keep correspondence. While perusing a selection of hats, Elsabeth saw a brass compass and bought it for Captain Brickleton to take on his journey to Elizabethville.
  6. Location: Belson Type: Large Artisan Previous Chapters Belson by North White, on Flickr It was a busy day in Belson. A Streetcar rumbled across the elevated rail bridge, past an ad for Canned Horse Meat. Belson by North White, on Flickr The streets were choked with people, going to and from work, and carriages taking people to where they needed to be. Belson by North White, on Flickr A Military Convoy sent supplies to the docks, heavily guarded by the proud Corrish Marines. Belson by North White, on Flickr Dr. Edmund Vesper walked towards the small yellow tavern, where his quarry lay. He passed a small child selling newspapers. Belson by North White, on Flickr "Quincy Samuel." Said Vesper punctually. "What Floor?" "3." Said the Barkeep, going back to his business. Belson by North White, on Flickr Dr. Vesper climbed the stairs, past a pool table where off duty workers raucously played. Belson by North White, on Flickr There stood Quincy, blissfully ignorant. Belson by North White, on Flickr "Odell Kirk. Where is he?" Yelled Vesper "What?!? Who are you!" Asked Quincy in a panic. Belson by North White, on Flickr Dr. Vesper punched Quincy. Hard. He fell down. "Your his secretary. Where is he?!?" Repeated Dr. Vesper "He's in Namere! Visiting Da Bricki!" FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I really enjoyed building this one, and I hope it is still "BoBS like" enough for everyone. This was a major reason I asked about Sailpunk, as this build is much more 'sailpunk' than historical. The elements, however, are historically accurate, as far as I can tell. C&C appreciated! Extra Shots: Belson by North White, on Flickr Cheese Store in the other building. Ran by an Oleander of course. Belson by North White, on Flickr The Entire Build Belson by North White, on Flickr Another Angle
  7. In one of the numerous ministry buildings in Belson, heavy issue were on the agenda. Representatives of the Royal Navy, her Majesty's Armed Forces, the Foreign Ministry, and the Crown convened to discuss current events and the proper Corlander response. The building was a rather grandiose palazzo in the modern style, with an imposing, elaborate façade, facing one of the larger streets of Belson. Few knew exactly what was going on inside this building, or what ministry it was related to, but at all times, two soldiers were stationed outside, guarding the entrance and only letting in those with an explicit invitation, suggesting that confidential matters might be involved. Right at this moment, such a guest was arriving, donning the official uniform of the Eslandian armed forces. Oddly enough, inside a representative of Oleon had also just arrived, and was being welcome by an assistant at the door. What matters might require the presence of both Eslandian and Olean representatives? Upstairs, an answer was to be found. A rear-admiral was expressing concerns about developments in the naval balance of power. "…but with the newly despatched Man-of-war the Triton adding to the existing forces including the HRS Tigre, the Royal Navy can no longer be expected to counter a possible aggression from Oleon. Not without further commitment of forces." All around, the officials were nodding, and the rear-admiral continued: "And Eslandian fleets leave us in a similar predicament. Especially Maestro is in possession of considerable forces, amongst those the Margot. To that, we can add the multitude of privateers and minor powers, attacking our trade…" Her Majesty's representative interjected: "But did not the pirate purge sweep up a great many pirates?" "Indeed, my lord, but despite continuous joint efforts, privateers seem to reappear as swiftly as we can catch them." The general took the word. "I too have ill-tidings. Word has just reached us that Eslandola seems to have invaded Isla de Victoria..." An elderly gentleman in black from the Foreign Ministry cried out in shock: "Oh dear. Although they are nominally at war with Mardier, we were not expecting them to commit to actual fighting! I doubt Mardier will allow such an incursion. And what of the shift in the balance of power in New Terra? What colonies will be next?" "Perhaps King Fernando-Augusto is so confident that his treasure fleets will fill his coffers for war?" the Royal representative suggested. "Bah! Their negligence in keeping its movements confidential means that any tub that floats will be out there hunting the prize of the century," said the admiral, shaking his head. "So be it. Considering their positions in our current diplomatic negotiations, we cannot intervene to their advantage. And should they persist in their efforts to unlawfully claim land in New Terra, we must consider diplomatic action," declared the man in black, followed by nods all around. "The Crown has come to the understanding that we may see improvements in our relations to Oleon? Are the negotiations proceeding as planned?" the Royal Representative asked. "Nothing is certain, but the tides might be changing..." was the ominous answer. And so the discussion went on, only interrupted by short interviews with the Olean and Eslandian representatives, and one can only speculate as to the outcome. It was indeed a turbulent time... ________________________________________________________________________________ Felt like building a palace style building, and with the recent developments in New Terra, I was handed a perfect use for it, as I feel that these needed comment. Know that Corrington watches closely the balance of power in New Terra, and expects anyone to answer to their actions! And note that the things discussed by these officials are not necessarily the official stance of Corrington, but definitely represents our valid concerns... C&C is, as always welcome.
