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  1. samsz_3

    [moc] Schools Class 4-4-0 'Repton'

    Ah this looks amazing! Nice part usage for the smoke deflectors. 8 wide British engines are beautifully detailed (same goes for your B1!)
  2. At first when the images for the Imperial Light Cruiser were released at first I was very excited, because I didn't have a Star Destroyer style ship, but once I looked more closely, I was quite disappointed at how it looked. I understand it's a playset first etc, but the biggest issues to me were how wide the front gap was and how high the bridge was. Mixing between the Arquitens and the 546 Cruiser is understandable at this scale, especially if using promo images etc, but the proportions were so off for both. I also wanted to retain the DNA of being a "LEGO playset" and I felt the back half of the ship made poor use of space. 20220119_224320 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20220119_222455 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20220119_220934 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20220119_221542 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr The TIE Fighter launcher has been taken out and the front gap is smaller and has trans blue tile details. I've tiled off more of the surface of the cruiser. The canons are now much smaller as they don't have spring shooters. 20220119_221534 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20220119_220951 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20220119_221006 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20220119_221045 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr I wanted to better utilise the space in the middle of the ship and make it more accurate so the bridge and "spine" have been completely redesigned. The spine is now 3 studs wide and the bridge is lower. I refuse to use stickers so for the windows I represented them with clips. The ship is already very sturdy and can be "swooshed" by holding the sides so personally I didn't see the need for the handle taking up all the space in the bridge (and making the proportions off). The bridge is held on with 2 studs and inside there is enough space for a couple of figures sitting down. I haven't decided what to do with it but it will either be Dark Trooper storgage or Grogu's cell. I wanted to keep the spirit of being a playset so I tried to find a way to add a Dark Trooper drop mechanism but due to the large wedge tiles making up the base, there was no room for an opening door. You can also see I have tried to angle the ship behind the docking bay a bit more. I used a mix of artistic license between the Arquitens, class 546 and the shape of the set to compromise. 20220119_220717 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr Interior remains the same, with a few different consoles. More photos on flickr
  3. One of the reasons I'm excited about the 2023 Hogwarts Express is that I hope it gets people into building steam locomotive MOCs. This happened for me by modifying it's predecessor, 75955 20230508_162151 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr I got two copies of 75955 cheap on eBay. My aim was to make the locmotive look more like a GWR Hall Class, whilst keeping it "LEGOish". I wanted it to be able to run on R40 tracks, with power functions. I also wanted to mainly use parts from the sets, with some from my own collection, and not have to Bricklink anything. This meant it had to be 6 wide, and use a similar boiler design. Also no custom wheels/rods/stickers. 20230508_162212 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr The original locmotive's proportions were rather tall and not long enough. I extended the boiler by 4 studs, and the firebox and the smokebox by 1 stud. I need to take a better photo, but I'm quite proud of the taper on the boiler. It extends by 1 plate, over 12 studs. The rear of the boiler is clipped to the firebox and the smokebox. The smokebox is not attached with studs to the running board, but on a Technic axle, so it can legally be a fraction of a stud off grid. I also added droid arms to create break rigging and sand pipes. 20230508_162243 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20230508_162447 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20230508_162508 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr The biggest challenge was getting the pony truck to go around R40 curves, and not interfere with the cylinders. This was an absolute headache - a lot of MOCs I've seen in recent years, are designed for wider curves, or they have the second set of pony wheels fixed, and only have one set of flanged drivers. I didn't want to do this so I created a pony truck with a sliding front axle. The pony truck can pivot to a fixed angle, than there are stoppers under the cylinder, which stop it moving any further. As the axle is free to move axially, it will un-centre itself to go around the bend. It works, but looks a bit strange, and is something I want to improve on the next version. 20230508_162221 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr Tender has all the PF components. Again for simplicity, I used the normal train motor guards (and mimicked the design around the front wheels), but I want to improve this in my next version. Also, for part reuse, I'm using the trap door from the original's tender to mount the train motor and thread the cable. 20230508_162629 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20230508_162711 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr The coach isn't meant to be a BR Mk1. I don't have any dark red parts, so I just decided to extend the official coach out to use a proper train base, whilst keeping the removable wall from the playset. I also have some older windows in my collection which were quite useful. If interested, their are more photos on my flickr. When I have the time, I'd like to do a full rebuild in 7 wide using custom wheels, with dark red Mk1s. But for now, I'm happy with this - I'm glad LEGO's play set was mis-proportioned as it inspired me to do this. Already working on a proper MOC now . References A lot of inspiration was taken from Phil B's incredible MOC/MOD @Phil B, particularly with the tapered boiler using the original set's design
  4. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2023

    More interestingly to non HP fans... Both the renders and the real life photos (link here) appear to have the old style (i.e. whenever 9V started - 2018) train wheels with the metal axles. Hopefully this isn't a LEGO marketing error, and LEGO have realised in trains: friction = bad
  5. I like technic and space, and I've been getting a bit bored of large licensed cars - this is a nice change
  6. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2023

    Clearer pictures of the new HE up. Looks quite a bit better than the 2018 one seeing it now (proportions better). Interesting use of the small wheels on the front pony truck, to allow the cylinders to be lower. That's always an issue when making a train that can go around Lego curves.
  7. samsz_3

    Wizarding World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    The interior of the new set has more specific details than the DA set. Naturally it is easier when there is a cut-away and no set of stairs taking up most of the interior, so no disrespect to the DA's designer. It would be cool to see someone add the Umbridge thing/Darkness Powder/sticky shoes to the DA set. Seeing the inside, I can understand why this set exists, its meant for people who don't want to pay £380 for DA, its not aimed at those who already have it. I really hate the stickered faces though.
  8. Looks great! When I create MOCs usually I try to limit myself to rules of "must be LEGO parts" and "must go around official curves" so I understand your pains! With all the detail it's hard to tell the wheels are undersized
  9. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2023

    New Hogwarts Express has leaked in the usual place. it looks fairly similar to the 2018 one to be honest. Locomotive looks basically the same, tender is a bit bigger and has 6 wheels. It has 2 coaches, (short wheelbase like 2018) but they look to be 8 wide (although the rest of the train is 6). Aso includes straight tracks and the ramp (like the Hidden Side train) and a pretty nice looking Hogsmede station. For Harry Potter fans might be worth it for new minifigures, but not an upgrade for train fans - but that's fine! The old one was good modding potential for a lot of people (including me), and this will be the same. At least it fits on track ;)
  10. samsz_3

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2023 - Rumours and Discussion

    Leaked images on Instagram
  11. Ah thank you! Yes just scanned through that episode, now I know it's canon, it's on the wishlist with the Ghost...
  12. Has a Coruscant Guard coloured gunship appeared in either Canon or Legends? I can't remember it appearing in the Clone Wars, even in the Season 5 "The Wrong Jedi" arc. Apologies if this has already been asked
  13. From Brickset: "The real-life 4-wheel drive hypercar’s electric powered 7 speed transmission has been replicated in precise scale in this new model" I didn't think the car would have a transmission, I guess this makes price a bit more palitable? On the other hand, adds to cost, undoubtedly will be over complicated, and will be harder to play with, as lots of friction/clicking
  14. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2023

    Generally, how long is it between an ideas submission being approved, and releasing?
  15. samsz_3

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2023 Rumors, Speculation

    Interesting article on New Elementary, about the chassis and wheel arches in the upcoming sets. It looks like the new wheel arch could have been used on the Nissan Skyline, allowing more of the front to be tiled off. The images so a prototype piece in LBG, but I don't believe it'll be in LBG in any of the March sets