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  1. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2024 City Tram for summer 2024. Could very easily be used as a light railway EMU. Personally i like it a lot, as it reminds me of trams I've been on, with the colours of 7938. I also think offering a "cheaper" train set without motors, whole loop of track etc, is good to try and get kids intrested in trains. Intresgingly LEGO have gone back to the older style of train wheels (metal axles)...why for something this light, but not thr heavy OE...
  2. May be controversial, but I think this R2D2 is better than the UCS version
  3. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2024

    Agree, I think TLG is missing a trick here. They could have made a small 0-4-0 steam or diesel shunter for city with powered up (for steam would need tanks to cover it). Add in 2 wagons and a circle of track (no straights) and they may have been able to get a trainset out for under £100 in today's money.
  4. samsz_3

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Runs well, considering it only uses 1x train motor - with everything TLG said, I thought it would be slower. Because of this, I'm planning on putting 2x PF train motors in a carriage, and putting the battery box in the dining carriage as well, in the door section, so most of the interior is preserved. I guess the weight of the coach is giving the train motors lots of traction.
  5. samsz_3

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    I would guess another issue TLG encountered is the length of the coaches. Although they are on bogies and will go around standard Lego curves, there will be a lot of drag (explanation if interested: the drag will be on the rearmost bogie sets of the coaches, due to the sides of the wheels being pulled against the rails, as the load path follows along the coach. On tight curves, the coach body has a large angle compared to the tangent the curve at the rear bogie. The issue is much greater on 1x 40stud coach, than 2x 20stud coach, as on the 2x, the load is transferred through the couplings at a much smaller angle between coach and tangent). This will be even worse with the silly plastic wheels, without metal axles. Like I've said before, using custom Trixbrixx (or equivalent) wide curves, this won't be an issue, but obviously TLG don't want to make a whole new set of track geometry.
  6. samsz_3

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Wow that was quick! Nice job
  7. samsz_3

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    The middle wheelset of the tender can slide from side to side, so it will go around R40
  8. samsz_3

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Hmmm. I could understand the short stubby locomotive for A) IP reasons and B) to make the train motorisable. The fact that they made the design compromises, and it still won't run is personally an issue. From my quick look, the coaches are 44 studs long. I'm curious to know if the bogies on the coaches and the leading wheels on the loco actchually pivot. If they do (i.e. so it can be pushed around curves), I think "it's to heavy to motorise" actchually means "it's to heavy to motorise using the official plastic wheels, 1x PU motor and with all the additional friction of R40 bends, so Joe Bloggs with his Lego city can't do it. The train guys with their buwizz, custom wide curves and wheels will be fine". At the end of the day it's LEGO, we will find a way...
  9. samsz_3

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Potential prototypes the locomotive is based on: SCNF 230 Prussian P8 Anymore for anymore? By extending wheelbase and dropping cylinders its not too far off a blue P8 imo.
  10. samsz_3


    This looks incredible! What are the roof tiles made of?
  11. samsz_3

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Agreed. I stopped getting LEGO as a kid in around 2010, and started getting into it again as an adult in 2019. The mould marks on my original pieces are hidden and impossible to notice, but parts like tiles now have huge flashing marks. Also some of my childhood windscreen pieces have no scratches, but these days, I open a new set and find scratches on transparent parts.
  12. samsz_3

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    I think very loosely based, even more than Maersk/EN/Horizon. I think it's fine not to be based on a prototype, but this doesn't even look like a generic SNCF steam engine. If it has a smoke box, was dark green, and had smoke deflectors, then I could start to buy it. Apologies, you are right! I meant firebox (been a long week). For those who aren't aware - alot of European steam locomotives have a distinct more squared off part of the boiler next to the cab where the firebox is.
  13. samsz_3

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Yeah - I also really don't like the lack of a smoke box. I think I'll add one when I extend the locomotive.
  14. samsz_3

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Exactly! Takes some of the "toy train" proportions away from it. I think adding a stud between the wheels, and two studs to the pony truck should be a minimum. If you change to XL wheels, you would probably want more to keep things "in scale". Speaking of which, ^ agree with comments above - I can't find very good information on Orient Express locomotives. If anything that does work to LEGO's benefit - it doesn't have to be based on a specific prototype. The Emerald Night was only loosely based on the LNER A3. The Maersk train was only loosely based on an EMD SD40-2. This set had to appeal to: General AFOLs looking to display a set Therefore it will need it to look good on display AFOLs with a LEGO City Must fit on standard L gauge track Therefore the locomotive must go around R40 curves (unlike submission) Therefore must be no wider than 8 wide Those who recognise the Orient Express through pop culture (e.g. Agatha Christie) Must have be big enough to have an interior Therefore must be at least 8 wide Kids (just because it's aimed at adults, doesn't mean kids can't unwrap it on Xmas day...) Must be solid enough to be built and handled by older kids Therefore no finnicky/flimsy/illegal building techniques (unlike most MOC trains) Original Ideas designer: Be faithful to the original Idea Train fans: Absolutely must be a perfect scale recreation of the real thing ;) With all these requirements in mind, I think the choice to focus on the coaches was the right idea, so people can "re-enact the Orient Express", bear in mind it is a whole train, not just a locomotive. To make this possible at had to be 8 wide. This drives the length of the coaches to keep them in scale. Set budget than will limit how big the locomotive can be. The idea (haha) of the set is good, I just do wish the execution of the locomotive was better. Extending the loco by 4-8 studs could definitely have helped balance the visuals of the thing.
  15. samsz_3

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Orient Express Lengthened by Sam Szeto, on Flickr Did a very quick edit of lengthening the locomotive and moving the cylinders down. I think I will mod mine to be like this. Extending the wheelbase is simple, and will be fine on R40 if you change it to flange, flange, blind. Extending the pony truck, should be simple enough, however to bring the cylinders down will require making the pony truck articulate as well - so I can understand why that was not done on the official set.