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  1. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Description from CIty 2022 forum: Contents of the box: locomotive, flat-car, open-car, car transport, 2 electric cars, loading station, 2 cargo containers, pick-up trucks, railway stables, 33 railway segments and 6 minifigures.Cool details and functions: The train and sound effects can be operated with the accompanying remote control or with the LEGO® Powered Up App via Smartphone/Tablet.Gift for every occasion: This LEGO® City Railway Game is suitable as a birthday, Christmas or surprise gift for children and railway fans from 7 years of age.Dimensions: The LEGO® City freight train is 9 cm high, 90 cm long and 6 cm wide.Cool mini figures accessories: screwdriver, shovel, radio and telephone as well as fruit and vegetables.Building and toy kit for children from 7 years of age: The LEGO® City toy set also contains simple construction instructions for each model.33 Railway segments: The LEGO® City Freight Train includes 16 curved and 16 straight rail segments as well as a soft rail section. Guaranteed quality: Each LEGO® element meets strict industry standards to ensure consistency and compatibility and provide great building fun.Safety comes first: LEGO® elements are tested for fall, heat, pressure and torsion to meet stringent global safety standards. I actchually really like it looking at it more. Loco looks unique, like an electric European prototype. Colours looked a bit strange at first but it's growing on me. I think it would look pretty good pulling the passenger cars from the 2018 train. Also a surprisingly nice amount of straight track for a train set Description above mentions a "loading station" but I am struggling to see one - unless you drive up the ramps on the buffer stop? Usually I don't like side builds, but I feel that could have been made a bit better. Guess the ramp is still safer than lifting on with the telehandler. Agree with what's been said above, wagons are pretty good. I really hope the box car has bogies. Last time we got more than one "long" wagon was 60052 (2014). Really like the car transporter, I had 7898 as a kid, which I loved, but more cars is obviously better. Struggling to tell what the teal wagon is carrying, anyone able to make it out? I do wish it had four wagons, but we've not had that since 2006... :( Overall so much better than the 2018 set imo.
  2. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Looking at the price... In 2009 the EN released for $100 - adjusted for inflation that's $134. The Boutique Hotel released this year for $200. If the build of King's Cross Station is as big and detailed as a modular, and the train is about as detailed as the EN, then that's $334. The only way I could see it being $469 even with more coaches, is by having Powered Up and track. From it's $93 for the PU hub, Technic large motor and remote control. Add $30 for a loop of track and we are at $457. Obviously it doesn't cost LEGO their retail prices to add electronics and track, so I would hope for $469 the station would be really detailed and there would be two coaches - but I can see how $469 could be a possible price...just not one I can afford...
  3. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Rumor from a pretty reliable Instagram account: 75405 Hogwarts Express D2C $469.99 Will include train and station
  4. At first when the images for the Imperial Light Cruiser were released at first I was very excited, because I didn't have a Star Destroyer style ship, but once I looked more closely, I was quite disappointed at how it looked. I understand it's a playset first etc, but the biggest issues to me were how wide the front gap was and how high the bridge was. Mixing between the Arquitens and the 546 Cruiser is understandable at this scale, especially if using promo images etc, but the proportions were so off for both. I also wanted to retain the DNA of being a "LEGO playset" and I felt the back half of the ship made poor use of space. The TIE Fighter launcher has been taken out and the front gap is smaller and has trans blue tile details. I've tiled off more of the surface of the cruiser. The canons are now much smaller as they don't have spring shooters. I wanted to better utilise the space in the middle of the ship and make it more accurate so the bridge and "spine" have been completely redesigned. The spine is now 3 studs wide and the bridge is lower. I refuse to use stickers so for the windows I represented them with clips. The ship is already very sturdy and can be "swooshed" by holding the sides so personally I didn't see the need for the handle taking up all the space in the bridge (and making the proportions off). The bridge is held on with 2 studs and inside there is enough space for a couple of figures sitting down. I haven't decided what to do with it but it will either be Dark Trooper storgage or Grogu's cell. I wanted to keep the spirit of being a playset so I tried to find a way to add a Dark Trooper drop mechanism but due to the large wedge tiles making up the base, there was no room for an opening door. You can also see I have tried to angle the ship behind the docking bay a bit more. I used a mix of artistic license between the Arquitens, class 546 and the shape of the set to compromise. With a "few" spare pieces I am a lot happier with the look of the ship. Sam P.S. first Eurobricks thread I've shared so sorry if I have done images wrong
  5. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2022