  8. A brilliant idea! But that's not what she said... The King of Carno leaned back on his throne. It was a fine day, and the king had his mind running on a bunch of odd topics, including that of diplomacy. It seemed that his ambassador to Corrington had been quite worthless, and that really needed to be fixed. Suddenly it struck the King of Carno that an alliance with that nation would be just the thing to have, and that a perfect way to accomplish such an alliance would be to marry Queen Annette, who, however, he knew absolutely nothing about. Nothing daunted, the king leap off his throne and shouted for his horse. After riding over to Bellson in mad haste (he always did everything in such a condition), he alighted at the palace gate. "Queen whatever thy name beeth!" he exclaimed, bowing low, "it has recently popped into my head that, that, the fact is - in short, that I ought to get married. Your own worthy self instantly came to mind, and it is my great pleasure to present myself as your loyal servant, and to humble request your hand." Queen Annette looked bewildered for a second (which gave the king much hope of a good outcome) - however, she promptly ruined his dreams and smashed his aircastles by jumping out of the throne, and hurling her scepter at him. He looked up in surprise. "May I consider that a statement of your extreme willingness to share our kingdoms, and, perhaps to combine them into - let us see - Carnington?" he inquired in an elated undertone. The next moment he found himself flying through the air in a state of ejection from the polished doorways of the noble edifice, and he landed with a splat on the pavement below. The king looked around and shook his head. Suddenly recollecting his position, he leaped back onto his charger, and with only one hurried glance backwards, sped back to his capital - wishing, perhaps, that he had left things up to that useless ambassador. => next chapter: Dashing Out by Garmadon ---------------- OOC ---------------------- This was an enerving build :p First of all because our national soccerteam was playing the same time (luckily I was in another room than the tv). Secondly because I had to redo a large part of the floor mozaic... The build is based on the palace room Ska build
  9. Ibn al'Sayeed was not what you would call the nervous type, yet these days, he didn't exactly seem at ease, wandering through the financial district of Belson. As Montoya had been called to the old world (once more delaying Cooke's arrival at Quinnsville) on a diplomatic mission to Carno, al'Sayeed had taken the opportunity for a ship back to the old world. While managing the Montoya Estate was typically pleasant business, this month was different, and he needed to discuss the situation with some of his old contacts around the stock exchange. He had just left such a meeting, which had been no consolation. Normally news of New Terran shipping would long have been in already, but so far, only a few merchants had made it to the Old World, and those with very sparse news. Thus, the stock market was ripe with speculation about the reasons behind this delay. Some said a storm had taken most of the ships, some that trade had dwindled, others (mainly Olean priests) that Poseidon had risen in wrath. The only thing certain was that the markets were very nervous, and that many expected a crash. As his contacts had been able to tell him, significant interests were starting to bet against the market, and others were following. Were the days of great fortunes being made in New Terra over so soon? As the Montoya Estate had most of its funds tied up in shipping, al'Sayeed had his reasons to be worried... ____________________ Just a small build to comment on the lacking MRCA results - I figured I might as well make it a storyhook! C&C welcome
  10. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: A powerful Friend Next: Brotherhood of the Red Dragon |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry 10 March 616 28 Sea miles from Belson Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer With all the loading complete, we finally set sail for home.....I was eager to learn more from our new friend... Brotherhood contact by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr He represents a group called the "Brotherhood of the Red Dragon," and claims they have a training facility that he wishes us to see..... Learning of the Brotherhood by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr Crewman: "Captain, sir.....Sails on the horizon! I think we are being pursued...." Sails on the horizon! by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr Captain Rhys: "No worries, me hearties....we have a 'white knight' watching over us....she's just cresting the horizon now... White skull to the rescue by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr ===================================== Thanks for visiting!