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  1. Flobnomdob

    [MOC] Ballroom

    Here's a day's build, first complete model in a while from me. The experiment here was using old, yellowed 'white' bricks alongside modern tan ones for a more aged texture. The mirror is a badly-applied sticker on a Friends set found in a charity shop, so I had to build a chunky frame to hide the edges. The baseplate here was an old, broken one too, which prompted me to try to build this glorified shield display stand from parts in my collection that would never otherwise be appreciated. Comments welcomed, enjoy!
  2. Flobnomdob

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

    Mind-blowing stuff! The most shocking thing for me is the ludicrous scale of the bulk of parts that aren't hollowed out. This thing must weigh a ton! The interior's the sort of scale an entire Imperial-centric film could take place within it... One important thing, though... is it swooshable (And would you dare?) ?
  3. Flobnomdob

    Female Torso WIP

    I like this design, I can see how it could be used to give an unique appearance to a not-so-heavily armoured figure. I think the main reason people're saying it looks too clearly like a face is because no other face is visible- it'd improve massively with a head and limbs. If you complete it, I look forward to seeing what can be done with this design!
  4. Flobnomdob

    MOC: Jar Jar Binks Crossbow

    Not only is this hilarious in its purpose but the construction work here is wonderfully neat, simple and streamlined. Good job!
  5. Flobnomdob

    UCS Helicarrier

    Now, how long 'till someone buys three and builds some enormous diorama? I look forward to someone else doing it, seeing as I won't be able to afford one... Still, the minifigures are great but their choices are a bit odd. Maria Hill (With arm printing!) is a big yes, but they could either have given us Bruce Banner, Coulson and Cap OR Black Widow, Cap, Falcon and Winter Soldier, but as it is it's not suited for recreating any scenes from either of the films, especially because of the (Albeit easily modded) rotor blade innacuracies and lack of a huge fishbowl on the bottom.
  6. These are far better than I'd expected, with so much attention to detail and better pricing than the mini sets. The Mine set looks like a lot of (Fragile?) fun, while my favourite has got to be the Crafting Box. I'm happy to see more sets like this, since the podracer bucket ten a decade ago. New accessories and armour is all good (But how does the helmet connect to the head?) and there seems to be a new shape of light brick in the End tower thing. Also, I'm going to assume the Creeper's legs aren't articulated, as they seem to be in the same pose in every photo...
  7. Flobnomdob

    2015 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm only really interested in these if they turn out to be realistically minifig-sized, and include the presenters. Here's hoping for at least a new 6-stud-wide windscreen part, something I've realised recently we don't have enough different depths of...
  8. Flobnomdob

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    To me personally Invasion From Below represents all of Hero Factory to me, so, as we're unlikely to get another 'minifigure-scaled' constraction series in a long time, so some variation in the weapons and helmet designs is all good.
  9. Flobnomdob

    MOC: Temple of Mithras

    Brilliant use of cheeses here to give it all a 'mosaic' look, and the scale and shape really gives the right feel to the scene. I've always loved Roman architecture and you've done it justice here.
  10. Flobnomdob

    Elves 2015

    Well, I was inspired on the spur of the moment, so I threw together this, just for fun...
  11. Flobnomdob

    Elves 2015

    Well, I for one am quite happy to see this news- more castle stuff cheaper and of a different format could be good. I'm getting a tad bored of the theme being Good guy castle Bad guy prison Bad guy prison carriage Good guy tower being attacked by a catapult and so forth. I'd definately appreciate a theme more along the style of Vikings, with a single good guy army against numerous fantasy creatures. Thsi could be my chance!
  12. Flobnomdob

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    I appreciate that Lego's done this really- they never advertised this in any way (solely for them being strong female characters- woah), they've just mentioned it in passing. The beasts don't look female, or any gender, so why shouldn't they? I was always a tad bored by the idea of the beasts just being a 'mutated ant colony' with a queen and wanted something more original. This is perfect. How about some more female Heroes next time, ay? Or, female BIONICLEs. I don't mind.
  13. Flobnomdob

    Thunderbirds Mole MOC

    This seems very accurate, and the colour scheme seems just about spot on! The function looks good too. I'm glad to see there are more fellow Thunderbirds fans here! I've always wanted to build a Mole after finding this part:
  14. Flobnomdob


    Looks very natural and smooth, and the parts usage is lovely. Is that colour scheme inspired by the Dino Attack/Dino 2010 sets? It really works here!
  15. 79116 - Big Rig Snow Getaway – Theme: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lxf file (LDD 4.3.8) Errors: No printing on any of the figures 6076806 (Mobile phone printed on 2x1 tile) print replaced 62711 not available in multiple colours to make 6073879 6079649, 6070114, 6079055, 6079049, 6070883 replaced Stickers missing EDIT: Cropped picture