    City set list has leaked: 60337 - High Speed Passenger Train - 764 pieces. No cargo train
  6. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Two trains projects are through on ideas - can't wait to get another sitcom... Regarding earlier comments I am quite suprised that TLG didn't utilise the additional space from PU in the 2018 city sets. The passenger train has lots of space in the locomotive which could have been used for seats/baggage storage but just does nothing. This year I really hope the cargo train set is smaller and cheaper than the passenger train set. As a kid I had the 2006 RC trains and I prefered the cargo train because you could play with it more, intergrate with other sets etc. With LEGO continually raising prices, if they did a big cargo set this year it would be even more expensive and out of reach for even more children/parents than usual. With Powered Up TLG should make a small and "cheaper" (or at least no more expensive than 2018) cargo set, with an 0-4-0 shunter and 2 small wagons. It's possible to make decent looking 0-4-0 diesels with powered up, even more so if you can change the battery box colour
  7. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Are the "old" metal wheels still shipping in the 2018 trains (city and Hogwarts express)
  8. Why has the Mandalorian Starfighter gone from £49.99 to £59.99 on (Also assembly square has gone from £179.99 to ££229.99!!!) What is going on? I was going to buy it in the new year
  9. samsz_3

    LEGO Trains 2021

    3 train projects got 10K supporters on the latest ideas review...out of 57. Still there is hope!
  10. The Kylo Ren ep9 TIE interceptor model in this trailer is different to the one from the 20th December 2019 trailer. Could this mean its an upcoming set? I get designers of the game models don't have to follow official builds, but they already had a model and changed it makes me wonder... Especially since the OT X wing/TIE fighter are still the 2018 models, not the 2021 downsized ones (also the Falcon is the 2015 TFA one, not the 2019 TROS or the UCS one? which makes no sense)
  11. The more I look at the gunship, the more I love it. At first I thought (like some other people said) it wouldn't work as UCS with an empty troop bay, but to me I almost don't notice it because of the shear awe of the ship. It's expensive, but I am fully considering it as my first proper UCS set (I have the 2019 Tantive but does that count?). Do UCS sets tend to ever go on sale in the UK?
  12. I think it'll be okay because of the Technic beams at the back of the troop bay - the in universe ship doesn't have them. They will take the weight of the back of the ship, not the lower back
  13. Wow this looks amazing! And HUGE! Really impressive that it looks like the wings can take their own weight and don't need additional stands. My only issue with build is how much studded surface there is. I'm usually fine with studs, but the doors look wierd to me. Why are there grey studs around the door? Surely they should be covered with white tiles. Easy enough mod, just strange. Also I hope that the dark red on the canopy pieces matches LEGO's dark red (actually that's not consistent either...) The minifigures aren't exciting, but THAT ISN'T THE POINT OF A UCS SET. And let's be real, people would still be mad if the legendary P2 Commander Cody was exclusive to a $350 set. As a university student who grew up with the prequels/clone wars, I voted for this and I am happy with what we have. It's not even that I don't have the money, it's the space required :( I might build it with one wing and see if it fits on a shelf?... I just hope there isn't an onslaught of entitled manchildren/YouTubers complaining that it didn't include the entire 212th legion...or that it's not minifigigure scale (what did they expect in a UCS set? The only minifig scale ones are when the playset is undersized)...if they wanted that, go and Bricklink the Brickvault version.
  14. What is a better buy? Bad Batch Shuttle (£90) + Mandalorian Star Fighter (£50) or the Imperial Light Cruiser (£150). I really wanted to like the Imperial Cruiser, but the size of the bridge and the tower below the bridge really throw me off, it would need a lot of modifications, to look either like a 546 or an Arquitens. After watching build videos of the Bad Batch Shuttle, it looks like it could be modded to fit 5 figures by removing that storage compartment, you'd end up with an extra 2x4 space.
  15. I really want to like the Imperial Light Cruiser more. I think I will get it when it's on offer and mod it. First of all I think it looks more like an Arquitens (from Rebels) than a Class 546 (Gideon's). To me the biggest issue is that the bridge looks way too oversized. I get that they wanted it to be able to use it as a handle, but the tower below it should have been 2 or 3 wide with plates on the outside I think. There's already a build video up on YouTube. If you removed the technic superstructure it should be possible to downsize the tower and bridge, and then maybe add a handle like on 75190. Also the gap in the nose wedge should definitely be smaller. I understand that was done for the TIE launch feature but I'm happy to remove that. I'm happy to give that a pass because the launch tube is weird in universe - how does a Lambda shuttle fit through a gap that's narrow for a tie.. In terms of the interior, the front could do with more details to cover up some of the technic but I think its fine for the set. You can probably get a figure lying fown in the triangular sections behind the side docking bays so maybe LEGO could have included a dark trooper dropping feature like 76130. If you were to keep the bridge the same size, but remove the technic infrastructure (as it doesn't look like it provides lateral stability. only for swooshing), you would have a 4 wide space, maybe make a cell for Grogu? I feel like LEGO could have made a few changes for accuracy or more functions and they sort of went with neither.