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  1. samsz_3

    90th Anniversary of the Lego Group / Fan Vote

    Not a win, but hopefully Lego will see how well trains did, for something that "not enough people are intrested in" (idk the exact quote but some Jamie Berard interview. Combined with the fact that the Crocodile Locomotive is often out of stock hopefully they'll see the train fans are still alive
  2. samsz_3

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    I was on the website at midnight, signed in and it just said "Coming Soon" and "Early Release for VIP" - now its on backorder :(
  3. Trouble on Tatooine is now available in the UK - same thing happened in Summer, they came out about 1h early
  4. Just2Good's reviews X wing is up. Tbh I'm more disappointed after watching it. The wing mechanism seems really loose, as soon as you pick it up the wings start flopping in flight mode. I have the 2018 one which also does that but nowhere near as much, and the rubber bands hold the wings together. The mechanism seems clever but complex and it takes away space for any greebling on the back. I like the skis as landing gear but wish the front one folded up. As someone who has the 2018 one it's obviously not for me, and I'm really happy they are making lower priced ones. I have some skis from old city advent calendars I might try and mod mine. Also the canons are leagues better than the 2018 one. I really do like the Tie Fighter though it looks great! If you don't compare the dimensions it looks fine and reasonably well detailed
  5. Does anyone know when the Bespin Duel releases in the UK?
  6. I want to get one big set before I go to uni - should I get the Razor Crest or AT-AT? Empire is my favourite film but I did like the Mandalorian. Seeing the reviews now I'm more inclined towards the AT-AT. What I'm worried about is a scenario like the Ghost, big ship that only gets made once
  7. Hmm, the Death Star was never going to last as long as the old one. I thought D2Cs lasted a bit longer than cloud city. Out of curiosity has LEGO ever changed something in a set mid run (aside from the TLJ bomber and small mould changes) like changing the storm trooper design? Also I've got my 1 501st BP (and Anakin's Interceptor - I got it for £5 off on eBay) to build on results day
  8. Could the early retirement of Cloud City and Death Star be because they are the last sets with the old (and superior imo) Stormtrooper helmet?
  9. Got my 501st pack - now to try and cancel my LEGO shop order . £35 is just too much for the AAT in my opinion and I will wait until I can find a discount on it, I don't need it right away. I'm not suprised that the 501st and the AAT sold out super quickly but I was not expecting the AT AT to go that fast as well. I guess pre orders had been up for a while for it. A Level results day is in a few weeks and if I get the grades I want I was going to treat myself to it (haha thanks covid). Hopefully there will be more stock by then
  10. I'm so angry right now. I had enough VIP points for £5 off and was going to get one 501st BP, but accidentally selected vouchers for instore (why is it seperate?!?!?). After doing a bit of searching I decided to order without the discount because I'd buy more stuff later and I ordered it than it said it's on 60 day back order
  11. samsz_3

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    There is a leak up on IG for a City D2C 60271 Main Square. Has this been discussed before? New to this thread - I'm interested because it looks like there is a tram or monorail
  12. samsz_3

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    When I do that, rubber bands only on the driving wheels, I still have a significant amount of slow down going through curves.
  13. I can't find photos of the bespin set on the usual hashtags...
  14. samsz_3

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I tried bands on opersite sides, and it goes well clockwise and poorly anti clockwise (or vice versa depending on the sides). I'd be interested to hear from people who've motorised it using both PF and PU to see what issues you guys have had, and how you are running it (nose wheel rubber bands are already off)