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  1. Marckeyh

    Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

    Epic model! Nice photography as well
  2. Marckeyh

    Ghostbusters HQ/Firehouse LDD File

    That's a great model Brent. Thanks so much for sharing
  3. Marckeyh

    MOC: Royal Palace Brussels

    Thank you again for the raving comments! I got some nice detail pictures from my mate Alex, who helped me setup my project in Brussels:
  4. Marckeyh

    MOC: Royal Palace Brussels

    You can go and watch it for free. It is located in the entrance hall To everyone who replied, THANK YOU for the amazing comments. @Yatkuu : Nathan was there at the opening night, but I missed him, he went away for a tv interview, and I was stuck in traffic...
  5. Marckeyh

    MOC: Royal Palace Brussels

    Thanks for the great comments everbody. Here are some more pictures: I hope this has earned me a LDD badge OLBC exists since september 2012, so yes, quite new. We had a visit from prince Laurent, that was amazing.
  6. Hello all I would like to present my latest MOC. It's the royal palace of Brussels, in scale 1/48. I have completely designed it in LDD. It's 4m80 wide and 1m30 high, and uses approximately 150.000 bricks. It took one year to complete. Members of my local LUG: OLBC, helped me build it after I completed the design. At the moment it's present at The Art of The Brick exhibition in Brussels. It will be there until april 20th. It's a great honour the be at the exhibition of Nathan sawaya.
  7. The quality of the HTML plans is pretty bad. The resolution of the images is too low IMO. If this friend installs LDD on his PC, you could just send the LDD file, with the calculated building plan.
  8. I have used LDD to make a MOC of 150.000 bricks. I had also noticed the program becomes very unstable once you go over 20.000 parts. Sometimes it crashes when you save, making your file corrupt. I've made my MOC out of approx 50 separate parts. This helped with the crashing problem, but I had to design it that way anyway, because I needed to be able to transport it. I believe this problem could be fixed, if they would make a 64bit version. Multi-core support would be great, especially when calculating building plans!
  9. Marckeyh

    Scania R560 V8 'Black Pearl'

    Excellent MOC! So much detail, amazing.
  10. Marckeyh

    Fiat Panda 4x4

    Great MOC Pit
  11. Marckeyh

    Your LEGO regrets

    Not picking up the Taj Mahal when it was really cheap at the LEGO store!
  12. Problem? For me, it wasTNT
  13. You're post was a bit confusing indeed. So basically, only 20.000 exclusives, and that's it, no new sets are being made.